And all the Swanfire shippers and Neal lovers breath a sigh of relief (or squee in happiness).

Thank goodness.

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You can draw too?! Your drawings look so amazing, better than my drawings. Where did you learn how to draw?

BSKAJDKKAKS thank you so much ;~; I’m actually self taught~ c: I’ve drawn since I was little but during my senior year of high school I drew a lot, very often (portraits of the BTS members lol) , but after I graduated, I got really discouraged with the artwork I was seeing on tumblr and stuff because it all looked amazing and I’m still a little discouraged but I really love the way this came out c: thank you all for the lovely comments~! 💕


This is my student film, Bleuet Fraise (it means Blueberry Strawberry in french)! I created this as a final project in my animation course at Cegep du Vieux-Montreal. It took a little over a year to make, including all the pre-production stuff like designing the characters, painting backgrounds, planning the shots and everything. The animation itself took about 4-5 months of full-time work. I know it’s a little short compared to all of those amazing student shorts you can find online, but please give it a chance…. I had to make everything myself! It was a huge challenge and I’m really proud of having completed it! I really hope you like it!!

Big thanks to my awesome musician @lizrainsberry for creating such an amazing track and to @yamsgarden for providing the voices!!

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Alola! Pokémon Sun and Moon are officially released today!


and you call yourself a spy Natasha


IwaOi Cuties | Happy Birthday to my wonderful Nad✧ ♡╰(✿´⌣`✿)╯♡


smug from cradle to grave: a novel by jeon jungkook

You’re driving me wild, wild, wild
You’re driving me wild, wild, wild
You’re driving me wild
(Wild, wild, hey!)

Wild - Troye Sivan



The Dork Captains | Kuroo & Bokuto |
 - Happy Valentine’s day to my cute @sexuallyfrustratedjellal
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Anonymous said: Could you maybe write something with the smiths and pines families for #26(thanksgiving)

I wasn’t really sure what to write so I opted for illustrating this prompt instead. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!

shoosh pap pap shoosh