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Hey again, and sorry for the long absence! There was nothing special about it, I’m alive and well - just had a few busy months at my job, shipping some projects and consequently working lots of overtime with little free time for the fun stuff like this game. But that’s dealt with for now, and I’m back to fiddling with this project.

First let’s get the boring stuff out of the way. I moved to Unity 5, yay. Nothing too interesting about that, especially since I’m using Jove (so we already had PBR, neat lights, neat shadows and other shiny goodies for a long time).

Now to something interesting. Environments: how do they work?

As I got back some free time, I started working on a new environment, and as the work progressed on the lovely stairs, railings and pipes, I started questioning the content creation process and scene structure I have adopted a year ago. Lets consider the following environment (as usual, all images are clickable and link to the original sizes).

Before, I would jump ahead and export the whole floor of that structure as a single mesh. But there are some problems with that.

  • Occlusion culling has nothing to work with. No matter how you spin your head around, the engine will be forced to submit entire enormous mesh to the GPU every frame, even if all you’re looking at is a tiny section of an outermost railing of an outermost platform. Not very nice for performance, especially when dozens of floors like those can be in a frame at once.

  • Art updates are pain in the ass. Want to change the design of 1m catwalk segment used across 23 environments? Pray you have them all in one file with all instancing links intact and if you somehow actually do, have fun reexporting 23 enormous meshes from scratch.

  • Lightmapping is horrifying. Good luck getting decent texel density on that chunk when it contains hundreds of square meters and thousands of isolated elements which have to be padded. And speaking of which, you’ll have to recalculate the lighting after you made that tiny change to one catwalk section because duh, all lightmapping UVs assumed a different layout now.

Primarily I’m worried about art changes being pain in the ass, of course. Because let’s be clear here: this is shovelware where I make my fun doing environment art and pretend to touch some code once a year, so any art-related inconveniences really bum me out.

If only I had a way to export individual modular pieces I use in the 3d pacakage, assemble levels from them, and have every environment automatically updated to the newest versions of those pieces every time I export a new version of them. That will solve lightmaps being stretched over enormous objects and occlusion culling being forced to work with enormous chunks. Except wait a minute, that’s already a thing in Unity, and it’s called prefabs.

Nice, now I can change the shape of some railing or a platform and have every instance of them already placed in the scenes perfectly updated. Except in contrast with SketchUp, where you have godlike alignment, movement and rotation tools allowing you to set up perfectly snapped scenes like one depicted above literally in minutes, in Unity you have nothing but few dinky gizmos and a grid. Have fun assembling that scene with hundreds of off-grid attachments and various chained rotations in the Unity Editor.

Okay, that’s not very fun, and fun is of essence here - otherwise what’s the point of working on a game, right? So, if I want to enjoy the niceties of prefab use, I need to do one of the following:

  • Figure out a way to save scenes from SketchUp: should definitely be possible by writing a SketchUp plugin with will serialize positions/rotations/scales/ids of components into a file and a Unity tool which will use that file to instantiate stuff in the scene. Except I’m too lazy to learn Ruby and SketchUP API to write something like that.

  • Figure out a way to replicate the tools I use in SketchUp in Unity. Sounds harder, but hey, I can probably avoid learning something new that way, so let’s definitely choose that.

Replicating whole toolset and inferencing system from SketchUp sounds like a year-long project, of course, so first I thought about actual intent of my actions there and the tools I used most frequently to accomplish my goals. What was my intention? To snap stuff together, of course.

And it just so happens that there exists a perfect inspiration for a system to snap stuff together. It’s the craft editor in Kerbal Space Program.

You have parts, parts are objects with nodes, nodes snap together, dragging object rotation and position into a very specific place. How about implementing something like that for level editing? Define attachment nodes once per object type, save the object to prefab, reuse the nodes forever for automatic perfect attachments. Once you drop more complex and irrelevant parts of KSP editor attachment system, like pointer-attached hovering pieces or surface attachment, the spec for your system ends up pretty simple. And so I implemented something like that:

The attachment is performed after four simple clicks. First click selects the attached object (one which will be moved into place), available nodes on that object light up; second click selects the node which will be used for attachment; third click selects the parent object, available nodes on that object light up; and finally, fourth click selects the parent node used for attachment. Works nicely. Except the instant nature of attachment is pretty disorienting - you can’t exactly wrap your head about the movement and rotation of objects, and frequently make mistakes because of that, misjudging the sides that have to be attached and such. I’m still unwilling to implement KSP-like pointer-attached pieces hovering around, so let’s try another route: animating every change.

Implementing simple in-editor tweening system every change is submitted to instantly makes things more readable and satisfying. But we’re only starting, of course. For once, those standard spheres look boring, we should outdo KSP by using something nicer.

As an added bonus, those peeled spheres visualize the rotations of the nodes, which is very useful for checking whether they are configured correctly. Let’s also implement attachment node types, so that it’s impossible to attach together pieces that should not go together, like a 3m pipe cross section and a ladder, and add neat labels on top of every node showing you their types:

Okay, some basic use cases covered. Except it’s still impossible to assemble the environment from SketchUp screenshots in the beginning of the post. Why? Because of those pesky chained attachments using diagonal pieces, which make it impossible to close the loops without case-specific unique segments of weird lengths like 1.279133m. How do we solve that?

By implementing stretchy pieces, of course. The concept is pretty simple - those are supporting segments that have no turns, only have nodes on borders on one axis, and stretch themselves on that axis to meet the selected parent object. If the arrival position of the endpoint node matches the node of a parent object, the attachment is performed straight away - if not, then you have to do some alignment on another axis using another stretchy piece. Works quite easily once you get the hang of using them. Let’s also implement a way to quickly swap the attachment point:

We also have a problem with pieces like stairs. One-sided platforms can be flipped around to accomodate any direction, but pieces like wall-mounted stair segments will always go up or down relative to a wall. So let’s solve that too.

Yes, fancy lights and neat arrow models are mandatory, I don’t want those scrub tier default gizmos offered by the editor. :^) Now, what about pieces like pipes which should have an option to rotate around the attachment point to allow spaghetti-like mess from the first screenshots? Let’s implement that too.

Let’s also add a way to quickly clone the selected piece (nope, standard duplication isn’t suitable, as we want to reliably modify the state of our custom component every time we do duplication like that):

Okay, I also did that because I wanted a nice animation on pasting. Don’t judge.

So, with that covered, what do I have left? Evidently I do have some stuff left to implement, because the post is missing some in-Unity screenshots of that fancy environment from the beginning. Let’s see:

First of all, I need a way to group multiple modular objects into prefabs. For example, to create a floor out of 20 pieces or a neat reusable tangle of pipes out of 15 pipe pieces. It just so happens that Unity has absolutely no support for nested prefabs, so if I would save anything like that into a prefab, I would lose prefabs linked to individual pieces and would lose a way to reliably update them. Anyway, long story short, I’m almost done with that - I’ve implemented a simple imitation of nested prefabs that works fine enough for the specific case of saving and instantiating a group of modular objects. It can be saved into a prefab but it keeps the child modular objects as prefabs too, which is neat.

Some additions left with that, but overall it works. I hope it will be easy to adapt the resulting chunks to work with the procedural level system I have outlined in the previous posts.

Another problem I have to tackle is recursive operations. It’s not an immediately obvious thing, but I’d like to be able to do stuff like rotation or detachment of pieces in the middle of a long connection chains, which every subsequent attachment being rotated or shifted in sync with their neighbours. This is hard to implement, but should be possible, and will make it easier for me to iterate through multiple designs quickly.

That’s it for this post, I guess. Future is looking bright.


thequeenzenobia's Resident Evil 31 Day gif/edit/art work challenge

Day 29 → Favorite Mod

Ada Wong RE2 Outfit (by packman - video with link to download)

About Colin’s favorite scene to shoot: the cs scene at the top of the beanstalk when Killian has to tie the scarf around Emma’s hand. He said that it was scripted that he had to do it but it didn’t say how and he had the hook for one hand and a bottle of rum on the other hand so when they were shooting the scene he just decided to use his teeth and he finished his answer saying: “I guess people liked!”

It Can’t Be For Nothing Lithograph

Victo Ngai

I have had the great pleasure and honor to work with Naughty Dog and SONY on the latest Last of Us poster. The Last of Us really distinguished itself from other similar games with it’s dimensional characters and heart-warming/wrenching story. One of the moments which really stayed with me was the giraffe scene, which is the inspiration for this piece.

It Can’t Be For Nothing Lithograph 

“So this is everything you hoped for?”
“It’s got its ups and downs…but you can’t deny the view though.”

  • Embossed fur texture adds depth to the print
  • Limited Edition of 300
  • Signed by Artist
  • Individually Numbered
  • 18 x 24”
  • Print on 100lb. paper

The pre-sale is happening right now, get it here

Big thanks to AD Jon Schindehette!!


Transparent Akira & Suzuya in uniform!

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anonymous asked:

I am trying to plan out an erotic fanfic that includes a main character who has been proclaimed as ace by one of the primary writers for the series they're from. I don't want to misrepresent their asexuality, and so was wondering if you or other users had advice or suggestions on how to best go about doing this without treading on too many toes.

Behold the mother load of Ace character writing tips:

Writing Demisexual Character (Without Invalidating Asexuality)

Stereotypes to Avoid When Writing Asexual Characters

Character Development Questions

Words and Concepts Used in Asexual Communities

Why So Many Stories About Asexuality Hurt Asexual People

How To Show That A Character Is Asexual

Negative Responses Asexual Characters May Get When Coming Out

Plot Ideas

Potential Sources of Conflict For Asexual Characters

Sex Scenes With Asexual Characters

Stereotypes to Avoid

Lithromantic/Akoiromantic Story Prompts

Relationships I Want To See More of in Fiction

Issues When Writing an Ace Character

i love seeing people pissing about the baiting and saying they arent giving enough attention to the other “canon” ships. bro we just had an entire season of stalia make out scenes and and scira scenes. mind you i love scira. and seaon 5 looks to have plenty more, i think those ships have had enough attention lol let i us enjoy our stydia flashback posts okay?

 i mean people up in arms about them posting a picture of hollands and dylans chairs, saying “oh my god can they stop being so disrespectful? stop shoving stydia down everyone’s throat!” like chill

 and what got me especially pissed was how mad people got over the stydia video mtv posted. but everyone conveniently ignores the fact that they also posted a sciles video and a scottxmelissa video

 scott, stiles and lydia are the only original ones left. they have been there for all 4 seasons so has Melissa, malia and kira have not. this doesnt mean that kira and malia are any less of characters but they just havent had the journey that scott, stiles, lydia and melissa have had. teen wolf wanted to make a tribute to the characters that have been here since day one, and show their journey. whether or not you think stiles and lydia should be romantic interests, they have been through a ton of shit together and deserve a video dedicated to their journey. just like stiles and scott deserve one and Melissa and scott deserve one. lol sorry that stiles and malia dont get a video dedicated to their 1 season journey.

every one is saying that the video was made and posted by some imature fan girl running the pages. This person might ship stydia but if this is really not what teen wolf wanted wouldnt they tell her to stop posting it everywhere? wouldnt she lose her job?

all these people salty about the stydia baiting lmao i dont mind at all, keep baiting me. 

post breakup depression//
for freddie-roadkill

Perhaps it was childish of him, but Hnikarr had gone to the art room and made something for Fredde. He would’ve drawn something, but he was scared it would make the other feel bad (and it would’ve been pretty useless for a while), so he’d created a textured work instead of the view from the roof. The teenager had been careful to use colors appropriate to the scene as it appeared at sunset, so that - whenever his roommate got his sight back - it wouldn’t just be an ugly piece of shit to be thrown away. “I made you somethi–!” Hnikarr sounded awfully excited at fist, but he set his project aside at the sight he was met with. “Freddie?” He hesitantly stepped closer, then sat next to him. A hand moved to the other’s back, rubbing it gently in hopes of somehow comforting him.

Oh, Mavis

A little warm-up based on this photoset that I’ve seen going around today<3

“Hey, do you and Natsu kiss?”

“Excuse me?” Lucy shrilled, wondering when children had become so bold. 

The little girl’s question caught her babysitters off-guard, and Lucy could feel her cheeks begin to warm until it felt as though Natsu had accidentally caught her hair on fire again. 

The blonde had to run a hand through her pigtails, just to be safe. 

Asuka took in the teenagers’ startled expressions, and seemed upset that they didn’t answer her question. Determined, she set her feet apart and raised a finger to point at the startled Fire Mage. 

“Natsu, this is an order. Kiss!” 

Happy was beside himself with laughter, near tears as he exclaimed, “Asuka, you’re the best!” 

Lucy leaned away from the little girl, feeling flustered and wondering why the hell Natsu seemed so… okay with the situation. 

As she got to her feet, she nearly had a stroke when she felt Natsu come up behind her, shrugging as he said, “Well, it’s not like it’s the end of the world.” 

The blonde felt her eye twitch. Rolling her shoulders back, she turned to her partner as offered a sickly sweet, “That’s true,” before stomping her foot and exclaiming, “except that’s not the issue!” 

Her words didn’t seem to have any lasting effect on the boy, however, and Lucy felt her cheeks flush once again as he only stepped closer. 

“H-hey, Natsu,” she stammered, feeling herself become even more flustered. “You’re not really thinking…” She trailed off, not able to form the words as he stepped closer still. 

Lucy gulped, Dear Mavis

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I’ve had this scene in my head for a while, and since I’m currently taking a short break with The Family Party to write some more script, I drew it.

This probably takes place not so long after Hades moved down to the Underworld. We all know that he is a bit of a workaholic and I imagine that he really wanted to prove himself useful to Nyx and the other Underworld gods in the beginning (plus that there really was a lot to do since things weren’t so organized before he arrived).

(A-gnosis couldn’t just do some simple doodling. Oh no, she HAD to do a whole two page comic and color it most pretentiously as well.)

So, now that there is an official film date for The Happys, I can come clean with what I’ve been up to lately.  There were a number of perks that didn’t appeal to me, but I wanted to contribute–I couldn’t be an extra, I hate having my photo taken so having it immortalised in a film would have been horrific, and then one night I had this brainwave…I wonder if John and Tom would consider letting me knit a shawl for them to put on an actress in one of the scenes of the film.  I contacted them and they said YES!  They didn’t see Melissa’s character as shawl wearing but thought it could be used in either set dressing or one of the other characters.  So, they looked through my projects on Ravelry, found a colour they liked, and my favourite dyer Morwenna of mosaicmoonyarns​  created for me a gorgeous lilac gradient. They then chose a pattern and I made three shawls for them to choose from.  They chose the bottom one of the three in the pic, and so now my knitting will be in a movie and mosaicmoonyarns will feature in the credits.  I’m so excited! And when filming is over, they will give the shawl to either Melissa or the actress who wore it.  That’s my little slice of happy that has kept me going the last few months!

Is it just me, or...

was Season 5 boring as fuck?

Man, I felt all this hype from the actors and such and it ended up being very blah and not much happened and a whole lot of shite that didn’t need to happen purely for shock value *cough*Sansa’s fucked up arc*cough* and never forgiving their arses for burning sweet Shireen.

It just felt like the whole season dragged on with no real progression in the story. Much of the season could have been done in a few episodes but then we had pointless shit no one cared about used as a shite load of filler.

So, I’m wondering if this season blowed because they’re expecting Winds of Winter to be released and not spoil anything coming from the book? Hence, taking some routes that are very off from the books. Still think they could have kept Sansa and Petyr in the Vale with some great banter scenes and let Sophie and Aidan play off each other while effectively creeping everyone out. Myranda would have been welcome comic relief in a way especially her talking about Petyr. God, all those wasted good scenes Sophie could have had without getting raped. THANKS D&D, YOU FUCKERS!

On that note, there was a lot of build up for Baelish about some things coming and it never did. Okay, so he’s been made Warden, sells out both the Tyrells and Lannisters to each other and then just disappears? WTF?

Sansa is tortured and doesn’t get any revenge that was pushed so hard early on. Now, suddenly Theon wants to escape and help her? The scene with Brienne and Stannis was dull after all this time and build up.
Cersei’s walk dragged on way too long and I won’t even start with Dany and Tyrion. The Gameboy beige as fuck CGI. I was laughing when I shouldn’t have been because it was so distracting. I don’t want to even talk about the the POINTLESS AND LAUGHABLY STUPID Dorne arc. Sand Snakes were fucking embarrassing. Jon was Jon and his death was predictable and not shocking. The White Walkers were great along with Olenna and Petyr scene chewing. That’s about it.

I used to like Tyrion but I wanted him to STFU this season. God.

Seriously, next season better have some really good Baelish going on or I’m done. He, Sansa (with Petyr because they should stay together, they’re more interesting together) and Varys are all I really care about now.


I opened my eyes opened in a flash when I realized I wasn’t in my own house, I looked at my surroundings as I remembered the events of last night. Andy and I had had “some fun” Andy and I had been together for a while now, ever since that one day when andy stumbled on set of a movie I was staring in and interrupted a make-out scene in an ally.Our whole relationship was perfect except for the parent factor. Andys parents loved me, but my parents were still haveing trouble accepting the fact that I was an actress and not going to college, let alone the fact that I was dating a so-called dangerous rock star. Actually when they first met andy the kicked us out of their house, they blamed andy for the fact that I had gotten piercings and tattoos. Now there may be one tattoo dedicated to andy but he had the same for me.We truly loved each other and it hurt me that my mom hated him and our relationship. andy stirred and opened his pale blue eyes that shone in the afternoon light. “hey babe, last night was fun” Andy stated then chuckled. “yeah it was” I said and rubbed my neck. “what’s wrong” andy said and rubbed my hands. I took Andys hand in mine and  traced the tattoos “ I was thinking about my mom”  looked down sadly “you know what I love you and your mom needs to get the fuck off her high horse and accept us because we are together, and if you want to change your look with tattoos and piercing I think it only adds to your beauty.” I smiled and kissed Andy lightly. then my phone rang i laughed dryly. “speak of the devil and doth shall appear”. I and picked up my phone “hi mom” and rolled his eyes “be strong babe” he whispered. for the next 5 minutes my mom continued to talk my ear off asking me “are you still with him?’ ‘why?’ ‘what does he give you’ ‘i bet he doesn’t even respect you’ ‘ he made you change’ ‘he is the reason you don’t have an education’. I felt tears prick my eyes as I looked over at Andy. I leaned over to him and put my head on his chest. he pulled me into his lap and kissed my head rubbing my back. He looked angry. he quickly grabbed my phone and brought it to his ear. “you know what if you cant accept out relationship then stay the hell out of our lives, we are very happy and (y/n) is the love of my life and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. she is amazing in every way possible. AND personally I think that her tattoos and piercings represent her and what she stands for it enhances her beauty. so fuck off.” and with that he hung up. I stared at him slack-jawed “ did you really mean all that” I smiled “of course and now I want to find ALL of your tattoos.” I squeaked as andy kissed me passionately he slid his tongue along my bottom lip but I denied. He slid a hand up my outer thigh and as he got higher he went to my inner thigh. I moaned and he took that moment to explore my mouth with his tongue I wrapped my arms around his neck and he deepened the kiss as he slid my shirt and bra up and over my head. he looked at me and tugged at the hem of his shirt begging slightly. “say it” he whispered him my ear them started sucking on my neck making his way down to my breasts and leaving butterfly kisses down to my stomach then started on my waistband  but before he could I unbuttoned his pants. Suddenly Ashley walked in and completely killed the moment “oh-oh my godI am” he started then laughed and soon cc appeared next to him I grabbed my shirt and pulled it on glaring at them andy threw his shoe at the door “GO AWAY” “fucking cock block” I muttered as I clipped my bra back on. andy kissed me then went to go lecture Ashley and CC. I just smiled to myself and shook my head.

1000-alshain asked:

Star Wars questions - The more I think about it, the more I think that Leia and Han hooked up a lot before ESB and she didn't care that he was supposed to leave because she's pretty sure they're all going to die anyway so what's the point? And then he tells her that he loves her and she almost gets killed by a bounty hunter after him and everything goes to hell for a while because she refuses to admit she has feelings too. She's called him scoundrel a lot before that kiss in the asteroid and 1/2

(2/2) it’s like a safe word almost because she’s used it when she’s let her guard down around him. Idk it is late and this is a terrible ask but I WANT TO KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS?

Right this is excellent and kinda ties into my pre-ESB monster fic with The Graveyard and Ord Mantell and also pulls a bit from a fic I read the other day that had an amazing scene where they got so close but Leia being Leia kinda lost it due to not being in control or being able to see an outcome and pulled back. AND YOU KNOW I’M ALWAYS DOWN FOR THOSE TWO NERDS GETTING MORE ACTION. SO YEAH LET ME SHARE SOME IDEAS.

So, here are my jumbled unedited thoughts that I definitely want to hear other people’s onions on-

- Leia insisted on accompanying Han to The Graveyard, because it’s Alderaan damnit and she wanted to be the one to retrieve her father’s Holocron. Han was not a fan of this idea, but eventually conceded as long as everyone involved kept it from Leia that he was commanding the mission lest she get the wrong idea. But after the graveyard she absolutely finds out- another Renegade member lets something slip and she storms into his cabin demanding to be told the full story, which involved Han downplaying his role, insisting that it’s not a commission with the RA, and he’s still leaving, but Leia can’t believe he’s even committed this much and she’s still overcome with emotion from seeing her father in the holocron and they absolutely end up kissing.

- Then in the tension of limping to Ord Mantell after the battle in the graveyard its like pre-Bespin but not as long (4-5 days), which gives them time to both overthink their relationship until one night after a few rounds of whisky (because I’m sorry I love the idea of tipsy Leia being really sensuous and flirty and bold) Leia leans into him and kisses his neck in a kind of shy but inviting way (AND OH MY GOD SHE WHISPERS SCOUNDREL IN HIS EAR AND HE NEARLY LOSES IT), and they end up making out and taking it back to Han’s cabin, but she pulls back and drifts off as they hold each other.

- So the unspoken agreement suddenly is that Leia shares his bunk, because absolutely she’s like we nearly got killed on Yavin, we nearly got killed in the godsdamn Graveyard, who knows that we won’t be killed on Ord Mantell? So better make the most of our time and of course Han has no objections he’s been hearteyes about her since they pulled her off the Death Star…but I’m still sticking with they don’t actually cross the final line here, that definitely is post-Hoth, pre-Bespin. But lots of whispers in the dark, cold hands on hot skin, *wiggles eyebrows*

- And once they arrive on Ord Mantell Han is pre-occupied with trying to fix the Falcon as well as make sure that his squadron are all organised to fix their ships, and Leia becomes their runner because Ord Mantell is not the nicest place and 90% of the Renegades have a price on their head, so she has to disguise herself and go into town for parts and supplies which makes Han really nervous which means he get overly protective which then shows itself when they’re alone… he holds her close and in the dark they whisper things they’re afraid to say in the light of day, afraid to hope for. And a few nights in Han whispers in her hair, “I love you” and its muffled so Leia doesn’t quite hear him properly and makes him repeat it, and she blushes and her eyes tear up because let’s be honest she’s been tearing herself apart and thinking she’s too lost, too broken, and no-one would ever bother to see through that but he did and she pulls him closer and kisses him.

- For the bounty hunter bit, Han manages to fight off IG-88 one day with the help of the renegades whilst Leia is running errands, and he doesn’t think she really needs to know what- or why- the bounty hunter was there but it makes him nervous because what if they make a grab at her to get to him? So he starts pulling back on sending her to get parts and starts joining her on the rare occasions she goes into town, not only to keep on eye on her but also see exactly how much attention his little group is attracting. And one day he decides they need to relax, spend some time together outside of his bunk, and so he takes her into a little tapcafe and buys her lunch and is his usual deprecating self when out of the corner of his eye he sees a masked, robed figure enter the cafe. He’s staring at the stranger, who is watching Leia at the counter ordering a drink, and feels his breath shorten because this is it they’re going to grab her she’s going to suffer even more because of me and before he can pull his blaster the stranger - a bounty hunter- has wrapped its arm around Leia’s neck and shoved a blaster in her side. People are diving under tables but all Han can see is the resolve in Leia’s eyes, like she’s resigned to her death in whatever form it comes, but he tells himself, tells her, that today is not the day. The bounty hunter demands Han drop his blaster and come peacefully, lest “this sweet thing” be harmed. Han is still watching Leia’s eyes, and realises her plan as she shifts her weight. His eyes widen with fear because there’s no way she can push the blaster away without being shot but she’s going to go for it, risk herself for him. “Solo!” the bounty hunter shouts again as Leia suddenly turns under the arm holding her neck, distracting Skarr (the bounty hunter) for the split second Han needs to pull his blaster. Skarr is grappling with Leia and before she can break away the blaster is fired into her side. She drops to the floor as Han kills Skarr and races over to Leia, who is wounded and gasping in pain but lucky as the blaster was on its lowest setting.

- Han carries her back to the Falcon where Chewie is wrapping up the last of the repairs and has just received an encoded message that Han is to rendezvous with the fleet near the Anoat System (yes, on the way to Hoth) but his main concern is getting Leia stabilised and to a Rebel medcentre as soon as possible. When she comes around after the first round of pain killers she’s angry and upset that Han didn’t warn her of the danger, more worried about him than herself. “I told you there was a bounty on my head, sweetheart” but she just won’t accept that he is keeping things from her. She can’t open herself to him if he won’t share everything with her, and they break back into their fighting habits from exhaustion and stress. Then when Han leaves her in the care of the Rebels and leaves with barely an explanation (”I’ll be back, Princess” is essentially all she gets, she has to gather the rest from High Command and Luke) because he needs to earn back her reward money to pay Jabba and that’s not going to happen running supplies for the Rebels. So he disappears for a few months (like 8 weeks tops) as the Rebels construct the new base on Hoth. Leia starts off heartbroken and melancholy but in her usual pattern shoves it aside and paves over it with her misguided sense of ‘duty’. 

- Hence why when he returns (slyly, like a pup slinking back) they fall back into bickering because Han wants her back and can’t really believe he did what he did, it felt like the right thing but whilst away realised it was the worst thing, and she’s hurt and lashes out because of it. So when she calls him a scoundrel in the circuitry bay it slips out as her mind thinks back to their time together before Hoth, her cheeks flush at the memory and Han finally has the courage to try and rekindle their fire.  



Snowbarry Week

Day 1 - Moment I started to ship them / Why I ship them - “Actually, Dr. Wells, I could use Caitlin’s help, identifying the poisonous gas.”

They barely knew each other at that moment, but Barry immediately seems to understand what Caitlin is going through. And she seems so relieved and grateful when she realise, she doesn’t have to go into the particle accelerator. And the way they look at each other in that scene … I couldn’t resist, the ship had already sailed ! And I don’t regret it ;)

s01e03 - Things You Can’t Outrun

About what Taylor did regarding Apple and new artists.

So, I’d like to offer my perspective about this as a “not famous” artist.
For a year or so, I was a back up singer for a symphonic metal band from Argentina named “Dominus Inferi”, which was well known in that scene here.
The band had existed for about 7 years before I joined. All the members were great people, really passionate about music. We all wished we could have lived off of music, but we all needed other jobs to support us.

Being a musician costs a lot of money, at least here in my country. We spent money on lessons, buying instruments, renting a rehearsal space, renting equipment sometims to play shows…and even paying TO PLAY SHOWS. You read that right, instead of getting payed to play, 90% of the time we played for free “to get exposure” (which was never free because every show costs money in transportation, equipment, etc), or we were even asked to pay, sometimes quite a bit of money, to be the opening act for some other well known foreing band. Because of the publicity it was supposed to give us.

Do you know what helped us foot those bills? Royalties from the songs the band had written. We’d get payed every time we played the songs, and used that money to cover our expenses (or part of them as it usually wasn’t enough).

After so many years of this, the band finally decided to call it quits. This was something we were all passionate about, but it became unsustainable in the long run. We all went back to our day jobs. I still take singing lessons and sing whenever/wherever I can, but I can’t make a living out of it (not yet anyway).

These 3 months of payment that Taylor was able to get back for the artists who share their music on the new apple platform might be what helps a band go on making music. We certainly could have used something like that back in the day.

Music DOES have value, especially when you are trying to make it, when you’re not famous or rich. It costs money to make the music that you love to listen to. Money that many times comes from the artist’s own pockets. Please don’t take it for granted.


Title: St. Aulë’s Fire (Spring, Summer and Autumn)
Artist: Gremlinloquacious
Story: St. Aulë’s Fire - find it here on A03  
Author: marmalade_girl & q_sama (Angela & lisafer)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Recreational drug use / Alcohol
Description:  I had so much fun with these pics, despite having a bit of trouble with how colour works and also how to draw kisses. Kisses are hard to draw like, goddamn. 
you can probably tell what I was trying to do with the characters colour schemes. hey its cheesy but Legolas weirdly suits green pastel shirts.
Anyways, story wise, the first pic (Spring)is opening scene with the fellowship spreading Denethor’s ashes, and the other two I wont spoil for you. Apart from the fact I call Summer “soggy smoochings” and Autumn “Don’t make it weird, dude”.
Seriouslyy tho guys, give the fic a read -the Modern AU is really cleverly done and its not often you get a fic that focuses on the ‘after’ part of happily ever after.

anonymous asked:

You're one of my absolute FAVORITE TUMBLR BLOGS of all time and now I see you like SENSE8!?!?! Who is your favorite character/s? What are you fave ships/brotps/duos/combos/etc?!?!


i can’t decide on a single favorite character but if I had to choose I’d say Will (precious puppy omg), Sun, Amanita and Kala but i also adore Capheus for his optimism and i actually don’t have a character i dislike???

for now fav ship must be wolfgang/kala but it’s open for development we shall see how that goes

also any scene with sun visiting/being visited by other sensates!!! actually any visiting scenes ever god i just love them working together (esp will, sun and wolfgang being used as the brute force mmmm yesss).

basically i fell in love with this show

Kanan #3 fucked me up so bad I had to write a werewolf chaser (also, I can’t actually remember the last time I saw anyone other than me say ‘unicorn chaser’, though I doubt I’m the only person still using the term), the effects of which I promptly ruined by, um, finishing the post-Mustafar Inquisitor!Kanan scene.

In other words, today’s writing was slingshotting around Kanan emotions day.  That 1800 words of the werewolf AU went up, and then I wrote about 800 words of the agents of the Empire backstory scene I’ve been working on; I think it’s about done.  Evil is sexy AU has moved on from evil makes your parents sad to “evil just makes everyone sad, good lord, get help.”

Snippet from agents of the Empire AU backstory.

Hera swallowed.  She licked her lips and said, “Kanan.”

He blinked.

“Kanan,” she said again, and reached out to lay a hand on his arm.

He flinched.

He flinched, from her, and for a moment Hera wanted to be sick.  She wanted to scream, wanted to hit something, wanted to run; she wanted to take back the last six months, the last year, and do it all over again.

He flinched, but otherwise he didn’t move, and after a moment Hera made herself say his name again. This time when she touched him she felt him tense, but it wasn’t the same kind of instinctive withdrawal, and he didn’t protest when she pulled him into an embrace because she didn’t know what else to do.  After a moment his arms went around her and he pressed his face against her shoulder; Hera wanted to weep in sheer relief.