I can’t imagine what that’s most feel like.
From having maybe 10-12 security guards on one game to having probably 15 or 20 guards heavily armed just making sure the players gets in side the stadium. And the worst part is that some of them are probably still feeling unsafe 😢😢💛

Castro seems like he is just trying to act like everything is normal.
Marco trying to block the whole thing out.
And Erik looking completely shocked and scared because of all the security and probably the reason why. 😭

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I'm so proud of you

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Hi Can you write Ivar imagine when his wife makes love to him after he came back from the long raid? Considering the incident with Marghrete was caused by nerves. I really enjoyed your last Ivar imagine!

Okay sorry this is full of misspells,, i know cause once again its like 4.11 am and i have bout 4 hours of sleep, but sleep is for the weak. So please bear with me! I am also going to be quite busy the next week, but i will try to post as much as i can, thank you for your patience!! and this is shitty shit shit. 

Warnings: Hella sinning where is the winchester’s with the holy water when you need them??! 

Wordcount: 3.539

The little bundle wrapped up in soft white fabric and pelt started moving about, making soft gurgle sounds in your arms. Using its hole hand to grip around your slim forefinger, you started cooing and humming - smiling softly at it. The wooden cradle with the midgard serpent carved into both of its sides was standing before you - overflowing with fur. Resting before the fireplace you cuddled your one month old son in your arms, transferring all the motherly love you could give. The house had felt so empty when your husband had left, and no matter how much you fired up, the cold never disappearing - just you alone. But that changed not long after, as you gave birth. Your husband had been gone for nearly two months and promising you to come back before your first child would see daylight. 

He didn’t keep that promise. You where alone when the water broke and the birth started, slaves running about doing what they could to help you, but all you wanted was him taking your hand - taking away the intense and unbearable pain. There was nobody there to consult you, guiding you through it all. The stubborn little thing, just like his father, came out after 5 hours of pushing and screaming. Never had your heart warmed, or tears started falling, as when you heard the loud screams of your healthy child. “Its a boy, my lady! A strong, healthy boy!” the midwife had told, never had such relief washed over you, you had given Ivar a son. Wet h/c hair sticking to your forehead and face, as you cried a happy laugh, receiving your son. He already had his fathers dark straight hair covering his head. 

The time had just flew now that you had your son to care for, but it was something bothering you. A worrying feeling never left your body. Ivar had told you the raid would not last long, so why had it been almost two months? Praying everyday for Odin to send back your husband into your embrace, nothing had happened. Never loosing hope until anything else was confirmed, you tried to brush it off concentrating on the new life in your hands. The humming had sung it to sleep, a fast and steady breathing. The gods had blessed you with a healthy child, but if you where going to be honest, you had a big fear it would inherit its fathers flaw, his legs - but you would never tell anyone that, especially Ivar. 

Loud voices and screams could be heard outside, and the blood in your veins turned to ice, as you hugged your child closer to you. It didn’t take long to realize you where mistaken, it was not screams of fear - rather screams and yelling of joy. 

“They’re back, my lady” one of the young save girls poked her head inside the bedchamber. 

Looking back at her with big hopeful eyes, the pulse started rising inside you - making you able to hear the beating of your heart. Standing up you took fast steps towards the door and thought the house. If this was a big joke, you would decapitate everybody involved in it. Soon the fresh air hit your face, a strong wind blowing. And there you saw it, the boats, the dragons cutting trough the Fjord. Running as fast as your feet could carry you, you pushed past the jolly women waiting for their men, and down to quays. You didn’t stop running until there wasn’t anymore wood to tread on. 

The boats was close enough so you could see the persons onboard. Eyes scanning each and every face, some familiar some unfamiliar, until you found it. You saw the handsome face, carved by the gods themselves, coming closer and closer. A big smile grew on your face - you couldn’t stop it if you wanted to, and a breathless jolly laugh came trough it. Odin had answered you prayers. The wind blew your tears of happiness down past your cheek, as you waited. The boat he sat in stopped before you, and you couldn’t believe it. For so long had you waited, so long had you prayed, and now he was here in front of you - alive. 

They lifted him up - his men, as he sat in the stool. His eyes met yours and a smile big as yours was playing on his face, hands reached you for you. Basking yourself in his strong embrace you hugged onto him tightly, burying your face in his chest. He petted you loose h/c hair, as he placed his chin on your head - saving the moment in each others arms. He cupped your face, thumbs wiping away happy tears, he kissed you deep and passionately, sanding sparks trough you. Only letting go to take a breath, he rested his forehead on yours, lightly rubbing them together. 

“The Gods know how i have dreamt of your touch, your soft warm lips on mine again y/n”, his words sound extremely sincere, and you pecked him again. 

His men was still holding him up, as the others carried out big chests floating over with treasures, slaves closely behind. The little human between you gave a little whimper, kicking about to make himself noticed. Ivar looked at you as if he did not believe it true, big blue eyes traveling down to your arm under the cape. Biting your bottom lip to prevent anymore tears to wet your cheek, you revealed the little boy, new to this world. Ivars lips opened up a little in disbelief, letting a little breath escape, as a rim of tears started to from in his eyes. 

“Say hello to little Ragnar Ivarsson”, you said trough a sniffle.

“You named him after my father?” he said so proudly.

Nodding you smiled at him and he gave you a breathless laugh.

“Can i hold him?”

 Lifting him up carefully you placed him in his fathers arms. Moving a little before settling down, Ivar spoke to him.

 “Hi little one, im sorry to break it to you, but this ugly face is your father” he said and looked at you as you giggled. 

“Lucky for you, i see you have your mothers looks”. 

He reached a hand out to place some loose hair behind your ear, caressing your cheek. The little baby hand gripped on to what it could around his fathers big ring finger. A single tear ran down his face at his sons actions - as he cupped your face with the same hand that replaced you hair. 

“I didn’t think i could love you more than i did before, but now i see i was wrong y/n, i love you so, so much”. 

A big feast was hold in the celebration of a well succeeded raid, blessed with new riches, but Ivar wasn’t celebrating that, he was celebrating his first child - his first son. Grilled animals of every kind, mead, ale and warm drunk bodies, all mixed together made its way through your nose. Sitting next to your husband, he had your sleeping son on his chest - cradling him. His brothers also curious about their nephew, praising you for the name you had chosen for him. They where all speaking to you, but Ivar was totally oblivious to them, it was only him and Ragnar in his mind. Taking a sip from your mead, you saw your brother in law looking at your son. 

“Do you want to hold him Hvitserk?” Gaining his, and Ivars attention. 

You husband looked at you with stern eyes, before switching them to his brother - without a movement on his face. 

“Oh c’mon Ivar! He is just gonna hold him, not throw him around like a bloody rag-doll”. 

Sighting Ivar carefully gave away his biggest treasure since the raid, never leaving the gaze of his brother. Your sons uncle smiled down at him, playing with his hand. Ubbe was soon hanging over them, and Sigurd joined soon after. 

“I was really afraid on the child’s behalf that he would look like his father, but he was a lucky boy with you as his mother y/n!” Ubbe claimed, making Ivar brush his hand at his laughing brothers. 

“Go to hell, all of you” he said, and they started laughing more. 

Grabbing onto you husbands tense hand, tying to calm him, you whispered into his ear.

“Stop being so protective over him, it’s gonna be fine! They are his uncles and your brothers!” 

He turned his head to look at you. 

“And thats exactly why i am afraid, with my child in the idiots arms”. 

A fragile cry sounded from your son, making his uncle uncomfortable and insecure as the baby started crying. 

“Would you mind taking over y/n?” Hvitserk nervously said as he never left his eyes from the child, trying to hush him.

Laughing you reached across the table to take him back. 

“Told you so” Ivar whispered and you rolled your eyes at him. 

“Someone is just tiered” you spoke in a baby voice down in your arms, hushing him and rocking your arms back and forth.

“I think we should go back home, we have a lot to catch up on.” 

Ivars hand traced down to the small of your back, as he leaned in and whispered softly into your ear. Blinking a couple of times, his seductive voice sent a rush trough your body. Nodding fast you stood up, as he put on his crutches. You remembered when he had first started using them, falling constantly, but now he was much more trained with them and had much better control. 

“Im happy to see you all again, its so good to have you all back home!” you told the people in front of you as you helped your husband up.

“Remember that y/n have just given birth, give her a break before you put a new one in her Ivar”, his brother Bjorn yelled after him. 

You only laughed at his half brothers teasing, as Ivar just made a grimace at him, before you both started on you way back home. 

Tucking your child securely in the fur blankets, and singing a gently lullaby, you watched  as little eyelids, thick lashes fall heavy and closing - sending you baby into a deep slumber. 

“Im so proud of you, my love”, Ivars soft voiced called for you to turn and look at him over your shoulder. 

He was laying on the bed not far from the cradle, only the blankets as cover over his naked body. He looked almost godly from the dim light coming form the candles your servants had lit. His hair longer from when you had last seen him. Letting your blue silk dress fall to a pool around your feet - naked body stepped out of the fabric circle. He reached out his hand for you to come join him, and you gladly took it - your hand seeming small in his. You laid down upon the smooth hide, nothing to cover you as you turned your head to look at him. The outside of his fingers brushed your cheekbone tenderly.

”I mean it y/n, im so proud of you for doing this all alone. The pain and the struggle of bringing our son into this world, you cant even begin to imagine how much i love you for it.” 

He paused for a minute, looking over to the crib, before locking his eyes on you again.

“You’ve must have been so scared, Im so sorry i wasn’t there to protect you, support you - like i said i would. Im so, so sorry my love”. 

His voice hoarse and nearly a whisper.

“Ivar, its okay. As you said i am a strong woman and nothing could tear me down, not even a birth.” 

Letting his thumb trace your lips taking the tip of it into your mouth, sucking lightly on it - before you take on more. Lips slightly apart, he watches your every movement intensely, wetting his own lips in the process. Giving it a little kitten lick you watched him, a smirk on your lips seeing how your actions could affect him this way. 

“Gods how i have dreamt of your teasing mouth every night, driving me insane”. 

He lifted himself to lean on his upper arm, his other brushing away the hair that flowed down your back. You followed him with your eyes as he placed a kiss on your shoulder and up your neck. His fingers trailing the branches of the yggdrasil tattoo. The root started at you neck, as the black inc traveled down, forming branches and leafs - spreading across your skin. Closing your eyes, falling into the pleasurable feeling of his lips pressed between your shoulderblades, continuing down - following the black inc. Trailing his nose down your spine, he reached the small of your back - placing a wet kiss on each dimple. 

The tickling feeling made you laugh, kicking your feet a little. This was like fuel to the fire for him, oh how he had missed your wonderful laugh, like music in his ears. Teeth sinking down playfully in one of your buttcheeks’, you jumped a little, didn’t expect it. 


 You said as you turned around to look at him over your shoulder smiling, he only showed you a smirk, lust in his gaze before doing the same thing again. He made himself up to you once more, meeting you with a deep passionate kiss. Rolling over to his back, he brought you with him - settling you in his lap. Lifting your fingers, you let them skim over his face, little stubs of hair sticking out of his cheeks. Taking your hand in his, he laid little kisses on the tip each finger while stroking your hand gently. 

“I have missed you so much my husband, each and every day i prayed for your safe return - with glory or not, as long as you came back to me alive”. 

Swallowing a hard lump in your throat, trying not to let tears fall again. 

“And it was your soft calling, your beautiful face, and your loving spirit - that kept me on the path back to you y/n.”

Pulling you into his tight embrace, he hold you there as you let tiny soft whimpers out - you where just so glad to have him home. Shushing you, he patted your long silky hair, brushing back hair behind both ears. He leaned in and melted your lips together, making you hole again. 

His hands became more touching, taking more skin into the palm. His behavior made you hot throughout your hole body - wanting more, craving more. Two months had gone with no Ivar, no sexual activity what so ever, and it made you crazy to you bone marrow. Out of instinct your hips started rocking, earning a groan that became muffled in your mouth. It didn’t take long before you felt him growing, making you smirk against his mouth. Hands became greedy, pushing  your hips to make your rocking deeper. Taking your bottom lip between his teeth, he stretched it out. As he let it go you started kissing down his jaw and neck, finally meeting the strong chest you loved to sleep on.

Skimming every new scar you fond on his body, telling him you where healing them and curing the man who had dared to place them upon his beautiful flesh. Chuckling, he laid his head back on the mushy pillow, resting his head as he let you make wonders on him. You reached the sensitive surface of his hip bones, placing pecks on the spots, giving each side a little kitten lick. You knew how to push his buttons, and you looked up at him trough your lashes - meeting his blue ones. Ivar was not a man of patience, and you loved to toy with him - drive him insane, use it to your advantage. 

Finally you started to pull of the fur covering his bottom half, but painfully slow. His heavy breathing a mix of eagerness and impatientness, waiting for you to do something. 

“Enough teasing woman do something you’re making me mad!” He hissed at you and you weren’t about to let your husband down. 

Wrapping your hand around him and pumping him ever so slow, he let out a sight he didn’t knew he had, falling back into the bed. Lips sliding over his top, you felt the taste you had missed, a taste only he had. Letting more of him into your wet mouth he moaned, and it didn’t take long for his hand to find your hair, controlling your movements. Sliding your tongue under his base, letting your tip trace the sensitive vein. 

“Y/n…fuck you feel so good”, words suppressed by whimpers and groans. Letting your hand pump him, you kittenlicked his head, as his grip in your hair tightened. You let him back in, going faster this time. Feeling his hand starting to push you, you let go and let him take control. And he did. Pushing you all the way down, making you take all of him, a trait he loved - the trait that you didn’t have a gag reflect. You knew he became more aggressive the closer he came to his orgasm, and it turned you on to the fullest, sending a pool of wetness down to your core. Breathing heavier he started panting he stared moving your head again, and you following his command. His hips started thrusting to meet your swollen lips. 

“Shit y/n, i cant take more” breathless words made its way to your ears. Looking up at him, this was enough to push him over the edge, sending him into an ecstasy, a loud moan following,  as he pushed you all the way down again - spilling into your warm mouth. His grip on your hair loosened as he came down from his high. You swallowed and pulled him out, wiping away the little that spilled outside with your with your thumb, sucking it off afterwards. With a heavy panting, he looked at you intensely.

“I had almost forgotten how a good girl you are y/n..” 

His praising words turning you on like crazy, crawling back up to him nearly animalistic, you crashed your lips together with a big sloppy kiss.

“Ivar i need you inside me, need you to make me feel the way only you can.”

Words spoken between each slip of kisses. 

“Everything for my princess.”

Pushing himself up to a sitting position, he placed an arm securely behind the small of your back - as he slid easily into your soaked core. The awaited feeling finally there, letting out a heavy moan with his name inside. Sloppy kisses where placed all over your firm breast, sending his love trough each and one of them. As you rocked your hips more and more, he hit you on he perfect spot every time, sending sparks inside your body. Fingers instantly holding onto his hair, pushing his head closer to you chest. 

Prayers and profanities slipped tough your parted lips, as your hair bounced with every thrust he gave you. Clinging onto him like this was just a dream, a cruel dream from the gods. Your nipple became squeezed between his two fingers as he took a big hold around your breast, couldn’t give a less shit about the milk spilling from it - twisting the bundle. He wasn’t just fucking you, he was making love to you - pure love. It was just different from the other times, it was to much feelings into the picture. It was plain and simple, just pure love. Pushing back some of the loose hair that had fallen in front of your face, he cupped it, and you laid your forehead on his.

“I love you y/n, my everything”, he nearly managed to breath out. 

The pleasure was to prominent for you to have the strength to answer, but he saw it in your eyes and didn’t need your words as confirmation. You where bound to the love of him. He could feel you tighten around him and he knew you where close.

“Come my love, release yourself” he whispered into your ear as he hold you close.

And it didn’t take long before you did. Sending you into a godly rush, making your body shake - curling your toes. He gave his last few sloppy thrusts, before joining you. He fell back into the soft ocean of fur, using his little strength to hold your limp body in his arms. 

Regaining some energy you slipped of him and snuggled close to his warm embrace, laying your head on his strong chest - a pillow dearly missed. A finger tracing simple circles on his skin. He turned his handsome face to look down at you lovingly, caressing you with the back of his hand. 

“You know y/n, i could search near and far, north or south, but no matter how much gold and silver i would plunder, no treasure will be a big a treasure as you are - my love.”

The reaction gif starter’s kit when you enter the 1d fandom, Larries edition.

When the headcanoning gets too intense even for you

When Dan Wattpad writes, well, anything.

When you’re faced with doubters and god forbid “Freddies”

When Louis or Harry just you know surface

When you’re on a regret spiral, because you used to have a life before

When you’re faced with doubters again and “what” if people

When you go to sleep and 146435 things happened during the night 

When you’re trying to make sense of business, contrats, beards, management, labels, BEARS …

When Larries become “reconvering larries” 

When you’re just tired TM


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