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Dude, I don't know if you're taking prompts, but I just thought of comedy gold: Okay, so the 77th class is filming the video saying how they caused all the destruction, and they'll be back... Except it's not that simple. Because of minor (and funny) inconveniences, they have to do multiple takes. For example, one of Gundham's hamsters accidentally run up someone's pats or something idk.

Deleted Scenes - exclusive cut on how the sdr2 kids actually recorded the video

“Have you enjoyed the killing game we planned?”

They will once again dye the world in despair.


…As soon as they get this video right.

“Goddammit! What is it this time?” Hinata swore in exasperation as he turned around to glare at the culprit of the commotion.

“It’s not my fault! Something crawled up my pants!” Souda defended himself in tears. And as if to back him up, a hamster popped up from within his jumpsuit.

“Oh, it is one of the Zodiac gods. Awww, it got attached to him.” Sonia cooed.

“Tanaka, could you please reign in your animals?” Hinata scowled.

This wasn’t the first time that this happened. And he’s brought more than just the twelve zodiac gods.

“Foolish mortal. It is futile to try and suppress the powers of the gods!” Gundam laughed deeply as the rest of his hamsters squeaked in agreement.

Sometimes Hinata questions himself for even trying.

“Hey, aren’t we done yet? My legs are going to fall asleep from all of this standing.” Hiyoko whined as she sidestepped for emphasis.

“Just a little while longer. Let’s hang in there, okay?” Koizumi tried to reassure her.

“Do you want Ibuki to sing a song to wake you up? Because Ibuki is all gung-ho for a sing-along!” Ibuki howled with great enthusiasm.

“P-Please, don’t. I know more effective methods on how to treat numbness. But only if you’ll l-let me.” Mikan stuttered weakly.

“Definitely not. We’re not turning this into a music video.” Hinata firmly objected.

This wasn’t even a full minute video so why the hell couldn’t they finish this recording already?

“Maaan, I’m hungry! Can’t we take a snack break first?” Akane complained as her stomach grumbled.

“Master control over your body. You just ate on the way here.” Nidai calmly pointed out.

“If it’s food you want then I’ll gladly prepare them!” Teruteru cheered as he set up a grill.

“We’re counting on you.” Twogami offered his moral support.

“Guys, just so you know we haven’t even recorded anything yet.” Hinata commented, his tone dripping with frustration.

“Don’t be such a hardass. Lighten up a bit, will ya?” Kuzuryuu smirked at him.

“Everyone’s just enjoying themselves.” Pekoyama seconded.

“But can’t we do that like I don’t know… after the video?” Hinata crossed his arms. Despite his protests, he made no move to stop his classmates from their fun. He sighed but there was a smile on his face. “Seriously, you guys are having way too much fun over this.”

“Everyone is so full of hope! I’m so happy to be a part of such a hope-filled class!” Komaeda commented with a huge grin.

This wasn’t a bad scene at all. Too bad it won’t get shown on the video.  And about the video… Well, the video could wait. It wasn’t even a minute long so they could finish that later.

So before they carry the burden of despair, let them relish in the joy of hope.

The Creation of Dragons | OPEN!

               Melkor turned to the other, a broad, knowing grin upon his face.

You seem curious… I like that. Since you’re so curious how about I, the creator of all dragons, tell you just how I made them, for it was by no normal means. I can assure you of that…


This is my student film, Bleuet Fraise (it means Blueberry Strawberry in french)! I created this as a final project in my animation course at Cegep du Vieux-Montreal. It took a little over a year to make, including all the pre-production stuff like designing the characters, painting backgrounds, planning the shots and everything. The animation itself took about 4-5 months of full-time work. I know it’s a little short compared to all of those amazing student shorts you can find online, but please give it a chance…. I had to make everything myself! It was a huge challenge and I’m really proud of having completed it! I really hope you like it!!

Big thanks to my awesome musician @lizrainsberry for creating such an amazing track and to @yamsgarden for providing the voices!!


and you call yourself a spy Natasha


IwaOi Cuties | Happy Birthday to my wonderful Nad✧ ♡╰(✿´⌣`✿)╯♡


smug from cradle to grave: a novel by jeon jungkook

You’re driving me wild, wild, wild
You’re driving me wild, wild, wild
You’re driving me wild
(Wild, wild, hey!)

Wild - Troye Sivan



The Dork Captains | Kuroo & Bokuto |
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