so i’ve been playing comp overwatch just for the hell of it recently and i’ve mostly only played mercy, 3 hours in comp im general.

so loss after loss because all of the teams i’ve been paired up with Sucked, i finally decided, okay fine. no more healer i’m gonna go zarya bc she’s my next best hero

it was a two round payload match and this was me, after the first round

and me, after the second

we won and i even got potm. 

i cannot be contained
easy - littleleotas - Mass Effect [Archive of Our Own]
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a very very short little thane/garrus/shepard ficlet on falling in love, for mass effect poly week

      a website just tried to sell me the pre-order for the illustrated version of A Game of Thrones e-book for $50.  y’all are high as fuck right now.   also,  lowkey whining at the collaboration with apple bc i don’t use kindles/ect/to read books. 


By Maria Layus


Star Trek Beyond | Uhura

I’ve never seen a post warning sapphic girl about the kind of girls to avoid

Avoid girls who:

-Don’t think bi girls are sapphic or thinks bi girls are inherently cheater/gross.

-Thinks transwomen aren’t women.

-Thinks being in the closet is cowardly.

-Trie to or does out you without your permission.

-Doesn’t tip the waiter/waitress. 

-Says she isn’t “like other girls” 

-Says you aren’t femme/butch enough.

-Cause you “sensitive” or “crazy” when you get upset.

-Forces PDA in situations where you feel uncomfortable/unsafe.

-This is already pretty much stated but, avoid TERFs like the plague.

-Shames femininity (i.e. wearing makeup/dresses, etc.)

-If she’s white and uses racial slurs in any way.

-calls other girls bitches/sluts/whores.

-Who call their ex crazy/bitch/slut/whore.

-Thinks calling them out on this stuff is homophobic.

Feel free to add to the list

Shiro headcanons with Josh Keaton
  • Shiro headcanons with Josh Keaton

In which the spectacular Josh Keaton (Shiro’s va) talks Shiro’s time in captivity; breaks my heart a little bit  

(Taken from the Let’s Voltron podcast. Listen to the full interview, which I highly recommend doing, over here)

  • things tumblr could update:replies, app not loading, gifs not loading, literally anything useful
  • things tumblr updates:removing the underline for links so now you have to play hide and seek

[stares into the middle distance] 

I have made a huge mistake.


lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off // panic! at the disco