Fanfic Update!

Quick life update: finally things have slowed down a bit for me! I just had my last exam (for awhile) and submitted my last essay this Friday. Uni is a lot quieter now. I only have one last presentation and one final take-home exam, which is due the end of June, so I’ll have plenty of time to write and post fics regularly again (both A&O and Poetry Nights, but perhaps also some one-shots). Sadly, the presentation is on Nabokov’s Pale Fire and I hate the book, but my lecturer loves it, so that’s going to be interesting! On a positive note, I also got some great feedback and grades back, so I’m really pleased about that and relieved it’s over now. 

I wanted to update A&O this evening as a little surprise for you guys, but because it’s been so long since I last worked on it, I needed some time to get back into it and figure everything out again and where I was going with everything and what had happened before the last chapter (yes, I forget what happens in my own fics). So it’s taken a little longer than I had hoped. I also just needed some time for myself and clear my head and relax after this last semester (it was crazy, I’m never taking extra courses again!). But because I couldn’t post today, I decided to put this little message on for you guys to let you know I’ll be getting back into posting again soon and that I’ll update A&O sometime this week as soon as I get it done. You guys have been waiting long enough. Again, thanks so much for the support and being so patient. Really, I needed that. You guys are great.

So, I hope you’re all eager for the next chapter of A&O and I’ll try to keep you guys updated on what day I think I’ll get it done. 

Love you all and again sorry for the lack of fics! I’m glad to be back! I really missed you guys  <33

There were so many tear jerking, heartbreaking, edge of your seat, well crafted moments, amazing performances, bits of information and character development and interesting hints and things to watch for in the season opener of Dark Matter’s third season. However the thing that stood out to me the most was the fact that the actors playing the Zairon scientists were the actors who play Mr and Mrs Kim on Kim’s Convenience!

bxnemagnus  asked:

i can't breathe after that episode it runined me, also ending?? thoughts??

im SOOOO happy w it. maybe its cus i didnt watch it live and didnt have to see the negativity of other people, but i thought it was an incredible epsiode. the storyline moved well, the camera work was bomb, the characters felt good. i just. i loved it so much and im so glad its back