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Do you happen to know whether it's stated if Shadowhunters or Downworlders can get drunk? Bc as much as I love Magnus' drinking I would totally love to see him drunk as hell. :D

Magnus has gotten super drunk in the books yes. I don’t think he makes a habit of it since he also mentions that mental impairment + his magic make for a bad combination, so i assume most of the time he avoids getting full on wasted to avoid waking up the next morning surrounded by people he’s accidentally turned into toads. Same with Shadowhunters; Alec gets pretty plastered too at one point.

I’d be curious to see it on the show! I don’t know if he’d be a happy drunk tho? I feel like when he does get wasted it’s bc he really wants to drown his sorrows (like the time we see him get drunk, Imasu had just broken up with him.) Otherwise, Magnus seems to prefer being in control of himself + his powers. I mean, we see him drink often on the show, but not the point where he’s getting noticeably tipsy or anything (+ people tend to drop in on him during the evenings, which is usually when one would have a drink.)


This is my student film, Bleuet Fraise (it means Blueberry Strawberry in french)! I created this as a final project in my animation course at Cegep du Vieux-Montreal. It took a little over a year to make, including all the pre-production stuff like designing the characters, painting backgrounds, planning the shots and everything. The animation itself took about 4-5 months of full-time work. I know it’s a little short compared to all of those amazing student shorts you can find online, but please give it a chance…. I had to make everything myself! It was a huge challenge and I’m really proud of having completed it! I really hope you like it!!

Big thanks to my awesome musician @lizrainsberry for creating such an amazing track and to @yamsgarden for providing the voices!!


and you call yourself a spy Natasha


IwaOi Cuties | Happy Birthday to my wonderful Nad✧ ♡╰(✿´⌣`✿)╯♡

You’re driving me wild, wild, wild
You’re driving me wild, wild, wild
You’re driving me wild
(Wild, wild, hey!)

Wild - Troye Sivan



smug from cradle to grave: a novel by jeon jungkook


The Dork Captains | Kuroo & Bokuto |
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Anonymous said: Could you maybe write something with the smiths and pines families for #26(thanksgiving)

I wasn’t really sure what to write so I opted for illustrating this prompt instead. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!