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choose a favorite 2-digit positive whole number that has the digits 9 and 6, and is less than 70.

There are just so many, it’s impossible to choose

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hi i remember you mentioning that there was a secret character, is this still in the game? im trying to find it while i play and im having a bit of a hard time.

To unlock the mystery route, you have to be at either 0 points by the end of the first day, or be tied with points by the end of the first day. It’s difficult but not impossible, so good luck!!

Roads explained some more

@badchriss left a comment in which he asked why TS2 roads always have odd number of tiles between them. Here’s why.
SC4 tile is twice as big than TS2 hood tile. So here’s how TS2 will parse your roads layout in terrain generating process. Blue grid is SC4 tile size, red is TS2 hood tile size:

TS2 road always generates at the one particular half of SC4 road. Despite the direction it was placed in SC4 map. Here is another figure:

So it is impossible to have even number of tiles between two TS2 roads because the game will always add one TS2 hood tile that was occupied by half of SC4 road.

headcanon fic: luke kryze, prince of mandelore pt 2

[part one here]

- Luke and Leia know each other, and so it’s impossible to keep them apart. They understand why they can’t be together in person, but holotechnology exists. They are immediately each other’s best friend, and they talk every day, multiple times a day. For years.

- but Alderaan is part of the Republic Empire, and Mandelore is not, and that causes a healthy amount of tension between the twins. Luke is a pacifist like his mother, and so he doesn’t approve of the Rebellion Leia has been born into. Don’t they know that violence begets violence? If they want real change, they should fight with their words, not their guns. Leia parrots back her parent’s praises of the Republic of old, and Luke finally snaps that if the Republic was so good, how did it become an Empire so quickly? And then Leia doesn’t talk to him for three days. 

- She’ll get over it, 19-year old Luke thinks, but then he learns that the reason he hasn’t heard from his sister isn’t that she’s mad at him, but that she’s been captured by the Empire.

- The R2 unit plays the message for his father, and Luke knows he’s not supposed to hear this message but he does, and – “–You must see this droid safely delivered to him on Alderaan. This is our most desperate hour. Help me, Ben Kryze. you’re my only hope–”

- Luke doesn’t give a shit about the droid and getting it to Alderaan. Luke cares that his sister, his wild and rebellious sister, is in Darth Vader’s clutches, and he’s not going to leave her there to die. So he runs away–

- (incidentally, this is how he meets Han Solo: “I am the Duchess’s son. I will pay you whatever you wish if you help me rescue my sister.” “Done, kid.”)

- – and Obi-Wan follows him. Of course he does. Luke is his son, and he’s also Anakin’s son, and Obi-Wan knows how his brain works. So they leave the droid safely on Mandelore, and Ben, Luke, Han and Chewie launch an impossible rescue mission, to rescue the Princess of Alderaan.

- Alderaan is destroy, same is canon, and Leia is tortured, same as canon. And they rescue Leia, same as canon. The only thing that changes is that Ben doesn’t die.

- He can’t–he has a wife and he has a son, and he’s not about to abandon them now, not to fight Anakin of all people. So Obi-Wan Kenobi escapes, and so do the rebels, and Darth Vader is going to kill them all.

-When Luke finds Leia again, he hugs her as tight as he can, and swears never again. He doesn’t care who wants to kill him and his sister–he won’t leave her again. Not now. Not ever. She’s coming with him to Mandelore, and she’s going to leave the Rebellion, and– 

- As much as Obi-Wan and his son didn’t want to be a part of the rebellion, they are a part of it now. And Luke’s always been a great pilot, and with his sister in mourning he volunteers to help with the Death Star mission. He is a good pilot, always has been, and this is a worthy mission.

- Luke flies and he flies so well, and Vader shoots at him and then he hears a voice that sounds like his dad saying Shoot it, Luke! and he does

- in one moment, Luke goes from being a child to a hero. And in one moment, Luke goes from being a pacifist to killing 200,000 people in one shot.

- months later, in Darth Vader’s reports, he’ll read the name Luke Kryze and think so much for pacifism, huh?