I’m glad I have so much B roll of Ky talking about his pickle.


Sometimes I get sad about D gray man. Some others times, I remember this video.

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omg before I forget again: my cat ended up not needing the surgery after all!!! he had had something clogging his stomach up and making it impossible for him to digest food (i'm presuming plastic bc he literally sniffs that stuff out like no ones business :/), and as a last ditch effort my vet prescribed a lubricant (like one that's normally for hair balls) and the day before he was scheduled we had a check-in and the vet was so impressed bc apparently the lubricant was v helpful!! (1/2)

(2/2) i’m still keeping a close eye on him, but if the litter box is anything to go by he’s going to be okay and no invasive surgery will be needed! i am still so so relieved omg. I’ve been looking everywhere in my house for any type of plastic and getting rid of it, but somehow i still find him chewing on it :/ but yeah moose is going to be ok (also yes that story was so funny and I had no idea cats would have any interest in drinking tea tbh!!)

HI FRIEND!!! i’ve been wondering about you and your little cat omg!! <3333 THAT’S SO GREAT I’M SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT!!!! <33333 omg poor baby :((((( that must’ve been so uncomfy omg… (that’s so strange omg!! ive never seen a cat get into plastic before like that!!). (and yeah omg i’ve heard of that!!) THAT’S SO GOOD!!! i’m so glad the medicine helped and he ended up being fine!! :DDDD 

and oh yeah definitely i know i would too if he were mine!! <33333 THAT’S GREAT!!! i’m so happy for you and for your cat that’s such good news!!! <33333 omg i feel that i’m so relieved for you too!! <333 oooooo yeah omg i bet it must be hard to get it all!! OMG HIS NAME IS MOOSE!!!! THAT’S SO CUTE!!!! and ahhhh i’m so happy friend i’m so glad he’s gonna be okay =^.^= <333333 (PLS AHHHH!!!! and tbh me either!!! what nerds!! <3333) 

im so glad i dont follow ppl with ugly ass opinions about beyonce anymore. i can already hear the michaels and the dans and all them other white/wanna be white gays comin wit the “i like beyonce but………”

like yall betta shut ur mouths today

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Ridia I'm concerned about the existence of that blog. We don't know each other but I feel like I can't live without my daily dose of your scenarios and K related stuff so I'll have you know that the day your ask box starts to wear thin of prompts and suggestions, I'll personally fill it again. Day after day if I need to! (My way to tell you I love your stuff and you have so much inspiration it's so cool *-*) Keep up the good work!!

I’m glad people are so worried about the state of my inbox XD Hopefully K fandom can keep hanging on with our side materials for a while longer, The day my ask box finally starts to wear down – after I finish doing my ‘OMG I actually answered them all’ dance of victory – I will be sure to make it known so that it can be filled anew~

ABC tag

tagged by: @taehyooh thnx mom 
a - age: 15 years
b - biggest fear: inSECTS gtg
c - current time: 10:45 pm
d - drink you last had: lemonade
e - easiest person to talk to: @taehyooh :-) we can talk about everything and thats so nice, im glad to have her in my life tbh 
f - favourite song: oh god i cant answer this question i have too many rip 
g - grossest memory:  i cant think about one rip 
h - horror yes or horror no: N.O.
i - in love with: ….jungkook
k - killed someone: no
l - love at first sight or should i walk by again?: walk by again
m - middle name: i dont have one
n - number of siblings: 3, i have 2 big sisters and 1 little brother
o - one wish: marry jungkook uh this sounds so cliche but my wish is to live happily nfvnj (maybe with sana but oh well)
p - person who you last called: my mother (tbh if you look at my recent contacts i called with on my phone you’ll only see my mothers number #famous)
q - questions you’re always asked: “can you speak chinese?” “OMG can you say something in chinese?” 
r - reason to smile: btSSSsssSS JUNGKOOK OFC and my friends !!! well everything that i like makes me smile tho so  
s - song you last sang: hmm i forgot rip 
t - time you woke up: 07:30 am lmao rip
u - underwear color: black
v - vacation destination: DESTINATION PERMANENT VACATION  i wanna go to tokyo, seoul, new york and hong kong once in my life before i die (@sana we almost have the same places we wanna go to BHJDJ lets travel together ok B) #friendshipgoals) 
w - worst habit: that i dont dare to ask something in general, im too shy SIGH
y - your favourite food: the pancakes how my parents makes them, noodles and pizza 
z - zodiac sign: leo   

i tag: @jholyshit @vanilltae @jinhuyng @taebytae @kookiefly @xiulugay @kfan-obsessions @wingedconverses @yehetness @rilakkyungsoo @function-of-bangtan @kookiejungs @taehyungaegyo & everyone else who wants to do this ~ 

2016.02.06 Haruka’s Blog Translation

Sen! (Of Sendai)

H!P concert in Sendai just finished~

Nakajima-san, Hagiwara-san and Yajima-san congratulated Maria for her birthday~!

I made accessories for the 3 members of ℃-ute
They were super happy……!(;_;) I’m so glad

Talking about Sendai!

The TV show where Ayumin is a regular host、
「Ara Ara Kashiko」 in short 「Arakashi」! (Glauca plant, appearing in pic)

On my way to Tokyo’s shooting studio, I found this plant
I couldn’t help but send this pic to Ayumin! Haha

I will work hard in order to be called to appear in location and studio shootings  ( ^ω^ )

Sendai’s meal was so delicious ♡
I ate a lot
That’s why、I have to control myself tomorrow~

Kansha (gratitude), kangeki (deep emotion), Kuduu? Kanduu! (Duu feeling)

「Today’s It Duusn’t Matter Thing」
Maria treated me for my Chuunibyou syndrome。(´・_・`) Haha (Chuunibyou: Young person who would either act like a know-it-all adult, or thinks they have special powers no one else has.)

Kudo Haruka

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I fixed Evelyn’s design up cuz the first one I used just…wasn’t up to standard and looked too weird too me… (I mean THIS one probably also seems trite at first glance especially with the surname “Arclight” attached to it..)
But I tried to make changes accordingly for the most part. so here she is. The “probably conclusion” for your rendition of their mother.


I greatly appreciate this I knew I could count on you for a great design and I am far from disappointed! 

I’m so glad I came out about this oc I owe it all to you 

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I'm so glad to know that other people have the same opinion about Flash as I do. I loved the first season so much but this season there's just something missing. Like you said, we don't get our characters enough, there's so little Caitlin this season and Iris and I feel like if they are there they're not important. And also being Snowbarry shipper it's even worse since we're practically not getting any scenes between them. For most part I'm just bored.

Well Iris is getting more right now because of her mom and wally, so that’s good, I loved seeing her being so badass the last episode, but caitlin isn’t getting any good this season, like her whole storyline is around jay lately :s. Yeah the lack of snowbarry sucks too, not only because they’re my otp but because they had a beautiful friendship on s1 and now it’s like they’re ignoreing it. Well tbh they ignored basically every dynamic, like i hoped more team flash scenes, more iris x caitlin since iris found out about the flash, etc.

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Demon Spouse au: s/o being intrigued by common things bc they don't have that sort of thing in the demon realm. So they tend to ask questions about stuff.

Osomatsu: He would try to explain human things to his s/o as best he can. He would remark on how they are so cute knowing so little about humans

Karamatsu: He would be glad to explain things that his s/o didn’t understand to them, and the excited face they made was reward enough for it

Choromatsu: He would go full teacher mode. He would try to impress his s/o with how smart he is and teach them about human things

Ichimatsu: He would find their little knowledge of human things to be similar to a cat aka adorable. God he is such a furry

Jyushimatsu: He would excitedly tell his s/o everything he knows about the things they don’t understand. He wants his s/o to be excited by the same things he is

Todomatsu: He would find his s/o’s little knowledge of human things adorable. Watching them try to figure things out is even more adorable

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it was a different world then.

“Instead of bickering with her hella cool mom over her bed time, we get to see them bonding over a family heirloom. We also get glimpses of Clary’s other relationships with women — her edgy, older-sister-type Dot, and Clary’s music-loving, age-appropriate friend Maureen (who was relegated to the role of “Simon’s groupie” within the books.) Most importantly, her relationship with Isabelle isn’t immediately defined by the same antagonistic, internal slut-shaming that goes on in the books. Imagine that! We get to watch Clary have healthy, affirming relationships with women that aren’t based on jealousy.”