• what she says:im fine
  • what she really means:3/4ths of the performance team isnt as popular as the rest of seventeen? im glad hoshi is popular but i know almost NO jun, dino, and the8 stans. this has me so worried, these kids are so great and talented i dont understand why theyre not popular as the rest? dino really loves michael jackson and he has the cutest ambition ever i dont understand why people dont adore him, he is really just a child. and jun? hes staring in a web drama and has really amazing training in martial arts, people dont really take into note that hes an amazing actor, hes been in a few tv shows and movies. the8, have you seen him hug a dog? he literally ran up to that dog and engulfed it in his arms i have never seen him so happy it literally made my heart cry. hes an amazing dancer and has the cutest voice ever i dont understand why he doesnt have as many stans

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Both Frankenstein and the Leroux novel (and ofcourse the Musical.) have always been my favorites for years. There are alot of b-movie adaptions of these two, some of them good and some of the baaaaddd (ever seen Dario Argentos version of the phantom? oh my god XP, was the directior on drugs or just horny?) but you have made this combination perfect; tragic and funny in one. I like the way how you made Christine apperiance; more strong-willed, sweet and a little bit hipster. :) blame the glasses

I haven’t seen that one–is that the Rat-erik one? Eewww…

Thank you so much!!! I am so glad you are enjoying it! Yeah, I guess Christine is a bit of a hipster, or at least she was at one point!

I want to make that shirt a thing. *adds to list* 

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If you can ever pluck up the courage, I highly recommend you watch War Horse. I only watched b/c Tom was in it. He is wonderful as Cpt. Nichols, and his death is completely gut-wrenching (and, in my opinion, that shot of his face is some of the best acting I have EVER seen from anyone), but you don't see it happen, and the movie is so much more than just his character--it is truly BEAUTIFUL and so touching in so many ways. I had to force myself to keep going after Nichols, but I'm so glad I did.

I’ve seen little bits of it and I know everyone speaks very highly of it in general. I just can’t do it. Maybe one day. I’m weak.

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Have you seen the city of bones movie?And if so did you like it?

Yes I saw it, it was actually the first thing I saw about the mortal instruments, and I actually liked it a lot and I wanted to find out what happened, so I read it, and then I found out how bad it really was, I’m so glad they’re starting over with the tv show, I mean everytime I think about movie Valentine vs book Valentine I laugh

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I honestly thought I was one of the only people who didn't like Tarantino movies. I'm so glad I know someone who feels the same now

I had this friend who used to refer to Quentin as “the master” because he felt that Quentin was the best director and creator of all time. You should have seen my damn face when he would refer to him as the master, I swear. 


i didn’t post it earlier when you left it because i can now only phone-tumblr at work because someone sits next to me but i’m glad i waited because as much as i read this and was like, “god, this is it exactly” i feel that ONLY EVEN MORE SO after having seen my new new favorite movie magic mike xxl again tonight


Wow !! Ant Man was great ! But the thing that just amazed me was the second end-credit scene !! It was just so great and unexpected !!
!!! SPOILER !!!! (if you don’t want to know what the scene is don’t read any further!!)
I truly wasn’t expecting to see Bucky again in this movie !! And the way the scene is put… Just wow !! I’m so glad to have seen cap and Bucky again ! Special bonus because Sam Wilson was in the scene

I just saw the conquerors of shamballa movie like wtf man I thought they were gonna go back to their world and that would be the end of it like I’m so mad germany Alphonse is dead and I’m so mad winry will never see them again like this is so unfair to her she always gets the short end of the stick and god knows what the fuck Roy is gonna do with his life man he looks so depressing like what is this? I did not sign up for this

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I just watched The Suicide Room for the first time (since you talked about it and stuff) and HOLY FUCKIN SHIT THAT MOVIE HIT ME IN THE FEELS SO HARD I WAS SOBBING SO LOUD I'M SURPRISED THE PEOPLE ACROSS THE HALL DIDN'T FILE A NOISE COMPLAINT. That was literally the best movie I have ever seen like jfc I give it a 1000000/10. I am so glad I watched it. Thank you for introducing me to this movie

yeees!!!!!! soso glad you liked it!!

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Some are pointing out that in Black Swan Natalies character has split personality to. and we all know how that movie ends. So glad they can't end it that way. they can't kill the character the show is centered around. the darkness they can technically kill that though.

I am one of the weird people who actually haven’t seen that movie and have no desire to. It sounds too scary tbh. I’m kind of glad i have no movie to relate this plotline to hahaha. They’re definitely drawing off that movie for marketing purposes, though i’d say that’s as far as it’s going to go :)

A reasonably lazy weekend! How exciting. True to my word got up yesterday, saw my friend off, went to the lab for twenty minutes to starve the cell samples, then went and saw Jurassic Park. I feel like I should see an 11am Saturday movie every week! Pretty empty cinema, $7.50 ticket, very nice. And such a fun movie. I’m super glad to have seen it in a cinema. 

Groceries and then home. Then went and saw Samantha Marie Ware at 54 Below because why not! Intimate, chilled crowd. She was freaking amazing, I mean what a voice, god Glee’s standards were so high by the end. She just belted a dozen songs and hit so many amazing notes effortlessly. And she was super sweet and lovely and honest as well, which always helps. It was really nice hearing about her journey so far into the business we call show. And Alex Newell joined her and her band and back up singers onstage for the most glorious rendition of ‘I Am Woman’. And then Sam closed out the show with a couple of songs about home and made me a little homesick which was kind of new to me. She did a little pre-ramble to Jessie J’s “Who You Are” which almost drove me to tears. Blarg. But yeah, amazing. And she demoed a new song which was so cool and I want it! And she covered a beautiful operatic piece. Just… honestly, a great show. If you have the chance to see her, I highly recommend it. My ticket was only $30 and I sat all of three feet from her the whole night. So you know, run don’t walk. 

Walked all the way home because I really do live in the public transport black hole of Manhattan. Except I have a 30 day pass now so I should use that. 

And now, today, I am debating running some samples at school or just staying in bed. Don’t need to clean or do washing at the moment. Don’t need to grab groceries. Can just chill. But this week I need to get a few important things done at work, primarily writing my fellowship applications (you know, for $200k to support myself for the next three years here). And Abbey, my sister arrives in a few short days. So need to ramp up for that. 


Five Nights of Freddy is getting a 4th game sooner then possible, Originally scheduled for the release of Halloween it has been moved to August 8th, the game’s anniversary. Personally I haven’t played any of the games but have been watching every lore video and Game Theory video out there. I’m glad that a indie game is getting so much attention with a community, mods and even fan made games.

This is how indie games should be made high quality with the devs in contact and a whole community of support. I am going to give the first one a try before the 4th one comes out but I’m very glad that the game keeps it fresh and that every game that comes out isn’t getting worse by each one. Which is seen in many sequels with games movies even books, FNAF keeps it fresh and interesting with more and more deeper lore. Since the 4th game is being released on its anniversary instead of Halloween, there is still DLC planned to come out specially for Halloween. There has even been a trailer released here   

Just from the trailer I can all ready tell this is going to be the best one yet with them now closer to the player then ever, Home Sweet Home.

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tbh I hadn't seen pacific rim when I read chapters 1-8 of bfmtias and when I finally did I thought the movie was shit but I might have had too high of expectations after reading your fics so... :/

people say this and it honestly shocks the hell out of me. but im so, so glad you could enjoy it without previous knowledge of the movie, that’s one of the things I was going for :“)

What I’m Into Right Now

I was tagged by the sweet and cute cute-ellyna, and I’m glad to do it.

I absolutely understand what you say about obsessions. I think you and me are pretty similar at this point… I call it “Passion” ^_^

One song: Drumming song by Florence and the machine. I barely can hear another song. This is so perfect for my feelings for… well, you know for who…

Two Three movies: I have a lot of original films at home because I like review them often. I say already that I’m a bit obsessive? When I’m a little blue, like now, I have three special films, that I’ve seen recently: Pride and Prejudice (2005), Howl’s moving castle and Big fat greek wedding. :)

Three Two TV shows: I do not follow too many series … well, actually almost none. So, I can say only two: Supernatural and Saint Seiya. I love them!

Four video games: Guild wars, Dragon Age Origins, Dragon age 2, aaaaaaand Dragon age: Inquisition! <3

Five foods: paella (from my province), sushi, Daifukus, pancakes and ice cream! :D~

Six people to tag: Kildaras, Gugle1983, the-firefall, fr-eck-less, leo-fina and sagita-d

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for example palo alto... have you seen submarine? I'm glad to hear your art is going well! Not sure why your friend wanted to compete in a hamburger eating event so badly xx

I love Palo Alto!! I got the book last Christmas and read it in a day. People say the movie is awful but I find it so natural! People forget it is the first time Jack did acting and slay him. But I find him to be confident. Yeah, he clearly didn’t think that much about veganism, he also took part in a milk chugging contest. I have not seen it, coincidentally the same guy send me the soundtrack for my 23rd birthday. I would like to read the book though. X

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I've seen you talk about the movie Submarine many times so yesterday I finally decided to watch it and absolutely loved it! I haven't really seen it mentioned anywhere else before, so maybe I would have never watched if it weren't for your blog :) so thanks!

oooh, you have no idea how happy this message made me!!! submarine is absolutely my favourite film in the whole wide world, because I love the story/soundtrack and colour scheme used + I’m pretty much a fan of all things england. I’m very glad you liked it too!! made me really happy, thank you! :) I’ll probably watch it again one of the coming weeks, I’ve been waiting for the weather to be nice again, so I can set up my tent and have a cozy movie night.

summersappho said: :D i hagvent seen jupiter ascending but im enjoying ur liveblog and i’m so glad yr having fun bab

OKAY so this movie was like THE BEST space trash movie i have ever seen like TONS of space travel and weird alien things and robots and flying shoes IMMORTAL PEOPLE WHO OWN THE EARTH eddie redmayne in this weird cloak thing mila kunis being hot/a badass channing tatum with his fuckin space heelys and puppy ears i am dead

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okay this might be totally out of the blue, but i saw your review on Jug Face and i just watched it last night! until you compared it to The Lottery (which is an incredible comparison), i had been comparing it to The Village and realized that they're both adaptations of The Lottery! idk it just made me rly excited to see the comparison, so thank you for the awesome review!


Haha, a little out of the blue, but that’s okay because Jug Face was a great movie!!

It’s been YEARS since I’ve seen The Village, and all I really remember about it was the twist at the end. I think I’m gonna have to re-watch it and pay attention to any Lottery themes o3o!

But hey! I’m glad my review got you excited! And I’m glad you enjoyed Jug Face :3