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guys, please remember that taylor is trying her best! she really wants to meet everyone, but there are tons and tons of fans across all social media (and without), so it’s simply impossible to fit everyone who hasn’t met her into these secret sessions. don’t ever doubt taylor’s love for you, even if she doesn’t know who you are yet. your day will come!! 💗💗💫💓💓💓🌟🌟

Good morning friends across the globe, good afternoon evening and night to those who it applies.

It’s Wednesday. Hump day as some call it, I call it another day on the sofa for whatever is wrong w me that month day. I know its a longer name and finding a card for it is impossible but so is National I May Have Eaten Your socks and I’m sorry day but that doesnt stop me.

So… just a follow up on my world or summary since, you know, I have nothing else to say due to it being so early and my brain is not working.

Leg… doing well. I did 3x10 of my basic foot movement PT work yesterday (dorsal and planar movement, circles, writing letters and numbers). It wasn’t easy, I had to do it slow and not push, but I did it. And since I’m only down a week w my foot in the wraps after surgery not 2 months, it went well. Let’s only in minor discomfort today. I’ve also been putting more weight on it as it comes back to life so to speak. I’m excited, proud and anxious. If I’m going to do this I’m doing it right. Dr also said I dont need PT if I dont want it and that we could review in a month in case I hit snags. I think I can do all my home PT and be fine and once I can ride my bike I’ll be peachy. So good there.

My insomnia is there as always, but since I have the leg pain and some pain pills, Ive been timing my pills halved with my getting near bed time esp if I had a long time. Walking on crutches is literally more work then you’d imagine and by the end of the day I’m super sore as is my foot. So I sleep or med sleep for a few hours instead of being up all night a zombie. FWIW I am not dependent on the meds, I take them purely to stay ahead of pain esp as I push myself and my foot. Always halves and only as really needed. Been down the opiate addiction road before so I’m careful. Despite having zonked out just past 10 last night and waking at 645, I’m still a zomb today like I am every morning. I am not a morning person.

Folks are going out of town for a week starting today so I am dependent on my brother and Uber and what food is in my house. And what I can have delivered. As long as they dont shut off my internet before the date agreed (another story will share next) I’m good. I hope. I’ll be busy working my foot. I have a month of this before next appt. Its frustrating for sure, I feel ok, I want to get out, but I’m supposed to be letting my leg heal. Last time it was pain pain pain and the sofa was great. This time, I want off this crazy ride. At least I can get stuff and Uber. So thats good. And most of you would say “being home a month Dr orders and getting paid is a dream”. It was a year and a half ago. Now it’s just, I need out and a life, lets say that.

Internet… SOOOO, being home all the time, I hit my cap a lot, and before a few months back they didnt enforce it. Bring on the 4k, data flies out left and right, I hit my cap in 4 days of 4k binging, learning that 4K eats your bandwidth alive, esp in the older format. Note, YouTube runs 30-55MBps when playing 4K. Which is why theirs looks amazing. Sorry Apple TV 4K users, they dont support 4K in their YouTube app. (Or any app, their 4K is horrid, dont waste your money on the new Apple TV and if you doubt me, I have hard proof and 4 other peers who agree who are industry). So I call internet provider to see if I can get some help, a break, a discount, some small refund for overages. 7 year customer, they told me more or less screw you. So I told them to cancel my tv and internet and eat my butt. So I have till the end of the month to find a new plan. Or call back until I find a good employee who understands. They didnt even try, just told me tough. Id name the provider but lets face it, any provider name would fit in there. What sucks worst is, I am grandfathered into the most perfect tv package for $30 a month with ALL my channels minus BBCA and Freeform. And I can get my 2 FF shows off Hulu. And Doctor Who off iTunes. The same plan now to everyone else is $80, so Id lose that huge discount. And be stuck with OTA.

Tivo, collection and ocd. I have ocd, I have a desperate need to tivo and download everything I record, collecting shows and keeping track of episodes I’m missing. I will not be able to do that with anything but locals once this change happens. And none of the online streaming tv services let me save the files and convert for Apple TV use. Sad about losing that, it’s giving me bad anxiety. I’m still upset the provider couldnt be bothered to even begin to give a crap. Angry about it too. But I will make sure the new provider knows. I’ve already got one who has offered me a switching bundle that is half the cost of my internet now and free tv for 6 months. Of course they only offer 50/1 and I have 150/10 and use 6-8 of that 10 out every night. My security system can’t even run 1 camera off 1 out, and I have 5 running at night, 3 day, doorbell cam and 3 more in boxes to be mounted. So that is a problem. This whole thing is eating me inside. Which is why I want to get on my feet and biking, an hour or two on the bike is not only good for me physically but also emotionally and mentally. And its 1-2 hours Imnot using internet or watching tv.

Let’s see… I finished my chili sadly. 6 meals out of 1/2lb of meat, 1 can beans, 2 cans tomatoes and some Williams seasoning plus water. FTW. I just wish I had more I love me some chili. I could have made that last bowl be 2, ate more crackers but I had the last crackers so I ate all the chili. It was damn good. So worth it.

Lists… I missed this as I was not really “here” but I have to say this and its all I will say, making lists is bad, burn books, etc, any list that excludes no matter how well intended, is a recipe for disaster. Names that shouldn’t be there get put there, people are ruined, others worry they are on it even though they are good people, it ruins friendships and more. Hitler had lists. McCarthy had lists. Say no to bad people lists. Love you fellow man and woman and whatever you identify as, hug and talk and show them you are good and care, that is all that matters.

Stretch yawns - you know how great a stretch yawn feels? It doesnt feel so good when it makes your injured leg move in ways its not ready to move, tightens muscles that aren’t ready to tighten. And yet,I just did it and it felt good overall minus the foot pain. A good stretch yawn can solve world problems. its like a yoga move that your body just knows. :D

What else… Its 50f here. Sun is up and bright, so bright that the light coming through the door is so intense I thought the kitchen light was on and barked out an order to Alexa to turn it off. It didnt, I asked again, then realized DOH it’s sunlight. Silly windows. Lol. I’m old and slow so excuse me if I take a minute to catch up. I’m like watching a movie on a dialup modem, I take a long time, you have to watch me buffer a lot, but in the end I’m worth it. :D Ha, sorry couldnt resist.

Speaking of modems. I found out that AT&T throttles you when you’ve hit 10GB of internet usage via personal hotspots. (Was looking at it as a stop gap for home but I’d hit 10GB in a day.). They throttle you down to 2x 56k modem speed. Seriously. WTH? Its 2017, most major countries have crazy cheap and fast internet and no one is throttled. Here in the US, the providers run wild and unchecked and do whatever they want because they know you are screwed and cant do a thing about it. Sounds like our countries leader right? Except I cant call and cancel him. I wish.

Since its Wednesday, I was going to do a hump day picture, but my camel is in the shop. So here’s a gif of a goat instead.

Love, b

PS, get this, a search for “goat” in the GIF section here came up with NO GOATS. Its a goatsperacy!!!

Still love, b

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I Don’t Think Jacob’s Captors Let Him Go By Accident

by reddit user nowwegotcha

Jacob became one popular dude during my sophomore year of high school, two years ago. In the middle of the year, he just showed up. His family had moved him away from their old home, but his reputation somehow got loose in the hallways.

At the age of twelve, Jacob had been kidnapped from his home in the middle of the night. His parents had been apparently drugged by an unknown person, and their son had been stolen. No one even called the police until the parents woke up. No witnesses, fingerprints, ransom notes, nothing.

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in the language of flowers, orange roses mean “confession of first love” and blue roses mean “impossible” , so

“Good bye, my first love”.




“No, dear, ray, don’t let me go away from you!

I want to be with you”

Another flower meaning of blue roses is “a miracle”

hey so do you ever hear someone say a particular phrase that makes you realize people have lives and priorities so impossibly contrary to your own that you’ll literally never wholly understand another human being’s worldview in your entire lifetime

Season 4
  • me: it's a kid's show! they're not going to actually kill anyone off! everyone with these crazy dark theories needs to relax!
  • me: *watches season four*
  • me: *whispering* no one is safe anymore.

took a break from Jaytim AND Joyfire weeks to finish these fusions!

Inspired (or copied at this point really) by this post, by the art deity that is @johannathemad​ . I love it so much I look at it at least once a day (wish it was a joke, it’s not, I do)

So wether they’re stable or not is my opinion, maybe I’m not as right as I’d like to be, but there’s so many variables it’s impossible to be 100% sure what they’d really be (except for Damian and Tim, this one I am sure ahah)

EDIT: Did some minor changes on Jasanie and Kruce and changed some typos!

Part 2

Part 3

okay but that video has seriously increased my opinion of autistic keith from “lowkey headcanon” to “this is straight up canon”, like, they’re not even being remotely subtle about this?

honestly they had me from “i guess this would explain why i was never very good at connecting with people", but, his angry rant about not understanding social cues? the line “i say voltron and then the chant is over, it doesn’t have to be complicated!”? (any autistic people reading this, im pretty sure all of us have felt that at some point or another)

i dont think it’s a coincidence either that every clip they picked when he was talking about his temper was a moment that someone reacted strongly to or brought up again with him later (like, it’s pretty normal for autistic people to be introspective, but a lot of the time you don’t realise you’re doing a thing as you’re doing it, it’s only when someone points it out to you)

and the fact that he didn’t know what to say at first, like, i have had so many experiences where someone goes “tell me about yourself!” and my initial response is “this is my name?? i exist??? what do you want me to say??” because the instructions were so vague that they’re impossible to follow

and even his body language, like, the crossed arms or the little thumb rub he does at the end when he gets upset, like, that’s definitely a calming stim? (and i love that that’s canon, though, im gonna have to make an effort not to adopt that, ‘cause i am so much of a sponge when it comes to adopting quirks of characters i find relatable)

and just, yeah, i love this so much

Not to be That Guy but I do kind of think that the way postmodernist style thinking functions in academia is a psyop intended to undermine the left. In the 60s and 70s, all kinds of radicalism and action came from universities. Some universities built in that era were designed for police shutdowns during riots. But now it’s like… the way that people in humanities, social sciences etc, everyone who’s been encouraged into postmodernism, queer theory etc, ESPECIALLY those from pristigous schools, structure their thought is so… impossible to apply in any material way. Forget about radical meaning at the root, it’s more like radical meaning totally off the ground. Everything is like, a thought experiment, spoken about as if it’s reality. And they dominate leftist spaces– often having the class background or even just academic confidence to back up their strongly held beliefs, or even just the time to implement them. The closer you are to a liberal arts university, the more likely it is that the political groups around it are incredibly bogged down in identity and language that most people don’t understand, and an environment hostile to basic questioning and learning outside of adopting the lingo. It really effectively isolates the people in it AND isolates them from organizing effectively. Not to mention their conceptual frameworks are really removed from reality in the first place

If it wasn’t an actual psy op it worked just as well by itself lol

kpop fans are so fake woke it’s ridiculous
  • sm’s stylists: *gives exo a reggae comeback and puts kai in dreads because he has the darkest skin, obviously mocking him and black people*
  • bts’ stylists: *give jhope braids just TWO MONTHS after this kai/hair controversy* 
  • y’all: *mute because suddenly y’all don’t care about hair*
  • all of mamamoo: *dressed in blackface* *hwasa constantly using the n word to seem ~cool~*
  • y’all: unnies are ignorant!! let’s be nice and just educate them even though they’ve been at this shit for years :) girl groups are all perfect angels who can do no wrong so shut up you antis and misogynists 
  • bambam: *gets set up by attention seeking nonblack americans and led to believe the n word only had a friendly meaning*
  • mino: caught using the n word AGAIN
  • y’all: um :)) why didn’t bobby stop him :) how dare he not say anything to his elder while they are on camera :))) this is all bobby’s fault #supportwinnerscomeback 
  • blackpink: *doing stereotypical native american hollers and circle dancing in boombayah* *incorrectly using aave to seem tough and ‘hood’
  • jackson: *wears dreads in a cf*
  • y’all: um why didn’t he stop this from happening??!! he has so much power what’s wrong with him? he should leave the group but he wont because BIG THREE PRIVILEGE!! got7 is cancelled again!!
  • namjoon: *uses the n word and apologizes and ~educates himself~*
  • y’all: that’s the only way an idol can move on from such a horrible thing, this is why we no longer hold that video against him
  • video from a while ago showing an idol using the n word: *resurfaces*
  • y’all: they didn’t apologize or take any steps to show they were sorry so let’s just brush it under the rug, stop digging up the past you ANTIS!!


kpop fans only care about offensive or ~problematic~ things when it’s not their faves who do it, which in itself is an issue. if one idol has to be held accountable for offensive shit, all idols need to be held accountable when they do the same thing.


told ya i was drawing a summer camp au lol

im on mobile so captioning this is impossible but 1. hanzo hates bugs and wears long sleeves and jackets all day every day 2. junkrat is absolutely that boy that burns his marshmallows and lives in his swim trunks all summer 3. hanzo is also a loser and sits by himself until mccree pity befriends him 4. genji is thriving and 5. just baby mchanzo

The Color Of My World // A Stiles Stilinski AU

Prompt: Soulmate AU where for your entire life you’ve only ever seen black and white, until you receive the first touch from your soulmate and color blooms before your very eyes. But, what would you do if you found out your soulmate was the one person your current boyfriend hates the most in this world?

Relationships: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/Theo Raeken x Reader/Stiles Stilinski x OFC/Theo Raeken x OFC

Warnings: Intimate Dancing, Kissing, Swearing, and Future Smut (I gotta build it up first y’all but smut is coming)

Song: Flaslight by Jessie J (Cover by Leroy Sánchez)

Word Count: 3,157

A/N: Y’all this was a long time coming. This series is so incredibly important to me, it took me months on end to write. This is without a doubt my favorite story I have written so far and has become my baby. Special thanks to @sarcasticallystilinski for reading it over and supporting me! I really hope you guys love this as much as I do.

P.s. All of the songs will be in Stiles’ POV and, Oh My God, I highly recommend you listen to them after every part to know what’s going on in his mind throughout the story. 

Love, Soulmates and Colors are the three words I despise the most in this world. They ring in my ears like sharp nails scratching against a dry chalkboard and, yet, it seems to be all everyone ever talks about.

“When will I find my soulmate?”

“All I ever see is black and white, I hope one day I’ll meet her and see color.”

“Wait, what do you mean you’re only seeing blue?”

Everyone on this God forsaken planet can only see the dull shades of black and white. However, rumor has it, that that completely changes when you meet your soulmate - as if that bullshit actually exists. Apparently, the moment your skin touches theirs, your entire world becomes vibrant with color and life.

I don’t believe it for one second. Not because I’m bitter or anything, but because I’ve never actually met anyone who can see in color and, therefore, I don’t believe that possibility exists. What would a world full of color even look like? I’m so used to the reality of black and white that the idea of shades other than these two seem so foreign and impossible.

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Mistborn | 02

Kim Taehyung | Comedy | Fluff | Angst | arrangedmarriage!au | dragon!au 

❝You’ve been promised to Taehyung since you were seven and he’s hated you since. Nothing could possibly change that fact, not when you’ve all but stolen his freedom by simply existing. Or so he thought.❞

warnings: this is horribly historically inaccurate. pls. don’t read if you like know shit because you’re just in for a wild ride. also. this is like, borderline sucky because its rushed and im lazy but yah 

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