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The post about Sam's reaction to what Dean likes reminded me of that time Sam told Dean, he knows him better than anyone, since he was looking up to him since he was 4. Do you think Sam really knows Dean? He seems surprised each time Dean expresses something he likes. I wonder if it's John's fault for molding Dean into himself, Dean himself for covering who he is/trying to be like John, or Sam not really trying to know his brother. Or all three 0.o

I think Dean is less covering who he is and is instead making choices to share only certain parts of himself, in order to protect himself (and to protect Sam, something he hasn’t entirely been able to stop attempting to do). The need to present one face to Sam started way back in their childhood. Dean knowing about the monsters and what John was doing and Sam having no clue.

So Dean was taught to lie from an early age, taught to make sure Sam was kept in the dark. And yeah, Dean did tell Sam everything, but then of course they were hiding that from John.

(from 3.08) So it’s just lies built on lies. And who knows how long that lasted. Not to mention, how much lying he was taught to do when it came to police and babysitters and whoever else (9.07). 

Dean’s childhood was founded on lies and misdirection and balancing all the different facets of himself in order to keep going. A lot of Dean’s unwillingness (not inability) to share emotionally with others is because it’s a survival mechanism. That said, there have been times when he’s tried to share with Sam and it hasn’t gone well for him so he doesn’t always have great incentive to try again. A big example is the time Dean opened up to Sam about hell, and Sam took that emotional vulnerability for weakness and used it to justify to himself his continued use of the demon blood. 

(4.14, 4.21, 5.02) 

And for Dean, that only serves to reinforce his instinct to keep his feelings to himself. Not only to protect himself, but also as a misguided attempt to keep Sam from making wrong choices again. Dean’s got a lot of guilt about everything bad that ever happened to Sam because of the burden of responsibility put on him by John, so of course he’s going to keep his emotions to himself if he thinks its better for the team. 

There are things Sam knows about Dean. Oftentimes, it’s the superficial stuff (11.23): 

They’ve lived in each other’s pockets practically all their lives so of course he does know some of these things. He knows some of the important stuff too (3.07). 

But what I don’t think he knows about Dean is why Dean feels more comfortable keeping his feelings to himself. And that’s a huge barrier in their communication. Dean doesn’t want to share, Sam wants him to share, Dean refuses, Sam insists and round and round they go. 


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Pairing: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader

Prompt: “He/She will always be more important to you. I get that now.”

Warnings: Attempted angst to just a tad bit of fluff, jealousy/insecurity. Reader is also around 16 so I’m not sure if that counts or not  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Extra: @winchesters-favorite-girl gave me this little gem during her live stream and we both agreed that angst is great and I’ve never actually written it before, so this one’s for you, Katie!

P.S: Go give Katie’s profile a look! She’s awesome and is such a nice person, plus her writing is absolutely amazing ;) 

To say you were upset was an understatement. 

It’s been obvious since the first time Dean had seen her, your brother had some kind of connection with Claire Novak. 

You couldn’t blame Dean, really. His best friend, Castiel, had basically killed Claire’s father-not on purpose, of course-and her mom had died later too. She lived a long time of her life in darkness of never really knowing what had happened to her father, and, in a way, Sam, and Dean were the same in relation to Mary for a long time. 

You, on the other hand, had met Sam and Dean when you were only a young pre-teen and they had been in their late twenties. Your mom had been killed and the boys had interviewed you for the case, not knowing that there was any type or relation between you three from John. So, of course, you hadn’t known Sam and Dean as long as Claire had, which just made you even more upset since you weren’t as connected to them as she was. 

You were currently back in Sioux Falls with your brothers to visit Jody after a particularly long hunt in upper South Dakota, and after being introduced and planning to stay the night, Dean and Claire had started chatting it up. 

You didn’t know why it made your blood boil so much. Claire was only 18, while you were younger by a simple two years. It really wasn’t much when you thought about it, but it was also two more years that she had known Sam and Dean. This wasn’t the first time this had happened though, and you always felt more excluded every time than the last when it did.

You started zoning into your own head and realizing that Dean probably like Claire more than you. It was stupid to think, but you couldn’t help it with seeing the way he spoke to her so easily, laughing in the conversation-thing she didn’t do with you. You felt your eyes line with tears as you stared in front of you, your own thoughts becoming too much as you tried to blink back the water in your eyes.

Sam turned his head and looked at you with concern, noticing how you were slouched into the couch with your arms over your chest and eyes glossed over. You didn’t look angry or upset, but you had that look on your face where you were feeling so much you couldn’t convey it-and that was a look that only your brothers knew.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Sam said, taking a sip of the beer Jody had graciously given him, “you okay?” 

All conversation stopped and all eyes turned to you as you tried to sink deeper into Jody’s couch. Dean’s brow furrowed at you and Claire just simply stared while Alex and Jody looked between you and Sam. 

“Fine.” You mumbled sadly, avoiding eye contact with either of your brothers. Your eyes still remained on the floor and the awkward tension in the room suddenly made you feel like your gut was twisting. 

“You sure, sweetheart?” Jody asked kindly, glancing at Sam when she realized you weren’t going to look at her. “You want to talk about it?”

“M’fine.” You said again, voice cracking as you stood up and felt a few tears flow down your face as you walked to the front door, opening it and slipping out and closing the door behind you. You stood outside and sat on the porch, covering your face in your hands and letting out a sob. 

What was so different about you and Claire? You both hunted, you were both the same age, you both did okay in school, plus various other things. Was she just better than you in general? Did Dean ever even want to have a sister in the first place, or maybe he just wanted someone to be close with without all the extra baggage?

You pressed your face harder against your hands to try and muffle your sobs when the front door squeaked open. You didn’t realize it when the door shut and someone sat next to you and placed a hand on your shoulder. You involuntarily flinched and the hand slipped away, causing you to pull your hands down and see Dean sitting next to you, looking concerned. 

You sniffled and Dean opened his mouth to say something but closed it just as fast. You were semi-grateful since you didn’t really want to talk right now, especially to Dean. You pulled your knees closer to you and folded your arms across them, placing your head in your arms.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” Dean asked, and you shook your head in between your arms. “Okay…” Dean said awkwardly, placing a hand on your back and rubbing up and down softly. 

After a few moments of silence and Dean rubbing your back, you got up enough courage to speak.

“I feel like you hate me…” You said into your arms, your voice muffled from the sleeves of your hoodie. 

“What?” Dean asked in concern, his hand stopping movements on your back as you reluctantly lifted your head to look at him with a tear streaked face and puffy eyes. 

“I feel like you hate me.” You repeated, stealing a glance at Dean. “Not, like, all the time! Just, whenever your around… ugh…” You struggled with getting your words out and shoved your face in your hands again. 

“You…” Dean said slowly, trying not to make you cry again. “You think I hate you?” 

“No!” You said, taking your face out of your hands, and looking at your brother while letting out a sigh. “I don’t think you totally hate me, just when…” You let out an exasperated sigh and looked at Dean, whose face was filled with worry.

“When Claire’s around.” You finished. You looked at Dean, who nodded slowly at you, trying to get you to continue so he could understand. 

“It’s just, I’m always excluded whenever we come over here and you hang out with her. And then the days after you’ll barely talk to me.” There was silence as you talked, Dean listening intently to you so he could understand your point. 

She’ll always be more important to you. I get that now. But.. just… am I just not good enough for you or something?” You asked seriously, feeling bad after because of the way Dean’s face fell and turned into one of hurt. 

“(Y/N),” Dean started, looking at you sadly, “I can never hate you. You’re my baby sister. And Claire isn’t more important than you. You’re the only teenage girl I need in my life. Why would you think otherwise?”

“Just…” You let out a sigh and started to twiddle your thumbs in your lap. “I don’t know. You’ve known her longer and she just seems cool and more like you than I am and-” 

“Hey.” Dean said softly, cutting you off suddenly. “You’re your own person, (Y/N). You don’t have to be like me for me to like hanging out with you. She’s never going to replace you, you know that, right? Do you know why?” 

You stayed silent as Dean placed a hand on your shoulder. 

“Because you’re my baby sister. And no one else can fill that job but you.” 

You looked at Dean with tear filled eyes and sniffled, him wrapping his arm around your shoulders and pulling you close to him. 

“Sorry I was stupid…” You mumbled, burying your face into the leather of Dean’s jacket. 

“You’re not stupid, kiddo.” Dean replied, giving your shoulder a squeeze. “But you know that I love you, right?” 

“Yeah, I know” You sniffled, wrapping your free arm around Dean. “I love you too, Dean.”


I’m legit half asleep while writing this and it’s so bad but I hope you guys enjoy, haha.

“The last person you’d think of”

I think it’s important to stress that at this point in the lying detective john and Sherlock are estranged mostly due to John’s anger. They are both hiding things from each other.

He doesn’t trust himself with Sherlock and he certainly doesn’t trust Sherlock but who do they both trust? Molly Hooper.

John trusts Molly to do what he can’t do, (he’s still seething, he can’t be objective with Sherlock, not at the moment)

John sees but does not observe, so he thinks that Sherlock would never think of Molly, because he only sees what Sherlock lets him see.

Because John loves Sherlock, but in many ways he is blinded to him, believes too much of the narrative he himself has created.

With John Sherlock is either the hero or “a monster” there’s little shades of grey. Even at the end of the episode of the lying detective when Sherlock is so vulnerable and shattered john still almost leaves, almost doesn’t take the desperate hand Sherlock offers.

And because Sherlock is so exceptional in John’s mind, he instantly thinks that when Sherlock might get emotionally attached it will be with Irene adler because she is exceptional too, because Sherlock’s reaction to her was visceral and intense.

But he doesn’t see Molly, who is always there, who Sherlock invites out to solve crimes, the Molly who stands beside Sherlock at the christening or comes to eat cake with them.

Because it’s so ordinary, because the man who is with Molly isn’t Sherlock Holmes the detective but a more human sherlock, a more ordinary Sherlock. John likes to embellish the stories, highlighting the most dangerous and exciting parts.

If you were John would you write about the woman who stripped naked the first time you met her? Who told Sherlock she would take him on that table and make him beg for mercy. Twice.

Or would you write about Molly Hooper, the quiet little pathologist, godmother to his daughter?

John is attracted to dangerous people, people like Irene adler and Sherlock Holmes and Mary Morstan, it’s not even a concious thought.

I don’t think john means to belittle Molly but I think he thinks of her like he does himself, an ordinary person dragged into extraordinary events.

He relies on her so much that she ceases to have any mystery (it can be inferred that Molly took on the bulk of parenting post Mary’s death) she’s always available always willing and so john forgets about her (like his limp)

John forgets just how much Molly does for all of them and he is supposed to be the most human, emotional one while Sherlock is supposed to be a computer so of course john figures that Sherlock wouldn’t appreciate Molly’s talents but as season four progresses and john loses his humanity and falls from grace Sherlock seemingly finds his.

John is inferring what Sherlock wants based on the Sherlock Holmes in legend, but he’s never asked what Sherlock might want, what kind of partner would fulfill the great detective. John assumes that his tastes (dangerous women) are Sherlock’s taste, but could it be that Sherlock savours the normalcy? That he might need something more from a relationship than sex and danger?

That someone he can trust absolutely would succour him when the rest of his world is full of danger. We see Sherlock through John’s eyes and so through his bias.

We don’t know how Sherlock feels, until of course we do, thanks to Eurus.

Eurus rips the john filter away from the audience and suddenly we see Sherlock as he is, a vulnerable, broken man that john would never write about.

Sherlock Holmes the great detective wouldn’t think of Molly hooper

But the Sherlock Holmes that Eurus found would

Our First Kiss// Sherlock Holmes

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Requested by Anon:  Hi!! I was wondering if you could do a sherlock x reader, where they have their first kiss? Maybe you could write it similar to the scene between Han and Leia, and their first kiss in the millenium falcon? Sherlock like: you’re trembling. And the readers like: I’m not trembling. But then Sherlock kisses them?? It’s just an idea, you don’t have to if you don’t wanna. Thanks anyway :)):

I’ve been thinking about this for weeks, so I hope you all enjoy it!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

His lips were always moving.

Smiling, talking, pursed, pressed..

But you wondered how they tasted.

Sherlock Holmes was infuriatingly irritating, hauntingly mesmerizing, and altogether beautiful. The only one who knew about your feelings towards the Consulting Detective was his partner John Watson, who was one of many in your circle of friends. 

The first day you knew Sherlock - he hated you because you were incredibly distracting. Why? You were beautiful. 

Within the first month he had chased away every man who was interested in you. You flirted back and forth constantly for weeks, occasionally held hands, but it never went further then that. With his personality, you never knew whether or not he was manipulating you or genuinely felt the same way. 

So of course, John had to suggest you did something about it. 

  “You are incredibly beautiful, and you have all the skills you need to reel him in. He’s the type of guy where you really just have to go for it.” John proclaimed, lifting his wine glass in the air to clink it against your own. Sherlock had specifically said he wasn’t needed for this case, and you were struggling so of course you’d called him over with red wine as incentive. 

  “If I didn’t know any better, I would say you were gay.” 

John snorted and pressed a finger against your lips as the door to the building opened. Sherlocks steps were the easiest to distinguish of everyone who ever came through 221B. “I’m not gay, but I am Mr. Love! Hop to it! I’ll be in the hall closet!” He rushed down the hall and hid himself inside the closet just as Sherlock appeared in the doorway of the kitchen. 

  “Ah y/n. Having a night in?” He commented, folding his hands against his waist as you lifted your wine glass. “For two, I assume?” Your eyes flickered over to where Johns glass had been sitting before he’d fled the premises. “Your lips are red.’’

You snorted rather loudly and stood from the table. How many glasses had you had? Four? “That’s what alcohol does to you-” You retorted, gasping as you took several steps before stumbling. Your vision was hazy, but you didn’t fail to notice the strong arms that wrapped around your waist. “Oh, now you’re way too close to me.” 

It was true. His face was just inches from your own, so close that you could smell the mint on his breath. His hands were firmly gripping your hips, twirling his thumbs in a circular motion on top of your blouse. Just the touch of his thumbs sent shivers down your spine. “You’re shaking. Is it the alcohol or the physical reaction you display when I’m around you?” His voice dropped an octave as he pressed the lower part of your body against the door that also led into the flat. Your eyes flickered down to his lips and in that moment, you made your decision. 


Your fingers slid up his chest to tug on his hair, pulling him flush against you as you propped yourself on the wall. His lips were exactly as you had always imagined; warm and soft against your own, as if they were whispering the millions of words he refused to speak aloud. You tilted your head to the side, sighing into his mouth as he teased your lips open. 

He was just beginning to explore your mouth when you pulled away, resting your forehead against his own. “I think this may be a new experiment I need to continue to… analyze.” Sherlock panted. You lifted your head to look at his dilated pupils and couldn’t help but smile just as his eyes met yours. “What? Was it that good?” 

  ‘’You kissed me.” 

  “According to my deductions of both you and myself, I think we’ve been wanting to kiss each other for months. I hope I’ve made it quite clear in the time we’ve known each other how I feel about you.” He replied. “Now I think this is what leads to me asking my next question. Would you like to be my girlfriend?” 

You were so stunned at his remark that John took the opportunity to jump out of the closet, completely hammered with the remaining red wine he’d taken in with him spilled all over his shirt. Laughter emanated in the kitchen as he threw a fist in the air and began to pound it. “Say yes!” He cried out. “They don’t call me Doctor Love for nothing, y’know!” 

Sherlock buried his face in your neck to hide his laughter. Your hands found their way underneath his chin, lightly running your thumbs across his sharp cheekbones. “It would be my greatest adventure to date you, Sherlock Holmes.” 


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Another stupid Sherlock fic idea I’d love to see used as a prompt:

Sherlock somehow discovers the wealth of fan art (i.e. porn) on Tumblr about him and John. He’s never been in a physical relationship before, but he’s starting to realize he’d quite like to try sex with John. Luckily, Tumblr seems to have no end of illustrated guides for wooing John (or so he believes).

John, of course, is totally broadsided when Sherlock basically greets him one day with “I bought you milk, jam, and new red pants, and made you tea. I believe that’s the appropriate courting ritual. Can we have sex now? I know what you like because I’ve done my research on the internet.”

Come and Get Me

Come and Get Me

Fic Summary: You and Ryan have a chance meeting where you bond over comics. Unfortunately, you forget to give him your number and are worried you missed your chance. Until you see a poster for Let’s Play: Live, and you vow not to make the same mistake twice. Masterpost Fic Song. 

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Fluffy & Smut

A/N: Alright, so I am not “returning” to Ryan/Reader inserts per se. This wonderful story was actually commissioned, and the beautiful person suggested I share it with you all to promote my commissions. So, I’m taking her advice! Enjoy!

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Okay but imagine Hamilton getting really mad at Jefferson after a cabinet meeting so they just start yelling at each other in French and have this huge argument where no one else understands what they’re saying to each other and everyone just wants both of them to just calm the fuck down. Afterward the two just start making snide comments in French to each other under their breath whenever they pass each other.

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It bugs the crap out of me that the Casablanca-ish plane scene in HLV was supposed to be two men who truly believed they'd never see each other again. Especially those two men. One or both of them MUST know that it isn't forever (my money's on John if not both), and my real gut feeling is that Janine is the one who brought Moriarty back (I'm not one that believes he's still alive, although I HOPE I'm wrong). Anyway, what do you think? Doesn't it seem unemotional on John's part at least?

Nope! I’ve written lots of metas on the tarmac scene (all linked on my meta page), and I’ve written a crack theory in which John IS responsible for Jim’s return. However, if that’s not the case, Sherlock and John’s actions and apparent emotional state on the tarmac is still spot on. I know many people feel John is unemotional, uncaring. I couldn’t disagree more. Here’s what I think it boils down to:

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Japan in the Heian Period and Cultural History: Crash Course World History 227

In which John Green teaches you about what westerners call the middle ages and the lives of the aristocracy…in Japan. The Heian period in Japan lasted from 794CE to 1185CE, and it was an interesting time in Japan. Rather than being known for a thriving economy, or particularly interesting politics, the most important things to come out of the Heian period were largely cultural. There was a flourishing of art and literature in the period, and a lot of that culture was created by women. The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu was the classic piece of literature of the day, and it gave a detailed look into the way the Aristocrats of the Heian period lived. While this doesn’t give a lot of insight into the lives of daily people, it can be very valuable, and the idea of approaching history from a cultural perspective is a refreshing change from the usual military or political history that survives from so many eras.




EURUS: Did you bring it?
SHERLOCK: I’m sorry?
EURUS: My hairband. Did you bring it like I asked?
SHERLOCK: I’m not one of the … I-I don’t work here.
EURUS: My special hairband.

EURUS: The one I made you steal, from Mummy.
EURUS: It was the last thing I said to you, remember, the day they took me away.
SHERLOCK: No, we’ve spoken since then. You came round to my flat a few weeks back; you pretended to be a woman called Faith Smith. We had chips.
EURUS: Does this mean you didn’t bring my hairband?

Even the very first time I watched ‘The final problem’ this little scene got my attention. What is it about this 'special hairband’? Why is it mentioned that often? Three times in a row? Eurus made Sherlock steal it from Mummy and that was the last thing that happened before Eurus was taken away.

  1. Eurus has no friend. She wants to play with Yellowbird/Sherlock and his inseparable friend Redbeard/Victor. That ends in a disaster.
  2. Eurus locks up Readbeard/Victor on some unknown place. She never tells where and Readbeard/Victor drowns.  He is never found..
  3. Euros tells Sherlock to steal Mummy’s special hairband. That’s the last thing that happens between them. Sherlock never brings that hairband to Eurus. But she’s still waiting for it.
  4. Eurus starts a fire and Musgrave House burns down. She is taken away to Sherrinford by Uncle Rudi. Her parents are not informed. Later they are told that Euros died in a second fire she started.. Appart from Uncle Rudi only Mycroft knows the truth.

Regarded from a symbolical point of view what could this story stand for? I don’t think Eurus is a real Person. She symbolizes something. And I begin to suspect that is also the case with Victor.

  • Eurus is described as era-defining genius when it comes to deductions. But she lacks emotions. Deductions grounded solely on logic and reason.
  • Victor is the inseparable friend. Full of emotions and love. Friendship in it’s purest form. The basis for every relationship.

What happend? Maybe this:

Sherlock thinks he has a friend. He is full of enthusiasm. But he also loves to play deductions. He is so very good with it. So Sherlock deduces his friend. And the friend is appalled, disgusted and frightened by Sherlock’s extraordinary abilities. The friend says: Piss off! and walks away. Sherlock is hurt deeply. He buries the concept of 'friendship and love’ in the deepest well he can find inside himself and walks away. Burning down the bridges and the whole place of emotions and love as well … to never come back again. Valuing from now on pure logic and reason over everything else. 'The work is all that matters’

Until Sherlock crosses paths with a certain and rather clever army doctor:

JOHN: That … was amazing.
SHERLOCK: Do you think so?
JOHN: Of course it was. It was extraordinary; it was quite extraordinary.
SHERLOCK: That’s not what people normally say.
JOHN: What do people normally say?
SHERLOCK: ‘Piss off’!

Logic and reason alone can be brilliant an great. But they only become good when they are paired with a feeling heart … full of emotions and love!



Now I’ve almost forgotten the curious case of Mummy’s special hairband. :)  

  • Logic and rason (Eurus)  tells little Sherlock to steal Mummy’s hairband
  • That’s probably because Sherlock deduces about himself that he would very much like to have such a special hairband. To use it … to play with it …. because it is pretty ….
  • Maybe Sherlock is a girls name after all?
  • Logic and reason (Euros) is still waiting for Sherlock to lay hands on that special hairband …..



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First Time Fumbling

Pairing: Ten x Rose AU     |     Rating: Explicit
Summary: 18-year-old John is completely head over heels in love with his girlfriend Rose Tyler, and after three months together John is wondering how to take the next step with her.
A/N: Prompted by @lastbluetardis​. This one’s NSFW because the second half of the prompt amused me greatly. Also want to note that Ten is apologetically ridiculous in this.  

Part of my Fourteen Days of Ficlets special. Tune in every day between July 4 - 17 at 6:30 pm EST. Find out what will be posted here.

“So how’re things working out between you and Rose lately?” Jack asked while smashing buttons on his controller, roaring with pride when he overtook John in Mario Kart.

“Brilliant! Aww Jack she’s so perfect. Did I tell you she aced her A-levels?”

He didn’t bloody care about the eye roll he received. Rose had worked hard, and she was proud of herself. So of course John doubly proud of her, and happy for her. Anything for her smile.

“Yes, only about a dozen times.” How was last night?” He nudged John’s shoulder. “Anything?”

“Any what?”

Jack’s kart wrecked and John cheered like a toddler (and as a result wrecked his kart too, oh well).

“You know.” Jack cleared his throat. “Get lucky yet?”

John felt the blood retreat from his face as Jack hit him with a koopa shell, crashing his kart, again. “What?” he croaked but recovered quickly. “I’m always lucky with Rose. I dunno what I’d do without her, Jack. She’s my whole world. Being with her, holding her hand, it’s like the whole universe is spinning around us.”

“Ugh, stop stop you’ll give me cavities. I meant sex, John. Can’t keep your virginity forever.”

Aghast, “I’m only 18!”

They both set their controllers down at the end of the race with Jack as the winner. “With a girlfriend that’s crazy about you.”

“Doesn’t mean we’re ready. And I don’t know what I’m doing or even how to approach that with her.”

“But you want to.”

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THAT Shirt (Sherlolly ficlet)

Imagine your OTP waking up in the morning after a night of hot lovemaking. A has only their pants on and is trying to find their shirt around all the clutter of clothes taken off from the night before. When A proceeds to ask B if they’ve seen their shirt, B comes right in, wearing A’s shirt. Cue a flustered A who can’t stop thinking how cute B is in their clothes and lets them keep the shirt for the rest of the day.

Okay taking inspiration for this, but twisting it a little bit. Let me know if you like it, and I’ll probably publish it an AO3


John and Mary arrived at St Barts lab, as requested, after dropping their young daughter Amelia off at the crèche. Technically Sherlock had only requested Johns’ presence, but Mary had been cooped up in the house so long after giving birth she would happily follow John and Sherlock on any case, no matter how crazy.

“Ah John, good to see you are on time for a change” Sherlock called from his microscope, not bothering to look up.

John huffed at this, however Mary went over to Sherlock to give him a hug, and a peck on the cheek.

“Hello to you too Mary” he said in response.

Mary giggled and looked over at the empty station nearby.

“Where’s Molly?”

“Just popped to the ladies I think, shouldn’t be long”.

As if on queue, Molly walked back into the lab.

“Hello everyone” she said rather cheerfully.

John and Mary just gaped at her. Molly Hooper was standing there, completely unabashedly, in Sherlocks infamous purple shirt. She picked up her lab coat, throwing it back over the top, but clearly the damaged has been done.

“Um…Sherlock” John started.

“Yes John” Sherlock sighed, still not looking up.

“Care to explain that?”.

Sherlock looked up from his work, clearly annoyed.

“Explain what exactly?”

“THAT” John pointed at Molly.

“Don’t be so rude John. That’s Molly Hooper of course” he stated, “Has having a small infant completely dulled your senses?”.

Molly and Mary were clearly trying to hold it together, both knowing EXACTLY what was going on, but John just not seeing it (as per usual).

“I think what my dear husbands means, Sherlock” Mary started, still trying to stifle her giggles, “is, would you like to explain why Molly is wearing one of your shirts? Specifically, your favourite shirt”.

Sherlock smiled at this, giving Molly a rather salacious look. She just stood there, trying to control the blush that began creeping across her features.

“I thought it would have been fairly obvious.” he began, “Molly stayed over last night, her shirt was in no fit state to be worn to work today, so she decided to steal one of mine”

Molly came up to Sherlock and playfully swatted his arm with file she had just picked up.

“I did not STEAL it. I put it in so I wouldn’t be naked while I made us some tea, and I distinctly remember you getting all flustered and muttering something about how good I looked in it, so I thought it only logical to wear it all day” she finished with a shrug.

Mary could not wipe the smug look over her face, elbowing Sherlocks other arm “Oooh you rascal! So how long have you and Molly been having ‘sleepovers’ then?”

Sherlock looked over at Molly, “I don’t believe we actually slept last night”.

Molly dissolved into a fit of giggles at this, clearly remember last nights ‘activities’. She immediately sobered up when she saw the look that Sherlock was giving her, a combination between appreciating how good the shirt looked on her, and how much he really wanted to rip it off her body.

Mary took this as a signal, grabbing the completely shocked into silence John “Come on husband, let’s go have a coffee and leave these two to it”.

John finally came to his senses, as Sherlock pulled Molly against him.

“Better make that 2 coffees”, John replied.

Mary pulled him out of the lab, just in time, as Sherlock decided that the shirt would actually look quite good…on the floor of Mollys’ office.


*Deduces John for the first time*

John “That…..was amazing”

Sherlock “You really think so?”

John “ Of course I do, it was extraordinary”

Sherlock “That´s not what people usually say”

John “What do they say”

Sherlock “Piss off”

*both laugh*

—  Every Johnlock fanfiction ever, at some point of the story.

casuals dont seem to understand that sherlock is only protecting mary to keep john happy. anything that happened to mary directly effects john so OF COURSE he’d vow to keep her safe because sherlock is doing it for john! hes protecting the life he thinks john loves and wants. it was never for mary. it was always for john