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(I can’t remember from who I get this Cullen wallpaper. There is no watermark on it. it’s either @cantkeepmyeyesoff or @fontofnothing . Please do notify me if you know cause I want to properly credit this amazing screen archer!)

Edited: Cullen screenshot credited to @rannah-evae

Fanfic Appreciation:

The Trash Monster and the Most Beautiful Woman in the World by @thatgirlnevershutsup

The world is working against him, Jon decides. What else could be the explanation?

The Most Beautiful Woman in the World lives in the same building as he does, which, to be fair, is not a sign of the world working against him. He gets to see the Most Beautiful Woman in the World quite often, and each time he does, he’s struck dumb by her beauty — her long red hair, shining like the brightest autumn leaves; her bright blue eyes, which he’s not quite sure are the exact color of the summer sky, but he’d like some time to gaze into them and decide; her lips, which he knows are the color of a perfectly ripe strawberry; her skin, pale as moonlight and twice as lovely; her legs, lean and long, setting her at the perfect height; and her laugh, which he’s had the privilege to hear many times, a soft giggle that bubbles out of throat as a smile spreads across her perfect face.

Kai kalbu su ja, atrodo, kad žodžiai, kuriuos noriu pasakyti stringa gerklėje ir užkemša plaučius. Aš negaliu kvėpuoti, negaliu kalbėti. Kai ji kalba su manimi, atrodo, kad atsiveria visi, taip ilgai kaupti, ašarų rezervuarai. Aš negaliu matyti. Jos žodžiai purto mane stipriau nei elektros srovė. Aš negaliu pajudėti. Tai ne meilė. Tai nuodai. Jie prasiskverbia į giliausius proto kampelius ir kankina iš vidaus.

Ji mano kraujas.


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I get that he's your friend Scully but all I'm saying is that I'm supposed to be your best friend and you never kiss me like that.

Because she was hysterical, manic even. Immediately she’s regretted including that bit of The Story of Skinner’s Loyalty on Trial™ and and can’t honestly figure out why she’s told him in the first place. But an indignant little voice calling to the version of herself that’s running from this is shouting that she knows *exactly* why, Dana Katherine.

And watching the way his leg is bouncing under the desk and the way he’s trying to hide his injury by withholding eye contact and pretending to read the article (Mulder never reads *that* damned fast) tells her she’s gotten exactly the reaction she won’t admit she really wanted.

He told you he loved you for Christ’s sake, and yes his timing is shit (but when hasn’t it been, for Things Like This™) and when are you going to stop putting him on trial, too?

If I were...


Thank you so much to the amazing and perfect @elevenknope - I love you, Petal! Xx 💙💙💙🌺🌺🌺

If I were a month: July
If I were a day: Thursday
If I were a planet: Neptune
If I were a god or goddess: Neaera
If I were a sea animal: Starfish
If I were a piece of furniture: Bean bag
If I were a gemstone: Amethyst
If I were a flower: Damask rose
If I were a weather: a sun shower
If I were a colour: Light Pink
If I were an emotion: SUPER DUPER EXCITED
If I were a fruit: Rockmelon
If I were an element: air
If I were a place: Nice big park with large shady trees on a temperate overcast day
If I were a taste: Strawberry White Chocolate Smoothie
If I were a scent: vanilla beach mist
If I were a song: Lollipop by Mika
If I were a body part: cheeks
If I were a pair of shoes: Heeled boots

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