Since HELLBOY was back on TV this week, here’s a sweet little #tbt of me as Abe Sapien … BUT … This is not a photo!!  It’s actually a stunning piece of art by euclase here on the Tumblr!!!  Totally had me fooled, and that is the biggest compliment I can give to this breathtaking piece of art!!  I also love this angle , showing off the rarely seen dorsal fin going down my spine.

P.S. Before you ask, we actor types have no idea of the IF’s or WHEN’s of a Hellboy 3, but thank you so much for wanting one!

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awww man, that episode was hilarious and adorable! It was such a nice, light, fun episode and I enjoyed it so much (and I’m so happy the Gems showed up in it ‘cause I was totally expecting it to not have them at all)

man, like, Ronaldo was hilarious in this episode. He has wheelie shoes! I’m glad they brought back the ticket girl (whose name is Jane apparently!) from “Lion 2: The Movie”, I hope she and Ronaldo can work it out

Also I liked seeing Jenny and Kiki interacting. We haven’t seen much of that since “Beach Party” but it was nice and really cute. I dunno, I love seeing sibling interactions (also I’m a twin so I like seeing twins in media get along while also not being completely the same, I dunno).

Anyway, this episode was really fun. I’m kind of blanking on what else to say now but I really enjoyed it and it was great

  • what she says:im fine
  • what she really means:3/4ths of the performance team isnt as popular as the rest of seventeen? im glad hoshi is popular but i know almost NO jun, dino, and the8 stans. this has me so worried, these kids are so great and talented i dont understand why theyre not popular as the rest? dino really loves michael jackson and he has the cutest ambition ever i dont understand why people dont adore him, he is really just a child. and jun? hes staring in a web drama and has really amazing training in martial arts, people dont really take into note that hes an amazing actor, hes been in a few tv shows and movies. the8, have you seen him hug a dog? he literally ran up to that dog and engulfed it in his arms i have never seen him so happy it literally made my heart cry. hes an amazing dancer and has the cutest voice ever i dont understand why he doesnt have as many stans
Each Signs Watching a Horror Movie

Aries- “That looks so fun, why can’t I be in that film?”
Taurus- “If I was that girl I’d go back to sleep, that bed looks soft”
Cancer- “I’m just glad this is just a movie”
Leo- “Honestly, this is stupid, why the fuck would you go outside if you hear a noise? Idiots everywhere.”
Virgo- “Why is she up so late, doesn’t she have work tomorrow morning?”
Libra- “That murderer is so mean, think about others feelings at least”
Scorpio- too cool to watch horror movies 😏
Sagittarius- Cheering on Glenn Coco with Gemini
Capricorn- Actually kind of scared.
Aquarius- they just like the scary music, it’s entertaining for them.
Pisces- I’ve seen weirder shit than this.

I have seen Age of Ultron!

No spoilers, but I’m really glad that for once I pirated it, because apparently I’m having an actual mental health moment and kept having to get my anxiety under control. 

Which is nothing for you guys to worry about, I’m mostly okay – I’m managing it and have managed much worse – but it’s super weird and not terribly comfortable, so being able to pause the movie and get up and walk around a bit was a big help.

The upshot of which is that I just spent the last six and a half hours watching a two hour movie.


after years of waiting to watch this movie, i finally did. so many people have told me that i should watch it (also warned me to watch it alone & have tissues ready, lol). i wanted to wait till i felt ready, but having known the story of the crucifixion, i think a part of me was just avoiding the heavy heavy heavy HEAVY emotions that i knew i was going to feel. i’m SO glad i did though. such a beautiful, well-made film. and jim caviezel is the man.

if you haven’t seen it, or if you’re like me & just a lil hesitant, i definitely recommend! 

The Winter Soldier doesn't do slogans

I finally read The Art of Captain America: The Winter Soldier from cover to cover, including reading all the storyboard and pre-viz sequences. I was completely amazed when I saw the storyboards for the fight between the Winter Soldier and Cap on the helicarrier: the shot where Bucky goes after Steve features a caption of him shouting “HAIL HYDRA!” with a feral look on his face as he moves in for the kill.

This suggests that the line was in some early version of the script, and I am so glad that somewhere along the way someone had the good sense to jettison it, because it was so tonally completely wrong and would have drastically changed the character as they developed him in the movie. It would have been jarring and bizarre to have him spout some kind of ideological slogan (one which, for me, was one of the least successful aspects of the movie), particularly after we’ve seen him trying to piece together his memories in the face of Pierce’s empty bullshit rhetoric, which he barely listens to. The only reason he gets refocused on completing his assignment is because they forcibly remove his experiences and memories, not because Pierce sways him with the power of Hydra’s super-sekrit awesome plan for world domination.

The MCU version of Bucky is, to my eyes, far more broken and dehumanized than the comics version (not that Bucky’s not broken and dehumanized in the books, because he is, deeply so), but even this version of him is not without his resources and capabilities. We see him in charge of the team of mercenaries when they attack Steve, Natasha, and Sam on the bridge and he obviously had some hand in planning that attack; we see him waiting at the end of the attack on Nick Fury, a failsafe in case the other squad didn’t accomplish their task; we see him go to Pierce’s on his own; we see him at the end, figuring out what’s happening at SHIELD and what he has to do to stop it; and then we see him in the tag at the end credits, having learned of the Captain America exhibit and going to find out about himself. It’s really tempting to infantalize him, especially after the horrific bank vault mind-wipe scene, but MCU Winter Soldier is still a pretty capable and resourceful weapon in most situations.

But he doesn’t come by this of his own free will, and he doesn’t do it because he buys into the ideology – he does it because he’s been tortured, mind-wiped, completely broken of his humanity and stripped of his own personal agency. There’s no Stockholm Syndrome absorption of his captors’ beliefs; he does what he’s told, but he’s not doing it because he follows the party line, even if he was only following it to stay alive.

It doesn’t matter if Hydra’s still just a Nazi cult or you’re viewing it through the prism of modern-day government that’s just a step away from the Big Brother-type new world order, there’s still a political (and control) agenda that the people saying Hail Hydra have bought into at some point. They clearly believe in the message. But the Winter Soldier doesn’t buy into that, he can’t – he’s a loaded gun that gets pointed in a direction and fired. He’s programmed, not motivated.

In the comics, Bucky gets out of cryofreeze for much longer times and even has something resembling a life at one point, training Red Room recruits. He’s still a weapon, though, he’s still there to do a job and complete a mission until Steve forces his memories back (not, like in the movie, through the Power of Love but with the cosmic cube’s mojo), he’s still there to represent someone’s agenda, and he seems aware of it – he knows who he works for, what he’s doing. He questions orders, goes off-mission (which doesn’t work out too well for him), and interacts with his superiors to some degree. MCU Bucky doesn’t appear to have any of that, at least from what we’ve learned so far, until Steve jars it loose and he makes the decision to save Steve. MCU Bucky is even less likely to understand or give the tiniest crap about the rhetoric and ideology of an organization like Hydra than the comics Winter Soldier is.

To buy into a belief system, you have to make a choice, and we’ve seen that Bucky in the MCU doesn’t have even the tiniest particle of free will anymore. If that horrifying chair scene does nothing else, it shows us how completely they’ve destroyed him and taken away any real knowledge of what he’s doing in the grand scheme of things. Pierce pumps up his bullshit with compliments, trying to give Bucky the carrot to get him back on mission, until he realizes that won’t work and he resorts to the stick instead. Because really, why would that crap work on him? He’s a tool, a weapon, and that’s all they’ve allowed him to be.

He’s almost completely undone by his memories of Steve, and they have to basically reboot him in order to get him to perform his mission. All this ideology, all these statements and beliefs, are meaningless to him, so having him shout “Hail Hydra!” before attacking Steve would have made him look like he had absorbed what Hydra stood for, made him more of an active participant in their plans, not a broken, dehumanized, tragic victim. He doesn’t even have enough agency to buy into Hydra’s mission or his part in it the way someone might with Stockholm Syndrome. It would have completely altered that aspect of his character to me, made him seem far less tragic than he is by the time he makes that decision to save Steve, and in doing so save himself.

I’m sure someone could make a good case why having him shout Hail Hydra would have been cool or might have made his mind-wipe even more tragic (if so, go to town!), but myself, I just can’t see it. I always find it fascinating to see what gets changed in the movie-making process as they go along, and it seems to me that someone showed very good sense in eliminating that line, keeping Bucky’s tragic storyline more consistent with what we know of how horribly destroyed he is as a person. He’s a blank slate, a weapon, a victim, not a slogan or a belief system – or even a villain with a plan.


You and Tate had been watching movies all evening and you were both having a good time as it had been a while since you had spent any time together. “I’m glad we decided to do this. It’s been a while since we have seen each other”, he says. You smile, “I know what you mean. I missed me best friend”. Tate blushed, moving head head so that you didn’t notice the effect you had on him, “We should do this more often”. You smile, “We definitely should”. You both continued to watch the film, hiding your feeling for each other. Why did it have to be so hard being in love with your best friend.

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If anyone who reads this is thinking of making a show/movie/book/whatever with an openly gay character: DON’T.

There is simply no way to do it correctly, or well.  Once society calms down about it little more feel free to, but right now it simply cannot handle gays well.

While I’d kinda thought it before, Mitch Downe from ParaNorman is the first character that really made me consider it, which is why he’s pictured.  So many many many people praised him as a gay character done RIGHT.  Having never seen ParaNorman (still want to) it occurred to me that there’s something wrong with Mitch’s sexuality being not only the only thing I know about the character, but the only thing I know about the whole goddamned movie.

I’m glad we got past that point where every homosexual character is little more than a mushed up ball of stereotypes, and super glad we got over that brief era of every gay character being a pile of loud aversions to those stereotypes, but now all gay characters are in the media is cheap praise and audience fishing.  If there is a good character but the public at large is still boiling him down to his sexuality, how is that any better?

One Ring

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“Um, babe? Are you okay?”

You stood, mouth gaping, staring at Minho.

He laughed and waved his hand in front of your face. “Are you broken?” he asked with a laugh, “come on. Yell, scream, say something!”

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So I saw Naruto The Last in Sydney today! Spoilers ahead! It was a really great experience and I’m so glad I got to see it! As people have posted, the atmosphere was absolutely amazing with people really getting into and enjoying the movie! I’d seen pretty much all the spoilers but I still loved it. The cinema was packed- would have been a few hundred people there and there was a mass of people waiting to go into the next session when we came out. The audience cheered and clapped at Naruto’s confession, the kiss and there were squeals for the post credits scene. People also laughed at Sakura’s description of Naruto as dense and Sai’s comments about Naruto groaning Hinata’s name and “other embarrassing things” as well as when he said he’d dreamed of his brother in the genjutsu. Cinema also laughed when Toneri wanted to find out more about Hinata and all he saw was Naruto haha. 

A moment that I thought was really sweet and cute was when as they were leaving the cave (after the genjutsu and Hinata’s encounter with Toneri), Naruto says I’ll never let Hinata out of my sight again, after which he shyly turns away after looking at her and Sakura says “You’re already looking away!” ^^

As someone else posted, the translation when Naruto sees Hinata’s memories was different to the spoilers, as after saying he likes ramen he says “I love Hinata”, not “Hinata also said she likes me”. I don’t usually post about this stuff, but I’m happy to answer any questions! I’m seeing it again tomorrow :)

Wow that new mad max movie was so badass. So glad I caught it in the theater. I couldn’t stop laughing at the guitar jamming character in the main war party. So heavy metal. Never seen such a great representation of all of my favorite 80’s animated troupes brought to the big screen. George Miller must have been a fan heavy metal or metal hurant back in the day.

The soundtrack by Junkie XL was also really good by the way.
That new 'Labyrinth' movie is not a reboot, screenwriter says
A few days ago, news of a new Labyrinth film began making its way across the internet, and while initial reports suggested that the film would be a...

I’m not sure if many have seen this already, but the news is out that the new Labyrinth movie IS NOT a reboot, but a sequel! The screenwriter, Nicole Perlman, tweeted that “[Labyrinth] is perfect as it is”. Honestly, I’m glad. I’d rather it’s a sequel, because I would hate for anyone to try and take Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie’s roles.

On the other hand, I feel that what makes Labyrinth so great is the openness of its ending. We have no idea what happened after Sarah won. Did she ever encounter Jareth again? Did she live her life normally after her adventure? Did she call for her friends often or never see them again? Was it a dream or reality? Was Jareth’s kingdom devastated after she beat him or did everything go back to how it was before she ran it?  I, and many others, have greatly enjoyed exploring these and many more questions in RPs, Fanfictions, and our own imaginations. I just hope that when this movie does hit the screens, it doesn’t damage the wonderful and diverse world the fandom has created.

And the screenwriter, Nicole Perlman, has since said that the news of the movie was simply badly timed with David Bowie’s death. The movie has been in development since 2014.


Day 1.

After a very bumpy flight and an even bumpier landing, i eventually found my mom and the munchkins!

We headed out to Jones Beach State Park and despite the police who were carrying around firepower I’ve only ever seen in movies, we had a great time.

Things of note (mostly for me): so much squealing, red lip crew, burp jokes, selfies (OBVS), arguing over who gets to sit next to me, piggy back rides, chasing each other in the sand, picking up friends along the way to the lifeguard sand who have never heard of “Stranger Danger,” forgetting beach appropriate footwear, being the only one to say “excuse me,” and all the ridiculous laughing.

I miss these kiddos and my sister bucket loads. So glad I get to see their faces for the next five days.

Stupid things I’ve heard this year 2K16

Oh boy, ten months into the year and I have some really great (somewhat paraphrased) moments of idiocy I have been witness too:

“Tumblr is so disgusting, talking about rabbits and chocolates on Easter instead of Jesus. What a disrespectful website.”

Fury Road is an 8/10 movie at most and in a few years people will look at it like they do Juno”

“Your list is one of the worst lists I’ve ever seen because Kubo is unironically number one and I disagree with the ordering”

“My friend telling this guy to die was just a joke, but him saying he’s glad he’s pissing off SJWs and anti-SJWs is something misandry mermaid would say unironically.”

“The bowl of Skittles comparison is terrible… but the bowl of M&Ms one is fine because [honestly who gives a shit what else they said]”

“Vote Trump”

“Vote Hillary”

“Trump is the only choice for president because he’s not politically correct and he’ll end all this SJW bullshit”

Doctor Strange is super racist and problematic and it’s going to be a horrible movie”

“The DCEU is home to the best comic book movies ever”

“The animated DC films are all terrible and never match the comics”

“All rap music is terrible and only degenerate lowlives listen to it”

Ghostbusters from the 80s is a bad movie, and I don’t see why everyone likes it more than the way-better reboot”

“DCEU is better than the MCU”

“If you vote third party you’re basically voting for Trump. Third party votes don’t matter and you’re stupid if you vote third party”

“ERB has turned into a bunch of politically correct SJWs”

“Fairy-type Pokemon suck”

“MPQ needs to add Gambit and not all these variant characters”


“Pepe the frog is a symbol of hate used by white supremacists”

Spectre was one of the worst Bond movies, definitely not as good as Quantum of Solace which is one of Craig’s best”

“No X-Men movie has ever been good and they need to give it back to Marvel”

“Captain America needs to have a boyfriend”

“Captain America is a Nazi now lol”

“Um the romance between Steve Rogers and Agent 13 is gross and problematic”

Strange Magic has an awful soundtrack and all the songs on it are afterthoughts that shit on the original versions”


Get to know me meme: My 25 Favorite movie and TV couples/relationships
(14/25) Michael and Jackie in the tv series That 70’s Show. Michael was played by Ashton Kutcher and Jackie was played by Mila Kuniz. I have seen every that 70’s Show out there, it was one I’m my favorite shows, and hey were my people. They’re just so cute and funny. I’m glad they were together on screen and now they have a cute little family.

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do you take the word request thingys for drabbles? ex: luhan, coffee, fall, staring, clumsiness (i don't know if that made sense but yeah)

You probably shouldn’t be staring at the barista at the coffee shop, because ever since he noticed you doing so, he’s dropped two coffees, burnt himself and tripped three times. And it’s barely been fifteen minutes. 

Honestly, you only came out today because everything looked so pretty outside. You were 100% ready to stay in all day in your pyjamas and watch every movie in your DVD collection, but you had opened your curtains and seen all the beautiful golden leaves falling and decided today was a good day to go shopping and have a coffee. And you’re glad you did, because your favourite barista, Lu Han, as you read on his name tag, was on shift, dropping everything everywhere. 

An attractive coffee stain down the front of his shirt, another smaller man shoos him away to, you assume, clean himself up, taking over for the time being. Lu Han emerges ten minutes later with his normal clothes on, looking even better, biting hard on his bottom lip. He converses with the small man for a minute or two and you turn to stare out the window, not realising when he leaves his friend and slides into the seat opposite you.

Staring back at his wide, doe eyes, you’re expecting some kind of reprimand or plea for you to stop looking at him because it makes him uncomfortable and he’s not interested, but instead, he just moves his eyes down to the table like he’s never seen the pattern before, and mumbles—

“Please don’t stare at me while I work; it’s a lot of pressure not to embarrass myself in front of you when my hopes are raised and I want to make a good impression, so… Maybe we could hang out when I’m not capable of burning myself and everyone around me?" 

i think it’s incredible that we live in a time where the hobbit is so popular that it has hundreds of different aus and people have their own canons and do tons of’s just not something i would have thought would happen you know? like for the hobbit? lord of the rings? even the silmarillion and stuff, i’ve never seen so much fanart for it as i have this year. it’s so great. tolkien fandom is strong