Ok so i work at a movie theater and it’s pretty fucking fun.
We had the premier for 50 shades, Lego batman(also had showings in 3d), and John wick.

John wick and 50 shades are rated-r so of course you have to show your I.D.
I dont care if you’re 18 and the only one with I.D. if the rest of your group doesn’t have ID they can’t buy a ticket. You can only buy one ticket extra not 5 more tickets.

Kids and their parents have no shame in trashing a theater.
I understand if you spill, because it happens but in our biggest theater that had 150+ people in for Lego Batman was trashed. It’s as if the parents gave their kids large popcorn bags and they just went through every row making a trail, and left all of their trash behind. SOMEHOW THEY SNUCK IN COSTCO PIZZA AND WE ALL GOT IN TROUBLE.

Also fuck middle schoolers that were trying to watch rings and asked for a kid ticket, like dumbass you have to be 13+ to watch that movie
Just pay 3 dollars more, I really didn’t want to sell those kids tickets because of how rude they were being about wanting to get a kids ticket (for kids 12 and under) for a movie that’s rated pg-13.

Also in the area that the theater is in has a curfew for people 17 and under.
If you dont have someone 21 (weve let some groups slide with a majority of them being 18 and had IDs/immediate rides home) and over you can’t be out aftwe 10pm. We are across the street from the police station and have a cop checking up every once in a while (there tends to be fights because it’s next to the mall that has a bowling alley with a bar). So we always have them checking up, we usually have extra security on busy days too. Well a bunch of kids were outside. And they were having fun, they were a little loud bit it was ok. it was about 30mins before 10pm so they were still good before the curfew. It was good until these kids were messing around too much and took someone’s phone and they started fighting outside of box office and were hitting the glass. It scared me and another guest trying to buy tickets so I asked them to calm down. A guy from security also asked them to calm down and to be aware that curfew is going to be enforced soon.
They calmed down and left after that but then came back with more people and were being even more loud and started another fight. we asked them to calmed down several times more and they didn’t. And a cop car came up to check and saw that they were still there 5 mins before curfew and started telling they had to leave and if they were waiting for a ride, to settle down because they are disturbing other guests. The kids took this as us being racist because they were poc.
Like bruh we gave several chances to calm down and reminded them of curfew and my manager offered to call their rides. But they still said we were being racist.

This lady also said I was racial profiling her because we asked for her ID when she paid with her card. We check for ID’s if you’re paying with a card and it’s more than $20(it’s crucial that we do this especially at box office), we do this because we’ve had several people try to use stolen credit cards and we want to make sure it’s your card. We want to enforce it more because during the holidays a guy tried using a card to pay for almost $100 worth of stuff and it was an elderly lady who’s credit card he had stolen.

We also check big bills if you give us a bill that’s $50 or $100 we use a marker and the light to make sure it’s real. Again in December a guest came in with a $20 that he had just gotten from the Albertsons down the street from us. The police got involved to make sure he did get it from there and his story was true. It’s not that you made the counterfeit it’s just that you could’ve gotten it from another business without them or you knowing it was a fake.
We just want to do our jobs just being assholes to us damn.

sherlooks  asked:

Sherlock secretly keeping bees somewhere in 221B for a bit for some 'very necessary experimental' reasons (which might be related to the fact he just really likes them), but stupidly he doesn't tell John or Mrs Hudson. One day, John opens the wrong cupboard to investigate a buzzing noise. Sherlock apologizes for weeks, but John can't be angry with the idiot for long. Mrs Hudson is only angry at how Sherlock was trying to keep them in a cupboard, and allows him to set up a roof hive immediately.

If Sherlock has a roof hive at 221b. Consider i died from that thought adsfadsdahsffs. Can you imagine him extracting honey my god. John would be so proud of him.Of course they can move to sussex later.

Another thing that gives me heartburn when I think about it:

-Sherlock’s eyes going softly closed and all the tension draining out of his shoulders, leaning down into it, when John kisses him for the first time.

john teaches vriska the phrase “later, gator!” so of course she starts constantly telling the others “L8r, g8rs!!!!!!!!”

and then she actually finds out what an alligator is and what it looks like, and she gets a picture of the toothiest grinning gator ever and sends it to terezi saying “it u!!!!!!!!” and terezi is like “1T M3″ and they both become obsessed with alligators

and then one day john goes up to their upstairs bathroom and the tub has three baby alligators swimming around in it

sherlocks so tiny like. once he and john are together he’ll start trying to keep to a normal sleep schedule simply to snuggle with john at night, but then he’ll actually get accustomed to it and one day john will be up late reading and sherlock will come in the room all bleary eyed and be like “john? im sorta tired please come to bed” and john will smile so softly at him and be like “yes, of course, i’ll be right there”

It Does Not Make Sense

LESTRADE: Did you know?
JOHN: Of course I didn’t.
LESTRADE: You didn’t see him take the scalpel?
JOHN: Nobody saw him.
LESTRADE: So you didn’t know what was about to happen.
JOHN: Of course I didn’t know.
LESTRADE: Well, there must have been some build-up. He didn’t just suddenly do it.
JOHN: Look, I didn’t know he had the bloody scalpel.
LESTRADE: Ohh, Christ! I keep wondering if we should have seen it coming.
JOHN: Not long ago, he shot Charles Magnussen in the face. We did see it coming. We always saw it coming. But it was fun.

This is the dialogue between John and Lestrade from TLD. In the show it is interspersed with the scene from the morgue. This is what they actually say - and it does not make sense. 

  • John does not even try explain the build-up, the strange behaviour of Culverton Smith, the fact that Sherlock had been using for weeks or months. 
  • John telling Greg just like that Sherlock shot Magnussen - a fact that was hushed up during a super secret meeting with Mycroft, Sir Edwin, and Lady Smallwood. (But then Greg also knew about Mary’s past so maybe he is the one NSY officer who knows all the secrets).
  • And what would have been the “fun” of Sherlock killing someone? And who saw it coming? Surely not John who thought Sherlock was the wisest and kindest man he ever met? 

(source of dialogue: Arianedevere)


casuals dont seem to understand that sherlock is only protecting mary to keep john happy. anything that happened to mary directly effects john so OF COURSE he’d vow to keep her safe because sherlock is doing it for john! hes protecting the life he thinks john loves and wants. it was never for mary. it was always for john

Johnlock not confirmed?? Wrong!

Can we talk about the scene where Sherlock is given the choice to shoot either Mycroft or John?

Because Sherlock doesn’t even HESITATE. He doesn’t ever even point the gun in John’s direction.


Instead, he goes straight for Mycroft. And what’s more is that Mycroft knows that Sherlock would NEVER, under any circumstance, harm John Watson. So Mycroft, in an unusually human and selfless act, tries to make it easier for his brother to shoot him instead.

Mycroft knows that Sherlock needs John far more than Sherlock needs him. And going by Sherlock’s reaction, the detective knows this too. And so does Eurus. And, of course, so does the audience.

Sherlock and John in this episode are shown to have now surpassed friendship - by their own admission and subsequently proven in this scene they are now are FAMILY.

No, we didn’t get a kiss. But look at them at the very end. They’re living together, looking after a baby, and HAPPY. They’re SO happy and content together.

The physical side isn’t shown, but we got much more in terms of their actual emotional relationship and how far it’s developed since series one. They’ve opened up to one another completely. Sherlock is not someone who craves a physical relationship, but rather an emotional one. What he and John have is SPECIAL - more special than having the writers simply (and lazily) throw in ‘sex’ to satisfy standard expectations.

If Sherlock had ordinary sexual cravings, I would be extremely annoyed that they don’t kiss. But what Sherlock and John actually have, I believe, transcends ‘normal’ convention. They are simply together and IT WORKS. Everyone is entitled to their own interpretation, but this, for me, is what Johnlock is all about.

The final deduction is therefore easy to make. This scene, and every other scene in the show points to one inevitable conclusion, that stares us right in the face:

Johnlock exists.

You don’t need a kiss or sex scene to prove it, because that’s not the ultimate conclusion needed to establish their relationship. It never has been. The entire show has been an incredibly intimate adventure of Sherlock and John as their love emotionally matures and this finale really does convey that they have both found within each other a soul mate, someone to settle down with, someone with whom they can be truly happy.

It’s far more than just a platonic friendship - this particular scene proves this beyond a doubt as Sherlock doesn’t even CONSIDER shooting John over his own brother.

If that’s not real love, I honestly don’t know what is.

john finding out sherlock is trans: oh so do you… in your thigh?

sherlock: of course not john it goes in my bum my body receives it better that way, as a doctor you should well know this

john: oh… okay. would you… like some help with that? i-i mean the angle must be awkward for you

sherlock: 😳 o…kay

john: 😳 right. good.

So John Watson is that type of person. Of course it wasn’t hard to see, judging from his actions in every episode from the start to now, but it still hurts so damn much when he viciously shoves away his friends and kicks them when they’re down.
Yes, yes, I get that Mary died. Yes I get that it’s going to be horrible for him and that it’s expected that he’s going to react in a specific way due to grief. Everyone has their ways of coping and a lot of times that means shoving those closest away from you.
But to for him to give Molly, the sweetest and kindest of their friends, the order to basically tell Sherlock to fuck off if he comes asking to help, was pretty damn low.
Sure you get to be angry and yeah it’s not okay to take it out on other people, but of course you’re going to anyways it’s part of human nature. But normal grieving doesn’t include giving someone else a not to tell the person to fuck off if they try to help out because they care.
And what makes it worse is the fact that John knew that was going to happen. Everything Sherlock does that expresses emotion and caring he learned from John. So of course John would know Sherlock was going to go to Molly’s place and ask to help. And he decided to do that.
You know it doesn’t just hurt Sherlock when John shoved him away, it hurt Molly too. And this… this is just a wee bit too far. Watson went over the edge and I wouldn’t be surprised if Sherlock went straight back to his machine, emotionless methods after that because hell, Mycroft was right, to love people only does hurt you.
I’m genuinely curious as to what they’re going to do with this, seeing as Sherlock will definitely not be on the same footing as we saw him last. He’ll either be a machine or broken. Hell, I’d go so far as to think Mary wasn’t the only one killed that night.

Steve and John talk about gay marriage.

Okay but imagine Hamilton getting really mad at Jefferson after a cabinet meeting so they just start yelling at each other in French and have this huge argument where no one else understands what they’re saying to each other and everyone just wants both of them to just calm the fuck down. Afterward the two just start making snide comments in French to each other under their breath whenever they pass each other.

I shouldn’t care but I do… In TST, it was John’s idea to track Mary. So, of course, John and Sherlock planned that together. They spent time together, without her. Why didn’t we see them in cahoots? When she was away, why didn’t we get to see them together, making plans, deciding when and where to catch her? Why didn’t we see any private conversation between them? Why did we have to see her changing wigs and knocking out a flying stewardess and not a damn second of John and Sherlock together? WHY?


One of the most BRILLIANT hugs ever!


Random dumb photos I drew.

I’m at a sleepover right now cause I’m still a child and I’m allowed to do whatever cause responsibilities don’t affect me yet. Anyways, we were drawing characters for a world we created and I decided in these two.