5SOS Preference: Lyrics (Luke)

A/N: This came to mind a couple days ago, and I’d again like to thank my friend Heather for her help here :) These are all based off a certain 5SOS song, and I suggest listening to that song as you read the preference. That’s just me though! :) Don’t forget to come follow me on Twitter @lukealmightty

I hope you all enjoy!

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These are going to be posted one at a time, so I hope you enjoy! Up first is Luke. 

Luke - Long Way Home

Luke’s plane was coming in late. Like 10:30 at night late. But it had been three months since you’d seen your boyfriend face to face, and you were not going to wait a single second longer than you had to. So you were there to meet him, running straight into his arms as soon as you saw him. “I missed you so much!” you exclaimed as you grabbed his face and kissed him. Luke laughed and held you tight against him as he kissed you back.

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