2015/2016 Dance Favourites

I decided I wanted to make a master list of my favourite solos and group dances this season since nationals is over! I didn’t include duets or trios mainly because I don’t watch many, but I’ve included a lot of great solos and group dances! Every dance has a link to go along with it. Hopefully I didn’t leave out any favourites! Everything will be under the cut, enjoy! 

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anonymous asked:

Feyrhys feels. Could you write something where it's the anniversary of accepting the bond & Feyre, to demonstrate her ever improving reading skills, finds an aphrodisiac cookbook & tries to cook (thus re offering food to Rhys) & then fluff or nsfw 😘

Excellent choice, kind anon!

I struggle to come up with original content for these characters, so I made it intolerably cheesy to compensate. Hope you don’t mind, haha.

The Sweet Life

Dinner was a disaster.

Despite Feyre’s incredibly poor cooking skills, she was immensely determined that mere soup would not be the farthest she got in the kitchen with Rhysand. Not with the anniversary of their mating bond looming and a chance to make it extra special.

She’d stolen the cookbook from Azriel who happened to be a wiz with a spatula and a few expertly chosen spices. Who knew the Shadowsinger could dance around a spice rack?

Feyre didn’t tell Az exactly what she needed the cookbook for, but he seemed happy enough to help, even offering to spend some time showing her a few of his favorite recipes. It took Feyre so by surprise, but knowing she’d be learning to cook for Rhys for such intimate reasons felt too personal to share it with Az, even if she didn’t tell him.

Azriel had a very confused expression on his face when Feyre spat out a nervous, “No!” grabbed his cookbook, and dashed from the kitchen with a blush creeping over her face.

It couldn’t be that hard, could it? Just a little heat here, a sauce there, some herbs on top and it would be perfect. Right?

Feyre was disappointed to learn that she was wrong. Oh so very wrong.

And it wasn’t as if she’d read the recipe incorrectly. She had made sure of that. It was one of her main motivations to take on cooking by herself, to prove to Rhys just how far she had come since she met him: an expert reader, a growing cook, and an all around bad-ass High Lady.

But when her rice turned soggy and her filet was chewier than a rubber sole on a shoe, Feyre admitted defeat. The kitchen was a mess, black smoke curled from the pots and pans, and a nasty smell scented the air. Feyre opened the windows to air the Velaris apartment out, sighing.

The only thing that had turned out was dessert. The cake she had made looked an utter delight. The dough was formed of a thin pastry that puffed and flaked as it baked in the oven until a cake of buttery yellow skin had formed surrounding an airy center. Atop the stove, a creamy mix of chocolate and honey melted together trying to warm so Feyre could drizzle it atop the cake.

Feyre smiled in relief, hoping this would be enough. She dipped two of her fingers in the sauce and was just about to give it a try when a feline voice from behind her purred in her ear.

“That smells almost as good as you look, Feyre, Darling.” Feyre nearly jumped half a mile as Rhys slid his hands around her waist from behind her and pulled her flat against him. She hadn’t even heard him approach, the sneaky devil.

“I’m surprised you didn’t say as good as yourself, you cocky prick,” Feyre replied, catching up with herself.

Rhys smirked into her ear where he pressed a kiss. “Well I am rather dashing.” Feyre rolled her eyes, but was happy to hear her mate chuckle. “Care to tell me what all of this is about?” Rhys asked before trailing kisses down Feyre’s exposed neck that made her spine shiver.

“I wanted to surprise you.”

“You surprise me every day, Feyre.” His voice was starting to grow heavy with longing, and not for food.

“Well whether I do or not is not the point.” Feyre shoved until Rhys let her spin around in his arms to face him. “We’ve been mated for almost a year now and I wanted to do something special for you, something to show you that I think of that day in the cabin when you told me everything as more than just soup.”

Rhys’ eyebrows rose in surprise. “You truly think I think you think of the day you chose me and made me yours as nothing more than soup? Feyre…” He grabbed her hands holding them closely at the wrists between them, the chocolate sauce still smeared on her fingertips. “The day you became my mate was the most important, fulfilling day of my life. Nothing - and I mean, nothing - could ever convince me to doubt your love. I see it every day that I am with you, in your eyes, in the caresses you send across the bond when I’m gone for little more than a second. This bond,” and he flattened her palm against the portion of his chest exposed by his open tunic, the portion where his heart stood beating for her. “This bond is infinitely more than soup.”

Feyre blinked trying not to let the tears well up. It was still hard not to get emotional thinking about that night in the cabin even if it had been a year ago. Her fingers curled against his chest smearing some of the chocolate on his skin.

“I know,” Feyre whispered. She leaned her forehead against his and sighed into the love flowing between them. “I just thought we could do something special, to celebrate. But I failed horribly at dinner.”

“I’m not surprised,” Rhys said with a wicked, teasing grin. “Is my glorious beauty not motivation enough to try harder?” Behind him, Rhys spat out his wings in an arrogant display causing Feyre to huff.


Rhys laughed right as he caught sight of Feyre’s fingers and the pan of sauce on the stove top. “If motivation is all you lack, then perhaps I simply need to try harder?” And then his mouth was sucking on Feyre’s sauce covered fingers, his tongue licking up and down the length of the chocolate until it was all gone. Feyre’s mouth opened, her jaw going slack, as she gave a little moan of delight.

Rhys licked his lips, a heady expression growing behind his eyes. He twirled a finger of his own into the chocolate sauce on the stove. “I could draw another arrow, if you think it would help.” And Cauldron damn her, the wink he gave her, so cocky and self-assured like the Rhysand she knew and had always loved, drove her wild.

Feyre grinned and pulled on Rhysand’s shirt until it ripped clean in two. She gave him half a heartbeat before shoving him roughly away from her so that he stumbled back a few feet and knocked into the kitchen wall. At Rhys’ growl of approval, Feyre dipped her long, elegant fingers back into the chocolate and looked at her mate with feral instinct.

“This time, Rhysand, Darling, I’m going to be the one drawing the arrow.”

Life had never tasted so sweet.


Elricest Week - Day 1: How do the brothers see each other?

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Heyy People I’m Sarah and I haven’t done one of these in a while so here I go:) As you can see I MET PTX this year (and some incredible Pentaholics that I am now proud to call my friends) and I am now more in love with them than ever before *slams face onto keyboard* I also call myself a singer and I love it more than anything in the intire world… Here is a link to something I did if you are interested *hides behind a random object* I also always sing along to PTX which is why my voice is gone all the time which isn’t that great when I have performances but whatever :D So yeah…. Hi, That’s me. Sarah :)

BTS feels bad while on tour - text scenario

They feel bad because they missed out on something that you did even though they couldn’t possibly be there.

Yeah so I’m not exactly sure what that was haha. I made it because I’m not super happy with my writing right now - which doesn’t mean that I’m stopping, it might just be a little less frequent. And besides, these are really cute and fun to make, so I will now take requests for texts as well!

ODE  TO  THE  SLEUTH    :    'tis  embedded  to  your  flesh   ,   mixed  with  crimson  blood   —   your  saccharinity  which  you  are  made  of   .       despite    sirenous  tones    &    maiden’s  voice   ,   you  pride  yourself  in  saving  more  souls  than  leading  them  to  doom   .       you  are  an  atlas  of  sorts    &    a    lazarus    of  even  more   ,     dying  the  deaths    &    holding  the  lives    of  others   ,   all  on  your    struggling    shoulders   .       (     but  you  do  not  leave  your  position   .     )       you  are  known  as  many  things   ,   but  one  name  sticks  from  the  rest    :    you  are  the  amateur  sleuth  we  all  know    &    adore   ,    NANCY  DREW    !

I haven’t drawn digitally in sooo long so this was my first one in a while…but whatever it was fun :D

Levi Ackerman snapchatting haha. This was inspired by the fic “Hey Lover” by @wasterella on ao3 (great fic by the way really recommend it!!) where Levi sends a pic to Hanji so she can (secretly) send it to Eren haha (but I made it on snapchat lol)

Please do not repost without credit! Thank you! :) (sidenote: I did NOT draw the background. I just googled “bed background” or something lololol)

((Closed starter for @docstigma))

The night came and went. Xaphan had pestered V for both clearance as well as a place to go for this little date. With a more upscale location picked out, and a few hours of tearing through his wardrobe, Xaphan found something suitable to wear. Throwing together a few different things, and perhaps going a bit overboard, he settled on the ensemble he was currently wearing.

He hoped it was formal enough, considering the amount of pink he was wearing. Thankfully, most of it was dull enough as not to cause a scene. Though, he so selfishly wore his favorite kitty stockings, if only because Stigma’s prior reactions made it more than worth it to wear them, even if he would draw a few stares. Over all, he was happy with his outfit, especially with his skirt and boots, they were comfortable even if they might have seemed unorthodox. But, as a centuries old demon, did he really have to care whether or not he was ‘fashionable’? He would anyway.

Now Xaphan wouldn’t say it out loud, but he was a bit nervous, nervous of rejection, nervous of so many, arguably, irrational things. This type of relationship was very new to him, it could go either way. So far it had been wonderful, and he really found himself deeply in love with Stigma. As much as the other doctor could be a bit difficult with his feelings, Xan felt that Stigma must have loved him too.

He took a deep breath, adjusted his bow tie and vest before knocking on Stigma’s door. Xaphan wanted to seem as confident as he normally was. Hopefully he could achieve that. Though, he knew, somehow, that Stigma had to be just as nervous.

“Liebling~! Sind sie bereit?“ He called in a sing song voice. The nervous fear was starting to ebb away, being replaced with raw excitement.

Xaphan was truly excited for this date.

Coach asked Andrew for a miracle, and Andrew gave us one. He made Coach come up with a number between one and five, and that’s how many points he let the other team get before he shut them out. It was probably the most badass thing I’ve ever seen.
—  The Andrew is an enchanting little shit series, episode n°2