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Alex and Arizona in Every Episode • 12x03 [I Choose You]

Do you remember the first time we ever talked? Really talked? We were on a plane, and we just picked up a transplant organ from a kid who died. And you were upset and pissy because you thought that I didn’t care. But I thought, “Wow, this guy could do it. He cares enough about this work. This guy has it.” And I know that day, Alex, and today… I have been so proud of you.

Welp, insomnia hit like a brick, but what’s bad for me is good for art updates! Working on a little project for the upcoming UT Only Con in Seoul! Pending work schedule, I’ll be going as Pre-Core Dr. Gaster along with @sansybones and @withtheworms and will be selling an SVI Vol. 1 Fanzine along with some possible other trinkets, depending on how much free time I have between now and then. Here’s a couple panels I added/updated at the very beginning of SVI to help the transition to paper format:

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Myth AU where Mercy, a village's orphaned healer tries to help dragon!Genji who's wounded by dragon hunters. Pls? :3

I’m always down with a good myth AU, here ya go doll! 

  • The healer was a known girl throughout the village. Mostly since it took nearly all of them to raise her after her parents died.
  • Mercy had a special gift of picking the right herbs and finding the correct measurements to cure any illness. As she became a young women, she study to become a physician.
  • She often took treks into the woods surrounding the village for her special plants and medications. She wander by a cave that was dug deep into the face of the mountain that towers over her home only to stop at the sight of red blood trailing inside of it.
  • Worrying of a poor traveler or two gravelly injured, she followed the trail of blood into the dark cave. She stumbled over something large in the darkness and upon adjusting her eyesight, she saw that she tripped over a scaly green tail. 
  • She almost screamed as she saw the rest of the beast. A dragon, three times her size, hard scales with horns curling back and sharp claws.
  • She almost fled, but stopped when she saw that the blood lead to several spears embedded in its body. The dragon itself seemed to have lost consciousness due to this.
  • Dragon hunters were no rarity, but they never came to her village simply because no dragons were ever spotted near it. Until now.
  • Mercy was never never one to kill, especially a wounded, sleeping… thing. Though she knew it might be foolish, she left the cave and retrieved herbs to stop the bleeding and prevent infection. A silent hope blossoming in her heart that her act of kindness might stop the dragon from attacking her village.
  • She worked well into the night, removing the spears and clogging the wounds with her mixed herbs. She had just pulled the last one out of its back when the creature’s body shifted. Suddenly its brown eyes open and settled on her with a spear in her hand. 
  • The dragon attempted to move, to attack, but it only let out a weak growl while Mercy stumbled backwards in pure terror. She pressed herself against the cave wall and watched the dragon with wide eyes. Slowly the dragon took note of the removed weapons and the covered wounds upon his scaly skin.
  • “Why are you, a maiden, helping a dragon?”
  • She almost couldn’t answer but she managed to say, “Because you would have died.”
  • The dragon is suspicious, wary, but Mercy bravely takes a step closer and says she wishes to help him. Carefully speaking aloud of her actions and what the herbs do, she covers the last wound, and the dragon seems to relax in the slightest.
  • The morning sun is just beginning to rise when both are dosing off. Mercy urges the dragon to get rest but first, the dragon speaks.
  • “My name is Genji.”
  • She tastes the name, and its sweetness is incomparable. Though, she had never known a dragon to have a name. 
  • “My people call me Mercy.”
  • The dragon, Genji, says her name, and finally allows himself to rest. Mercy takes a moment, admiring his scales and wondering of his kind voice before setting off into the dawn to retrieve more herbs for his wounds.

Part 2 maybe?? Yes? No?