It’s her first day back to school since
                 the infamous meltdown.

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ok ive been thinking about this since yesterday and ive been dying to know what other ppl think about it. but do you have any hc's about whether or not the gangsey kids can dance? (including noah + henry ofc)

ok ok ok! 

  • to begin: gansey can’t dance. point blank fact. that’s all there is.
  • blue doesn’t dance. don’t be mistaken: she can dance. in fact, blue can get down with the best of them. but blue doesn’t dance. it’s a matter of respectability.
    • at least, until she, gansey, and henry all get buzzed in a tacky little bar somewhere in middle america during the road trip, and blue lets it loose. no one in the bar is the same again after that. they’re all changed as people. blue becomes an urban legend, and everyone in a 30 mile radius falls in love with her.
  • henry took ballroom dancing classes in middle school for some unthinkable reason, so he has technical dancing skills. but that is truly the extent of it. this boy can’t dance to anything produced in the last century. 
    • to give he and gansey some credit - they’re both okay at car-dancing. like, turning the radio up really loud and singing and gesturing in their seat as they drive down an empty interstate at 95 mph. it just all deteriorates when they’re standing, because then they have to coordinate the upper half of their body with the lower half of their body. 
  • car-dancing is also noah’s speciality, although he doesn’t limit himself to just that. noah is shameless and will dance anywhere, anytime. he dances with joyous splendor and absolutely no coordination. i think i compared his dancing to flinging overcooked noodles in tsnm and i stand by that. he somehow manages to dance like he’s the only one in the room, but also like he’s in the middle of a crowd, both at the same time. it’s horribly embarrassing to witness but he’s having such a good time that it doesn’t matter. 
  • adam and ronan are. Complicated. i think they both have the potential to be passable dancers, but i can’t imagine either of them are particularly dancey. instead of making any final judgments on their dancing abilities, i offer you this image:
    • adam and ronan slow-dancing around the living room at the barns, adam’s arms around ronan’s neck, ronan’s hands on adam’s waist, stepping on each other’s toes, laughing, adam leaning his forehead against ronan’s shoulder, ronan’s heart beating in time with adam’s fluttering lashes… thanks.. 

“Tilt My World” - Digital Oil Painting

Inspired by the amazing fic “Perversions Delicates” by @lostinfic, here is Betty and Jean-Francois sharing a moment behind a carousel. If you haven’t read the fic, you should, the prose is fantastic and it will give you a new Tennant-Piper ship that you didn’t know you needed.

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in the details | literati

this is half wanting to experience some literati christmas feels and half counteracting lola’s supremely heartbreaking drabble from last night; i hope this works. :) 

for the sake of this fic, richard and emily did not go on their holiday trip until a week after thanksgiving. set mid s3, in between ‘a deep fried korean thanksiving’ and ‘that’ll do, pig.’

word count: 1224

“Hey,” Rory says, smiling wide as he opens the apartment door. She steps over the threshold, rising up on her toes to kiss his cheek. He grabs the edge of her open coat as she starts to move away, bringing her body back to his and giving her a deep kiss. She feels the tip of his tongue against her bottom lip, her body shuddering beneath his hands. “Mm, hello again.” She raises an arm to wrap around his neck, leaving the other hidden behind her back.

Jess smirks against her lips, rubbing his nose lightly against hers. “You look nice.”

She bashfully looks down, but smiles as her cheeks redden. “Thanks.” Backing away, she shrugs out of her coat, sticking her purse in between her arm and side, folding the fabric over her hands. She’s wearing a light blue sweater with a small v-neck and a black skirt that hits a few inches above her knee.

Her tights came off on the ride back after discovering a run down the back of one of her legs. She regretted that decision the minute she stepped outside because now she’s craving hot chocolate and just wants to wrap herself around his warm body.

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Neymar and James will play for players’ families Chapecoense

Players of Brazil and Colombia will play in late January a friendly match whose proceeds will be donated to the families of the victims of the plane crash in Medellin. For now, no decision has been made, where the meeting will take place. There are taken into account legendary Maracana in Rio de Janeiro or stadium Chapecoense.

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Do the whole ACOMAF fam on Christmas morning:)

“You are the High Lord of the Night Court,” Feyre snapped. “act like it!”

Maybe, Rhys mused while pressing his lips together to bite back a chuckle that would only aggravate his mate further, her anger would be more impressive if it didn’t come from under a thick pile of blankets, stacked over her like a fluffy mountain. The eyes that had glared at him a few seconds ago, vanished back in the depths of the what he now called Mount Feyre. There was little movement coming from the other side of the bed. The mountain calmed down, probably trying to catch a few more blissful minutes of sleep.

To say that the High Lady of the Night Court was not a morning person would not do her dislike of that particular time of the day justice. Ever since the end of the war, particularly ever since the nightmares vanished, it was hard to get Feyre out of the bed. Especially during the cold months of the year. Sometimes Rhys wondered if it had anything to do with the many days Feyre had to spent out in the cold to ensure her family’s survival. Now that they were safe, now that she’d fought so hard for it, she sure had earned every right to stay in bed as long as she liked. Well, usually that was. Usually, he would be anything but opposed to stay in bed with her, drag it out as long as possible to get up, but today wasn’t one of those days.

Besides the early hour, Rhys could already feel the restlessness of the house. He could feel the other occupants move around and knew there would be even more visitors soon. So really, there was no choice. His High Lady had to get up, whether she liked it or not.

Gently he poked a finger into the wall of blankets. It felt similar to irritating a wild animal. The noise was similar too.

“Feyre darling, we need to get up.”

He nudged Mount Feyre again, making it squirm.

“No,” came the muffled answer.

“You know they’re going to be here soon.”

“I don’t care.”

“Yes, you do. Especially if Cassian drinks all the tea again.”

One of the blankets vanished and a wild mop of hair appeared as well as a pair of narrowed eyes.

“He wouldn’t dare.”

Rhys lifted his eyebrows as if to say “It’s Cassian. Of course, he would.”

Feyre huffed but didn’t vanish in her mountain cave again. Instead, she glared at him.

“How can you be this awake?” Accusation was thick in her voice, as was the need for some tea to wake her up. If his High Lady wouldn’t look so adorably grumpy right now, he might even summon her some.

“Had a good rest. Had a good night,” he purred, letting the noise ripple over the bond just to see her shiver. Another glare was sent in his direction.

“I don’t understand how you can be so awake at … what time is it?” Glancing behind her at the clock on the nightstand, Feyre groaned. “Rhys!”

“I’m sorry! You know how they’re gonna be today! They are like children.”

“Hundreds of years old children,” Feyre mumbled into her blanket and heaved a sigh, a sure sign that she’d resigned. It now felt safe for Rhys to crawl over and lay down next to her, his nose almost touching hers. Feyre sighed again, this time it was much less suffering.

“Good morning,” he whispered, brushing a stray strand of hair out of her face. A small smile played over her lips, tired but there. Just for him.

As Feyre opened her mouth to reply, the door to their townhouse crashed open.

“Good Morning and Merry Winter Solstice!” Cassian’s voice boomed through the house. Before either of them could so much as blink, a second voice followed.

“No morning can be good if it involves you.” Even though it was mostly hissed, the words were as clear as they were angry. Rhys’ eyes found Feyre’s, seeing his High Lady bit on her lip to stop herself from laughing.

“Nesta, please. It’s Winter Solstice!” Elain’s voice was somewhere between pleading und cheery, trying to diffuse the situation between their older sister and the male she still refused to admit she had any feelings for.

“Yes, sweetheart. It’s Winter Solstice. Don’t you want to find a mistletoe and –”

“I swear if you finish that sentence, I will rip your beating heart out.”

“Finally some entertainment,” a dry female voice remarked. Rhys almost shuddered. It always made him slightly uneasy when Nesta and Amren were in one room. He didn’t even want to imagine the destruction the two of them would wreck if they decided to go against each other instead of bonding over their annoyment of Cassian.

A deep male voice said something, followed by another. Both of them were calm enough that their words didn’t carry but Rhys knew them well enough to guess that Lucien and Azriel had decided to remove themselves from the crossfire and head to the kitchen. Clever.

“So, where is he? Some High Lord he is, not even greeting his guests!” A new voice tore him from his thoughts. This time it was Rhys who heaved a sigh, burrowing his face into a soft part of Mount Feyre that could be either her breasts or her shoulder. She was wrapped in so many blankets, it was hard to say.

His mate grinned at him. “Still wanting to get up?”

“Wanting to? No. Needing to? Yes. And I know you want to too.”

“Why? Because you got me a gift?”

“Yes, but that’s actually not the gift I was referring to.”


“Well, Cassian,” he drawled. “bought a gift for Nesta.”

“Really? What did he buy?”

Rhys grinned. “I just know he went to our favourite store to get it.”

Feyre’s eyes widened. “She’s going to kill him!”

“Please don’t sound so excited, Feyre darling. The war might be over but I do still have need of Cassian.”

Something downstairs crashed and he could hear a deep male laugh as well as a female one viciously cursing.

“Come one, Feyre. I promise the bed will still be there later.” Another crash.

“But our kitchen may not,” Feyre said with a dry voice. “In case you wondered why I didn’t want children anytime soon, I’d say we already have about seven.”

As the fighting from downstairs grew louder, Feyre finally, finally, threw away the blankets, presenting her gloriously naked body in a way that had Rhys curse his persistence for them to get up.

A snort got his attention. When he looked up, he found the amused eyes of his mate waiting for him.

“Come on, High Lord. We have guests to entertain. And a home to save.”

“No rest for the wicked,” Rhys sighed, starting to get up. A hand resting softly on his chest stopped him from leaving their bed fully. A soft pair of lips covered his a heartbeat later.

“Merry Winter Solstice to you too, Rhys.”

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Do you believe the rumors that Harry went to Toronto after the tour do be with Meghan for like 2 days? Since he has an engagement on the 7 in London

It seems to be quite true to me.

I guess I’ll take the time now to go ahead and comment on the situation once since I have other messages about it in my inbox and I don’t want it to be a long, drawn-out conversation. I always try to look at things from both perspectives and then come up with my own opinion so this is just that - my opinion.

KP saying one thing and then Harry doing another doesn’t look the best, especially since they’ve been criticized for lying in the past. I don’t hold it against them for saying he was going back to London weeks ago as that’s what seemed to be the original plan, but IF they did tell press that he was flying back to London after they knew he had changed plans then that’s not good judgement and it should have been handled better.

As for who pays for what… it’s said that Harry paid for his own ticket so that’s not a problem and as long as the pre-paid flight back to London was either refunded or reimbursed by Harry, the only other problem I see is that “the cost of diverting at least one police protection officer to Toronto to guard him will be met by the taxpayer”? For that, he’s going to get criticized and probably rightfully so. He could have just flown back to London and waited to go to TO later, but he apparently chose to go from Barbados after the tour. That’s a decision that he had every right to make imo since the tour was over and he had the time before his next engagement, but it’s also a decision that he’s going to face backlash for because it does involve taxpayer money. It’s not the royal scandal of the year, but the criticisms are understandable.