« I have no problem standing up for myself. Maybe I got it from growing up in Texas, but I never took shit from anybody. Now I know how to do it without pushing people away. You just don’t approach things with a Fuck You mentality. Instead it’s: This is the way I’m perceiving things. There’s nothing wrong with my beliefs or feelings. So let’s agree to disagree, or let’s just disagree. »  


whew! I finally got around to getting Peri pictures! took me long enough >:y 

she was my first major armor project, and a learning experience. yes- armor is fun to make, however it is very very not fun to wear and walk around in 

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that's okay! dare instead: post the hottest picture of misha you've ever seen

Sorry this took so long, which is mostly your fault for telling me to look at hot pictures of misha, you should have expected me to get lost in the hotness.  

That’s a tough one, let me just say that almost every picture i’ve ever seen of Misha is the hottest one, but for the sake of actually answering this I’ll pick one of my favourites 

The reason this is one of my favourites? I have a serious neck kink and Misha’s neck keeps me up at night, but the hottest picture without taking my neck thing into consideration is this one

Wait, shit that one does have something to do with my neck thing, here this one doesn’t 


Shit I can’t stop

Well fuck now I have five pictures when I promised to narrow it down to one, oh well you’re lucky its only five rather than 20 million, here have a gif too cuz it’s really hot!

Sleepover Friday

So today I was searching for one old photo of my brother and me on my laptop and instead I found this pic! I remember taking it a little bit over a year ago (a little bit before my 18th birthday) and I clearly remember thinking ‘This pic is ugly af, I look terrible, look at my ugly face and double chin! Why can’t I be like the rest of the girls??’. I really hated the pic and I’m surprised I haven’t deleted it the day I took it!! The fact that I didn’t delete this picture makes me happy today bc now I can proudly look at it while thinking ‘fuck everyone, I’m fucking beautiful!’
I learnt to love my eyes and lips, adore my eyebrows and appreciate my ears which I’ve always thought were ‘way too big’. I’m still working on myself and teaching myself to love myself the way I am, but I’m happy! And I know some of you might think this post is useless (and maybe it really is, maybe I’m making fool of myself rn), but all I want to do is tell some of you that you’re not ugly, useless, stupid, not important… YOU DO MATTER! And you are beautiful, smart, nice, lovely, cute, interesting, worth living even tho you might be clumsy, shy, quiet or you need more time to learn something or open to someone, etc! Fuck today’s beauty standards and what people think about you, be yourself because YOU ARE FUCKING PERFECT! You’re worth it, you do matter and you deserve to be/do what makes you happy!

Ps I love you ❤️

•One more reason why I wrote this post is bc Tumblr helped me a lot, it made me realize that my voice does matter and that I’m allowed to say my opinions out loud just like anyone else. And there are few people who helped on my small journey, thanks @bananashemmo, @fish-movie and @tadpolehemmings and sorry, I know this is cheesy af 😩 but I’m punk rock and I can do whatever I want!!🌚

*pink filter is on the pic bc I’m punk rock

Silly me, I almost forgot to post these. ;P

I fixed up the mapping on these quite a bit. I don’t think the flaws are that apparent on the original colours, however, since I was told these things can be useful I also put up the fixes here. They are, of course, included in the default.


I also finished the defaults for her party set and the socialite stairs, and I have decided to put them here as well. However, I don’t have pictures of those - I only have my old laptop at the moment and the screenshots I took look really really terrible. So, please, take a look at Shasta’s pictures here and here. ^^;


I chose the stair colours to go with the column in game, instead of following my usual scheme, so you will still have a full set of colours for those. The replacement for the column itself only contains the TXMTs. The fences should pick their colours from the stair railings.

DOWNLOAD (stairs).

Credits: Shastakiss and Goat

Please let me know if I messed up somewhere. XD

I tried to get the best photo I could without ruining since my internet is being SUCH a butt this week. So this is what I’ve been doing for the past few hours. I am sorry if you cannot see your OC its just how my phone took it. Anyways, here are the ponies who are featured in this photo:
The other two that are left are my OC’s.

i woke up today at 3:30am and i couldn’t go back to sleep so 2 hours later I went outside to take pictures of the sunrise but it was cloudy so instead i took pictures of a bunch of tiny snails

So I just finished watching Markiplier play ‘That Dragon, Cancer’

It was a beautiful game, and Mark took it very well. He was respectful and very strong, despite the fact that he shed a few tears throughout… but then again, so did I. But it wasn’t the game itself that brought me to tears, but instead hearing at the end that he wasn’t sad. That the game didn’t make him sad, but instead it brought back good memories of him and his dad. It was nice to hear more about him, and to see those pictures he included at the very end of the video. He looks so much like his dad, and seeing him revel in his good memories makes me smile.

I think this is what really strikes me about Mark, he’s always so positive, and even though he can be very silly at times, he still knows when to be serious. And when he’s being serious, he has such great wisdom to share. Those things he said about having hope and faith when things are hard resonated so strongly with me, plus the way he reacted to religion as a coping mechanism was so positive compared to what other people might say. Me being a very religious person, it was comforting to hear him say “whatever brings someone hope in a situation like this, who am I to remove that hope? …There is no right way to handle something.” Because that is so true. You may or may not be religious, but if that gives you hope, don’t let others make you think that what you’re doing isn’t right or isn’t correct. Because in situations like that, hope is what you need most. 

I am so thankful for Mark’s wisdom, and kindness, and understanding. This is why he will always be my favorite youtuber, as well as a role model for me. This is why I will follow him in whatever direction he may go, I’ll still love him for who he is, even if I may grow tired of his videos, I will still love Mark as a person, because he truly has a heart of gold.

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I think gemini's voice sounds like Chun-Li of Street Fighter 5 (maybe)


in celebration: here’s a picture that took way to long to complete becasue instead of drawing it in Paint I chose to draw it in SAI even though I knew it would take way longer to draw in SAI yet I did it anyway

(made the outfit slightly darker to fit Gem better)

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I just took this picture like five minutes ago aha and I kinda liked it but not really omg. I just really like my new hat lmao and I’ve been into simple makeup recently so I think my face looks cuter instead of … Bitchy ? Aha idk I think cat eyes make me look bitchier (is that even a word omfg) so instead, I’ve been doing puppy dog eyes recently. Okay that’s enough talking about makeup

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So about the hedgehog and piano. HEADCANON. Before Licht knew about Hyde's true nature, he often spoiled him. This included getting Hyde toys to keep him busy while he was performing. While Licht was practicing the piano, Hyde was on the floor listening to the wonderful songs. The hedgehog then started to imitate him by playing with his toy piano. XD Crantz(?) Took pics xD

DUUUUDE, that’s almost EXACTLY what I imagined myself! And Licht would totally adore his super-talented pet hedgehog (ah, little did he know) and get distracted from his piano practice because he’d rather watch Hyde being cute instead X’D So once he’s done taking pics Crantz has to ban Hyde from Licht’s piano practice, but of course Licht ends up sulking… and the story goes on~ Whoops, I let my imagination run wild again! Honestly though, that picture of the hedgehog playing the piano was SO Hyde, I’m glad you thought so too ^.^

Our First Time Meeting

It’s almost been a year since we have been talking, texting, sending pictures back and forth, and just getting to know each other. We couldn’t resist it any longer we had to meet in person. He wanted to meet halfway but instead I just drove the entire distance because I love the view where he stays. I arrived in town at 2:30 that afternoon but he didn’t get off work until 5:00 that evening. So I went and picked up a few things for him and pampered myself a little because first impressions are important. I went back to the hotel took a power nap and a long hot bath. Around 5:40 he called and told me to meet him at one of his favorite restaurants. When I arrive I spot him leaning against his car. I park and take one last look in the mirror before I get out. I get out and start walking over towards his car. He turns around looking me up and down bitting his lip as Im walking up . (I’m wearing a bright red pencil skirt with a black top and a pair of black heels) I can’t help but stare at him as my mouth begins to water. He’s about 6 foot 4 inches, brown hair, brown eyes, and a cute smile. Man he’s looking sexy. As I walk up to him he can’t stop smiling. We both are speechless. He finally breaks the silence between us and says “hi and he tells me his name” like I don’t already know it and I reply back with “Hi I’m and I tell him my name”. He grabs my hand as kisses it then look at me and say “you are so beautiful” I smile and say “thank you with your sexy ass. He blushes then asks if I’m ready to eat” I say “yes I’m starving.” He says “well let’s go eat”. He looks down at me and says “ladies first”. I smirk and say “you only said that so you can look at my ass as I walk” he says I’m just making sure that ass don’t bust out that skirt baby" i hit him softly on his arm and say don’t start.“ I cant help but start blushing then we both start laughing. He smack me on my ass and says lets go eat babe” We order our food and we just sit laughing and talking. I can’t help but stare into his beautiful brown eyes as he talks. He’s such a nerd and I love it. Man he’s perfect in my eyes. So after dinner he asks “if I want dessert” and I say “no thank you im to full.” So our waiter brings the bill and I try to help split the bill when him but he says “no I got it babe let me spoil you please.” I say “ok”. We walk out the restaurant and he says “I know you still feel a little nervous but lets take a walk.” I look up at him smile and say “sure”. He asks “if I have any lower shoes” and I say “yeah I have a pair of flats in the car”. He walks me over to the car and I change into my flats. He grabs my hand and we begin to walk down the block. It’s quite a few people out walking also. He’s talking and I’m just out of it enjoying everything. I stop and he asks “what’s wrong?” I stand on my tiptoes grab his face and tongue kiss him slowly. He wraps his arms around and grabs my ass as he kisses me back slowly moaning softly. I stop and say “I’m sorry if I’m moving to fast but I couldn’t resist it any longer.” He smiles and says “no you’re not moving to fast because I was about to stop and kiss you.” I blush immediately and he rubs my face and starts back kissing me. He stops kissing me looks into my eyes and says “mmm that kiss meant something because I’ve never been kissed like that before.” I rub my finger across his lip and whisper “I’ve been wanting to do that every since we started talking. It did mean something. This may be the start of something new. Something we both have been needing and wanting for a very long time because baby it feels so right to be right here with you.” He grabs me and just hugs me and whispers “babe you are the start of something new” and he kisses me. As we head back he’s quite. I hold his hand tighter and ask “what’s wrong” he says “baby I’m awesome it’s just unbelievable how amazing you are. You are everything I’ve dreamed about.” I smile and say “I can’t remember that last time someone has spoiled me like this. Paid for my dinner, held my hand as we walked together, opened doors for me, and just opened up to me. Thank you I really needed this.” He rubs my hand and says “you are very welcome but you better get use to it and thank you for everything.” I lean against the car as he kisses me softly. He smiles as says “I can’t get enough of you and your kisses.” He wraps his arms around me tighter and says “I dont want to leave you side darling”. I grab his head and kiss his forehead, nose, cheek,eye, and a soft kiss on his lips. He looks at me and says “you’re up to something missy tell me what you want.” I smile and say “how do you know i want something?” He says because you got this look in your eyes and plus im just trying to find a reason to spoil you and give you whatever you want.“ I blush and say “it’s nothing love.” He leans down and rest his forehead against mine and say “I know you don’t like asking for things but I want you to ask dont ever be afraid to ask babygirl.” I look up at him, rub the side of his face and then say “will you come back to the room with me and spend the night. If it’s to soon I understand.” He starts entire face face turns red and I say “nothing sexual tonight just let me spoil you a little because you deserve it.” He smiles and say “sure baby.” He follows me back to the room. He takes a shower then comes out the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around his waist and says “baby I don’t have anything to sleep in.” I hop up and grab the bag of clothes I bought him earlier and say there should be something in there.“ He kisses me and says “who told you to buy me something?” I tell him to “hush” lol. He comes out smiling wearing a pair of the night pants with no shirt on. I walk up to him and run my nails across his chest snd he says “dont me get put my baby inside of you tonight. I already had to take a cold showrr to keep things from getting hard.” I bite my lip and says you never know what might happen and I close the door to rake my shower. When When i When I finish my show I put on this lace nightgown on and I walk out the bathroom. He looks over at me and same “damn baby that’s sexy” i smile and say “remember nothing sexual together” and he says “I know I know.” We cuddle up together on the couch. He lays between my legs with his head on my stomach. He keeps rubbing my stomach softly (I know he thinking about putting his baby inside of me because he always talks about it) as I rub his head and back. Before he falls asleep he leans up and says im going to put a baby insode of you one day and he smirks. I say “well you can one day but not tonight now let’s go get in bed.” When we get in the bed I give him a nice slow deep tissue massage. After the massage he leans over and gives me a sweet passionate kiss and says “goodnight darling” I bite on his lip a little and whisper “thank you for everything today you really know how to treat a lady goodnight love.” He smiles and says “you deserve it thank you for everything even my massage.” I kiss him again and he lays his head on my chest as I slowly rub his head and back. He’s laying on my chest looking so sexy. I really can’t get enough of him. He’s asleep in no time.

Tales From DM-ing

Last night, my group was amazing. We play online through roll20 every week, after everyone has gotten off work. After a great session, getting to all of the major points that I wanted to get them too, they said they had a surprise for me. It’s my birthday July 17th, and we’re all meeting up to celebrate, but one of us will be in NY seeing Hamilton!! So, they said they wanted to show me the surprise now instead! 

Then, then, preceded to have me ROLE PLAY opening up the gift they got for me. They even took pictures and shared them after each successful roll!! 

I’ve been playing the game without a PHB or a DM guide, with money tight and everything else I’m going through - it’s just not been something I could afford. I don’t have any dice, either. Thankfully we play online, so it’s not a huge deal, but it gets difficult not have the source guide on hand when you need it. 

And that’s what they got me!!! They even got dice in my favorite colors <3

I can’t even begin to put into words how much this meant to me, you guys. I’m sure you could tell from all of my blubbering last night - but really, this was just really cool. You have made me feel important, and loved and just - GUYS. 

(one of our played gif-ed the whole thing - so, yeah, that’s ME reacting to this.) 

@frostychama, @megilhirile, @hurricaneginger, @thesleepyweepyfox, @miss-cole and @galadnilien - THANK YOU GUYS. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive, loving and considerate group to play with. You are the ultimate dream team, and I am so excited to see what crazy hijinks Kabeisha, Helios, Attor, Nithpione, Nimue and Elander get into!! 

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where can i find that tapestry in carmens palm reading post? thanks

OMFG IM SO PISSED i went in game twice to take a pic of the tapestry this wcif and now that im abt to upload it, i realized i took a photo of the HAMMOCK INSTEAD OF THE TAPESTRY hsadnnfue ill change it later bc its a nice picture of a hammock ok

oh and heres the tapestry by @inabadromance hahahha