aoharu-gun  asked:

Post 10 facts about yourself( any fact), then pass onto 10 of your faves!

  1. I am very sensitive and can easily start crying over an anime/movie.
  2. I used to be left-handed as a kid. I am right-handed now.
  3. I cosplayed 3 different anime characters at 3 anime cons.
  4. The way I hold a pen/pencil/drawing stylus/spoon/fork/chopsticks/etc is wrong but it’s too late to correct it.
  5. I (re)started drawing only 2 years ago.
  6. I’ve been collecting ball-jointed dolls for 7 years already.
  7. I tried to write books several times but couldn’t finish them.
  8. The way I swim is very ridiculous bcos I am self-taught. :)
  9. My height is pretty small so I sometimes have to buy clothes for kids for myself. >_<
  10. When I was a kid I once found a very large mushroom in the woods and I still have a photo of me, my friend and that mushroom (who knows where it is though).

Thanks for sending me this, @aoharu-gun! It was fun but a bit hard to remember some random facts about me that are at least more or less amusing. :)

Page 23 - Free Fall, Part 2



Ok so here’s the thing, I was going to shopping for groceries but I felt the need to write this here.

I was just verbally abused on instagram by some italian girl because I posted (ages ago) two drawings with her notps.

Let me get straight to the point: you don’t do that.

You don’t go comment others’ drawings with harsh comments or try to attack or verbally abuse someone if they post your notp.

First of all, they are FICTIONAL, I cannot stress enough that these things DON’T EXIST. It doesn’t matter how much better your otp makes feel you or if it sole existence saved your life. They don’t exist. They will never be real and in this specific case THEY WILL NEVER BE CANON. Nor mine neither yours.

While I myself usually don’t care about attacks on these things (and you know that better than me), because how sad and lonely can it be if you even find the time to go and comment two old drawings of your notps anyway… the fact that really makes me angry is that how can someone not realize that behind that account, that drawing, that otp/ship thing there is another human being?

How can someone decide that yes, their fucking otp is more important than someone’s feelings? Thing is that this person went and comment everything they could find in my account with her notps and harshly commented them wit things like “xxx should stay with this (insert some really disrespectful religion cussing I don’t even know how to translate) or “you fucker I’m sick as fuck of (the ship/you xxx shippers) xxx should stay with xxx” 

To be honest I just answered calmly with sass because what the hell I’m 25 years old I can’t get angry over things like this. But I stopped for a moment thinking about the whole things. Did I deserve that? No. I just drew whatever I wanted and I liked. I have the freedom of drawing whatever I want since I do it for free and I even do everyone the favor of posting it online so we can all enjoy our fav pairings together. Did this person had the right to do the thing? No. Because I didn’t do anything harmful. I didn’t hurt their feelings (not in a threatening way and not on purpose), they were just throwing a tantrum and bitching because oh my god it’s my notp!11
Now. I am the first one who ships a lot of rarepairs (and, let me tell you, this person wasn’t shipping a rarepair, it just happens that the ship I like is more popular than hers, but even with this, what the holy shit stay calm) and I know how it feels when you’re surrounded only by your notp shippers, fanarts and so on.
But I never, NEVER, once in my life, not even when I was an angry and stupid 16 years old, went and insulted or attacked the shippers or, WORSE, the artists and writers that created things of my notps. 

Here’s the thing, people: you don’t ship a thing, and that’s okay. We all have notps and I am an actively nonshipper (I complain about my notps in my private accounts and all by myself), but just DON’T GO HARASS AND ATTACK OTHER PEOPLE IF THEY SHIP YOUR NOTPs. 
Just remember that a few lines on a piece of paper aren’t worth your harsh words. Just remember that behind the drawing or the fanfic there is a HUMAN BEING. That has feelings, fears, otps, notps, fav shows, fav food, friends and family just like you.
And you wouldn’t want be attacked for the things you ship. 
So don’t do that to others.
Because while I am perfectly capable to ignore this and go on with my life, there are people with anxiety problems (different than mine) that can be greatly affected by your childish comments about THEIR WORKS, their HARDWORKS they maybe spent hours or weeks on them or just their otps.


Thank you very much for the comments and messages! ♥ 

I really appreciate it since I have been feeling burnt out and stressed lately and just reading them makes me very happy, so thank you again! I’ll be sure to reply to each one with a scribble (to make up for my huge inactivity)  as soon as I have some leisure time on my hands. I apologize, School is taking too much of my time, so I barely log in to Tumblr these days. 

Anyhow, If you guys see silly comic strips revolving around Ryou, YM and Marik (esp. Ryou) from me recently please assume that it is Bakura drawing all of them. Joke ofc, though all this stress is turning me into him. (I just love bullying making fun of all of them tbh. Is that bad?)