I am in desperate need of help!!! I am going through the worst art theft ever!  Someone on FaceBook is advertising and selling t-shirts on a site called This asshole has made over $6,000 on my “Can I Sit Here” print   I have contact the guy and ask him to stop and take it down.  He never replied. Instead he blocked me and took down all the comments I posted.  I contact facebook and virlstyle and they both shot me down saying I don’t have enough evidence to prove the print belongs to me!!! I put a FUCKING WATERMARK THAT SAY MY NAME! GOOD LORD!!! :chainsaw:

So I am asking you guys to go to this fuckers facebook page and comment the hell out of the pictures he is advertising! It’s the only thing I can do to make my point.  I know this sounds rash but I don’t care. I am at my breaking point.  I tired to be nice but he blew me off! :chainsaw: This is WAR!!! And I am not playing nice anymore…..

Also everything else this person is selling is stolen art as well!!!

Here is his page.  It’s called Toothless Lovers and there are 3 picture of my "Can I Sit Here" print.

ALSO please copy and paste this link with your comments.  It’s a link to my store where I sell this print.

Please if you can spare a few minuets to help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

This week’s “first date” prompt was a little weird for me because I… don’t really picture them as the type to go on dates because they both come across to me as pretty reserved and introverted characters. Characters who’d prefer to be a lot subtler in their relationship.

So I took that and ended up with a scenario where they attempt to go on a date but end up not really being too fond of the whole thing so they end up going back home and just enjoying each-other’s company for a while, instead.

PS: Since I’ve been drawing this AU of mine so much I decided to create an infodump/masterpost about it so be sure to look at that as well if you’re interested!

Holy moly am I glad you asked this question. It’s probably one of the most interesting ones we’ve received!

Well, to be honest, the man is almost made up entirely of legs. Yep, I’m not gonna lie, he’s like 97% legs, which are generally seen covered by pleasantly tight dress slacks delightfully constraining his crotchular area and causing millions of ovaries to explode around the world everyday.

There is also a very important 2% that is the CHEEKBONES. Seriously the man has the fucking cheekboniest cheekbones to ever cheekbone, like I’m sure he could slice butter with them. This particular feature especially comes into highlight literally all the fucking time when he bestows the EYEFUCK which again, as I said, happens ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

The remaining 1% is what I like to call The Fluff. Yes, ladies and gents, you guessed it: it’s the hair. Now more usually seen tamed with product, it still manages to retain its golden retrievery quality that makes you want to pet it and play fetch with it. 

Ok, but now in all seriousness, I would probably describe Tom as a tall and lean man. He looks strong, but not too beefy or muscly. I’d say he looks spry, sinewy and lean, like a long distance runner as well as the type who can really rock a suit. He has long legs: they probably don’t make the 97% of his being, but they are one of his most noticeable features. He has a confident walk, which isn’t quite swaggery, but close.

Other important feature of his that I feel often goes underappreciated are the hands. He’s got beautiful hands, almost feminine, with long and thin fingers and relatively narrow wrists. As the classically educated stage actor that he is, he knows very well how to command them (as well as the rest of his body).

You know when you hear him speak? How he does it in a very clear and precise way, with excellent diction and syntax? Well he moves very similarly to the way he talks. His movements are precise but not rehearsed. When he makes appearances, he remains natural but he lacks the habits many of those who are not used to being in the spotlight have: like touching one’s hair, or crossing one’s arms in front of one’s chest and whatnot. So, basically what I’m trying to say is that he exudes confidence and openness/approachability at the same time.

About his head: as I mentioned, he has this adorable fluff on top of his head. His hair is naturally curly, and blond, but in recent years, since the Thor movie he keeps it tamed down with the use of product, and the colour leans more towards the brown side of the spectrum. This change makes him look a lot more polished and professional than he did before his break, but that doesn’t mean he has lost that drama school kid enthusiasm. He’s very expressive with his face, and that enthusiasm I talked about plainly shows on his face. It’s like he can’t contain it and it just bursts out and breaks freeeeee. However don’t let that good boy look fool you. The man wasn’t chosen to play a hot villain for nothing. Those adorable droopy blue eyes and that sloppy grin of his can become weapons of mass destruction when staring you down and baring his teeth at you, while making his cheekbones stand in relief.

He isn’t what I would consider a classically handsome man, but for some reason the whole ensemble just works: his high cheekbones coupled with his thin lips and long Roman nose (which I believe was broken at some point) when put all together are enough to stand beside any of the Brad Pitts of the world without any cause for complaint.

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top 10 Jamie gifs/pics

GUESS WHAT, IT’S YOUR LUCKY DAY! (or maybe not if you don’t like Jamie Benn…) I am the most INDECISIVE PERSON IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. So…instead of 10 gifs/pics…you get 10 of each!!

So here we go….

















2: (this gif and this picture just…give me life)




And your really super extra bonus…

Baby Jordie and Jamie :)


Thanks, anon!

(even though attempting to choose was total torture. This literally took me a solid half an hour to figure out…it was super fun though. If you take nothing else from this, take that I’m in love with the flow, the dorkier the better, and baby Jamie gives me life)

*none of these are mine

Send me top 5/10 anything!

So please ignore my hick voice and my ugly face! I can’t work a video and had it flipped facing me instead of facing him and I couldn’t figure out how to change it because I was so nervous. He finally took it from me. I thought he was taking a picture but it was a video.  I’m sure he thought I was a complete dumb ass but he was very sweet! June 13, 2015


Book Recommendations - 18 Authors

Instead of focusing on books, I thought I’d do a recommendation post for authors. The ones pictured above happen to be some of my favourites - they’re not without flaws (as writers and people) but I personally really enjoyed the books I’ve read by them and would highly recommend them to you.

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sakata’s sleeping face, urata’s foot

continuation of this fight between 5-year olds

@uratasama: 坂田さんの寝顔とりました。(許可は頂いている)

urata: I took a picture of sakata-san’s sleeping face. (I received permission (to upload))

[picture of sakata’s sleeping face]

@sakatandao: 足なの布団なの足なの?

sakata: Is that a leg, or a futon, or a leg?

@uratasama: 足だ」

urata: It’s a leg

@sakatandao: うらたさんの寝足です

sakata: It’s urata-san’s sleeping foot

@sakatandao: 靴下みじかくね?子供用はいてるのかな

sakata: Isn’t his socks a bit short? Is he wearing children’s socks

@uratasama: さかたさんのファッションレベルだとこういう靴下が存在してるのを知らない

urata: Considering sakata-san’s fashion level, he wouldn’t know of the existence of these types of socks


yesterday we went to New York City and it was so so nice, we went to the MOMA and to Central Park and more places and here are two pictures we took at monet’s water lilies, i’m incredibly bad at posing for pictures (i was so embarrassed!!) so we decided to take selfies instead and the only half decent one that came out is this one above haha oh well it was really nice and i’ll probably post more pictures here!!

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not sure if you know about it, but i always laugh when i browse certain sites that have those little ads on them about 'check out these celebrity secrets' 'disney did what??" and there's one with a picture of you on it about how people have supernatural powers and stuff,not sure exactly but it's just odd

YES so weird! They just took my photo :’) 

They could’ve atleast picked a pro photo instead of a lame selfie ;P But it’s still funny.

Where’s the Fridge

In recent updates, people are freaking out because the thermal hull (fridge) is missing.

And it continues to not be there. There could be many reasons why. Such as:

1. Andrew might’ve just forgotten about the fridge. He has messed up other small things already. But this might not be the case because of how long the thermal hull continues to not be present.

2. Kanaya and Karkat might’ve taken it with them in order for Echidna to watch over it and make sure Gamzee didn’t cause more trouble. I have a slight hard time picturing this, though, as they already had to carry Jade with them and I’m not so sure they’re that strong to carry a fridge too. 

3.  Instead Jake and Tavrossprite might’ve taken the fridge. Nannasprite was strong enough to carry around an oven, thanks to sprite powers, so maybe Tavrossprite took the fridge with them? Plus, they have the final kernelsprite with them. 

4. There is one final solution I can come up with. Remember how before this Jasprosesprite was excited to revive Nepeta? Well, in order to do that she’d need Nepeta’s corpse, right? So she’d need the fridge that Nepeta was in. Aside from her clearly disregarding Vriska about prototyping one of those who are dead, she’s also gong to have to open the fridge to get to it. And guess who’ll be released? With no godtiers nearby to subdue him most likely?

This clown. Guess we’re hearing from him again, huh Vris?

Aria in 6x04

I know that the writers won’t make Aria A, but I’m sure that she has a really really shady past. 

In 6x04 alone, she threw out her medication, the ones that are meant to help her with anxiety. So this could be why she hallucinated the whole being attacked by -A thing.

She has taken a photograph of a creepy doll, and she doesn’t even recall why she took that picture.

She gets a note from -A, and instead of telling the girls, she doesn’t mind them going on their own to an abandoned house where the could be attacked and severely hurt.

In the promo for the next episode, she’s surrounded by creepy dolls,AGAIN. She’s staring into mirrors, AGAIN.

She also was the one to find Charles’ file, without us being shown how she did so.

Seriously, -A’s greatest torture was forcing her into changing her hair color? Don’t get me wrong it’s horrible having to feel like a puppet and being owned or ordered around, but A made Spencer think that she really hurt someone, so in comparison I’d say that -A is being sympathetic towards Aria.

I thought that it was really weird for her to say that she needed to focus on something other than HERSELF. Not the trauma, not -A, but herself.

day 3 is taking loNGER THAN EXPECTED so i decided to get day 5 out the way
and i cheated and took the background from part of day 3 lm a o

so here we have day 5 which would have been two pictures but the face on the second wouldnt go right so instead of fixing it i deleted it lmao

Pleasure: Noiz, with his sense of touch, has now experienced what it’s like to be understood and accepted. Which sensations, tangible or not, does he enjoy?

noiz likes soft things like mizukis cats


The pictures I posted my first day of junior year of high school vs. mimicked pictures I took (4 days after because I forgot I wanted to do this oops) my last day of junior year slash the first day of the last summer I’ll be spending in high school in the place I’ve lived my whole life so far. I’m being hit with so much anxiety for the future, like… every summer before this has been exactly the same, and this is the last of those routine ones. This time next year, I’ll be moving 800 miles across the country, going into college instead of high school… after this summer, my entire life is going to completely change. It’s so surreal. 

But anyway, yeah, not much about me has changed these last nine months - my hair is longer and I have better teeth with braces on them. And the fluorescent vs. natural lighting makes me look tanner - we’ll pretend I actually am and that that’s not just lighting. 

I wanted this to be like… one of those cool transformation things, but - eh. *shrugs* I still look the same. SECOND WAVE OF PUBERTY WHERE ARE YOU, COME AND MAKE ME SUDDENLY SHOCKINGLY HOT OR SOMETHING 


So, Costas Mandylor. AKA Detective Mark Hoffman. Jigsaw’s apprentice. 

I was severely jelly-legged and star struck upon seeing him. As soon as I approached the table he told me my cosplay was the best outfit he’d seen all day. I don’t know whether he actually knew Sucker Punch or if it was coincidental, but he kept caling me ‘baby’. Either way, I can now live with the knowledge that Costas Mandylor repeatedly called me baby. The rest is a little hazy because I was quite flustered and shy and excited and bless him, he came over for a few photos and I got a hug from him.

Then at the photoshoot area, I think I called him ‘my darling’ when I asked him to choose one of my weapons to pose with. I don’t know why. It just came out. But he was so sweet and went with the sword, and the photographer took two pictures for us instead of one so that we could get a full-length picture in. 

Costas is a precious sugar puff and I am still smiling like crazy.