Now I know people have been doing challenges here and there and everywhere…I’m in a crap load of them myself😂😂

So, what would you guys think of me hosting a challenge for my birthday?? My birthday is literally Thanksgiving weekend and I know people are going to be busy what with family and stuff (and then can’t forget those specials on Friday).

So I was thinking…if I were to host one, would anyone be willing to enter it???? I already have an idea and you’ll have plenty of time to do it. If anyone is interested, I’ll make the post of rules, guidelines, all that juicy stuff, but if not, it’s cool. I know we’re all busy. So…let me know!!

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I’m not afraid of tumblr. Like I have told some people who have messaged me already, I have overcome far worse, so it’s not like I would hurt myself over this, even if it makes me depressed again.

I can completely understand why it might *appear* that way, but (and this will likely be the last time I say it) I did not do it out of ill will or ulterior motives. I wish people could see that not all things are done or meant out of hate, but it’s hard to when it’s all around us. It just pains me because I guess you guys think I don’t consider stuff like this. But I do, I take great care with this blog. Sometimes posting gives me unbearable anxiety, but I do it because I want to help. 

This blog still exists because a lot of you find some kind of joy in it. And I try to promote self-worth and loving who you are, even if I can’t feel that for myself. 

I’m going to leave on anon, since I have followers who go through things and seem to seek solace here, and anon is the only way they can do that comfortably.

I’m going to…step away for a while. 

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I am so glad u made that comic about tori and sans going out to dinner together because that's literally my thought process when getting ready: "ew omg what am I doing i can't do this I look so ugly and gross" to "oh hey I actually look kinda decent nice" to "omg I'm so gross my fat tummy is so nasty". I don't really have a belly kink but seeing your work makes me feel better about my own tummy so long story short thank u for making me feel better about myself ok I'll stop bye

No no no get back here you. *hugs* Oh gosh… This is the highest praise I feel I’ve ever gotten. The fact that my art made you feel better (and we haven’t even gotten to the GOOD stuff I’ve planned yet) makes me feel nothing short of honored.

I want to make more art for this reason. Promoting body positivity in any way. I’m humbled it made you feel better about yourself, because everyone deserves to feel validated. You’re beautiful dude, don’t ever doubt it. 👍✨

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Just came across a post that talks about not shipping real life ppl because it makes them and their partners uncomfortable and wondered what you think about it? Are Jensen/Jared/Misha or whoever of the crew comfortable with being shipped together, having 18+ fanart drewn or fics written about them even though they are in partnerships with kids and stuff? That post got me thinking.

hmm.. i mean i ship cockles so im fine with people shipping real life people. and yeah it might make some of them uncomfortable but like, i dont understand why some people have to bring these ships up with the participants. like i wouldnt even dream to talk about cockles to jensen or misha OR DANNEEL OR VICKI!!!!im not stupid, i just keep it to myself and to my tumblr blog bc it isnt everyones cup of tea.

i dont know about jared bc i dont ship him with anyone. but like we all have seen misha talking about cockles or hinting about it,  WE KNOW THAT HE KNOWS THAT WE KNOW, did that even make sense…..he knows about cockles, he talks about it, he makes cruel jokes about it to make us crazy (’‘jensens the horse’‘) etc. i think jensen might be a bit uncomfortable abt this? but im like 99,9% that he knows cockles is a thing (and my shipper mind is happy to think that they talk about cockles with misha:))))))  ) idk, i cant remember any situation where this mightve come up!

but in the end,i guess they wont be uncomfortable as long as we keep it to ourselves, dont bring these real life ships up in conventions and dont ask them to do something over the top in photo ops or something like that.

just if everyone uses common sense, i think we all, the fans and the cast and crew, will be perfectly fine!!

if it ever goes too far, im sure they let us know.

Hi there! So I realized that I’ve been making posts and reblogging stuff on here for a couple of days and I never actually really introduced myself!

My name is Amelia, I’m 21, and I’m a Digital Art and Interactive Media major at Northeastern University! Students at my uni typically take 5 years with work experience called “co-op,” so I’m in my 4th year out of 5. (It’s actually pretty cool because I now have 6 months of experience working a full-time, 40 hour/week job in my field.) If anyone in high school sees this, feel free to ask me stuff about college, co-op and apps!

I’m interested in art, animation, and video, as well as web and ux/ui design! I also like comic books, and animated shows (rn I’m into Voltron and Miraculous Ladybug). You can find my art @ameliartist and comics stuff @dickgraysoff

Some blogs that inspired me to make a studyblr: @genspen, @studyign, @universi-tea, @allydsgn and tbh pretty much every studyblr I’ve seen–you’re all so put together and cool?

Anyway if you wanna like/reblog/follow/etc. I’ll check out your blog and assuming you’re also a studyblr follow back!


Hey! So like?? You’ve probably noticed??? My blog has absolutely no theme whatsoever?? At all?? No?,,theme at all. And I will go from not posting anything to just flat out reblogging everything I see in a span of two mins. Sorry about that. It’s just, my blog is kind of my safe place, you know? It’s my happy place to go to when I’m sad or not really sure of myself. When I’m having a rough day I just go to my blog and scroll through it for a while and I smile because I know it’s filled with stuff that’s important to me and makes me happy. So, yeah, sorry if I bother y'all with all of the crap I seem to post 24/7, but the fact that you follow me through all of this just blows me away. Y'all really are important to me and you bring a smile to my face when you pop up in my notifications.
So, yeah, thanks. 💕

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why are you against fetishizing the genderqueer stuff (which I agree with, thank you v much) but then you hc jason todd as latinx which is like the most sterotypical and racist thing in this entire fandom? (just curious i mean you no offense)

oh boy okay lets see if i can articulate myself. okay so first thing’s first: i am a white dude and don’t have much space to talk on race at all– anything offensive i say is out of lack of knowledge and i’m working on being more educated. 

second thing being, i was under the impression that some things, when playing into stereotypes, can be potentially well-done or acceptable if a.) its addressed as a stereotype or b.) the character is fleshed out to be more than their stereotypes. ie: ryan potter wants asian tim drake and i’m 200% for that, but it seems racist to make the smaller, brainy robin asian, right…? but tim’s a lot more than that stereotype, so written well, it can be diverse and decent representation. 

and i think the problem with jason in general is that casting/headcanoning him as a POC could automatically become a racist stereotype considering his background, so it has to be handled properly…

that being said, if there are latinx people that are offended by this headcanon, i haven’t previously heard from them via ask or post and its likely their voices are being drowned out… so if that’s true, i’m more than happy to change that headcanon because again, this isn’t my place to talk or decide…. 

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Aaa I used to really enjoy doing self ship art and just self ship stuff in general but recently I've been going through a rough patch and its been harder to do it because I feel gross. Do you have any advice for getting over something like that? I just want to feel okay again.

I feel this a lot, darling, I’m so sorry you’re having such a rough time that you can’t even enjoy something that used to make you happy :C

My best advice I think would be to really actively try to give yourself time to relax, especially if you’re going through a tough time right now. Give yourself times where you’re gonna let yourself unwind, and maybe make your drawing stuff available to you… but don’t force art to happen if it feels bad. 

Something that helps me in times like that, when it comes to selfship art, is drawing myself/my self insert (who is usually…… myself ohohoh…) feeling the way I do, and then my fave(s) comforting me or telling me I’ll be okay. Maybe you can try that? 

I hope everything starts going smoother for you, dear, it’s no fun to be in such a dark place… :c I love you a lot and I’m cheering for you!! <3

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how do u stay motivated to do schoolwork? I'm also a senior taking a lot of work-heavy/advanced classes but bc of brain stuff i have trouble completing work how do u do it

I don’t… even know like. I have adhd and severe anxiety and executive dysfunction and idk. so far I’m handling things this well but it’s like the first two months of school so don’t count on me too much yet… I guess it was that last year at the end of the year my grades slid and it made me feel like shit about myself so this year I just. grit my teeth and make my way through my to do list and don’t let myself do many other things (short of taking short breaks) until I get it done? the whole time I’m literally screaming in my head ‘i feel awful i can’t focus’ but I just.. make myself? idk this isn’t helpful advice at all I just. started keeping a regular planner and once I’d been doing that for more than a month the habit solidified. I’m in hell but I know I need to get my motivation/schedule on track for college so???

idk in sophomore year I made this post about what I personally do in unmedicated adhd hell to survive idk if that’s helpful to you though 


A kagune is composed of Rc cells, which flow just like blood, can become as solid as teeth and can be described as “liquid muscles”. A kagune can be repeatedly hardened and softened at will by the ghoul.

the signs in the holy trinity
  • chris evans:gemini, capricorn, virgo, scorpio
  • chris hemsworth:leo, aries, libra, aquarius
  • chris pratt:cancer, pisces, taurus, sagittarius

Why am I doing this to myself…?

[Fairyland sculpts - Luna/Chloe/Ante/Pong/Lewi/El]
[Clothes - TTYA/Sunflowerdoll]

“I’ve organized a lot of programs in prison. One of the classes I started is called Creative Parenting. It’s the most popular class here. The waiting list is really long. I don’t have any kids myself, but I noticed that most guys are really soft for their kids. So that gave me an idea. Mainly we just make stuff and send it to the kids. We’ll do coloring projects where the father will color half the picture, and the kid will color the second half. We write bedtime stories. Most of the guys write about sports, but we make sure that every story has a moral. Sometimes we’ll take funny photos and send them to the kids. One guy’s daughter was really into My Little Pony. He was a tough guy. He was in a gang and everything, but he put his hair into pigtails and pretended to be a horse. We did another class where we made cards for kids with cancer. I had my family set it up with a hospital. We made about 200 cards. They didn’t want us to write ‘I hope you feel better,’ because that reminds the kids of what they’re going through. So we tried to keep it focused on Christmas. There were 150 guys in my unit, and 60 signed up for that program. A lot of the guys had to wait outside because the room was too small.”

(Federal Correctional Complex: Hazelton, West Virginia)

if kevin was a rapper tbh

Right, so now that I have revealed myself to be actual Ladybug trash, time to make this one post that’s been on my mind for a while. If you don’t follow me for Miraculous Ladybug stuff (a.k.a. all my followers) then sorry about this.

So, a big fad throughout the fandom at the moment is giving Miraculouses to the supporting cast, and I am SO BEHIND THIS. It would develop the show beyond the status quo and freshen it up spectacularly across seasons, because if it keeps being a magical girl monster-of-the-week show with wacky antics ad nauseum then I’m going to probably lose interest fairly quickly. Some of the most popular miraculous assignments are Alya receiving the fox miraculous, Nino receiving the turtle miraculous ( @thelastpilot ) and alternatively Lila receiving the real, actual fox miraculous. I’m going to throw my two cents in on what thematically would work with the rest of the show.

First of all, we know three miraculous holders for definite and one for almost definite. Marinette is Ladybug, Adrien is Cat Noir, Master Fu is the unnamed turtle hero and the likelihood is Gabriel is Hawkmoth/Papillon. The thing is, if you look at miraculous holders and their miraculouses, a pattern of character starts emerging.

Let’s start with Marinette.

Marinette is, in short, a clumsy klutz with terrible luck, who normally you wouldn’t trust with giving an ounce of responsibility to – not because she wouldn’t take it seriously, but because she seems totally incompetent. The ladybug miraculous, on the other hand, is the miraculous of luck itself, with the most responsibility of all the miraculouses – and indeed, when Marinette transforms into Ladybug, almost all her clumsiness goes straight out the nearest window and she gains HUGE amounts of responsibility – she’s the one responsible for cleaning up the mess after an Akuma attack. The miraculous is not given to Marinette because she’s the best person for the job – far from it, she acknowledges in the origins episode Alya would be a far better fit. However, what’s important is that she has the capacity to grow into the role of Ladybug – and she well and truly does.

Now, let’s look at Adrien.

Adrien is a rich kid who’s incredibly lucky – he’s had everything fall into his lap from a young age, and has had competence (fencing, multilingualism etc.) drilled into him, at the cost of not being able to loosen up and socialise. His miraculous transforms him into Cat Noir, the poster boy for destruction and bad luck, with a kwami, Plagg, who’s constantly getting himself into the kind of destructive shenanigans you’d expect from Marinette through his own hedonism. See the pattern? Adrien and Marinette both receive the miraculouses that don’t represent them – they represent everything they aren’t – but everything they could be if they developed.

Now let’s look at Master Fu and Gabriel, because they’re a little different, but equally as important.

Master Fu, on the surface, seems like an ideal fit for the turtle in terms of alignment. The turtle in symbolism represents age, wisdom, protection. Master Fu stands for all these things – but Master Fu is a miraculous holder beyond his prime. He is at the end of his development. I have a feeling if we ever saw young Fu, we’d see him as a figure of youthful energy, who just wants to let loose and have fun, possibly even be anti-authoritarian when it comes to adults. This should sound true of another character in the show, and I’ll get back to that.

Gabriel, if everything is hinting at what we think it’s hinting at, however, does not fit the butterfly miraculous at all. The butterfly represents stages of life, and change, moving on, transformation. It’s heavily hinted Gabriel’s wife is dead – at the very least, Hawkmoth/Papillon has Adrien’s mother’s picture in his locket. Hawkmoth/Papillon’s goal now seems to be to attain the miraculouses so he can resurrect his dead wife. He’s not accepting death, and he’s not accepting the creed of his miraculous – he’s rejecting it, twisting it, corrupting it, thus becoming the supervillain who uses his Kwami’s powers against their will.

When a miraculous is granted to an owner, they can choose to learn from it, or reject it. But most importantly, they are granted to people who lack the qualities their miraculouses represent – their character flaws are what the miraculous works to iron out. That being said, let’s look at Lila.

Lila is a compulsive liar. Her Akumatised form is presumably the actual hero that emerges from the fox miraculous – a hero of lies and illusions. This is unhealthy for her – the miraculous isn’t helping her overcome her weaknesses, it’s only accentuating her character flaws. Lila will never grow as a person if she truly becomes Volpina.

So who actually needs secrets, lies and illusions in their life? Well, it’d be someone for whom truth is all-consumingly destructive. Someone whose self-destructive pursuit of the truth puts not only herself, but other people in the line of fire, and whose Akumatised form represents truth at all costs. I’m talking, of course, about Alya.

This is why fox!Alya appeals to me so much – because Alya would be able to learn and grow from the fox miraculous, because it represents traits that she needs to attain. Now, let’s look at the other popular miraculous assignment – turtle!Nino. That thing I mentioned earlier? Here it comes again.

Nino is the epitome of youthful vigour in the show – everything from his style to his DJing to his horribly outdated slang in the English dub (seriously, who the hell is a Totally Radical Dude in the 21st Century!? No-one. No-one is who.) His Akumatised form is Bubbler, a childish clown who tries to exile all adults. If there’s one person in the show who NEEDS the turtle miraculous and its traits of wisdom, age and protection, it’s Nino. This miraculous was MADE for Nino – right down to the outdated slang, providing an added meta bonus to the English dub that Nino becomes a massive allusion to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

This is why I love fox!Alya and turtle!Nino – because they work thematically with who has already received miraculouses. This begs the question – what happens to Lila?

I’d like to suggest something I think no-one else has thought of. I present, a digression: Peacock!Lila.

Peacocks are about vision, kind-heartedness and integrity – the peacock miraculous represents everything the fox miraculous doesn’t. If Lila became the peacock miraculous hero, she’d learn and develop SO MUCH MORE than if she became Volpina. She’d truly have the redemption and character arc that she needs – she’d learn there are more ways to solve a problem than lies, and that truth can be just as valuable. Likewise, this is why Peacock!Alya would actually be unhealthy for her – because it would only drive her even deeper into her already destructive drive for truth and justice.

This is what I call the Miraculous Character Development Theory. I dunno, it was just a thing that occurred to me.

tl;dr: fox!Alya and turtle!Nino work thematically and so does the rather outlandish peacock!Lila. Sorry this has been a mile long post about a god damn kids’ show. I have… several problems.