Just for fun, also to tide you over while I work on the sequel, here’s my original outline for Lighting Candles

Outlines aren’t for every writer, but I feel better if I have one. I also tend to get a lot of good ideas at a rapid-fire pace, and I need to write them down so I don’t forget them if it ends up taking me a while to get around to them. It’s both an organization thing and a memory thing. It doesn’t have to be super organized and professional looking, of course - I mean, come on, it’s a crossover of BH6 and ROTG for heaven’s sake. I have a little fun with it, add some self-commentary to make myself laugh, and I’m golden.

If you’ve read the fic, you can also probably see stuff that doesn’t match up here. That happens to me sometimes, where I’ll go in with certain intentions but when I actually write it, it doesn’t end up panning out that way. For example, Jack and Tadashi were supposed to get along pretty much instantly, and Jack was supposed to be one of the main people helping him figure out his magic. Of course, you guys all know how that turned out. I guess Jack and Bunny sort of got switched in this situation, because I’d planned for the rabbit to be the one giving Tadashi a hard time.

Also, the scene with Tooth Fairy at the end was supposed to come before the final battle, but I realized that there just wasn’t enough time between the island and said battle, so I switched those, too. Basically the story changed in quite a few ways between my first plan for it and the final product. Fun fact: the kitsune thing was a late add-on, at least planning-wise. Originally Tadashi was just going to be a fire version of what Jack Frost is.

Not much more to say about it. Still working on that sequel, guys, so be patient with me I guess.

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you're making me very curious about Twi'lek naming conventions, what with Alecto in addition to Hera ;) do you have any headcanon species-specific naming conventions? (the linguist in me in wondering, but I'm also trying to distract myself from the pain you're wreaking on my heart with these time travel snippets gahhhhh)

I actually do not, which is a really disappointing answer, I know!  So this is mostly about how I name characters rather than in-universe stuff, which is probably not what you were hoping for.

Alecto Syndulla was actually a really unusual for me — with her, I knew I wanted to go for a name from Greek or Roman mythology to go with Hera’s name, I wanted to make sure it didn’t have too many weird overtones because of that context, and I wanted it to sound right with the Syndulla surname.  (For example, I was originally going to go with “Metis” (Athena’s mother), but “Metis Syndulla” doesn’t sound great because the “s” sound at the end of the first name and the beginning of the surname blur together.)  And then because Hera was already named, I didn’t want anything that would be too weird about her mother’s name, so while I initially looked at other epithets for both Juno and Hera, I didn’t want Hera’s mother to come off as just another aspect of Hera; I also didn’t want to name her after one of Hera’s (the goddess’s) children, which put Enyo out, which was my second choice.  (I also briefly considered Rhea, but was like, nah, that’s too obvious and doesn’t have the right symbolism.)  I knew I wanted something a little warlike because I headcanon that Cham’s wife was a freedom fighter alongside him during the Separatist occupation (probably this gal), so I was looking for something that was slightly disconnected from the main family tree of the Greek and Roman gods.  I also needed something that would sound at least as Twi’lek as Greco-Roman (at one point I glanced through the known Etruscan names, because I was thinking of doing something off Athena/Minerva, but then I thought that might be strange for a mother character).  The mythological Alecto is one of the Furies/Erinyes, and the mythological stuff going on there works for Cham Syndulla’s wife and Hera’s mother.

HOWEVER THAT SAID, this is more thought than I have probably ever put into naming another original character, ever.  This may be the one and only time I was actually paying serious attention to what the name might mean, and that was only because of Hera.  (And I know that in the EU there are some very specific Twi’lek naming conventions, but I looked at that and then went, “Nope.”)

Normally, what I do is that I keep an ongoing list of interesting first and last (and sometimes place) names that I see in TV and movie credits, sometimes in books, and when I need to name a character or a place, I look at that list and try it out to see how it sounds, if it sounds okay for that culture or species.  For the Naboo, for example, I tend to shy away from much harsher consonants, but use shorter first names, with a lot of “-é” endings for the women — Kovaré, Lydeé, Yfandé, Yuilé — or “-i” sounds that mimic that ending, like Jahsvi.  (Like all Anglo-American women do not have names that end in “-a”, not all Naboo women have “-é” endings, though it’s fairly common.)  In a couple cases where I have Naboo characters who aren’t human, I was trying for names that both sound Naboo and sound “other” enough for it to work, like Kovaré Auza (who’s a Zeltron, and has a little bit of that harsher sound with the “k” and “v” but still has that “-é” ending) or Khoranzim Maiki (who’s a Mirialan, whose surname is Asian-sounding enough to mimic the Naboo “Panaka” — there are a couple other Naboo OCs who have Japanese-sounding surnames — but who has a first name that sounds distinctly un-Naboo).  Though to be fair, I think my Naboo names, especially my Naboo male names, actually do not sound anything like the canonical ones, where we have names like Sio Bibble and, of course, Sheev Palpatine.

When kablob17 and I were naming Edrin Tazani, our Mirialan Jedi OC, it was mostly a case of me looking at my list and trying to figure out what sounded Mirialan based off the two examples we have, neither of whom are male, and then throwing them together trying to find something that sounded “Star Wars” and Mirialan and which both of us liked.  It ended up having an “-i” ending (mimicking the “-” and “-ee” sounds of Luminara’s and Barriss’s surnames), but that was mostly a happy accident.

When I was naming the Rohane in Bottom of the River, I was using hyphenated names since it was for Obi-Wan’s family, but again, this was just another case of looking at my naming list and either breaking names up into hyphenated forms or sticking random syllables together to see how they sounded.  River’s actually kind of an interesting case because there’s a scene with a Rohane character, two Chandrilan characters, and a Helane character, and I wanted all of them to have distinct names to show that while they might all be human, they don’t share a background or a culture.  So: Ina-Rati Kenobi (Rohane), Teg Karass and Ras Ulina (Chandrilan), and Corrian Rilis (Helane).  Ina-Rati’s got that hyphenated name, while the Chandrilans mimic Mon Mothma’s name by having a single-syllable first name and a two or three syllable surname, and Corrian doesn’t match with any of the others.

If I’m trying to name a character to match with their species or planet of origin, I’ll usually look at the canonical examples we get for them, cross my fingers that they’re consistent, and then go down my list and put combinations together until something sounds right.  So we end up with OCs like Taris-Keir-Peli (this was before I knew there was a planet called Taris, or I wouldn’t have used that), who’s a Cerean like Ki-Adi-Mundi, or Twi’leks like Rejiaan Dare like Griaa Tudela; at the time when I was writing most of the Twi’lek female characters I knew of had that double “aa” in their names, and it’s a fast shorthand for saying “this is a Twi’lek” without necessarily having to spell it out in the text.

When I’m naming clones, I try and go for shorter syllables, usually nouns — Coil, Tango, Tare, Thorn, Ritz, Floret.  I have a tendency to shy away from using actual names, though the show does that; it’s just usually easier for me to think of a random noun off the top of my head than it is to think of a name that’s not being used elsewhere or which doesn’t sound quote-unquote “Star Wars” enough.

*frown*  Aside from the Naboo, the Rohane, and some one-offs, I don’t actually have that many OCs in Star Wars, since most of the time I can just dust off an EU character instead of coming up with a new one.  The bulk of my OCs are from Narnia, where I was making a point of having species- and race-specific names since that was a major plot point in my story Dust in the Air.  But that’s another fandom.

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You know how the international ARMYs that got kicked out fr streaming the concert live? How about the fansite masters? They must've been crazy good at taking photos and videos and hiding it all from the staff at the same time, like pro af

I KNOW RIGHTTT god if i could meet them one day id personally wanna thank them so much cos behind every single fantaken pic, there are infinite struggles, hardships and resources invested. I know some that have to hide their cameras under their clothes, wrapping the lens around the legs and crazy stuff like that just to provide us these gorgeous fancams and pics, which is why its so important to credit them at all times, and like its very much understandable if they don’t want their photos to be edited etc. THEN AGAIN, THEIR PICS AND FANCAMS ARE INSANELY GORGEOUS, I HAVE TO LITERALLY HOLD MYSELF BACK FROM MAKING GIFS AND WHATNOT LMAO. OHH THE STRUGGLEEE 


A kagune is composed of Rc cells, which flow just like blood, can become as solid as teeth and can be described as “liquid muscles”. A kagune can be repeatedly hardened and softened at will by the ghoul.


You know,  Kenneth Branagh is a big mentor of mine and he said something the other day, somebody asked him a question and – I think it’s a quote from Shakespeare – from A Midsummer’s Night Dream, which is four words: “take pains, be perfect”. And it’s, I think, his way of saying, you know – don’t be afraid of caring. I mean, when I started acting, I’ll never forget this – there was a guy above me at drama school, who used to say: when you have a big audition, for a part that you really want, you should go out and have a crazy night and then turn up to the audition hungover and you’ll always get the part. And, I tried that and it never worked at all. I’ll just be like “eugh, I just wanna go to bed, I’m sorry, I’m just really tired…”  And then I kinda changed – basically I gave myself permission to care.


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Why am I doing this to myself…?

[Fairyland sculpts - Luna/Chloe/Ante/Pong/Lewi/El]
[Clothes - TTYA/Sunflowerdoll]


I was only a kid when I left Earth, and I had no idea what the universe had in store for me.


     - Athelstan | Aslaug | Floki - Good

if kevin was a rapper tbh


#it’s like character development only backwards

If you follow me you might have seen that I’ve been having a hard day. I’ve been unmotivated and feeling pretty down. So I decided to cheer myself up by finishing off something I’ve been working on for a while. It might not be studying, but it feels so good to have it ready to post!

I wanted to make sure that my own Studyblr had a real focus on self care as well as hard work, so I put together a list of some cheap, easy ideas for things to do while taking a break from studying or when feeling down. I wanted to make simple, inexpensive suggestions that went beyond ‘go for a walk’ or ‘paint your nails’. Feel free to add your own suggestions!

Lot’s of these are aimed more towards women so I would particularly love suggestions to be added catering to those who enjoy more ‘male-marketed’ things, just so there’s something for everyone. 

Things to Do and Make

Simple 4 Ingredient Microwave Mug Cake

Homemade Bath Salts Recipe

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Start an Affirmation Journal

Printable Colouring Therapy Pages

D.I.Y Face Mask Recipes

Make Your Own Body Scrub

Cat Lady Embroidery Patterns

Healthy and Yummy Yogurt Dot Snacks

Prettify Your Pens

Relaxation and Well-Being 

Positive and Inspiring Quotes

Calming Breathing Exercises

A Guide to Effective Napping

Yoga Sequence for Dorm Rooms or Small Spaces

ASMR Meditation and Relaxation Exercise

18 Simple Smoothie Recipes with Different Health Benefits

The Complete Guide to Not Giving a Fuck

Fun Stuff

Battle Dog - Brilliant and Adorable Web Comic

Hark! A Vagrant - Hilarious History and Literature Themed Comic Strips

 ’Cat Lady Support Group’ Pinterest Board

Blooper Video #1 - Movies

Blooper Video #2 - News Shows

Blooper Video #3 - Blackadder (Don’t worry if you haven’t seen the show, it’s almost funnier out of context.)

Nailed It’ - Pinterest Board of Crafts Gone Horribly Wrong

A Whole Bunch of Online Dress Up Games

I feel feminine, and grounded in the choices I am making for myself and my family. I know my children will never have to say, ‘Mom died of ovarian cancer.’

Regardless of the hormone replacements I’m taking, I am now in menopause. I will not be able to have any more children, and I expect some physical changes. But I feel at ease with whatever will come, not because I am strong but because this is a part of life. It is nothing to be feared.