“Guh,” Dean doubles over, hands slapped on his knees and breathing hard. “Cas, man, you gotta pretend to be a zombie or something. There’s no other way I’m making it unless something’s chasing me.”

Cas holds a bottle of water out to Dean. “That makes absolutely no sense,” he says. “Besides, you were the one who wanted to do this.”

Dean downs the rest of the bottle in a few gulps, glaring at a nearby tree like it’s somehow at fault for his current situation.

Date,” Dean clarifies. “I said date, and then somehow we ended up in the goddamn jungle.”

“We’re in Montana, Dean.”

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current situation: sitting in my fluid mechanics lecture, on the verge of tears bc i just thought about how #dead derek nurse would be when dex gets glasses. (i say ‘when’ bc if my boy is a cs major who spends all his time staring at a screen it’s an inevitability.) like ????? dex’s glasses are a little too big on him and they always fall down his face and nursey fucking SWOONS every time dex has to push them up on his nose bc he’s sO CUTE but also he looks so smart in his glasses and so so so soft when he’s wearing his glasses and that oversized sweater of his and nursey’s beanie… rip nursey. cause of death: william poindexter’s Soft Nerd™ aesthetic


dinahjane97, #TB - had the BEST TIME EVAA at my first @nrl game in Aussie with such great company! I’ve been dying to attend a game and what a coincidence it is that I finally did in the land of rugby lol .. I always go for the underdogs and fortunately @newsouthwales_syd took the win ! @mailehopoate don’t ever lose hope on your team again eh haha I told you have faith! lol #BleedBlue