Ummmm so can we talk about how important it is to reassure young girls everywhere that developing feelings for your girl best friend isn’t wrong or voyeuristic. It’s normal. It’s fine. You’re not dirty and you shouldn’t feel guilt.


Okay, so.

I cannot begin to tell you how deliciously this character development we’re seeing here parallels Aang’s, or how excited I am about it. Because. Holy. Shit. We all know Aang- he’d been a scared kid when found in the iceburg, and matured into a wise, full-fledged Avatar by the end of his series. His entire character arc was based on him building up his self-confidence.

What makes Korra’s character arc special is that it, instead, has to do with the destruction of self-confidence and regaining it.

Korra’s introduced as the Winner. The Tough One. Bending’s in her blood- she learned how to bend three elements by the age of 5, mastered them by the age of 17. I found it unique that they introduced a main character that already had strength behind them, because the usual arc for protagonist has to do with learning to be strong and brave (see again: Aang). Korra’s already strong and brave. She’s got that.

Which makes it even more interesting to see her as she is now.

“Whatever happened to [that Avatar girl] anyway?”

Well, Korra doesn’t know. What did happen to her? Where’s the Korra that arrived fresh off the boat in Republic City and stopped a robbery? That became the first Avatar of the new age? That restored the Air Nation?

Easy. Every enemy she faced broke down a part of her confidence. Amon: her confidence in her ability. Unalaq: her confidence in her choices. Zaheer: her confidence in her purpose. All traits that were tied closely to her perceived identity as the Avatar, which was the core of her development for, well, 12 years of her life.

Aang is great, I love Aang so, so much, but there’s something about Korra’s character that hits me in a more personal way. She’s down on her luck. She’s at the bottom. She has nothing left. She’s unsure of herself, alone, and unsuccessful. She’s had nothing in life other than her title as the Avatar- all her time was put into training, and where does that get her now? She’s not the Avatar anymore, not really, so what is she?

Who is she?

Aang’s entire arc followed him finding his strength, but Korra’s? Korra’s isn’t finding her strength.

It’s finding herself.

I was looking at some basic lore on the angel Gadreel AND  

so, basically, Gadreel is the reason other angels and humans started to develop romantic feelings for each other and subsequently frick frack


We believe in Castiel. And you.



The Barefoot College in Tilonia, Rajasthan was started by an Indian man named Bunker Roy. The organization is essentially a college that teaches women from all over the world (but primarily “developing” countries) how to be solar engineers. 

That’s right. Solar engineers.

Classes are attended by local women and women from Peru, Fiji, Rwanda, Nepal, Belize, Ethiopia, Bhutan, and more who are illiterate or semi-literate. Most of them are from rural and poverty-stricken areas. The school does not take attendance, have exams, demand their students speak English or have prior education, and does not ask for fees. These women learn how to make solar panels and bulbs, how to plug them into an electrical grid, and how to provide clean renewable energy to their entire village. They then take this knowledge back to their hometowns in distant countries. 

How are they taught without a common language? Everything technical is color coded. The women learn important words “LED, wire cutter, copper, connection, etc.” They communicate through common sense and the desire to learn. The college accepts anyone and everyone, mothers, lower castes (still an ongoing problem in India), older women, young women, women who have never attended school, married women. 

Since 2004, the College has taught at least 250 women from 41 different low-industrial countries to be solar engineers. 5 out of their 8 engineer professors are women. 35 out of 200 workers are physically disabled. The BC is currently powering both their own facility, homes in nearby villages and towns, and their former students are powering homes all across the world from wisdom and materials imported from the BC. Their local villages pay their salary. 

Roy did try to teach both men and women, but they didn’t stay in the harsh conditions or wanted jobs that paid more (as the BC doesn’t hand out “official” diplomas or degrees). Eventually, the college became largely female. “Why not invest in women, older women, mature women, gutsy women who have roots in the village?” Roy said.

I cannot emphasize how amazing this organization is. The Barefoot College is a safe and accepting place for anyone who wants to learn about clean and renewable energy. It encourages women’s empowerment, helps them out of poverty, and provides solar energy to places where the prices of kerosene and batteries are excessively high.

Sources (please look over them as there are more pictures and I could never do justice to how incredible this entire thing is with just my own words): [x][x][x][x][x][Bunker’s Ted Talk][Donate]

Season 3 theories for Piper’s 180 personality switch

These are all very solid and serious.

  • Piper was abducted by aliens. They replaced her with a doppelganger and did a terrible job.
  • The bedbug infestation was really a group of mind-controlling insects; they got to Piper (they’re in league with the cockroaches).
  • After the season 3 episode 4 scene we were all so happy that we died. Then went to hell.
  • Bad writing.
  • The writers read alxvse’s fanfiction, decided they couldn’t compete, and gave up.
  • Norma hexed Piper.
  • The writers were captured by the Piper-haters and forced to destroy her character development. Quick – launch a rescue mission. Don’t let them get to Alex, too.
  • Bad writing
  • Piper is still in the SHU. This is all her imagination.
  • Lolly was right. The NSA is inside the prison. They got to Piper.

(Kubra did too. That’s why she was so messed up.)

  • Suzanne’s fiction is real: Piper is stuck in an alternate dimension but hopefully Admiral Rodcocker is going to help her get back home.
  • Alex is actually a CIA agent, so is Piper. This is all part of a very confusing plan to bust someone on the inside. It’s not going well.
  • When looking around the prison, Piper found a helicopter and escaped with Alex. They sent back actors in wigs, one of whom was more convincing than the other. The new guards didn’t notice. Alex and Piper are currently on a beach in Cambodia with three guys in drag.
  • Piper was given a ‘Godfather’ script in drama class. She took it a bit too seriously.
  • Bad writing.

So Homestuck’s over

We don’t know what kind of conversations some of the reunited characters had. We don’t know what happened to Davepetasprite. We don’t know if Terezi and Vriska got their happy ending.

And surprising, I think I’m okay with that?

There was no ending for some of these characters that would have satisfied everyone. Someone would feel that their fave was mischaracterized, or that their ending was unfair, or that it wasn’t the right development.

And I guess for that reason, Hussie didn’t give us a concrete ending. He gave us some beautiful scenes, he gave us a snapshot of the environment the kids ended up in, and he left us space to fill in the rest with our headcanons and opinions.

This is an ending that leaves Homestuck wide open for post-game fic, for headcanons and fan-adventures and aus all filling in the gaps Hussie left. This is an ending that will allow fans to continue creating Homestuck for years to come.

Homestuck began as a fan adventure where you can choose your own path, and ultimately, that’s how it ended too. 

okay so i already made this post about my jaxcon experience, but i wanted to make a separate post just about jensen because there is something about him that i never noticed watching him on film but in real life it was cuckoo bananas all right here we go~

when jensen came out on stage for the concert saturday night, he was not introduced, the song had already started, he didn’t say anything, he just busted through the curtain and grabbed the mic and immediately started singing. when there was a musical break, he left the stage (and took the mic with him, the only indication that he was coming back) and only returned when it was time to sing again, and when the song was over he disappeared and didn’t come back for the rest of the concert. he moved with such confidence and self-assuredness as if he knew that he owned the asses of every single person in the room. it was somewhat shocking because a) that’s definitely not how he used to act about singing in front of a crowd and b) all of the other actors at the convention seemed so approachable and chill and therefore jensen looking like a goddamn rockstar was a very stark contrast.

i didn’t really think much of it, though, until i was waiting in line for my cockles photo op. i was already in the room when jensen came in through the side door, and he just sort of……glided? or maybe it’s more of a stride? he walks with such purpose, like if i passed him on the street i would feel the need to get out of his way. again, let me reiterate: he came into the room like he owned the place. 

now i’ve already explained that meeting misha just felt like meeting a dad, like i didn’t feel like i was meeting a famous person at all. but then i was face-to-face with jensen and i was like “oh shit this is a famous person.” he carries himself in such a way that you know that he knows exactly who he is and what he’s doing.

so this might sound like i think jensen is an arrogant prick, but that’s not what i’m saying at all. it IS intimidating to see such physical confidence, but it’s also enticing and intriguing. i know i’m being extremely cheesy, but i felt myself drawn to his poise and grace. 

to be clear, i’m only talking in the physical sense now. i don’t think there’s a clumsy bone in jensen’s body. i don’t think he’s even aware that he has an unidentifiable physical quality that exclaims “i am an important person” when he walks into a room. 

all of that being said, the second jensen opens his mouth all of the nonsense i’ve just explained disappears and he turns into an embarrassing nerd dad. 

So today my husband looks up from his computer and says

“Okay, so imagine it’s the funeral, and George stands up to give the eulogy, and stands in silence for a few minutes before starting to laugh hysterically and says “only joking, I am Fred” and has a total mental breakdown and develops a split personality so he’s never alone.“

(watching so much sports anime ahaha–) 

okay so I had an AU in mind where Sasuke actually hasn’t joined any sport in high school before (because he’s so focused on his brother, etc.) until he meets Sakura.

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ben wyatt in every episode: 3x02 Flu Season
“Leslie, I promise you I won’t half-ass this, okay? Now get some rest.“


jess mariano appreciation week : day seven -> anything you want; ten defining jess episodes


okay tomorrow i will try again, and you will?

give the painful earnest hemingway another chance.

Okay so hear me out… if we read into what happened in “Korra Alone” using the most basic and straightforward interpretation possible, then this

was literally Korra running away from herself. You can see it in her eyes– she’s scared of who she used to be. She’s still blaming herself and her own actions for what happened 3 years ago.

Right now, she’s as far away as she can possibly be from that rambunctious 4-year-old who flung rocks and flames at a group of important White Lotus Members and proudly declared she was the Avatar and they had to deal with it. And, no matter what your personal opinions are about the matter, there was never really anything wrong with that Korra. That’s the Korra we all came to know and love. Sure, she’s learned to think before she acts and be more patient and understanding over the years, but she’s always managed to hold on to that fiery, energetic, self-assured edge that made her HER…….. until now.

Like look, I would’ve been completely comfortable with Korra’s decision to not fight Kuvira if she had just been confident with it. Instead, we got a quiet and ashamed

“fighting is something the old me would do… that always made things worse…”

… & that just didn’t sit right with me.

She’s unsure of herself right now, constantly questioning her actions, and doing what she thinks The Avatar should do– not what she herself believes is right…

And idk about you guys, but that’s not necessarily what I’d call “development”.

tsaritsa - “you are not what i expected,” he admitted. “not quite the saint you bargained for?” “a lesser saint,” he said. “but perhaps a better queen. i will pray for you, alina starkov.” // “i am the voice of the people. they did not choose the lantsov kings or the darkling. they chose you as their saint, and they will love you as their queen.” //  he’d wanted us to be seen together: the future king and queen of ravka. // a mix for queen alina and her reign (image credit) / tsar

once upon a dream (young ruffian remix) - lana del rey | jealou$y (feat casey veggies & 100s) - the neighbourhood | empire - alpines | the devil within - digital daggers | days are gone - haim | high for this (the weeknd cover) - ellie goulding | map of the problematique - muse | the golden age - woodkid | artificial nocturne - metric | crazy - au revoir simone | she’s hearing voices - bloc party | battle cry - imagine dragons

I just love the foxhole court so much because look we’ve got nine NINE main characters who are all so fundamentally different and well characterized and aren’t just the same generic friend-of-the-main-character copy pasted with a different hair color and they each have well developed backstories and personalities and we come to know them all so well over just three books that it’s easy for us to identify what kinds of movies or music or foods they would or wouldn’t like just based on what we know about them and I’m just so thankful to Nora for that because that’s not a common thing in contemporary fiction and I just love them all so much!!!!


no, the machine in question is not a car seat or public-restroom diaper changing station.

as much as my heart can’t accept it, i understand that rationally speaking this is the best character development route for akashi because boku was his defense mechanism. he has nothing to protect himself against anymore. he has his friends’ support and love, teammates’ trust, he’s realised that victory is not the absolute #1 priority.

bokushi was built upon his fears and insecurities and the poisonous lies adults taught him. he was raised to believe that victory was the most important thing, above everything else, and that it would fix all problems. hence, when things fell apart at teiko, bokushi came to life to ensure that they would continue winning as akashi believed that through winning, the team would stay together since they still had a common goal. bokushi was distant, authoritative, hid his feelings and showed no weaknesses because that was how akashi was taught to act by people such as his father and his teiko supervisors. bokushi showed no weaknesses and hid his feelings because akashi had to act that way.

when akashi lost the winter cup, he realised that all these walls he built up were unnecessary- that victory was never the most important thing all along- that he had friends and teammates who loved and trusted and still love and trust him. this long-due loss finally rendered him human and free. he’s still outstanding, but without the burden of fearing defeat and the end of his reign. he’s discarded his loneliness and opened his heart to people.
this means he gradually doesn’t need bokushi anymore. and it hurts, because they love each other. they’ve been through thick and thin together, and i bet bokushi was the voice at the back of his mind who comforted akashi when he cried alone in bed at night (lest it be about his mother, stress over schoolwork or the team. the boy had so much stress to deal with)

he was lonely, scared and wary of trusting people. victory was the only way he knew how to fix things. victory was his only form of communication. those traits manifested as his defense mechanism, bokushi. but now? akashi has grown up, and he doesn’t need a defense mechanism anymore.

goodbye, bokushi…. thank you for being there for oreshi when nobody else was. thank you for maturing along with oreshi and admitting that you love your teammates. thank you for fighting with the vorpal swords for one last time. farewell. you will be missed by all.


Okay so since my last reblog I have been doing some research and I have found some new things. I have read that series 3 is in development. It seems that they may have gotten a new writer by the name of, George Kay. Here’s some screenshots of what I found…