i am very tired but also very proud of myself, i’ve gotten all the necessary school work done for monday so i can spend all of tomorrow having guilt free fun with my friends

Bonjour, Bayview! I’ve just spent the last few days in Paris for their Men’s Fashion Week and the one thing I am coming back with (other than a shitload of macarons!) is that I really need to brush up on my French. Just to clarify, cou is neck, cul is ass. This is important information to remember, especially if you’re going for a massage. Anyway, it’s been a bit, how is everyone - what did I miss? And don’t tell me nothing because there were at least two parties while I was away, and this is Bayview, so I know there are some stories!

voltron senior quotes

allura: i truly believe we can all change the world. if some people just shut up and never speak, together we can all make this world a beautiful place

shiro: every day in algebra i’d eat a bagel. over my entire high school career i must’ve eaten- oh jeez, 2000 bagels

pidge: if idiots could fly, this place would’ve been an airport

hunk: i love everybody and support all of you! follow your dreams! except you greg from 8th grade math class you can rot in hell 

coran: i’ll never forget when a student threw a basketball at my head and i blacked out. those 2 minutes of unconscious bliss are my happiest memories as a teacher

matt: you guys used to make fun of me for being a nerd but my grades this year spelled AC/DC. could a nerd do that? 

keith: people always used to ask me, is it ‘ko-GAYNE’ or ‘koga-NAY’ and i always used to say the same thing: how dare you speak to me

lance: i’m proud to say nobody cried harder during gym than me


Sirius gets sick while he’s supposed to be “laying low at Lupin’s”. They can’t figure out what’s causing his illness so they can’t treat him at home, but they also can’t take him to see a healer or a doctor due to his whole “WANTED FOR MANY DEATHS BY BOTH WIZARDS AND MUGGLES” situation, so…

Remus takes Padfoot to the vet.


Cleaning day

(i sketches some more of my kid AU)

Hi. In case you woke up today feeling empty and without direction, let me tell you this: God loves you. It sounds cliche, but He really does love you. He knows your innermost thoughts and dreams. He knows all your secrets. He is with you in everything you do. He created you, beloved; as artists cherish a special piece they poured out their heart for, our God treasures you.

And if you woke up today feeling useless, alone, fearful, or fed up, let me remind you that God’s will for you is good, pleasing, and perfect. He sees you and understands your thoughts. Even if the words describing His love for you sound cliche in your ears, He’ll remain faithful. Even when your work, your family, your school life, or your emotions are hemming in on you, you can hold on to Him and He’ll make sure to walk you through safely.

If you woke up today feeling bad, let me remind you, beloved, to look up to Jesus and believe. He’s got you today, and all the days coming.

Hi so uhhh Draco and Harry have matching couple’s tattoos

Harry’s says “Scared, Potter?” In Malfoys loopy script with a flourish

Draco’s says “You wish.” In Harry’s chickenscratch print

Okay but I love any and all situations involving Andreil and French:

  • Neil saying things to Andrew in french because he knows it gets him hot and Kevin running out of the room screaming “HOW DO YOU UNLEARN A LANGUAGE”
  • Andrew and his eidetic memory dredging up things Neil has said to him and translating them only to find that he’s been talking complete and utter nonsense
  • Kevin and Neil having a conversation in French and Andrew being grumpy and glaring at them both until they switch to English so he can join in
  • Andrew pestering Kevin to teach him how to talk dirty in French (It takes a lot of bribery) and when Andrew eventually says something, Neil loses his shit (ft. Nicky looking confused as hell in the background)

  • Bonus: Neil reverting to French when they fuck because he can’t think clearly anymore (Andrew finds it hot as fuck)