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Okay but how does spamming Cartinelli cause you to lose followers? Like I don't understand?

I lose followers any time I breathe so I’m not surprised by anything anymore



Day 8: The funniest character

Mikoshiba Mikoto 💕 Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun


These are my kitties. The gray one is Ivan aka Comrade Kitty cause she’s a Russian Blue the black one is Max aka Fatty cause he’s 20 pounds and the bottom pic is him protecting me from garbage trucks

The Final Attempt

I’m really behind on prompts so I won’t be posting the list. I’m working my way through it. The next one is “don’t trust me” for riley/farkle i posted a sneak peek if you want to read it. It’s going to be long as hell so there might be some prompts in between now and when I finally post it. Anyways…

Requested by @wavylucaya. Sorry it took me forever. 

This isn’t as angsty as it could be. This is really vague and I didn’t put in a name for Maya’s guy so you can use your imagination for that.

Line of Dialogue Series:

In which she says no.

Rating T: for language, angst?

Words: 617

Don’t fucking touch me!” 

“Don’t fucking touch me!” Maya scrambles away from him as far as the gown allows her.

“Maya,” Lucas pleads helplessly.

“Don’t.” She holds up her finger as a warning. “I mean it.” And because he has a death wish he ignores it. “Don’t come near me.”

“Riley said—”

She cuts him off, “I don’t care what Riley said.” She’ll deal with her idealist friend later. “I don’t want to know what she said that gave you this CRAZY idea that you should show up at my wedding.” Obviously not sending him an invitation hadn’t been a big enough signal. Then again, he’d always been dense.

“I love you!” She doesn’t react. Just stands there her blue eyes blank. “I love you, Maya Hart.”

She reaches up to run a hand through her hair but remembers she can’t exactly do that with a veil on her head. “Will you stop saying that?”

“But it’s the truth.”

Her eyes narrow at him, “Seems like an awfully convenient time to suddenly care about the truth Friar.”

“I know I messed up.”

“Talk about the understatement of the century.”

“Give me another chance.” Three years ago she might have actually considered it. When she’d been destroyed and left clutching a tub of ice cream for comfort.


“Thank you! I promise you won’t regret it.” He blinks, “Come again.”

“I said no. I’m getting married to the love of my life. Why the hell would I say yes?”

“I love you.” His confused expression is just how she remembers it. It’s hard to forget because nine times out of ten that was what he looked like. Confused.

“You keep saying that but I don’t believe you, Lucas. So no, I won’t give you another chance. No, I’m not going to ride off into the sunset with you on that horse you have outside. And don’t you even think about giving me that rose that’s in your hat.” He averts his gaze, his ears pink he twists his hat in his hands. She’s offered a glimpse of the Lucas she used to know but even that isn’t enough. “I’m going to leave this room and marry my soulmate and you’re going to move on.”

He plays with a frayed shirt thread. “You make it sound so easy.”

“It isn’t.” She speaks from experience. “But eventually, you’ll stop feeling like you’re going to suffocate. You’ll actually be able to sleep at night. Hell, you might even smile.” There’s one already trying to peek through his downtrodden gaze. “Then you’re going to meet a nice cowgirl and invite me to your wedding.”

“Are those the only options?”

“Yes Lucas, those are it. You’ll thank me one day.” He never did thank those seniors but the way her eyes sparkle with promise tells him that this is going to be different.

There’s a knock on the door and Cory pokes his head in Shawn’s head popping in above his.

“Ready?” Cory asks his eyes nervously flicking between her and Lucas.

Maya exhales giving the two grown men a nod. “Ready.”

“Later Huckleberry.” She gives him a peck, her veil rasping against his cheek.

Shawn glares while Cory looks sympathetic. The door closes behind them.

“Later.” He whispers into the empty room. He tosses the rose in the garbage and is putting on his hat when his phone buzzes.

It’s an unknown number but the message is familiar. A choked laugh escapes him.

“Seriously Lucas, move on or else.” It’s followed by plenty of knife and pistol emoji’s.  

He snaps a picture of himself saluting.

“Yes, ma'am.“

His phone buzzes again. “Also, move that fucking horse.”

He rolls his eyes and pockets his phone.

“Yes, ma'am.”

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rules: list 5 otps from 5 different fandoms and tag 10 people to pass it on

  • Liara & Tela ( Mass Effect )
  • Kim Possible & Shego ( KP )
  • Korra & Asami ( ATLA: LOK )
  • Lord Saladin & Mara Sov ( Destiny )
  • Jasper & Pearl ( SU )

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Hey Arseon I just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE your fanfics. You write smut very, very well. *wink* I think you're really neat and I think your platonic stories and headcannons are adorable. You have really made me see how being Asexual really works. Thanks for opening my mind to that!

Aaaaaahhh, thank you!! I’m super glad you’ve been enjoying the fics and headcanons and smut. X3 

I’m glad I could help you learn more about asexuality too, although there’s really no one way that being ace works. ^^ But that’s one of the great things about this little corner of the fandom - there are so many rad ace friends around here, and there’s just so much variation and nuance, from not wanting anything to do with sex full stop through to my vast entertainment of writing fictional characters going at it but not wanting anything to do with it personally, and everything and anything in between. I’ve learned so much from everyone else too! Honestly, the only qualifier is not experiencing sexual attraction, and then everything after that is totally individual. People can have totally different relationships to the idea of sex and still all be totally valid as aces (or whatever sexuality they identify as tbh) and it’s awesome to see everyone being so accepting of that*. 

(*Everyone in this little community/corner of Tumblr that I’m in, I mean… I’m sure there’s still plenty of jerkasses out there who don’t. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone here who’s been nasty about it. You peeps are cool. uwu)

rambles about the new su ep under the cut

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happy birthday to our lovable bookworm, jeon wonwoo! ©
we, carats, miss you so much! we are patiently waiting for your comeback so eat good food, rest a lot and you’ll be healed in no time :^) can’t wait to see an ot13 performance soon!

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