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I see this kinda advice passed around all the time here is the thing: shading with black will indeed look bad if you don’t know what you are doing. However, telling people not to do things without explaining why is terrible advice.

Shadows are the opposite of light, this includes in colour.

This means that if you have light in one colour, the shadow will be of the opposing hue, saturation, and value.

Unless the object is white, it has its own local colour -  the object’s true colour, how it would appear if the light were pure white.

The colour of the light influences the local colour of the object. so if you had yourself a brown cube and a blue light, the colours would get bluer and pinker.

now the reason shadows do not tend to be black is because pure white light is hard to find in nature.

the closest you will get to pure white light is during a really overcast day and the sun is filtering through the clouds, but even then it’ll lean towards yellow so the shadows will be slightly blue.

During a clear day, the shadows will pick up a lot of bounce light from the blue sky and have a blue tinge.
You can learn more about this in this tutorial: []

But! None of this means you are never allowed to use black.

realistically shadows will have a hint of a colour to them, but stylistically you might be going for, say, a film noir look and deep black shadows are needed for impact for example.

The more you know about how light works, the more informed decisions you can make about shading and the more options you have.

If someone tells you that you can’t do something, they’re wrong! you can do what you like!

yes, black is hard to use and if you just mix a colour with black it’ll get muddy, but thats easily resolved by choosing your colours manually - which ideally you want to do regardless bc the computer doesnt have your eyes & cant choose the colours you like

basically if someone gives you some art advice and says you can’t do something, they’re wrong!
you can, you just might need to study a little to figure out how to make things work.

I mean for example, people will say you must make your composition follow the rule of thirds and never align centrally, but while the rule of thirds makes it easy to create visual interest, Mad Max Fury Road is a testament to the fact that central composition can and will work if you experiment.

there are no rules in art!
there are theories based on reality, this has been a post on colour theory & light theory, but they exist to inform you, not to restrict you.

Do what you like! Trust your eyes, if you think something looks good, then great! If you don’t, then research & experiment until you do.

Also if you wanna learn more abt colour theory, I go into it in a lot more depth over yonder:


Art is something that beautifully remains extensively into the distant future.

Eternal beauty is art!

I wasn't gonna say anything

But it’s been on my mind. Yall notice how people flipped the fuck out when there was a slight possibility Idris Elba would play James Bond? Or when people started merely suggesting Donald Glover should be the new spider man and the same thing happened? But now that they have a white man cast in the role of Michael Jackson they say we’re overreacting. Like really yall? Did you collectively forget how you reacted to the above two scenarios. It’s like POC just aren’t allowed to react or something. @badgyal-k


So being woke is like having a cross to drag. Its always been there but now your more aware and the weight presses heavier but sometimes its so overwhelming. I’ve had a few emotional moments but today i had a pretty heavy one. I’m actually still crying. The reason the tears started flowing and my body is so hot with anger is because of hip hop and the music industry in general. Today i just read justin beiber and Post malone are doing a collaboration together and it got me thinking. It made me think about all the times black people have been copied and erased out of our own stuff. African Americans are responsible for all popular music sense the 19th century  and have invented all american music genres except country music which some may say because of the invention of the guitar and banjo by African american people we help contributed to the genre. My problem is that both Justin and Malone have appropriated braids, said the n word on camera, and continue to appropriate hood style/ black boy swagger while being successful in black musical genres. Im tired of the appropriation and the privileged and watching amazing black artist get looked over while white people act out stereotypes that we would be punished for. I think of miley Cyrus and  iggy azelia and the frustration boils over. I think of the under representation of black women in black male musicians videos and the tears start to fall. I think about how this is not the first time and how every genre of music has been stolen from us to the point where rock and roll a genre invented by African americans is seen as white….. Im tired and today being WOKE WAS TOO HEAVY.


Buzz Buzz

The idea was to take one or two quick shots of her before ordering new clothing, a new wig and repainting her entire face, but after I put a shitload of effort into her current appearance, I can’t stop admiring her beauty. ^~^’

I always loved bee girl. Now that she’s mine, I played around with her wig, straightened and cut her bangs (I’m probably so bad at this because I never had some ó.ò). I replaced her lipstick as well and altered her eyes a tiny bit by removing her fierce eyebrows and giving her a more innocent look with adding blue ones. I also changed her orange eyeshadow into white-to-gold-to-black. Lastly, I dry painted her glasses to emphasise its adorable honeycomb pattern.

I’m still looking for names. Top 3 are Beebie, Beeryll and Beeanna. What do you think? Any other suggestions?

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Before (source:

I love you and all but,

How are you going to say Beyonce cultural appropriating is less offensive then iggy? To me they’re equal. Just because someone is a poc, it doesn’t give them a pass to appropriate something that isnt theirs. My people and culture are not to be used as someone else’s video wardrobe and back drop. Thats like saying other pocs can use the N word and it be less offensive then when a white person does. If youre non-black (regardless of being a poc or not) dont use the N word because, its a cultural word to be used exclusively as a term of endearment withingh the black community, correct? Now while it wasnt a slur therefore not as hurtful, how is beyonce anybetter honestly? Its equally as bad when she appropriates especially Now since when white people see ppl let her slide they’re gonna say some shit like “Beyonce got away with it and its not her culture so why can’t we?”

This has been stated already - she does not get a free pass to appropriate. However, the effect of her appropriation is not the same as Iggy Azalea’s appropriation. It’s still a negative impact, yes, but certainly not the same amount of negative impact. Please don’t make a false equivalency between claiming Beyonce’s appropriation is less harmful to meaning that non-black POC can use the n-word. Anti-blackness is embedded in very very many communities of color. And hopefully people see the discourse surrounding the video and understand that it’s not okay to appropriate.  -rtb

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one time i went to my cousins house and we were throwing a big ball of black slime back and forth in her all white basement and it got stuck to the ceiling and left a bunch of black splotches and we were like 'oh shit boi' and we ran out of the room and i visited her a week ago and its been there for almost 8 years now i just needed to share this dirty secret with someone who understands slime-related happenings


Yuunoa Fluff Fest!


  • Day 3: Demons

  “Yuuuu-san~ I wont allow you to wake up just yet” a soft whisper, hands wrapping slowly around the raven haired males shoulders from behind and smoothing over his chest. Faded purple markings stained her pale skin, black horns protruded from atop her head, which complimented her ruby red eyes and sharp white fangs that showed any time she smiled. 

  “Stay with me a little longer” she cuddled against his back. 
After the battle that caused her to lose not only her life, but her humanity, Yuu had sealed her into a weapon, not wanting to bare the pain of losing her forever. Was she angry? No, not at all actually, this way she could still be with Yuu and protect him, give him as much power as he possibly needed to keep him alive. Plus giving him wet dreams every now and then was always fun. 

Look what I got:

yep that’s right. It’s an awesome drawing of the Emerchest (with Emerchesthair!!!) by @its-doctor-linus. Thank you so much, it’s sooo so beautiful and not just because the motive itself is beyond perfection but also because you are so talented, it’s a joy to see how you play with just some white and black and it turns into this wonderful piece of art.

It now graces my bedside table:

I GOT BORED IN THE BATHROOM AT SCHOOL SO I DREW AN ANGRY WALL CAT! IMMA CALL HIM WHITESPLOTCH OF WEED CLAN! He’s pure white with black Emo anime type hair and and he usually has an angry look on his face and cats who get really close says he smells like in but like….its not bad

—- Y'all making graffiti cat’s for us now and defacing property, I couldn’t be prouder.- Mod Glitterspirit

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Would it be okay to say that I dfuucking hate my race - I'm white and I hate being so, because of all the terrible shit we have done in the ppast

u shouldn’t hate urself, no, that’s not ok. 

like im not gonna deny that u benefit from being white. but u directly were not the one enslaving black ppl, it’s not ur direct doing. terrible shits happened in the past and its still happening now. instead of feeling guilty about being white, u should use ur privilege to help pocs

but in the future, i highly suggest…  not doing the… white guilt thing. it doesn’t help the oppressed, if anything it just victimizes white people. im gonna give u the benefit of the doubt here and say that, although ur prolly not trying to… ur flipping the attention onto urself… bc ur white

So I like Hamilton as much as any hip-hop loving Broadway obsessed history nerd (which is to say, a lot) but there are things about it that bother me An Awful Lot.

High on the list of these things is how, in making a claim to diversity and representation, this musical is actually engaging in a lot of erasure. Its whole THING is “America then as told by America now” but, I mean, it’s not like America then was 100% just white folk. The whole Thing of casting all POC for its roles pretends to diversity by deliberately erasing any nonwhite people from Revolutionary-War era history solely to uphold the gimmick of recasting white people as POC. By omitting the stories of any nonwhite people it has completely erased the history of people of colour in the story it is trying to tell.

Take for example Cato! Hercules Mulligan gets some badass interludes in the show but do you know who was actually busy risking his life delivering messages to and from the Continental army, was Mulligan’s black slave Cato. Because racism, at first the British troops just let Cato cross the river and back when he was headed to deliver information to Washington about the British general’s movements but later on when he had been continuing to deliver messages for some time and they suspected they captured and tortured him for info (which he didn’t give up.) Later foiled an assassination plot against George Washington.

But, like, it makes more catchy news-grabby headlines to just write a story about only whitefolks and then cast it with only black and brown folks, I guess, so the gimmick doesn’t work as well if you actually bother to tell the story of “America then”… as America then actually was.

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(i know this is old news so you dont have to answer it) my parents keep talking about rachel dolezal (ridiculous white lady who claimed to be black) and equating that to being trans, and as a trans person it really bothers me especially since even though i know it is different i can't come up with an argument of how. can anyone one here help? they're using her to invalidate trans people and it upsets me a lot

Ok so

Rachel is white. You cannot physically or mentally change your race. There’s no possible way to do that. There’s no such thing as ‘transracial’.

There ARE ways, however, to change your physical appearance and features. You can transition from having boobs to having none, from having a dick to a vagina, etc, you can have surgery to change your physical features, etc. 

It’s not at all the same (also, Rachel claiming she’s black is only to play off her own racism, because apparently black people can’t be racist, considering we’re DEFINITELY NOT conditioned by a society that is racist). She’s literally no black, she’d just like to say that so people won’t call her out (they would even if she was, anyways). 

Gender and biological sex are SOCIAL CONSTRUCTS. They’re not real. They never were. They were invented by society to group others and oppress some (specifically women and gender-deviant people). 

Here’s a post talking about how biological sex is purely invented and has never been anything but a social construct.

And that’s not all!!! Saying ‘there’s two sexes’ is so completely ignorant, as there are many many sexes that exist!!! As shown in this post! So saying you can ONLY be one of two sexes is completely wrong! 

Trans people have existed for so long. SO LONG. There’s absolutely no excuse to saying they haven’t. It is ignorant to assume that trans people are a teenage/internet fad and only belong to tumblr. 


Slap all of these in the faces of your parents. Educate them. 

(Also, please inform me @ anyone if these links are inaccurate/made by terfs/swerfs/twefs of any kind!)