“i’m going to lose followers if i blog about this one thing too much” you think, as you make another post a about that One Specific Thing. this is the 354th consectutive post. just one more reblog. nothing else has been on your dash in weeks. you’re not certain anything else still exists at all. you don’t think so.

you need help.


1.01 ‘Quantum Jump // 1.07 ‘Bold Guard & 1.08 ‘Able Archer’

I didn’t completely dislike this last chapter (it was pretty light hearted and peaceful) but there are so many things I wanted answered, so I’m just rooting for another databook to explain some of the things left pending. Like whether some of my favs are dead or alive :’)

STILL, is Ichigo and Orihime’s kid cute or what. I’ve been doing some babysitting lately, which is pretty much making sure kids don’t get run over or hurt while they’re playing Pokemon Go, so this image kinda stuck in my head. Also really wanted to try to draw Ichigo’s new haircut.

To be honest, in my opinion, the Ninjago fandom is great…? Probably the best fandom I’ve been in. I used to think the Tamagotchi fandom was nice but there are too many extreme nostalgiatards and self-entitled jerks…

Almost everyone in the Ninjago fandom is so friendly and supportive to one another, and always willing to help a fellow fan. Fanart of all skill levels gets appreciated, and the fans make some really beautifully-edited music videos (as well as hilarious parodies). It just feels like a comfortable and welcoming fandom to be in.

Everyone gets excited together and no one judges one another. I rarely see people complaining about the show not being exactly the way they want it to be, and when they do, they aren’t as whiny as other fandoms.

I’m probably gonna get killed for saying this but to be honest one of the only flaws I find with the fandom is how they think humanized Cole MUST be drawn with dark skin and get mad when artists draw him with pale skin. He’s a yellow lego person with no canon human skin tone… you can’t dictate how people can draw their humanized legos; it’s all up to interpretation and just because most people draw him black, doesn’t mean EVERYONE has to.

I will exchange the fandom IE for nothing in the world. It’s like another family for me where I can share my passion and admire the work of other fans. And without expecting it, I made a lot of incredible, adorable friends who support me and who make me smile every time I’m depressed. You welcomed me so gently and I have to say that I don’t want to leave. I don’t have enough words to thank you all. I’m just too happy being here with all of you. 💗💗😌

Why I Ship Rin and Shiemi Together

This is a fun, [not-so-]short essay I decided to write, because I feel like this pairing deserves more meta [and love]. Plus, with the exception of making a sideblog for it, I haven’t really given it as much time and attention as I wish I could.

Anyway, I’ve placed the contents of this post under the cut, so that it doesn’t take up a lot of room and so that anyone who isn’t interested or of the same mind can easily skip over it. With that having been said, please respect that this is merely my opinion (read: my acknowledgement that there’s room for inaccuracies, especially considering that this is an ongoing series) and that I’m consequently not looking to engage in any sort of debates.

Thank you, and enjoy! :)

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damelola  asked:

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

I got this TWICE! I feel very loved.  So thank you to the lovely @damelola and the fabulous @subcutaneous7 for thinking of me.

You want me to talk about my fic and shamelessly self-promote myself?  Well… if you insist.  Hey, I’m an actor… sorry not sorry.

1.  More About You - My longest supercat fic, which is ridiculous considering I’d like to write a novel someday.  But I’m wicked proud of it.

2. Falling Up - a collab with my ever favorite @rtarara who has become the dearest of friends and remains a singular talent.  Most of this is her doing anyway.  She wrote Astra and edited the damn thing cuz I’m useless.  I mostly just made Alex cry a lot.

3. From the Desk of… - The infamous epistolary with the fantastic @fictorium.  This fic has challenged and pushed me in ways I never thought it could.  The epic slow-burn, the dreaming up of new adventures, the growth and journeys of the characters.  I’ve never been prouder or more protective of anything in my life.  I want to squeeze the life out of this fic (and Lola) every single day.

4.  Weakness In Me - I include this, not because it’s necessarily a favorite of mine (tho it kind of is) but mostly because I think it’s some of my best work.  I took Kara to a new place in this one.  The dialogue is really strong and it isn’t as fluffy as most of my stuff.  I holds a really special place in my heart.

5. The Fall Is Only The Beginning - I agonized over including this because I feel like this fic could have been so much more than it is, but I rushed it.  I’ve got 3 or 4 like that and any one of them could have landed here.  But I love this fic a lot.  It’s got Eliza and a fun ending so…

I’m sorta like a writing mom.  I love all my fics.  Even the ones that aren’t very good.

Thanks for giving me a chance to talk about myself. 

I need to take a second to thank my constant perfect beta @reginalovesemma 

She pushes me to be more gay every day (and to be a better writer).  In all seriousness, she edits like a mofo and is the reason my fics are post-worthy.

She squees over Vasquez with me and lets me see her gifsets before she posts them.  I’m exceedingly lucky to have her.


A thing that fandoms should start using: "Fictional Squishes."

For those who don’t know, a “Squish” is a term used for a platonic crush. Think of a person liking another person, but instead of wanting to get into a romantic relationship with them, they want to become best bros with the other person! (I’ve heard that this term was created by the ace community from Urban Dictionary. If this is true, thank you very much for making a word for this!)

So instead of wanting to marry a certain fictional character, we can have squishes on them! Wanting to be the best of friend with a fictional character, the coolest of dudes, the awesomest of bros! You can have a crush on a certain character, sure, but everybody had a character that they want to be friends with! So why not make this a thing?


DONEEEE!!! my submit for tomarry big bang story A1 : Don’t Fuck With Florists (They’ll Fuck You Up) wwwwww, and for the love of me!! you can see the reason why i never attempt to make a comic/doujin 。・゚ヾ(✦థ ェ థ)ノ。゚・。

can’t draw bg for live 😂😂 and i imagine harry definitely will have a shop with griffindor colour 👌, poor tom😸😸😸😸 edit : i’ve just read it omg it’s so cute 😍😍😍,, and i also finally knows who the author is.. It’s MayMarlow (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ go check it out guys 👍👍👍
Of Chivalry and Napping Knights

Fandom: Akatsuki no Yona
Pairing: Hak/Yona

Summary: He hadn’t been planning on entering the tournament until one of the snooty princes issued a challenge for Yona’s hand. What a nuisance. / Hak:Yona, in another timeline.

A/N: (with lucid9 and school in full swing, i don’t really have time to make graphics or edits anymore… or anything really… but sometimes plot bunnies just strangle you in the middle of the night w/e)

[] [AO3]

It was supposed to be just like any other tournament.

“I, Tae-jun, hereby issue a challenge for the princess’s hand!”

An ordinary tournament on a warm autumn afternoon, through which Hak could happily nap.

“With all due respect, Your Highness, a bit of pocket change is hardly adequate for a tournament of this scale! I propose we change the stakes!”

Nap in peace without worrying about the sheer idiocy of these hotheaded adolescents.

“Are you questioning the will of the King, Lord Tae-jun?!”

“Oh, no,” said the Second Son of Whomever From Wherever, Hak didn’t remember and Hak didn’t care—"merely his sense of excitement.“

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Let’s talk about picking URLS.

Whether you’re changing urls or setting up a new blog, chosing a URL is a crucial decision and sometimes, it can be extremely frustrating. Often a URL will be taken by a fandom blog or saved by someone, causing rpers to take creative measures to try to use that url. Some people replace vowels with an X, some replace A or O with C and some add extra letters to make it work.

But one thing that is never okay is using a URL that is almost identical to another active rper.

By active, I mean, has posted within the past 8 weeks, you should not just change one letter of a url to make it work. This can lead to A LOT OF CONFUSION. Not only will tumblr autocorrect @ mentions to the older url but the tags can also end up autocorrecting to the older url.

As annoying as it is to have to try to pick a new url, please do not barely change a url when your first choice belongs to another rper; it’s remarkably rude and causes unneccesary problems.

On the bright side I reached my first hundred on this account which I consider a great success considering the small size of the Hannibal RP fandom and the fact that it’s a bit of a niche show / character … So thx to everyone who follows and writes with me on here ❤

anonymous asked:

Who are your favourite Robron mutuals on here? What makes them worthy to follow?

oh i’ve seen other blogs get this same ask i wonder what made you send it to me lmao i’m just a tiny blog in the shadows of this fandom but ok here goes!

tbh all my mutuals are my favorites but the ones I talk to the most tho are:

 @likesbeingmoved (i’ve been following jo for over 4 years now she’s the one that got me into robron in the first place and she’s my go to person for robron rants and she KNOWS how much it hurts; besides she’s my friend, we’ve been friends for longer than i can remember and i just love her to bits), 

@evak-malec (bec has always been so so so nice to me idek why like i’m no one in this fandom hahah but she’s one of the best and her edits are amazing and she’s just a lovely person and her blog is flawless and we share a lot of fandoms),

@inloveamateursatbest (claudia isn’t just one of my fave mutuals she’s one of my fave blogs, period. just pure pure quality and of course she’s part of the portuguese gang so hahah represent!!!),

@theinvinciblecity (because si’s super nice and available and a cutie and lovely and only posts great content :) and again: portuguese gang haha),

@andyoumattertome (honestly with carla i’m 90% convinced she only follows me because i’m portuguese hahaha her blog is just brilliant and she’s fandom royalty so she’s one of those mutuals i’m always surprised when i remember they follow me because it’s a huge honour. p.s: i’m obsessed with her youtube videos i think i’ve seen almost all of them).

so yeah basically the entire portuguese gang + bec hahah 

anonymous asked:

The Harry defense squad ignores Harry's own actions. Hours after Matt died and the fandom was morning him, Harry posted the picture of his haircut. Hours after Jay died he was photographed buying Gucci and looking just fine. They say he wants to be taken seriously as an artist but his entire shoot for Another Man revolved around his hair. He allows his team to build him up while making everyone else look bad. Tell me again how he's so sweet and innocent?

listen the jay thing makes me want to cry it’s disgusting and disrespectful and no one cares?? i’m so over it all it’s so exhausting

Okay… Okay listen…

I’m probably going to get hate for this, but I REALLY hate the Scorbus ship.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good homosexual OTP.

But I think it is SO MUCH more important for them to be friends than boyfriends. Like why can’t our fandom ever just look at two people who are friends and not assume that they have some kind of sexual feelings towards one another.

Harry and Hermione? That’s laughable honestly. Hinny is golden.

Even Draco and Harry. I’ll admit Harry was a bit obsessed with finding out what he was up to in HBP, but that wasn’t because he had romantic or sexual feelings for him. He’s just Harry James Potter and he likes to solve mysteries and shit. Also if CC has taught us ANYTHING it’s that Hinny is life and Draco loves Astoria so much it makes me want to vomit in a good way.

Also Wolfstar. Now I’m not gonna say that there might not have been some kind of hanky panky going on with Sirius and Remus when they were teenagers. But Remus married Tonks. And he truly, TRULY did love her.

I just feel like people are basing Scorbus on the fact that they hug or they have meaningful looks or that at one point Scorpius sees Albus with Delphi and he’s happy and sad for him. That’s just friendship stuff!! Guess what? I hug and give meaningful looks to my best friend and we have absolutely no romantic or sexual feelings towards one another. Because that’s what best friends do. And they talk about their problems and their relationships with their parents. And Scorpius was happy for Albus when he saw him talking to Delphi because he was like “You go Albus. Look at you getting a girlfriend.” And yes he was sad, but it wasn’t because he wants to be with Albus. It’s because Albus is literally the only friend he has and I’m sure he’s scared that if Albus and Delphi were to date then Albus would have less and less time for Scorpius and eventually shut him out.

I just… To me none of this points at all to them having romantic feelings for each other. They’re just trying to be friends. Friends hug. Friends talk. Friends share intimate details with one another. And neither one of them have any other friends so of course they’re going to be closer than your average bros but this does not mean that they have any non-platonic feelings towards one another.

And trust me, I am not writing this because I ship Scorose because based on CC I HATE Rose Granger-Weasley. I think she is an even ruder, more hard headed version of Hermione who is very rude to her sweet cupcake of a father. Honestly I was probably just as disappointed as Scorbus shippers when she and Scorpius start to hit it off at the end of the script.

So just ship whoever you like but in my heart and soul I feel that it is much more important for these two characters to be best friends than boyfriends.