Lady Layton has been announced!

First reaction: Where’s my son Alfendi?

Second reaction: Wait, how many children does Hershel have and who is their mother? Or has he just accumulated them as he solves mysteries? Because if we count Flora, and if we assume that Alfendi does actually have a brother that isn’t his split personality, that means he has four children. Four!

Third reaction: Hot damn, I hope we finally get to see old Hershel!

Fourth reaction: Alfendi is a canon part of the Layton universe and I will not stand for youtube comments that suggest otherwise.

Fifth reaction: Okay but seriously, if I don’t get answers about Alfendi’s past in a game where the protagonist is his sister, I’m gonna work my ass off, get employed by Level-5, and write a Mystery Room sequel all on my own.

Sixth reaction: Still, this game feels more like a Layton game than LB;MR did, which could be really, really nice.

Seventh reaction: …Goddamn, now I have to change all my headcanons about Alfendi’s upbringing to include this mysterious new sister, don’t I?


tony stark + lyrics meme: Speak Soft by As It Is.

“Can I ask you a question? When you see my reflection, do you see good intentions, where I see no progression?”



I’ve seen a handful of Ghostbusters headcanons regarding Pokemon Go, but how about just pokemon? What if Ghostbusters took place in the pokemon universe (where I guess there are both ghosts AND ghost pokemon; that’s why their work is so important and they still get to do badass ghostbusting shit)?

I tried to give each lady at least two pokemon that I think work for them.

  • Erin was given an Eevee as a little girl. It kept her company when she was feeling lonely, but most importantly, it kept her safe from the ghost of the mean old woman who lived next door. During one particularly frightening visit, with Erin clutching her Eevee and sobbing into its neck, Eeevee evolved into Umbreon and was able to chase the ghost away once and for all. The mean old woman never visited again after that. Erin also has a Noctowl who is often perched in her office or lecture hall. She talks to him, bounces ideas off of him, double checks calculations with him, and politely requests he fetch her the occasional cup of coffee.
  • So in the same way police officers have or are given pokemon like Growlithes as their partners, Patty is given a Patrat when she starts working for the MTA. They make an excellent team; no one can throw shade at subway taggers quite like he can. He eventually evolves into a Watchog, and he was with her in the tunnels when she found that prisoner ghost. Patty also has a shy little Noibat that she found all by itself in the tunnels. She pampers and babies the shit out of it, calls her Princess, and reads to her while they’re all in their booth all day. It was never one for battling, but it evolves into Noivern when Rowan-Abby throws Holtzmann out the window, doing its best to help Patty fight off Abby and save Holtzmann.
  • Holtzmann has an Alakazam with whom she one-sided conversations. Like it really seems like she’s just one half of a full conversation, the other half of which the rest of the ladies can’t hear. She also has a little teeny tiny Joltik that lives in her hair. Both of them help Holtzmann with her inventions, lifting and assembling them with psychic moves and binding and powering them with the electric webs. Her fancy gun-whips are even partly inspired by Joltik’s webbing! Sometimes Joltik is just sitting on her head and it freaks Erin out; turns out she’s a little afraid of spiders, especially really tiny yellow ones that blend in to SO MANY THINGS. At some point Holtzmann finds a Rotom haunting one of her machines and decides that it can stay and help out.
  • Abby accidentally adopted a Clefairy when she was little. She’d gone outside at night, looking for ghosts, and the Clefairy ended up following her. Abby tried to shush her away, but it seemed determined to follow her. Eventually Abby conceded and shared the s’mores she’d brought with her. They’ve been together ever since. She’s a Clefable now and makes amazing s’mores. Abby also has a Yamask that she had hunted thinking it was a real ghost. It was just crying and bumping into stuff in her school’s basement. She acts like she’s exasperated with it’s cowardice, but she’ll cheer louder than anyone whenever it’s in a battle.

Anyway. Gotta lotta feelings about ghostbusting pokemon.


pokemon selfies !!

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People totally target you as Mercy. She heals really well and can resurrect the entire team. She's a real threat and can turn the tide of an entire match if she rezes right (speaking as someone that as revived the entire team after they all died on the point in overtime, she can make a huge difference). I had a Reinhardt pinning me every chance he got in one of my placement matches just to keep me from healing the rest of the team. It's hard to heal when you're dead.

[Weiss] It’s a tough world out there, but us Mercy players will get through it…somehow, because we don’t have much of a choice. (Urgh and the satisfaction of ressing the entire team though, you know exactly what I’m talking about, anon). Reinhardts are tricky, definitely, and I’ve also had plenty of games where Tracers and D.Vas have personally hunted me down time and time again.

I think the worst part is being in spawn or running to the where the rest of my team is, only to have certain people on my team calling for healing or asking in coloured terms where I am. Like…? If they don’t protect me, there’s no way I can do my job as a healer xD Now, I’m not saying you all out there are ditching the healer in terms of defending yourself (I know Noire is doing her absolute best at defending me whenever I have people on my tail, but a Tracer or Genji can only do so much), but the majority tends to only focus on themselves.

I’ll just stop there before I go on a long and salty rant. Point is: Mercy is no magical character that can heal no matter where she is on the map. And like all support, she’s squishy and needs to be protected in order to do her job ouo

And for the love of god, don’t tell me not to die like I’m some magical, immortal pixie or something >>

I know ppl are concerned about what’s gonna happen in da4 but honestly I’ll take any ridiculous storyline just give me height and weight sliders I want to be a tiny, chubby qunari pls bioware I’m begging

Look I don’t think that Hillary Clinton is going to swoop in and save us all from anything, but I am really enjoying sitting here thinking about the Geraldine Ferraro button stuck to the visor of my mom’s red Hyundai, thinking about Shirley goddamn Chisholm, feeling like the world has changed in a small way today, and thinking about my scrappy baby nieces living in a world where a woman can be president.