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it’s midnight and I have maternal feelings, so I am going to share a ficlet I wrote a while back and then go to bed.

“Daddy. I want to show you something.”

Suria’s little face is focused on what she is holding cupped in her hands. John looks up from his typing, taking in her serious disposition, and turns to face her.

“Sure, sweetheart, I’m looking.”

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I feel pretty and witty and GAAAAAAY

TF2 Merc Ages

After seeing more posts about how old all the Mercs are I finally went and did research. I’m basing everything here from the comic books and I may have missed something so if I did please let me know and I’ll adjust the age range accordingly.

Sniper is 30. Miss Pauling mentions New Zealand was put under water 40 years ago, but when Snipers real dad is talking to the council he says he warned them to go under water a decade ago (and they did) Sniper is a baby at that time so it means he can only be 30.

Scout is also a little older than people usually think and about 29 or 30. The track terrorizer (assuming Scout wasn’t working for RED) says he was 23. In the comic A Cold Day in Hell he talks to imaginary Pauling and mentions knowing her for 6 years. If that’s how long they’ve been working together he could be 29 or 30.

It’s late 1972 in the comics and Soldier started his Nazi killing spree in 1939 and it went till 1949. He had to at least have been 18 to try to get in the military. That means he’s 51????

That doesn’t seem right to me especially since Zhanna is supposed to be like I’m guessing 30-32? If she was the oldest girl in Heavys flashback who looked like 10-12 and it has been 20 years since she’s seen another man like…

Engineers dad was working for Blu in 1930 and the picture of him and his dad puts Engi at the time to be like 13 maybe? He looks really young but his face is mostly covered by the goggles. So he’s like 55????

And wait I forgot Heavys flashback. I can’t really tell how old he is. I would say 18-20 because he has hair and his chin looks a bit smaller. It’s been 20 years since the flashback so he’s like 38-40.

I don’t know about Demo. His mom said “No Demoman worth his sulfur ever had an eye in his head past 30!” I’m assuming that was in insult so he’s over 30 I guess.

Valve is practically screaming Spy is Scouts dad in your face so he’s at least like 50 or something.

I don’t think we’ve gotten ANY info about Medics past so I don’t know. And no one knows about Pyro…

So summary

Scout- 29-30
Soldier- 51
Pyro- ????
Demo- over 30
Heavy- 38-40
Engineer- 55
Medic- ????
Sniper- 30
Spy- 50

Zhanna- 30-32
(Her sisters are a few years younger than her but I’m not sure by how much)

Today I completed my first Scholastic Book Club order as a parent. And what I’ve learned from this is that, when it comes to books, I will happily drop money if it encourages my kids to read. So yeah I probably bought like 20 books just now but I feel like you literally can never have enough books.

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people say that best friends are hard to find…

…that’s cause the very best one is mine

ATRIY ➤ And The Reason Is You

ATAB ➤ And Then A Bit

ITB  ➤ Into The Blue

JBWF ➤ Jump Before We Fall

LIARB ➤ Love Is A Rebellious Bird

PMU ➤ Pull Me Under

TDOJ The Dead of July 

TIF  These Inconvenient Fireworks  pdf version, lj version, epub version

RNTM ➤ Relief Next to Me

WAU Wild and Unruly

WILAC Wear It Like A Crown

YATB  You Are The Blood


I was bored so I did some research and I found something that was quite interesting. The other night in Ohio Harry was wearing the rainbow bracelet as everyone knows, but he was also wearing a yellow beaded bracelet on his other hand. and I found out that each color has a different meaning. So I decided to see what yellow meant and it means freedom :’)

“There’s my Laffy Saffy.”

Look how freaking proud Ruby looks, getting Sapphire to laugh. She even has a nickname for her.

Sapphire on the surface seems cold and distant, never smiling or showing much emotion, but think about it: she has future vision. How can anything be funny when you know the joke before they even tell it? If you can see the punch-line a mile away?

And yet, against all odds, Ruby can still make her laugh.