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Hi ^_^ yey requests are open! Can you go headcanon for tobirama, Kakashi and makishima where she asks them if they want to do the do in a public place and she teases them like "accidentally" touching their privates or something like that? 😁

This is pretty of similair to some other headcanons I did for Tobirama and Kakashi so I’m a little lacking in the creativity department for these, sorry


•You’re just not gonna get Tobirama to be down for public sex that way tbh. Too risky. The minute his s/o puts her hands anywhere near his dick, he jumps and snatches her wrist and gives her this “Don’t you ever do that again what the hell what makes you think this is okay” look

•He does admit though, if she dirty talks him a little with some persuasion, like “Don’t you want me, Tobirama?” it is a little tempting. But unfortunately it’s still not going to cut it. Tobirama can’t go for public sex unless he’s a little drunk or just intensely horny and that’s not bound to happen often

•That being said, this doesn’t mean he won’t get hard. And he’ll panic and want to rush home. In which case, if she still wants to try and go for the dick, it’s much easier to get him in the mood when he’s not in the public eye


•Kakashi isn’t completely opposed to public sex. If she’s persuasive and seductive enough, he’s down

•He might not let on to that though. The first time she reaches down to touch him he kind of shrugs her off, but doesn’t say anything. Second time she does it, he shrugs her off again 

•He looks aloof, possibly a little annoyed, but on the inside he’s dying. Trying real hard not to get an erection, because he knows that would just encourage her

•Kakashi’s plan is to just chill out until the right opportunity presents itself to drag her into a bathroom or the nearest private place, if he’s even in the mood. For example, changing room sex in a clothing shop is just ideal for Kakashi. Perfect mix of risky public sex, but still a little private enough for him


•She’s not getting anywhere with Makishima tbh. Just not going to happen. If she even tries to touch him, he’ll shove her hand away and give her a hard, annoyed look

•Makishima is not a man you want to play with. He just doesn’t enjoy these type of antics. Sexual stuff in general is just not his forte. He’d only consider it in private, so there’s no way he’ll entertain anything in public. Just not going to happen. Ever

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