asymmetree asked:

DUDE I HAVE TO KNOW IS THAT YOUR CORGI BECAUSE I LOVE CORGIS. Also I just heard you in that Hikaru Nara band cover from like a year ago and you did a really awesome job so I just wanted to personally thank you for such a beautiful cover of one of the best anime themes ever. I didn't know you were from Australia Imma cry tumblr has scared me away from Australia for life. And please forgive the lack of punctuation because character limits and the fact that I never shut up and I'm also lazy as hell

Hey!! Yeah it’s my Corg!! His names Ramah!! Haha thanks Sorry I didn’t reply to this earlier !! Thank you so much for support!!! Hehe Australia’s not that bad :D if you know how to wield a Whip and ride a kangaroo you’re all good!