out.  whatever you do, don’t imagine lil 17 year old lorelai at the independence inn breaking down at the end of every day because she doesn’t think she knows how to be a good mom and she’s scared and not so sure she can do this on her own 

don’t imagine 17 year old lorelai learning how to sew so she can make herself and rory clothes, in order to save every penny she can, because she refuses to anything from anyone else - she’ll earn her own. she’ll do this on her own. 

don’t imagine 17 year old lorelai witnessing so many of her daughter’s firsts, and trying not to cry because she wishes she had a significant other ( or anyone, really ) to share these moments with 

don’t imagine 18 year old lorelai shopping at the market one day when she sees an entire slew of kids pass in cap and gown — don’t imagine her trying not to cry about how that used to be the sort of thing that was just an inevitable part of her life, but now she’ll very likely never experience it for herself 

don’t imagine 21 year old lorelai dropping rory off for the first day of school, and feeling so sad as she looks around and sees all the other kids with two parents dropping them off, and wondering as she heads back to work if she’s doing any of this right 

don’t imagine 21 year old lorelai looking around town at all the other people her age, in college, wondering what her life might be like without rory — until she realizes she doesn’t want to know, because her little five year old is the best thing that’s ever happened to her 

don’t imagine 22 year old lorelai questioning whether she’s going to really be able to provide a good life for her kid —- they live in a shed, after all 

don’t imagine lorelai the first time rory gets really sick, and she won’t stop crying and even though other employees at the inn help her out all the time, lorelai doesn’t feel like she can leave rory. so she just sits there, holding her, both of them exhausted, and lorelai is so worried because she can’t really afford to go to the doctor —- but what if there’s something wrong?

don’t imagine mia convincing a doctor to come in and see rory for no charge ( or paying one herself, but telling lorelai that it’s free because the teenager is still too proud to accept ‘handouts’ ) 

don’t imagine lorelai through all of this leaning on mia, and wishing, deep down that things were different with her own parents 

don’t imagine lorelai trying to act so cool all the time to hide the fact that she’s terrified and has no idea what she’s doing 

don’t imagine lorelai trying to go on her first date after rory’s born, but it just doesn’t work, and she wonders if she’ll ever find someone to love 

don’t imagine lorelai trying to scrounge up all the money she can on rory’s birthdays, and on christmas, so that her daughter never has to feel less than the other kids

don’t imagine lorelai crying herself to sleep the first time rory comes home upset because someone said something mean to her at school 

don’t imagine lorelai, for as well as she feels like she fits in in stars hollow, feeling really self conscious for the first several years until she really gets to know people 

 just don’t imagine young lo/relai gil/more raising rory practically on her own and how scary it must have been raising a kid when she was just a kid herself :)