you know what bothers me about islamophobia, other than the seriously harmful effects it has on millions of people worldwide, is how it is never ever based on something factual? i have never seen the cool anti-sjw edgelord types on here have a problem with islam for some good reason - it is always IT PROMOTES VIOLENCE BC THE QURAN SAID KILL EVERYONE, or else ISLAM IS MISOGYNIST (the two most common ones i’ve seen). and for a community that prides itself on its fact-checking and ~logic~ this is actually laughable - because to understand islam you have to read the quran IN CONTEXT

let me repeat that


which none of you people have done. i have yet to come across an intelligent, well-researched argument against islam that isn’t sourced by known biased, islamophobic websites. you people keep quoting the same verse from the quran over and over again claiming it says to kill all non-believers, without ever reading it in context (the context is war and it says you are allowed to defend yourself against those who oppress you in conditions of war) and then you pat yourself on the back for being so ~progressive~ and telling the muslims their religion is Wrong. or else you’ll use the hijab to claim islam is misogynistic and doesn’t give women their rights when the opposite is true - islam gave women rights 1400 years ago when women weren’t even considered to be people by the majority of the world. but nope, you made a horribly researched post about how islam oppresses women, go you! you really taught us! i feel so liberated now!!! thank you so much, O Wise People of Tumblr dot com!!!

you people keep saying shit about our prophet when none of you have ever studied in detail the sort of life he lived, the way he behaved with his people and other minorities and women, but you are quick to claim he married a 9 year old and other disgusting shit without taking into context the time period people lived in then, and how society was different. you just want to prove that you have some sort of high moral ground when it comes to religion, and islam is archaic, old-fashioned and backwards. well, congratulations. the only thing you’ve achieved, in my opinion, is to look ass-backwards in your own community which prides itself on fact-checking, logic and not buying into propaganda and edgy bullshit about social justice issues.

sorry, this got longer than i meant. i’m just really upset because a person whose blog i enjoyed, whom i am friends with, posted this kind of thing and it broke my heart, honestly. i’m not asking anyone to agree with my religion all the time, i’m just saying, as a bunch of people who pride yourselves on your Intellect and Logic, use some of that damn intellect and logic and do your fucking research. islamophobia is an actual thing and yeah it’s an ugly label, no one wants to be associated with it, but whoops, tough titty, son, your actions are actively harmful for millions of people worldwide, so i’ll thank you to keep your poorly researched, shit opinions to yourself.


It’s okay.

Hey! I was wondering if you could do a fredxreader please? :) could it be that the reader’s parents are going through a messy divorce and she calls Fred (like every night from the phone Ron got for Harry) and tell him everything, but refuses to cry/ laughs it off (“cause crying is for the ‘weak’”). So he floo powder to her and takes her to spend the rest of the summer with the Weasley’s. Thanks a million! I love your blog but realized I hadn’t followed your till now 🙊🙈

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A/N I know it’s hard, living with parents who are going to divorce/ are divorced, so if you need help, I’m here for you! Also I’m back writing, and if you like this please let me know, it’ll always make me smile, even if it’s just “I liked your imagine/one-shot, …, or just a little heart () it makes my day. I’ll try to post as much as I can and I’ll try to do every request.So if there ever might be a problem, send me, I’ll try to help/ cheer you up/ …, I love you all, we’re family! Family doesn’t end in blood

It was hard, living with parents that were close to divorce. Y/N’s mom refused to sign the papers, while her dad didn’t want this life anymore. Every night, every day, every second, the house was filled with screams, cries and things shattering. But Y/N didn’t cry, cause ever since she was young she was taught that crying was for the weak only. And today wasn’t any difference. “I can’t live like this anymore”, Her dad said as he sat down at the table. “am I that bad?”, Her mom snapped back. “I never said that! Stop putting words in my mouth!”, Her dad said, raising his voice. “Y/N did I ever say that?”, Her dad said, looking at her. Y/N””s E/C eyes scanned both the two parent figures standing in front of her. “Don’t use her against me!”, Her mother said when Y/N was about to answer. “I’m not! I’m just asking her a question!”

And with that Y/N walked towards her room, soon hearing both her parents scream. She sighed as she closed the door, looking around the room. The light of her phone brightened up the room as somebody called her. Slowly walking towards it, she stretched out her hand to grab it. The cold material felt familiar in her hands. “Hello?”, She answered, without looking who was calling her. “I Think I have her Ron! What now?”, Fred’s voice screamed through the speaker of Y/N’s phone. “Just talk? Do I have to scream? How do I hold it?”, Fred yelled again. “just like you’re doing now”, Y/N laughed as she heard Fred go silent. A little smile formed on her lips, feeling already better after hearing Fred’s voice. “oh, Like this?”, Fred asked. Y/N hummed a yes and sat down on her bed. “everything okay?”, Fred asked after he heard her respond. She would normally laugh at how stupid he was and how clumsy he is with Muggle stuff. “what? Oh yeah, everything is okay”, Y/N said quickly “Are you sure? You don’t sound okay, Do I need to come over?” Fred asked “No! please, don’t, it’s not a great time now”, She answered. A million thoughts went through her head, how would Fred come here first of all? He couldn’t fly here, what if somebody saw him? And what would Y/N’s parents say? They don’t know about her and Fred! Mostly because she never had the time to tell them, since they are always fighting and bickering over each other. And because her mom wouldn’t accept a wizard boyfriend, she wanted Y/N to meet a ‘decent guy’ and with that she mend a Muggle.

“then at least tell me about it”, Fred said, his voice sounded so calm. Like he knew that she needed somebody to talk to, somebody who wouldn’t judge her. “My parents … oh Merlin they are fighting … again, my dad found out about my mom seeing other men and my mom thinks my dad is stealing money from her and they want me to choose a side and I can’t do that Freddie, they are both my parents. And besides that my mom doesn’t want to sign the divorce papers, which doesn’t make sense if she thinks my dad is stealing money and if she sees other men beside him, why doesn’t she just sign then?”, Y/N sighed. Fred stayed silent for a while. He was listening to Y/n’s breath finding out if she’s crying. But no, nothing. “are you crying?”, Fred asked. Y/N scoffed, “Of course not!” “why not? I would if my parents went through all of this and I would be alone there”, Fred said. “do you want me to cry?”, Y/N chuckled. “NO, of course not, I just mean that uh, you know what, never mind.”, Fred answered. It was silent for a while, until Y/N’s mom screamed that dinner was ready. “Listen I’ve got to go, I’ll call you soon okay?”, Y/N said to Fred. “okay, be safe, yeah, I lo-“, but Y/N had already ended the call before he could finish his sentence.


“Y/N”, Her dad stopped her from walking back to her room. “I know this isn’t easy now, but listen I’m still your dad, so if you want to talk-“ “I know dad, it’s cool”, She said as she ran up the stairs. The door of her room closed once again, shutting out all the outside noise. Y/N took her phone, looking at the screen and noticing all the messages she got from Fred. “Pack your bags, Mom wants us to pick you up, we’re coming with Floo powder, we’ll be there in 10”, The last said. Noticing he only send this message 5 minutes ago, Y/N called him. No use, Fred didn’t answer. “Listen Fred, don’t come, it’ll make everything worse, please, listen to me, don’t come!”, Y/N said to the voicemail. Another 5 minutes passed, Fred didn’t call back, no messages, nothing. The house was completely silent, even her mom and her dad didn’t say anything, like they felt something was coming. 

After another 5 minutes there was a scream. Her mom’s. Y/N ran downstairs, seeing Arthur Weasley standing in their lounge. “Mister Weasley”, she said as she saw Arthur trying to calm Y/N’s mom down. “Oh, Y/N dear, lovely to see that you’re okay”, He said, the flames behind him turned green and Fred walked out the fireplace. “Hey love”, Fred said, wrapping his arms around Y/N, who quickly reacted by walking backwards. Both mister Weasley as Fred gave her a confused look. “we’ll take care of Y/N for a while, until things here are okay again”, Mister Weasley said as Fred tried to get Y/N into the green flames. “You’re not taking her anywhere! Who do you think you are!”, Y/N’s mom finally said. “Amy, I think it’s better they take her along for a while, it’s not healthy for her to stay here-“ “so you’re letting some random freaks take my daughter along?!” “They are not freaks! She’s one of them and she’s not your daughter, she’s our daughter! So I can agree or disagree on this!”, Her dad said, raising his voice again.

Mister Weasley signed Fred to leave already, but that was easier said than done. “let me go Fred, I don’t want to! No”, Y/N said as Fred flipped her over and unto his shoulder. “Fred no”, She said as he walked in the Green flames. In seconds she stood in the Burrow. Fred dropped Y/N on the ground. Immediately she straightened herself up and hit Fred’s chest. “why did you do that?!”, She said angrily. “Y/N calm down”, Fred said. He took her wrist before she could slap his chest again. He pulled her into his chest, holding her tightly. A lump formed into Y/N’s throat. Tears blurred her vision. “you’re stressed, it’s hard, I know, you’re safe here, nothing will happen. You’ll see them again, but first they need to sort their situation out and then you can go back, not now, it’s not a good environment for you now”, Fred said as he ran his hands through her hair, slowly down her back and back up again. A sob left her mouth as he held her tighter. Fred sat down on the couch, pulling Y/N with him. 

“great, you made me cry”, Y/N murmured as she rubbed the tears of her cheeks. ”why is that so bad?” “cause crying is for the weak”, Y/N whispered, “and I don’t want to be weak” “you’re not, Crying is an emotion, it’s just the same as laughing except that they are at opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. There is nothing wrong with crying. It means that there is new hope after the bad things, it’s good, it’s okay to cry, it’s okay”, Fred said as he hugged Y/N tighter. “Thank you”, She said as she sniffled a bit. “want me to make some hot chocolate and watch a movie or so?”, Fred said, trying to make her smile again. She nod and pushed herself of Fred’s lap. “I love you”, Fred said, kissing her forehead. “I love you too”, She said, grabbing the collar of his shirt and pushing his lips against her own. “I love you so fucking much”, she said with a smile.

The Cast and Crew of 'Outlander' Reveal Their Favorite Filming Locations

Outlander, the sexy time-travel drama with a major cult following, debuts its season two finale tomorrow on Starz, and millions of people are clearing their schedules to find out what lies ahead forClaire and Jamie.

While the chemistry between actorsCaitriona Balfe and Sam Heughanis certainly one of the main draws of the show, the Scottish Highlands where the majority of Outlander takes place is a pretty dynamiccharacter in itself.

To celebrate the end of another incredible season, and because Outlander features so many breathtaking locationsfrom real life castles (more on that, here), to impeccably detailed sets we asked the cast and crewto pick their favorite filming spots. Read on.

Sam Heughan, Jamie Fraser

I don’t really want to share my favorite place, as I’d love to keep it for myself … though our title sequence kind of gives it away, with ‘Over the sea to Skye!’ The Isle of Skye (though no longer actually an isle) is my favorite location in Scotland. The Quiraing, The Old Man of Storr, the beaches, fairy pools, Cuillin mountain range, and even the changeable weather. It’s a magical place with much to explore and a great place to rest and recharge the body.

Source: Travel+Leisure

Maril Davis Executive Producer

“We shoot the standing stones up at Kinloch Rannoch and I have a soft spot for this magical place. It truly lives up to the 'four seasons in one day’ phenomenon thats common in Scotland. While shooting up there for season two, we experienced bright blue skies, snow, rain, and gale force winds all in the span of one hour!”

Source: Travel+Leisure

Number two would have to be Falkland; its a delightful town that stands in as 1940’s Inverness in our story. It’s a quintessential, picturesque Scottish town and everyone in town has been so welcoming to the crew. Campbell’s Coffee house also makes a mean toastie on a cold Scottish morning!

Source: Travel+Leisure

Stephen Walters Angus Mhor

Aviemore. Its a town and tourist resort, situated within the Cairngorms National Park in the Highlands of Scotland.

Source: Travel+Leisure

Toni Graphia Executive Producer & Writer

“My favorite location was Glasgow Cathedral, where we shot scenes for 'Faith.’ I admired it every time we drove past it in season one, and was thrilled when we finally were able to have it as a location. Gary Steele did a beautiful job of turning the church into our Hpital des Anges, and you can really feel the ghosts in that building, which was built in the 12th century. Glasgow is a stunning city and the people there were so kind to us. I felt a real magic in those streets.”

Source: Travel+Leisure

Rosie Day Mary Hawkins

“Drumlanrig Castle in Dumfries was simply amazing. The landscape was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, especially early in the morning with clouds rolling in off the mountains and the frost-bitten grass. The market town is adorable and the locals are so friendly.

Source: Travel+Leisure

Nicki McCallum Supervising Art Director

"Culross Palace and gardens; the rooms creak with history, and the garden is the most beautiful and calming place to walk through.”

Source: Travel+Leisure

AndrewGower Prince Charles Stuart

My favorite place in Scotland is Stirling Castle!

Source: Travel+Leisure

Domick Hill Stunt Coordinator

“Being the Stunt Coordinator, my favorite location was a large tent in a very wet field, near Torbrex Farm, which is a few miles from the studio. The reason being that its where we filmed the majority of the Battle of Prestonpans not very glamorous, but we had a lot of fun in that smoke filled, muddy marquee!

Source: Travel+Leisure

Terry Dresbach Costume Designer

"My favorite set is Jamie and Claires apartment. It is the most brilliant set I have ever seen; so beautiful, and so real that I wonder how many viewers think it is [a real] location. The sets Gary Steele designed for Paris are absolutely incredible. It is hard for me to choose which one is my favorite! The apartment, the apothecary, the brothel

Source: Travel+Leisure

Danny Sumsion Construction Manager

"I think the standing stones location at Kinloch Rannoch has been my favorite location for season one, as I’ve been lucky enough to be the only person there on occasion, having arrived first for a recce or to set up. It is a really special place, with 360-degree views, to see transformed when we’ve installed the stones. And then, as always, the circus arrives! For season two, I think it was actually Wilton House near Salisbury. It was the first big house that we filmed in that had a really different look and feel to what we had been working in previously and the grounds and the bridge were amazing.”

Source: Travel+Leisure

Stuart Bryce Assistant Set Decorator

For season two, it has to be Dysart Harbour, which we used for Le Havre. It was the biggest exterior we had done to date at the time, and it was great to get the ships in and show them in context. I just love the ships.“

Source: Travel+Leisure

"For season one, my favorite location was Blackness Castle. It’s doesn’t matter what the weather is like; it’s always ice cold inside. It makes you wonder how grim it must have been to be incarcerated there. Also it’s near Corvi’s, one of the finest fish and chip shops in Scotland.

Source: Travel+Leisure

Gina Cromwell Set Decorator

"In real life, the gardens are recreations of a 17th-century garden. Located behind Culross Palace, [the gardens] were laid out to show the range of plants that were grown for culinary, medicinal and ornamental use. Also featured were Scots Dumpy chickens, which wander freely.”

Source: Travel+Leisure

I have so much admiration for horses.  As you may know, they have survived for 50 million years.  As I have mentioned before, horses are the master communicators of the animal kingdom.  Communication is easy for horses because they keep it simple.  Communication is sometimes not so easy for humans because we get stuck in our heads and over-think the issue at hand.  Since horses are true masters of communication and survival, I often go to them to get clarity rather than asking for advice from people.  Without fail, when I invoke the horse as a guide, I always get clarity.  Here is one example that I will share with you.  

I had an argument with my husband and it was clear that my “hot button”  had been activated.  I didn’t know the best way to proceed without adding more fuel to the fire so I went out and sat with the horses.  I knew that I needed clarity because I was so “caught up” in the problem.  I reached out to the horses and asked how they would handle the situation.  The horses promptly said, “Just ask”.  I knew exactly what they meant.  I simply needed to “ just ask” my husband to look at the situation and to consider it from my point of view.  When I had become rattled over the situation, I hadn’t been able to think clearly.  By “taking it” to the horses, I was blessed with the benefit of their clear and simple guidance.  Once again, my husband and I were able to move forward based on the guidance of the horse.    

Inviting your horse to guide you in situations where clarity is needed will advance your own communication skills and bring clarity to the chaos of life.  These two small, yet powerful words, “just ask” may apply to your personal situation as well.  Just ask the horses.  They are always there to guide us if we will listen.

Now you can hear even more stories from people who have learned from the horse.  I have begun a new podcast called HORSE TALES in which I have conversations with other “horsey” people.  It is our goal to assist people in having a better understanding of their horses and in developing a greater awareness of themselves.  Please feel free to subscribe, listen, and share these podcasts with others.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

TF2 Go character selection screen.

No one ever picks Bidwell

What makes this spiral galaxy so long? Measuring over 700,000 light years across from top to bottom, NGC 6872, also known as the Condor galaxy, is one of the most elongated barred spiral galaxies known. The galaxy’s protracted shape likely results from its continuing collision with the smaller galaxy IC 4970, visible just above center. Of particular interest is NGC 6872’s spiral arm on the upper left, as pictured here, which exhibits an unusually high amount of blue star forming regions. The light we see today left these colliding giants before the days of the dinosaurs, about 300 million years ago. NGC 6872 is visible with a small telescope toward the constellation of the Peacock (Pavo).

Object Names: NGC 6872, Condor Galaxy, IC 4970

Image Type: Astronomical

Credit: FORS Team, 8.2 meter VLT Antu, ESO

Time And Space

Is Your Nervous System a Democracy or a Dictatorship?

A single “dictator neuron” can take charge of complex behaviors

How does the architecture of our brain and neurons allow each of us to make individual behavioral choices? Scientists have long used the metaphor of government to explain how they think nervous systems are organized for decision-making. Are we at root a democracy, like the U.K. citizenry voting for Brexit? A dictatorship, like the North Korean leader ordering a missile launch? A set of factions competing for control, like those within the Turkish military? Or something else?

In 1890, psychologist William James argued that in each of us “[t]here is… one central or pontifical [nerve cell] to which our consciousness is attached.” But in 1941, physiologist and Nobel laureate Sir Charles Sherrington argued against the idea of a single pontifical cell in charge, suggesting rather that the nervous system is “a million-fold democracy whose each unit is a cell.”

So who was right?

For ethical reasons, we’re rarely justified in monitoring single cells in healthy people’s brains. But it is feasible to reveal the brain’s cellular mechanisms in many nonhuman animals. As I recount in my book “Governing Behavior,” experiments have revealed a range of decision-making architectures in nervous systems – from dictatorship, to oligarchy, to democracy.

A Neural Dictatorship

For some behaviors, a single nerve cell does act as a dictator, triggering an entire set of movements via the electrical signals it uses to send messages. (We neurobiologists call those signals action potentials, or spikes.) Take the example of touching a crayfish on its tail; a single spike in the lateral giant neuron elicits a fast tail-flip that vaults the animal upward, out of potential danger. These movements begin within about one hundredth of a second of the touch.

Similarly, a single spike in the giant Mauthner neuron in the brain of a fish elicits an escape movement that quickly turns the fish away from a threat so it can swim to safety. (This is the only confirmed “command neuron” in a vertebrate.)

Each of these dictator neurons is unusually large – especially its axon, the long, narrow part of the cell that transmits spikes over long distances. Each dictator neuron sits at the top of a hierarchy, integrating signals from many sensory neurons, and conveying its orders to a large set of subservient neurons that themselves cause muscle contractions.

Such cellular dictatorships are common for escape movements, especially in invertebrates. They also control other kinds of movements that are basically identical each time they occur, including cricket chirping.

Small Team Approach

But these dictator cells aren’t the whole story. Crayfish can trigger a tail-flip another way too – via another small set of neurons that effectively act as an oligarchy.

These “non-giant” escapes are very similar to those triggered by giant neurons, but begin slightly later and allow more flexibility in the details. Thus, when a crayfish is aware it is in danger and has more time to respond, it typically uses an oligarchy instead of its dictator.

Similarly, even if a fish’s Mauthner neuron is killed, the animal can still escape from dangerous situations. It can quickly make similar escape movements using a small set of other neurons, though these actions begin slightly later.

This redundancy makes sense: it would be very risky to trust escape from a predator to a single neuron, with no backup – injury or malfunction of that neuron would then be life-threatening. So evolution has provided multiple ways to initiate escape.

Neuronal oligarchies may also mediate our own high-level perceptions, such as when we recognize a human face.

Majority Wins

For many other behaviors, however, nervous systems make decisions through something like Sherrington’s “million-fold democracy.”

For example, when a monkey reaches out its arm, many neurons in its brain’s motor cortex generate spikes. Every neuron spikes for movements in many directions; but each has one particular direction that makes it spike the most.

Researchers hypothesized that each neuron contributes to all reaches to some degree, but spikes the most for reaches it’s contributing to most. To figure it out, they monitored many neurons and did some math.

Researchers measured the rate of spikes in several neurons when a monkey reached toward several targets. Then, for a single target, they represented each neuron by a vector – its angle indicates the neuron’s preferred reaching direction (when it spikes most) and the length indicates its relative rate of spiking for this particular target. They mathematically summed their effects (a weighted vector average) and could reliably predict the movement outcome of all the messages the neurons were sending.

This is like a neuronal election in which some neurons vote more often than others. An example is shown in the figure. The pale violet lines represent the movement votes of individual neurons. The orange line (the “population vector”) indicates their summed direction. The yellow line indicates the actual movement direction, which is quite similar to the population vector’s prediction. The researchers called this population coding.

For some animals and behaviors, it is possible to test the nervous system’s version of democracy by perturbing the election. For example, monkeys (and people) make movements called “saccades” to quickly shift the eyes from one fixation point to another. Saccades are triggered by neurons in a part of the brain called the superior colliculus. Like in the monkey reach example above, these neurons each spike for a wide variety of saccades but spike most for one direction and distance. If one part of the superior colliculus is anesthetized – disenfranchising a particular set of voters – all saccades are shifted away from the direction and distance that the now silent voters had preferred. The election has now been rigged.

A single-cell manipulation demonstrated that leeches also hold elections. Leeches bend their bodies away from a touch to their skin. The movement is due to the collective effects of a small number of neurons, some of which voted for the resulting outcome and some of which voted otherwise (but were outvoted).

If the leech is touched on the top, it tends to bend away from this touch. If a neuron that normally responds to touches on the bottom is electrically stimulated instead, the leech tends to bend in approximately the opposite direction (the middle panel of the figure). If this touch and this electrical stimulus occur simultaneously, the leech actually bends in an intermediate direction (the right panel of the figure).

This outcome is not optimal for either individual stimulus but is nonetheless the election result, a kind of compromise between two extremes. It’s like when a political party comes together at a convention to put together a platform. Taking into account what various wings of the party want can lead to a compromise somewhere in the middle.

Numerous other examples of neuronal democracies have been demonstrated. Democracies determine what we see, hear, feel and smell, from crickets and fruit flies to humans. For example, we perceive colors through the proportional voting of three kinds of photoreceptors that each respond best to a different wavelength of light, as physicist and physician Thomas Young proposed in 1802. One of the advantages of neuronal democracies is that variability in a single neuron’s spiking is averaged out in the voting, so perceptions and movements are actually more precise than if they depended on one or a few neurons. Also, if some neurons are damaged, many others remain to take up the slack.

Unlike countries, however, nervous systems can implement multiple forms of government simultaneously. A neuronal dictatorship can coexist with an oligarchy or democracy. The dictator, acting fastest, may trigger the onset of a behavior while other neurons fine-tune the ensuing movements. There does not need to be a single form of government as long as the behavioral consequences increase the probability of survival and reproduction.

Image Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto (MARS)

Source: The Conversation (by Dr. Ari Berkowitz)


We’ve all been testing this game at CN for weeks and so we’ve heard the tutorial like a million times, and in the middle, this card Archer Dan gets defeated. Then Jake says “Archer Dan got skronked”, and at one point I told the other interns “Man I wish Archer Dan would skroNK ME if u know what I mean 😎😎😎”

And then everyone started using the word “skronked” like
- get skronked son
- they skronked me up
- skronk me daddy

Honestly it’s a huge Meme ,, now I asked for Archer Dan fanart , got more than 60 pictures of Archer Dan, and then spammed the intern group chat with ALL OF THEM

It’s a great meme get skronked everyone, never forget Archer Dan

A case of suspended animation?

At first glance this NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image seems to show an array of different cosmic objects, but the speckling of stars shown here actually forms a single body — a nearby dwarf galaxy known as Leo A. Its few million stars are so sparsely distributed that some distant background galaxies are visible through it. Leo A itself is at a distance of about 2.5 million light-years from Earth and a member of the Local Group of galaxies; a group that includes the Milky Way and the well-known Andromeda galaxy.

As it turns out, Leo A is a rather unusual galaxy. It is one of the most isolated galaxies in the Local Group, has no obvious structural features beyond being a roughly spherical mass of stars, and shows no evidence for recent interactions with any of its few neighbours. However, the galaxy’s contents are overwhelmingly dominated by relatively young stars, something that would normally be the result of a recent interaction with another galaxy. Around 90% of the stars in Leo A are less than eight billion years old — young in cosmic terms! This raises a number of intriguing questions about why star formation in Leo A did not take place on the “usual” timescale, but instead waited until it was good and ready.

Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA
Acknowledgement: Judy Schmidt (Geckzilla)

Someone: why do you like twenty one pilots so much?

Me on the inside: it’s a band of only two people who give their blood, sweat, and tears into putting on a fantastic show for millions of people who have been through depression or suicidal thoughts. Their attitudes on and off stage are humble and respectful, they are idols that people can look up to. Their lyrics and songs are about real issues that everyone faces, the real questions about why we are here and what it means to be alive, and how important it is to stay alive because it always gets better, no matter how dark it seems. Their faith is very important to them and is the root of almost every song they write, but even if you are not religious you take away a feeling of purpose or meaning after hearing just one lyric. They are caring people who love every single one of their fans, enough to call them friends on any occasion. Music videos are vague and symbolic, letting the viewer understand whatever they would like, but no matter what there is a deeper meaning to them all. Every lyric is a metaphor for life, for dealing with dark thought, for getting through the next breath. They’re an inspiration to me in every sense.

Me on the outside: ahahaha they have cool songs.

so the girls talk boys video has been out for almost 24 hours and it still hasn’t reached one million views which is upsetting so lets change that immediately

  • make sure you’ve logged out of your youtube account and watch the video here
  • refresh the page when done do not press replay or it will only count as one view!!

the release time for this video was so bad i feel like people have missed it so don’t forget to share it with everybody- tell your mom, tell your dad, tell your dog to watch the video!!


I’ve wanted to draw the Dantalion djinn equip for like a million years and here I finally go oh boy

Good News in Gaming

Hey friends! I thought it would be nice to take some time once a week to gather together some of the positive news stories and articles published this week, for positivity purposes. And it turns out there are a lot of them! I was travelling this week, so this is actually sparser than it could have been; next week should have even more happy links! But without further ado, here are some good things that happened:

Summer Games Done Quick raised $1.3 million for Doctors Without Borders.

Jessica Curry, formerly of the Chinese Room, was named one of the Women of the Year.

Video games have been used to challenge climate change, and to study how microorganisms work.

A study of 31 years of female video game characters show that sexualisation is declining, (and is much less prevalent in gameplay than in marketing and cutscenes).

A lot of good games have come out this year, and we’re only half way through!

You might also like to read this article about games that do diversity right.

You wanna read an interview with Ashly Burch? Here! (Don’t read the comments.)

There have been a lot of cute stories coming out about Pokemon Go! Here are just two. Well, and this one about 2000 people coming together to play. Oh, and the Westboro Baptist Church is owned by a Clefairy called LoveIsLove. (Okay, here’s mine too.)

That’s all I got for you at the moment. Well, actually, have a puppy photo too. Look, it’s climbing into a small space so you can pretend it’s a cat if you’re that way inclined:

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There’s a lot going on in the world at the moment, and I hope that you can find some solace in this hobby that we all love. Have a good week <3

► I just recently did a massive unfollow spree and that stuff was so liberating… but also left my dash empty as fuck, I’ve been struggling to find nice blogs I like since three million years at this point, so here is a billionth follow spree, for now here’s a list of the fandoms (since we all know how those happen), but please read till the end :

Fandoms :

  • Ai no Kusabi
  • Kuroshitsuji
  • Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Death Note
  • One Piece/Bleach/Naruto/Fairy Tail
  • Gintama
  • Great Teacher Onizuka
  • ZnT/Kill la Kill
  • Nana/Clannad
  • Yaoi (manga, games)
  • Black and white, aesthetic

(all of it is bold because all of it is important). 

► For my mutuals : As usual of course, mutuals can reblog to help it spread, but if you do, could you as well please input your favourite blogs in the tags or/and those you reblog from the more often ? It’d be really nice if it doesn’t bother you guys, like rec all of your favourite blogs that have these fandoms in common.

Otherwise just a couple of things for blogs that will reblog, please write your fandoms in the tags, I’ll look at every blogs that reblogs this post and have at least three fandoms from this list that they regularly reblog. Otherwise that’s about it !

ps : the pic is one I used in a previous fs but I don’t have photoshop to make a new one right now lol

A list of Sterek Star Wars AUs I have a desperate need for

Because there seriously are not enough in this fandom and it makes me sad, so here we go:

  • The obvious one: Derek as Leia and Stiles as Han
  • Bounty hunter rivals !!!! (Bonus point for a lot of bickering)
  • Bounty hunter!Derek on the hunt for smuggler!Stiles, but ends up throwing the big reward of several million credits out the window for love
  • Smuggler rivals !!!! (Bonus point for the Hale pack as Derek’s crew and the McCall pack for Stiles’)
  • Padawans growing up and training together, a childhood friends to lovers kind of thing
  • Jedi master Derek and padawan Stiles
  • Jedis fighting side by side on the battle field
  • Rebels (or Resistance members, you pick) getting by and falling in love
  • Pilot!Derek and jedi!Stiles or the other way around
  • “you’re a scavenger and you’re cute but this isn’t garbage, it’s my ship, please stop stealing from it, thank you”

Honestly, just tag me in all sterek stuff that has anything to do with Star Wars, I will love you forever

Anyway I’m glad Tiffany blew up Day’s game on her way out and made sure Victor will go after her. Day stans can stay seething, just know Tiffany would have been a loyal #1 to Day if Day knew how to play the game properly , so Da’Vonne has no one to blame but herself when her eviction comes. Although I’m sure you will all blame it on a million other reasons before acknowledging Day’s sloppy gameplay :).

Tiffany Alexis Rousso’s vengeful ghost is coming for Da’Vonne’s neck. Know that.

[M] So Good [Jimin]

Vampire!Jimin smut for the soul. :)
I hope you enjoy it!

You never in a million years would have guessed your friend had been hooking up with vampires, but here she was, showing you the two distinct bite marks on her neck. It wasn’t a secret that vampires existed, everyone knew it, but in this world, or at least in your town, no one talked about it. Everyone was too afraid to even think of such creatures existing and they always carried some kind of item to help protect them against the vampires.

Your friend, Stacy, on the other hand, loved the thrill of finding them, not caring for the fact that these creatures could kill her. Luck was on her side, and the one particular vampire she had met had no intention of killing her.

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Even when her job at the hospital was 24/7, she managed to let that day free in order to work at her tea room/bakery the whole day long. Who wouldn’t like to be in the opening day of their own little project? She was so excited that millions of recipes for pies and cakes invaded her head during the morning and now she was baking them all, while Suzy, one of her waitresses, talked with a client about how they didn’t had an specific flavour “Oh but that’s not a problem Suz, I’m sure I can bake it. Don’t you worry” She said now addressing the client “If you have time, I’ll bake it in a second”

Baby Girl- A Bucky Barnes Imagine

Summary: Super quick and cute Bucky Barnes imagine about him having a daughter with you as his wife

Word count: 299

Bucky never thought he could be so lucky to have 2 such beautiful girls in his life. But here he sat at his daughters dance concert and with you, his gorgeous wife, by his side and his lovely daughter killing it on stage, with the biggest smile you’d ever seen.

You and Kimberly are such significant parts of his life, and this life is one he’d never thought he’d have in a million years, a normal life. Where every things fine and barley anything goes wrong, he has a perfect wife, a perfect daughter and of course uncle Steve got to be there too and thats all he could ever ask for.

Sitting and watching his little girl he couldn’t be prouder. She wasn’t super popular or extremely sporty but thats why Bucky was so proud of her in the first place. She was a nerd and an outcast just like him and Steve, but helped anyone who needed it and stood up for people when they were bullied at school. Coming home with stories about school or the adventures she went on with her teddies at the pond down the road, really reminded him of his days with Steve.

The day Bucky found out you were pregnant with littler Kimberly was a wonderful day and will always be in his memory. Of course he told Steve right away, who eventually told Sam, who he surprisingly welcomed into the family with open arms, and the happy days just kept on rolling. Days at the park, kids birthdays and christmas with some of the other heroes, Thor and Nat mostly, were ones that would definitely stick too.

Watching her growing up in this world and knowing she’d be fine with the crazy family she had was all he ever wanted.