Crash Course World History tackles the Protestant Reformation.

Our least disliked video (about religion) ever!

Brotp: Crichton and Chiana Pip

I’m sorry. I’m not used to trusting anybody.

I suggest you start.

  • me every other day of the year:haha john greens a joke
  • me, three days before the APUSH exam watching every single crash course US history:honestly... john gets so much shit that he doesn't deserve and he's just trying his best and educating the masses and the fault in our stars was ok and I owe him my life to be honest

They leave love notes for each other around the flat. Not in the ordinary ways, mind you. Post it notes, scraps of paper, folded declarations of love just won’t do for these two extraordinary men.

John changes his passwords daily so that Sherlock has to figure out what he’s saying. Some of Sherlock’s favorites are: OfCoUrSEiL0vEuUidiot, WSSHisMINE4ever, wi11umerrieme, InoUasked1STnowTSmiTRN, and jhwluvswssh.

Sherlock hides his because he loves to see the small smiles on John’s face when he finds what Sherlock has left him. The bottom of John’s new mug that simply has a cartoonish heart at the bottom with their initials entwined. “I love you more than the work,” spelled out meticulously in red dye he accidentally spilled on the table. A book on pirates left on John’s table with one page of words blacked out except for “You are,” “my captain”, “I am”, “your”, “first mate.” A lovely composition on the violin that needed no translation and left tears in John’s eyes.

Both love these little sentiments and while sometimes the method may cause some irritation (really, cleaning up the red should have been Sherlock’s job given the initial shock) the meaning is always appreciated.