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THIS IS SO CUTE OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phantom of Ash - Chapter 1

Summary: When the detonator went off in Leia’s face, it was as if Han could feel the universe shifting and realigning itself. When he knelt over her bloody and half-broken body, breath rasping in her lungs and heartbeat weak, he thought No, this isn’t right. But then, the Force works in mysterious ways. And sometimes–sometimes it takes something breaking for something else to be healed.

You can also read the chapter in full on and AO3 (All story and chapter notes/warnings are available on either site)

Chapter 1: sweet taste of summer blood

“The wind blows out, the bubble dies;
The spring entombed in autumn lies;
The dew dries up, the star is shot;
The flight is past: and man forgot.”
~Sic Vita, by Francis Quarles

The tranquil summer afternoon drifted in through the large, arched windows lining the front of the rotund lobby. Sunbeams danced across the tile floors, pregnant with the drifting haze of fine dust and failing heat, lending the spacious entryway a warm, comfortable sense of peace. The bronze letters mounted upon the far wall, opposite the double sliding entrance doors, burned a quiet, gleaming copper, as if a hidden fire lurked within the words. Alsarchan emblemeth, they read. Healing for all.

The double doors slid open, admitting a cloud of heat and a swirl of choking dust—and with that, the quiet peace of the summer’s afternoon was shattered.

“Hold!” The command was sharp, urgent, the words muffled by the heavy air outside but carrying no less crisp authority. “Zanis, Evaan—“

Two people sprinted in through the opening doors, dust-covered boots thudding on the tiles. The man in the lead didn’t slow, and within seconds he had disappeared into the arched hallway on the far side of the lobby, voice raised in an echoing shout. The second runner, a woman with honey-gold hair, slid to a halt a few paces inside the door, amber eyes flashing as she surveyed the room in a broad sweep.

“Clear,” she shouted, turning back toward the door, holstering the blaster that had been resting unobtrusively in her right hand.

“Get her in. Go!”

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(Im sorry to say but the giveaway prizes may take longer than expected to be given out because my computer is forever busted. That also means this blog may be on hiatus now for an unknown about of time,whichiguesseveryoneisusetonowcries, until i get a new computer or something. Im really sorry unu)


“I want to care about you.”

It’s said so… simply. Those first six words. It’s said like anything else. A recommendation of a TV show, a comment on phone service. But it was neither of those things. It was something so true, but said in a way that it was like it wanted to be brushed off.

It was the next words he said that made it sound more like a heart to heart statement. Words that on their own wouldn’t mean much, but after his previous words, they really did have meaning, even though he spoke them much quieter than the first words. He even looked down before saying them.

“But I can’t.

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Sachi senpai~ can you pleeeaaassee write a domestic!aoki drabble where aominecchi do something stupid with their daughter/son and said "don't tell your dad about this"?? It's okay if you don't wanna do it tho. Thankyou! 🙈

(Ah, thank you for your patience! I know this response in coming a bit late. Idr when this showed up in my ask. I was trying to remember how to word. lol. But thanks for the prompt. I’ve got a bit of a different idea for it though, so I hope this works out to your liking anyway. 

The child in this is based off of limitlessmonster‘s child character in the her fic Only a Glimpse (which everyone should read because domestic aokise). And as always, I dedicate all aokise I write to her because she’s the inspiration for all the aokise that I happen to churn out.)

“What’re you looking for, Papa?”

Aomine spares Sachi a glance and continues to search her room. His grip tightens on the magazine in his hand, convinced that Sachi’s room is the last place Kise would think to look for something like this. 

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‘We are the Chibi Gems.
We’ll be cute every day.
And if you think we can’t,
We’ll be cute anyway.’

Ok I was honestly really nervous about posting this and excited at the same time. I have never really been good at drawing anything humanoid but I am really trying and this is all I have so far…hope you all like it, I worked hard… Also I had to make the background a color otherwise Pearl would have been invisible

I got one kiss meme request and I finally got to draw it (planning what to do in the comic and almost peeing myself in fear over Cosplay getting done so I took a break and did this XD ). After already getting these two together… I thought ‘maybe they meant for Anakin to be kissing Banes neck :I’ but uh… Hope this works too!!
This is for officialcadbane so I hope you like it ;u;!! More of Anakins chest was exposed until I reffed it and discovered he has like 4 layers of clothes DEAR LORD. Hope it looks like he’s pulling Banes shirt out of his pants XD
Banes butt made a cameo so I’m happy XD

Really enjoyed this but now I wanna draw more pairings UGH. They’re probably all gonna involve Bane … Lol XD

Okay so the plan I have for my hair is to cover root growth with semi-permanent dye until the growth is at an acceptable (as determined by me) length, then chop off all the dyed hair and wash out all the semi-permanent. This is gonna take a while, but I’m excited! First application of Ion semi-permanent black dye currently processing, about to be rinsed. I’ve never used semi-permanent before, so I hope this works how I want it to.

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I just wanted to say thank you so much for what y'all are doing. I've gotten binders from Underworks before, and while they fit they weren't perfect. It's so exciting that there are people making custom binders. I used to be really self conscious that people would be able to see my binder. With your fun patterns, I don't even care anymore! Thank you so much for all your hard work, and I hope your break is enjoyable. Goodness knows you've earned it.

!! Ahhhh, thank you so much! It is messages like this that make me really happy to be doing this, and we are only gonna work harder to get better from here on out.

Our break was fantastic, and we’re really glad to be re-energized to get back into it!

This is about as clean & organized as I get! I spent most of the weekend changing up my desk set up & organizing all my stationery/planner supplies, so I’m excited to see if this new setup works! I love the #raskog cart so I hope keeping all my pens, planner, & page flags there works! Fun things to note: I only made the end part of my bed since it was the only part you could see (the rest of it is a mess of pillows, blankets, & clothes), my washi tape scraps storage system on the side of my shelves, the super high pile of boxes that threatens to topple over any day now, & the star wars nutcracker on my desk. Now that I’m all organized, I will be back to journaling, planning, & sending out snail mail! Stay tuned 😃 #planner #planneraddict #plannerlove #hoarderproblems #hoarder #ikea #organized #stationery #kawaii #starwars #onespot #targetonespot #rilakkuma #hobonichi #containerstore #desk #workspace #mydesk

baseball au

this au was inspired by the lovely astroglam. here’s the link to the original prompt x there are a lot of pairings in here so see if you can catch ‘em. i’m sorry in advance for my verb tense, and i made welton be in boston so this could work. hope you enjoy x


“God.” Charlie spoke aloud. If he got anymore bored he was going to bang his head against the wall.

“What’s wrong with you?” Neil asked as he came into the common room where the rest of the boys were gathered.

“What is the point of long weekends at a boarding school? None of us can go out. What do they expect us to do for 4 days?” Charlie responded with an angry expression.

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You are such an absolute sweetie. Like, I don't think I have ever seen a post of yours where you even partially insult or are mean to someone. You are so absolutely nice and cute and I hope this gives you energy so your not too tired at work. Bye! <3

thank u noodle i hope it does too oh gosh i will jsut have to make coffee