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i have a question for the science side of tumblr: how is jensen so broad and yet so tiny

BRO I KNOW Jensen’s Broadness ruins me on a daily basis. Look at this shit. What the fuck.

And yet??? Somehow???? ALSO???? He smol????

Look at that waist!!!!! He’s practically trim what the fuck. WHAT rthe fuc k. I’m insulted.

Madd can tell you more about this than I can but Jensen’s weight definitely fluctuates so I think that has something to do with it? And I have no idea what his workout routine is like but his muscle mass changes.

When I hugged him at Seacon he was also quite broad. Square. But he was also SOFT. I touched definite love handle. There isn’t a lot of decorative muscle mass on Jensen, it’s all functional. Which is why he looks like this normally:

And THIS when he’s actually pushing himself for a role:

Brick shit house, man. Functional strength and workout cycles. Fuck me up.


me and my gf Sam for #lesbianvisibilityday !! We are not only a very cute lesbian couple, but also both dedicated creators of LGBT work!

Sam is the author of the Dragonoak series, a high fantasy trilogy which features a lesbian protagonist and cast (pictured in the middle image, which I drew! I draw a LOT of lesbians, that’s p much my thing.)

We actually originally found each other because of our individual work focusing on wlw!! and this part of our identity as both people and creators is very important to us :) also I am here visiting them across the pond right now so it’s a very good day. To be gay. 👌✨🏳️‍🌈✨

     Hi,  tumblr.  some of you know me as nook, some of you know me as @sesshcmaru  or  @forzia. So it’s time for me to reveal a dark secret, one that I need help for before I become so desperate that even stupid solutions seem desirable.  I am a victim of emotional and mental abuse at the hands of my parents. People who were meant to raise me who instead kept me and still keep me prisoner in my own home. My mother is a narcissist, gas-lighting and lying constantly in order to keep her need for power and control well-fed.  She steals from me, threatens me with suicide if i say ‘no’ to her, tells me that if i ever leave she’ll just ‘die’, and then turns around and tells neighbors and friends how worthless i am, how much she wishes i would just leave. she never let me learn how to drive because she knew that i would leave. even now, she makes up excuses for why i can’t learn. she can’t drive me. she can’t drive me to work because she doesn’t feel like it.  lately, I’ve taken up requests for theme backgrounds and icons and the like– and even now i find myself unable to finish several of them. because the strain from the amount of stress i’m under makes it impossible for me to function.  Many of you have read and responded to the things that my mother has done to me. I post about it rarely, but sometimes in detail on the dash. This time she’s stolen something precious to me, something I needed for my degree in anthropology as a symbol of what I wanted to do with my life. Something she doesn’t approve of.  This is only a week after Bo, a service animal, nearly died.

Rp has always been a hobby to escape. To become someone else. To put my feelings aside and my life aside and live, for a moment, as someone who has their shit together. It is sad and lonely, but it is the truth.  Two of my sisters ran away from her abuse about seven years ago. I have dreamed of nothing more than doing the exact same thing. I haven’t heard from them since.

But there is a glimmer of hope. A close friend has offered me a place to stay in the state of Arizona. She has offered to rent a uhaul truck, break her lease and help me and my three dogs find a place to live. That person is Brooklyn, @shouxryuuxha, who i have known in the rp community for several years. The thing is, I need money to help pay for gas and also to help us get an apartment. What I make working isn’t enough to cover it when most of my check goes toward keeping my mother at bay.  So, at the request of several of my friends and at the sake of my pride ( i hate asking for help. it feels dirty. it means i have to open myself up to people for them to see the parts of my life that are dark and narrow and frightening.) i have come to ask you all for help. please, donate what you can. I can try to pay you back someway, someday. But I need a safe place. I need respite. I need to live. 

Please donate anything you can to my paypal at  Include your url in the note and I will personally come and thank you, and try to do anything i can to repay the favor.

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If u could draw bts in greek gods au, what would they be?

((sorry haha im getting impatient so i’ll posts these now but pls do not come to me and say “oh this person should’ve been this!!” like no dont do that ok))

Namjoon: So can we get out of these costumes now and go back to bed??

Hobi: No we still got one more left

Yoongi: I feel naked

Jin: Shut up, all of you

You’ve really helped build my confidence, you’re always encouraging and reassuring me and I truly appreciate every bit of it. I’m learning how to open up and grow and I love you for teaching me- regardless of whether you know you are or not.

Some Death Flags Important Notes from Chapter 1-3

It’s scary how there’s so many of them. *warning* pls bear with my overthinker side.

  • So ZOOL is not formed /yet/ so far?
  • Is it just me but Momo distanced himself a bit from Yuki after he heard Banri saying “You were always by my side” to Yuki
  • and Yuki noticed it
  • Yuki’s identity crisis “am i really a river??”

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lmao who tagged me :’( xkit’s been acting up

so yeah, since i stared my ‘legacy’ with eva when she was a teen, i had to choose someone else for this tag. emma was the first sim i’ve made in ts4, so it’s gonna be really, really hard to let her go soon. :( please take a minute to appreciate the beauty of our little homewrecker 💕 she was the coolest kid in oasis springs, i’m telling ya

It seems I shall be the bearer of bad news today. =( Thought once more seemed more suitable on this account of mine. I noticed this on the HQ facebook page…


I had a bad feeling when Nick Foster said: “Plenty more of it to come later in the year ….” I tried to ignore it, but… I had a feeling.

It seems we could be in for a longer haul. Ugh. Hopefully that’ll make the gap to season 3 (actual S3, not Amazon’s S3, mind ;) ) not as long? =(a Hopefully also when they say tell us a date soon, they mean actually soon. lol

the only thing i dont like about fnvs writing is sometimes it gets too vague, like i thought ulysses brought ed-e to primm because nash talks about an unnamed courier who was supposed to take the job, and then says a courier brought ed-e so i just figured it was the same person…which it probably wasnt ulysses, but it couldve been, but it doesnt make a lot of sense it wouldve been him.

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hi i just started a svt side blog @mingyzu , can you recommend me some blogs? thank you!

SURE THING! i’d also check people’s blogrolls because it’s really easy to find blogs to follow from there! here’s mine!

but some ppl off the top of my head that you should def follow: 

@wonnhao @hanwooz @bokdeongeori @seugcheol @dokyuml @jeonheart @adorehan @minghaos @cheolshu @17dad @performanceunit @minygu @boovely @pledisboys @vitaminniedk @cafewoozi @cinnamingyu @backpackchan @brr-chuck @wonuflake @minghaon @dearhoshi @hoshistan @shua @woozifi @amemericans @jeongahn @jungahns @minghaeo @minghaou @wooziology @jeonghhan @zeungkwan @angelyoons @pabospoiler @jin-wootwoot @cheonsavage @cutescheol !!!!