I thought of Cui-Fen and Tao…

Neptune is the taste of syrup that is ultimately poison, because its just sugar and thats diabetes, Mercury is giggling as he tricks us, you know, ‘what did you say!?’
But Neptune makes me think of a beautiful woman singing a sweet song of seduction, with the most exquisite voice, luring people toward her, like a magnet, you just want to follow this magnificent music, and you find her, you touch her, and she turns into an old witch
And things like substances, illusions, daydreams, fantasies, the delusion of cinema are sickly sweet like this, drugs give you a false perception, it gives you the ‘feeling’ of Neptune, but your subconscious wants something deeper, it gives you the feeling of Neptune because you are holding hands with eternity again but it is still hollow… so you want more drugs or more flashing lights
But Neptune is not all malefic, she is not just an old witch. She is a divine healer. A saint. A redeemer. Like the sign she rules Pisces, she is dual natured,
you can meet her in meditation, the moment between awake and asleep, the feeling of having an angel scoop you up in their arms and save you, you can express her healing honey when acknowledging the collective and becoming aware with compassion, Neptune is the oversoul

I just like how most of the students in Miraculous Ladybug seem have some sort of artistic hobby or multimedia focus. 

Here’s what they do besides school and superheroing so far:

Marinette: fashion design, crafts, sewing, gaming, and graphic design
Alya: web blogging, journalism, writing in general
Adrien: fashion model, fencing, learning Chinese, gaming, piano, and maybe basketball
Nino: music dj, mixing, film, and radio
Chloe: fashion, perhaps fashion critic
Sabrina: …shadowing?
Mylene: stage and acting
Alix: roller skating
Max: gaming, running numbers, research
Kim: athletics, running, maybe soccer and basketball
Rose: scrap booking
Juleka: maybe makeup and likely some fashion, likes horror
Nathaniel: traditional and digital drawing
Ivan: song writing

That’s the class so far. Other students include Lila, Mireille, and Aurore. The latter two were in a televised performance-based competition.

It’s just so nice to see diversity in the arts. There’s also some athletics in the mix, which is great too. Seeing more than just the usual sport, computer, and food hobbies is refreshing.

(side note: Marinette lives in a bakery, but we haven’t seen her bake yet and no one says she bakes, so I didn’t include it above. Time will tell.)


       well, she might have poor taste in men and home security, but carol danvers does not fuck around when it comes to booze. dirty little secret drawer, what a bad girl you’ve been. yelena pours two glasses because it’s fun to screw with the help and waits for one of them to come home. as luck would have it - it’s exactly who she needs to talk to. 

                   ‘  so. i have a little problem i might need help with.  ‘

IchiHime: Argument.

Okay, so, I got this idea of Ichigo and Orihime’s first argument from @teacupshinagami, where Orihime snaps at Ichigo. Okay, here goes!

Orihime was tired. No, scratch that, she was exhausted; college was way too harder than high school and not to mention the constant Hollows. So, when she finally met up with her boyfriend, his bad mood wasn’t really helping. All through their walk to their home, Ichigo was silent. They now lived together; Ichigo moved into Orihime’s apartment. Even though it was small, they managed. Ichigo’s father and sisters would come over and make dinner, or Ichigo and Orihime would sometimes eat at their house.

When they arrived home, Ichigo turned around, his brows furrowed, frowning and almost pouting. His arms were crossed in front of his chest. Orihime blinked up at him.

“Ichigo-kun - ?”

“Who was that guy?”

That guy could be anyone really. Orihime has many friends in her college and there are guys who she likes to hang around.

“Er… Who are we talking about?”

In all brutal honesty, Orihime was not really in the mood of talking anything. She just wants to sleep. Tomorrow was Saturday, so homework could wait.
Ichigo narrowed his eyes a bit. At this, Orihime looked unfazed, though only concerned. Why was he so mad?

“The guy who’s been hanging around with you all day.”

Orihime tilted her head, blinking curiously as she furrowed her eyebrows a bit, trying to figure out who he was referring.

“You mean… Takachiko-kun?” She tried to approach gently, her eyes flickering up to him. Ichigo’s face darkened, scowling.

“Yeah. Him.” Ichigo spat out like he was a venom. “Stop hanging around with him.”

Orihime blinked and stared her boyfriend. Was he…Was he really, seriously demanding her to stop hanging around him? She has to admit, that guy did made her uncomfortable. She was not sure why, though. Flooded in stress, Orihime was not all pleased by Ichigo’s attitude.

“Why?” Orihime asked sharply.

Still, she tried to calm herself and be reasonable about this. She never fancied getting angry nor getting into an argument. Not since… Orihime mentally cringed and shook her head gently. Ichigo frowned further more. 

“Don’t you see? He’s just trying to woo you!”

Orihime rose her eyebrows. Oh, so that’s what that guy was doing.

“And I won’t be wooed.” She said smoothly, hoping this would soothe him down. It didn’t.

“Look, Orihime, I’ve heard about that guy. He’s bad news and just sleeps around with girls!” Ichigo blurted out then flushed bright pink. “A-Anyway…”

Orihime was frowning at this point. What was he trying to say? That she was…That she was that easy to trick? So cheap? Orihime may be oblivious sometimes, but really, she’s a college student now. She knows better. She isn’t stupid - She knows in high school she was stalked and look, she’s fine. The mere fact that Ichigo have no faith in her and think she’s some damsel in distress upsets her. She would normally be more sad, but now sudden unusual anger was boiling inside her.

“I can take care of myself.”

Ichigo looked surprised at her sharp and maybe a bit harsh tone. Boldly, she looked up and locked her brown hues with his chocolate orbs.

“I - No, I am not saying that! I just - “

“What were you trying to say then? It sounded like I am some helpless girl who can’t take care of herself and always needs protection! That time is over. I will be fine.”

Ichigo, who was surprised, apparently wasn’t going down either. 

“Sorry for showing concern then.” His sarcasm was a horrible timing.

Orihime exploded.

“You CAN worry! Demanding me stop hanging around me is not something you should be telling me! That’s my decision! MINE! Not yours!” Her face was flushed with anger, her hands already thrown up in the air. “Also, just trust me, okay!? I’ve lived alone since middle school! I’ve fought Hollows and all those bad guys WITH you! I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF!!!

She was screaming now, panting heavily as she looked at Ichigo, who was gaping at her. His eyes were wide, his jaws hanging open, clearly speechless. He looked absolutely astonished.

Then, she realized what she did. Eyes widening, she cupped her mouth with a gasp.

“I… I mean, I didn’t mean to…” She stammered, looking away. What was she thinking? She closed her eyes, feeling tears in her eyes. She heard Ichigo approach and gasped when she felt his arm wrap around her gently. He pressed his lips against her hair and held her closely.

“No… You’re right… I am sorry… I should trust you.”

Orihime returned the embrace and sighed in content. Comfortable silence fell and they just stood like that. Then slowly, they pulled back, smiling gently. 

Ichigo grinned suddenly.

“Didn’t know you can be angry like that. That’s new.”

Orihime flushed and looked away, embarrassed.


“Nah, it’s cool. I was being an idiot anyway… That’s a big step you know. You’re opening to me. Showing emotions.”

Orihime buried her face in his chest, giving a shuddering sigh.

“I don’t like to get mad… Last time I did… Sora died…”

Ichigo hugged her tighter and whispered in her ears.

“I won’t… I will never leave you.”

This was just the beginning of them.

// For more icons I considered using face claims. Ready made icons.
For both child and teenage verse, so I go and explore this one site for girls with black hair…
And I find a girl for child verse.
                                                    With perfect hair…
                                                    from a girl casting…

                                           {{a fucking}}                                                  
                                                    Dora the Explorer.


She’d only gotten more beautiful since he’d so cruelly rebuked her.

And he’d only gotten a hole through his chest. Surely she’d hate him too much by now to even look at him, but still he kept his cloak wrapped tightly around his upper body.

Ino-chan, he almost said. Certainly that old nickname would have earned him a smack across the face.

“Inoue,” he said gravely, standing behind her, both eager for and dreading the moment he heard her voice again. “You’re alive.” He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t been concerned for her during the war with the Quincy.

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ok im gonna fight you! Top is deffo not their best album! I mean it´s without josh and call me stupid but i really miss his emotional drumming that you can hear on vessel, blurryface etc.. although i love march to the sea and in fact the whole album, but rab and vessel are better in my opinion :) have a good day

Fair fair. Tyler wrote those songs when he was in a place much darker than he is now and honestly, the words resonate with me so much more. I feel less emotion in a song like Lane Boy than a song like Addict With A Pen. The self-titled has something so raw and hollow about it that just pulls me in. I’m not bagging on any of the other albums, of course. I mean, Migraine and Holding Onto You are absolute anthems and hit a nerve with most of the clique. If I had to listen to an album for the rest of my life, though, it would be the self-titled. It’s so unpolished compared to the newer songs: so much raw emotion. It’s nothing against Josh either, what an incredible guy who really brings the band to whole a new level.

Roll on into my asks with your arguments.

Babel To Mordor “Les Enfers Pavillonaires” France Photo Hugh Ardoin

Rising above the tenements and the charred remains of a lost industrial age

A shining tower, that is no more than an assembly of cardboard boxes held together by some cling film, reads like the epitaph to our wayward imagination

The dark foreboding skies above pretend to be the smoke emanating from the eternal fires of Mordor

The kingdom of all despairs is calling in a thousand languages, the spiralling hopes scrambling to the sky to fall again

A dream fostered by an other dream, the emptiness of the last hopes hollowed by so many failed attempts

The crackling electric wires and the parabolic antennas plugged into paraplegic minds, like cupped hands held up to catch the rain of twisted words

The railway extends like it is the only escape route, like the cold plank leading to oblivion, the first and last jump overboard…

Hugh Ardoin Les Enfers Pavillonaires Gallery

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So I've read/watched Bleach for the past 6 years, and even though it's not as long as others, it was the first anime/manga that I really followed. To add to that I shipped Ichiruki before I knew what shipping was & it was my very first ship. Bleach has had its ups & downs throughout the years and with that unsatisfactory ending, I feel so numb & hollow. I've had my fair share of "bad" endings but this hit me the hardest. Anyway, thank you for your metas and Ichiruki art; I love them all!

asdkjhalksfjhlaj Bleach was literally my life manga and ichiruki was literally my life OTP so to have them both trashed like this really HURTS, ngl. But I’ve finally gotten past the hollow/numb stage, and now im burning like a supernova with righteous fury and im using every last bit of that energy to make fanart and fanfic. so hopefully you’ll be able to get past it soon too! Cheer up! 

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a goy called my challah loaf ciabatta bread today

my nephew’s jewish but he can’t pronounce it so he calls it hollow bread