They are in the practice room

They are in the practice room

  • They are in the practice room
    • They are in the practice room
  1. They are in the practice room

They are in the practice room

They are in the practice room

They are in the practice room

They are in the practice room

They are in the

p r a c t i c e  r o o m

anonymous asked:

do you have any advice or tips for drawing side profiles? I have been trying for ages but nothing seems to ever turn out right.. (love your art by the way!!!)

Thanks so much! Let’s see if I can help at all. If you’re having trouble, I’d suggest starting with guidelines. I think most tutorials will say the same thing: it can be a lot easier to place features if you break up the head/face into parts. In a profile view, the front of the face is divided into thirds while the side of the head, from front to back, is bisected by the ear.

But don’t forget that guidelines are just that–guides! They’re meant to help with general placement, so you should definitely play around with proportions to get the features you want. This will also help you avoid drawing the same face over and over again on different characters, so try different shapes/sizes! Once you get comfortable with proportions, you can eyeball everything to make sure it’s all in place instead of actually drawing lines (this is what I do).

When I draw profiles, what I focus on is reproducing a character’s most prominent features. Think of their face at different angles…what stands out the most in each of these views? I’ll use two of my characters with pretty different features to show what I mean.

These are just the features I focus on when I draw. Pick the few that you think make the character most recognizable and go with those. And remember, you can make your profiles as stylized or as realistic as you’d like. My way of drawing leans more towards stylized, but the goal is to find something that fits your style and works for you. So keep messing around until you do, keep looking up reference (seriously, look up reference…it’s incredibly useful for subtle differences in angle, expression, etc.) and keep drawing. Have fun with it! Faces are difficult, but I promise with time and different techniques it’ll all click for you.

I hope this was helpful, and please let me know if you have any more questions!

heartofadeadman  asked:

You asked for SilverFlint prompts? I know this is probably a pretty common thing to write about when it comes to silverflint but I could never get enought of it - Flint meeting 'Captain Flint', Silver's new best, feathered friend, for the first time, please?

“What the hell is that.”

“Ah, Captain, have you finally grown bored of your juvenile attempts to ignore me?” Silver grinned as Flint kicked his cabin door shut behind him.

“I’ve not been ignoring you,” Flint scowled, though at the bird rather than Silver. “And you didn’t answer my question.”

“Ah right, you’ve just been avoiding me for four days. Honestly James I’ve been in your cabin every night, where have you even been sleeping?”

“I’ve not been – oh for fuck sake just tell me why you have a brightly coloured bird perched on your shoulder.” Flint was all but massaging his temples, it was nice to know that even after all this time Silver still had an uncanny ability to annoy him.

“Well, as you would know if you hadn’t been ignoring me, this is a parrot.” Silver explained, his metal leg thudding on the wooden floor as he approached Flint, shifting the bird to his hand and holding him out to Flint, who eyed it suspiciously. “Really James it’s only a bird not an English conspirator.”

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the first image is with no references, just speed sketching. i spent maybe 10-15 minutes on it max. the second image is after 13 iterations and a few quickly found reference photos. ~30 additional minutes.

I’m far from done with this piece before i begin painting it but like..holy crap that difference tho

I know I’m sort of over the whole idea of being excited to see the crew, what with the oversaturation of their appearances this year, but I actually have to give big props to them, because, for example, I feel like the whole drawing on chests/nipples was precipitated by that one time Chase allowed Rhett and Link to draw on his chest. Like, his bravery and willingness may have inspired our boys to go at least as far with their own bodies. And perhaps the same will continue to prove true in regards to some of the other crew members showing their broad comfort zones with interaction with each other and willingness to go beyond comfort zones, and that rubbing off on Rhett and Link.

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hey izzy.. i just wanted 2 know ur thoughts on maggies recent ask answers about the ronan trilogy? they're kind of making me anxious but idk why

hi friend..! yea.. i have some hashtag Opinions about maggie’s recent asks and the ronan trilogy, but it’s long and complicated so it’s gonna go under a read more!

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i’ve always had a pretty collector-like mentality, like if i buy a few i have to buy all of them, that sorta thing (hence why i own every volume of naruto, skip beat and one piece //orz)

so i’ve always kinda wanted to do that thing where you collect every figure of a character…only issue is that while i have A LOT of sabo figures there are like four left that are both very expensive AND i don’t like how they look so i just can’t justify buying them

and my other faves (robin, luffy, ace, nami) are all so popular and have been around so long that there are dozens upon dozens of figures of them, many of which are now out of print

but then i realized…i have a fave who i love dearly who doesn’t have any figures yet, and will probably have a decent (but reasonable) amount in the future….

it’s carrot
i’m gonna collect every carrot figure as they come out i just decided

People are always so surprised that I’m going to be an astrophysicist and they ask me where I got the idea for that, and I usually tell them ‘oh my family loves Star Trek lol’ because it sounds less dramatic than the truth of my fourth grade teacher who had always wanted to study astrophysics getting down on my level and looking me in the eye while telling me that she believed in me, and that if anyone could do it, it was me

Because I still cry when I think about it hahaha

Fall Classic Masterpost

I decided that I’m a glutton for punishment and I wanted to do another fic prompt series specifically for Caught Looking Garrett/Anders. Again. While I’m working 50 hours a week and getting ready to finish my first term of grad school and have about 15 other WIPs. If you guys know me (or my fic, I guess), you know how much baseball means to me. And the end of this season has been pretty rough so I will admit I kind of needed this (not that baseball will be mentioned any more than usual).

So here’s the deal: there are 31 prompts. Starting on October 1, I will be posting one prompt per day, a la 24 Days of Handers. As I upload each day’s fic I’ll update this post with a link to that specific prompt. I made up this list myself, so if you’d like to use it, feel free! 

Everything will also be available on AO3.

The official summary - Garrett loves fall, and he loves it even more now that he has a big, new house and yard to enjoy. Anders loves the postseason, with the Champions making a strong case for a World Series appearance - thanks in large part to Anders’ stellar pitching. But what both men love even more is coming home each day to each other, the comfort and excitement of life with all the uncertainty gone. 

Or: Garrett is just as excited about Halloween as he is for Christmas. Expect ridiculous adventures, lots of overenthusiasm, and yes, everyone will be forced into costumes by the end.

I should note that this prompt series is taking place more than a year from where we are currently in CL (ch. 18). There will be some references to things, but, you know, stuff changes in the span of a year. So don’t necessarily expect everyone’s relationships (minus Garrett’s and Anders’) to be the same. 

Full prompt list:

  1. Autumn Weather
  2. Decorating for Fall
  3. Apple Picking
  4. Cooking/Foods
  5. Fall Smells
  6. Pranks
  7. Full Moon
  8. Autumn Clothing
  9. Pumpkin Patch
  10. Ghost Stories/Scary Stories
  11. Leaves
  12. Apple Cider
  13. Superstitions
  14. Traditions
  15. Animal Fun
  16. Fear
  17. Fall Sports
  18. Childhood Memories
  19. Lazy Fall Day
  20. Harvest Festival
  21. Hayride/Corn Maze
  22. Horror Movies
  23. Ghost Tour
  24. Pumpkin Carving
  25. Haunted House
  26. Bonfire
  27. Candy Shopping
  28. Monsters
  29. Preparing for Winter
  30. Costume Party
  31. Trick or Treat

A few quick things I want to mention -

  • chapters will also contain ratings/warnings as they are posted. All prompts are between 1-2k words each.
  • most of these will be silly/fluffy pieces, but some will contain smut and will be marked appropriately
  • you don’t need to have read CL, but it would really help cause I reference stuff from it a lot
  • FAIR WARNING, mostly to assuage myself of my guilt, but due to life, there might be a day or two I don’t update on time. I’m going to do everything possible to do so, but in the event I miss a day, that prompt WILL be posted the next day. Hold me to that. 
  • everything will be tagged “Fall Classic” if you want to block it