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I copy catted your hair at the salon today. I feel kinda bad that I copied you cause it isn't original, but I always loved short hair and was always afraid to try because I'm bigger. Thought it'd make me look bad, but I look great and I feel great. So thank you for giving me the courage. I thought it looked fantastic on you, so why not try? I hope you don't hate me for it, cause I love you and your blog so much.

Oh my gosh, I don’t hate you at all.  If someone wants to get something that they’ve seen on me and they think they’ll like it on themselves - I’m all for that.  I’m just all for people feeling better about themselves in general.  I’m so glad you love your new look. (: I remember how amazing it felt when I first got it cut and I still love it so much now.  Seriously though - I never understood the idea of getting mad at people over ‘copying’ something that you’ve worn or own.   I sure as hell didn’t make up that haircut or color and I sought out a LOT of inspiration for it.  So yeah, I definitely don’t hate you at all and I’m just so happy for you!

I just wanted to say that I love you all.
Because you stick with me baka

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I am honestly so glad about the the SE/E Asian conversation that's going on right now. It's been needed for a long time and is on the biggest barriers to any form of Asian solidarity. I only hope that people will take something from this rather than continuing to deliberately ignore the issue


today I asked my German teacher what pronoun you would use for a gender neutral/nonbinary person because ‘they’ is only used as plural and she was so cool about it she’s apparently looked it up before and hasn’t found and answer yet but she’s gonna look more into it. and then she was telling us about a Starbucks in my city that has gender neutral bathrooms now. and the fact that Germany is one of the first countries to not require gender ok birth certificates and idk that’s the coolest thing and I’m so glad she was cool about it

ok yeah firstly, ty to the 4,591 of u that stuck around! lost about 15 or so, and goodness knows some of them probably just got tired of all the SJW Cam posts. sorry i filled your dash with anons and rhetoric on racism and Me Being An Asshole For Fun. in the future, i’ll probbbbbably set up a new blog for my ranting and bullshit and shutdown anonymous asks here, mostly because fuck that shit! this is a more Official Art Blog and i’d like to keep it that way. you’ll be able to anon me on my NEW personal blog, of course, but i’ll probably keep it relatively secret. yeah. you all rock, stay fresh, and also thank for all the encouraging words! especially about the ones about polyamory, i’m so glad y’all enjoy seeing my demon poly triad take off. here’s to more demon goodness! B)


Mark has finally said something!!!

I have hope now…for all of us. I believe in happiness, love, and peace, and I believe in everything markiplier stands for, and that is for the betterment of mankind. Mark knows he’s not a deity, nor is he your cinnamon roll, your daddy, your lover, but he is a HUMAN! Please, don’t prove me wrong and don’t prove Marky wrong either. I could literally feel the steam coming from his ears and I bet his fingers are sore from banging on those keys, and so, to you, Marky, I give you a “happy hug”, a 20 oz bottle of Dr Pepper, and a package of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I am so glad you beat me to the punch, as I was about to change my mind again and send you the letter I planned on sending.

I hope you psychoes are happy now! You’ve run up poor Marky’s blood pressure! I have renewed confidence now, so DON’T DISAPPOINT ME, MARKIPLITES, or next time, I really will leave FOR GOOD!

Good night and big balls! (Wipeout reference…ignore me LOL!)

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So, did Sasuke cry tears of joy when his little girl was born? How did he react?

So glad you asked! I actually have an upcoming comic about him holding his girl the very first time. It will take some time to finish it but I hope you’ll like it, especially since it will be emotional. 

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hey ally, i don't know if u remember me at all haha but i was the girl from aus who's mum was caught up in the nepal earthquake, and i was very anxious because i hadn't heard anything from her? well she's all safe and sound!! c: she's been back in australia for the past couple of months pouring her heart + soul into fundraising efforts for her friends back over there; if u could post this in the hope that anyone at all has some money to donate it would mean the world to me :* thank u <33

Oh my god I’m so glad you messaged me and I’m so glad she’s alright!!! I haven’t stopped thinking about your or your mum since you told me you couldn’t get ahold of her, and I know a lot of my followers cared too, so we are all so happy she’s okay 💛💛

About time!

About fuckin’ time mate, I’m so glad you finally sacked up and called the fandom out on it’s bullshit. I’ve been watching things fall apart and I was wondering when you’ve finally had enough. Good on ya! Faith restored! Proud of ya!

Now, as for the fandom as a whole, ARE YOU GUYS HAPPY WITH YOURSELVES?! DO YOU NOT SEE JUST HOW FURIOUS HE IS BECAUSE OF YOU GUYS?! Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not ALL of you, but those who I am referring to hopefully know who you are.

You have probably pushed him away from the fandom, and God only knows how PISSED he’s going to be during his panel at Pax, and it’s all because a few determined, sour apples tried to ruin the whole bunch.

I seriously hope y’all are happy with yourselves, you’ve tarnished this fandom beyond repair, with all you bullshit. THIS TIME BECAUSE GOD FORBID MARK FUCK SOMEONE WHO ISN’T ONE OF YOU! HE HAS COMMITTED A SIN! HOW DARE THE MAN KEEP HIS PERSONAL LIFE TO HIMSELF, LET HIM ROT IN HELL FOR THE ATROCITY HE HAS CAUSED!

Grow the fuck up, right now, I am beyond done hearing from friends and others about how you guys are acting like a group of pretentious twats, bullies, inconsiderate fools and morons! It’s time you stopped acting like children and controlled yourselves.

While I believe that alleged suicide is most likely fake, how would you guys have felt if someone actually DID commit suicide because of your incessant bullying? If another member of this community hurt themselves because you guys couldn’t control yourselves. Would you feel happy? Would you be proud of yourselves, that you lead ANOTHER HUMAN BEING to their death? Or would you feel horrible? Would you be able to sleep at night, knowing what you did?

All because they posted an opinion you didn’t like, feel proud of yourselves, pat yourselves on the back, because you have made Mark do something I never thought I’d see, and that is just completely lose his shit.

Congrats guys, you ruined the community.

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I LOVE the 成语 of the day. This past semester I took 文言文 class and it was hell. But my favorites of translating were stories about the idioms.

OMG so glad you like it! <3 I know the feels – some of my favourite chengyu are like, super silly so it was fun writing about these stories again.

Apart from more chengyu, there are more exciting posts about kick-ass women coming up next week! 

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i just got a new special interest after so long without a special interest and i'm so so so happy about it. special interests are so great and i'm happy every time i hear you (or anyone tbh) talk about yours!

im so glad for you!!! ive been infodumping for hours this evening lmaooooooo

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"...when I was half-drunk and on my period, still sobbing over some dumb sad movie I shouldn’t have watched while hormonal" This made me laugh so hard because I relate to this almost on a spiritual level! Ha! I love everything about this fic. Thank you so much!

I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for the kind words! XO

Second Ant-iversary and Q&A!

As of right now, this blog has been around for two years! I gained a lot more followers than I ever thought I would. I’m very glad that I’ve been able to teach so many people about the wonders of myremecology.

If you’ve ever submitted a question, you may notice that I sometimes take a while to answer them. To celebrate, for the next twenty-four hours, I will be answering every question as soon as I can. I’m not really sure how many people will be interested, but feel free to ask me anything and I will answer to the best of my abilities.

I’d also be interested to hear any opinions on what you want to see on this blog in the future. I used some of my favorite facts back when I barely had any followers, so I’ve been considering re-posting some things. I don’t want to seem like I’m just recycling old material, so this would not take the place of regular weekly posts.

And of course, thank you to all my followers, new and old! I hope to continue providing content for at least another year. :)


Woden’s Hunt, also known as the Wild Ride or Wild Hunt. A myth of devilish riders in the sky accompanied by black dogs, spectral beings whose eyes glowed with fire.

A Bearer of Death and Guardian of the Supernatural, the black dog is also known by its more common name, the Hellhound.

News about Smitten

I’ve read this article from L’Adige (the article Madalina posted a picture of on her instagram earlier today) and found out a few things about the movie:

  • The story is based on a real story that took place in 1887 about a woman who had the most beautiful night of her life in a cabin in Trentino and wished for that night to be remembered.
  • Following that night, the woman gave birth to a son who later died during the war while he was in his twenties. But the memory of the night she conceived him stayed with her until her death in 1977 and she passed the story on to a lawyer along with her last wish : to go back to that cabin, fix it and put a plate on it remembering the night that was the best event in her life. He would then inaugurate the place and throw a huge party that would include everyone from the neighbouring towns. The testament was also clear about it being an event that would take place every year.
  • The journal “L’Adige” wrote about the story and a journalist loved it so much that he contacted Barry Morrow about it. The screenwriter then decided to turn the story into a movie, with the initial title “The Cottage of Love”.
  • After further thinking, Morrow considered the singularity of the event described in the story and immediately thought about centering the movie on a mountain cabin in which anyone would fall in love with someone or something upon entering it. Which then brought the title “Condemned to love”.
  • Someone else initially took on the project in 1994 but with no positive feedback, it died.

 (Side note: a lot of people in the tags are confused because the story has nothing to do with the original description of the movie we got. This article only talks about the original story upon which the movie is based, not the actual movie. I’m guessing the whole fashion designer being kidnapped by the italian mafia and taken to the italian mountains is still happening. But maybe with a twist on the cabin he’s held hostage in. It’s most likely the cabin from the original story which would explain why Darren’s character falls in love with Madalina’s character, or something like that.)