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How do you edit your Instagram photos? They're so lovely

I edit them on VSCO cam!! I usually use the F2 filter and then play around with contrast, saturation and sharpen! If there’s dark spots on the picture I’ll try minimize them on the Pixlr app which has a brightening tool that you can use for certain areas. Before posting to insta I usually use it’s built in brightening feature to brighten my photos, just because I find it better than VSCO cams tool! 

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If you don't mind I'm itching to know how far into Poisened Amaryllis you've gotten so far & how far your planning to write till you release the first chapter :) xx Sorry if you've been asked this a lot just new and really excited :D

OHH HI ANON <33 Your ask made me so happy, you have no idea!! And don’t worry, I don’t get asked this a lot and even if I did, I’d still be super happy! Just knowing that you’re interested to read makes me so so happy <3 (pardon my lack of vocabulary, I swear I don’t sound that way when I write LMAO) (or do I? D: …) 

BUT YES So far I’ve completed 6 chapters! I still edit when I re-read them or when my beta (irl best friend <3) gives me feedback. But I’m almost done with chapter 7 as well (I think I only miss one scene and it’s sort of action-packed so I’m a bit lazy to write it lmao) and I’ve started chapter 8! I’ve got a lot of sparse scenes too, written in my story’s document, as well as another document specifically created for scenes. So word-count wise, I’ve got 75K words written so far in my main story doc (including 7K of sparse scenes) and 30K words in my “scenes” doc! 

And to answer your second question, I think I’d like to publish as soon as I finish the tenth chapter! That way I could update every 2-3 weeks while writing the next chapters. Also, I think 10 chapters is safe for the plot I’ve got, because I haven’t figured everything out (I’ve got the rough plot written, additional important plot twists in mind, but I come up with a lot of things as I write :’D). 

I hope that answers your questions!! If you want, I’ve published a few excerpts (under the “excerpts” tag here, or under “my-writing” in my main blog) if you want to read them and see if my style is okay for you <3 

And again, thank you SO SO much for your ask! You can’t imagine how happy I am <33 Feel free to message me too if you have other questions, if you need help or if you just want to talk!! <333

Idea I’ve been toying with

what if-and hear me out here

I did backgrounds in watercolor

and then edited the main pics onto them

So I could re-use visual callbacks with a different background

or re-use backgrounds with a different foreground

so everything looks not terrible

and I could do so many cool things with watercolor

I’m doing this


w i l d;

-some clips cred/heavily inspired by: oh-seun
(ps. You’re edits give me shivers I love them so much)