More sketches and whatnot. Even a full fledged comic page I never did anything with. And other concept sketches.

started playing zestiria and it took me a whole five seconds to adopt a new fav

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if the ending finale of Voltron isn’t everyone singing gloria gaynor’s I Will Survive at the top of their lungs while dancing around the lion castle then i quit


time for more sole survivor oc stuff

vash is mostly non-verbal and hancock is their fp,, and boyfriend. vash wandered out of the vault and got really fucked up by the wasteland and is slowly turning into a ghoul, theyve p much left the old world behind altogether and generally dont mix well with people, but they are good natured at the core and like, gently helps people sometimes without really communicating much, not really caring about rewards or gratitude and all that stuff. they fuck around and do what they want. 

they wandered into goodneighbor and hancock was so accepting and made them feel safe and they love him and will die for him

As much as I hate to say it, reblogs really DO help me, guys. More than you know. ;~;

eclectilite  asked:

I just wanted to say hi and I love your art style! I want to keep practicing art so I can draw beautiful things like you! 💕 I love you ok bye. 🍰🌸🍟🐁🐩

awww thank u a ton bb u are cute!! also good luck hun!