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Caejose Week 2016
Day 7 - Growing Old

you guys remember that Howl’s Moving Castle au i did last september? well its back

anonymous asked:

Can I get some Kakashi as a dad with a young daughter headcanons please? :)

I wrote these imagining the daughter in different age groups, like from toddler to young adult and all that, oopsie. So there’s a mix. Hope that’s alright!


•He’d call her sweety or sweetheart, or I guess by what’s considered the standard in Japanese, just her name, maybe a shortened version of her name, with a little ‘chan’ at the end. But definitely calls her by her first name only when he’s scolding her

•He’d read to her a lot when she was younger. Little bedtime stories. Only problem is she one time went to pick from Kakashi’s collection and pulled out an Icha Icha book then asked him about it, and Kakashi almost had a heart attack

•He’d definitely dress up in princess outfits and have tea time if she wanted. Kakashi’s s/o would come home and see this and Kakashi would just be like “shhhhh, it’s tea time. Don’t disrupt us”

•Extremely protective, though he doesn’t show it. He strives not to be that overprotective, overbearing dad. Wants to be the cool dad. Though he doesn’t really have to TRY hard for that. He’s laid back anyways. But yeah he wouldn’t be on her all the time. He only intervenes if he feel like there’s a problem. But he definitely teaches her from an early age that she needs to be careful, and also teaches her how to stand up for herself

•And he probably does like the idea of training her. You know he can be a little shit when it comes to being a sensei, but he’d be pretty serious training his daughter. It’s not really in depth training either, just the basics. He doesn’t want to overwhelm her, but he wants to make sure she takes something from his lessons

•Makes her give him a big kiss on the cheek and a high five before she goes off to the academy every day, at least when she’s a lot younger

•There’s also nothing he enjoys more than coming home late after a long day and having his little girl run into his arms the second he walks through the door

•When she was still a baby, she probably pulled at Kakashi’s mask a lot and he let her get away with it. Only person who can do that. On the other hand, imagine her growing up the first few years thinking her dad didn’t have a mouth and nose because it was always covered. Like the first time the mask came off she was like AHHHHHHH WHAT’S WRONG WITH DADDY’S FACE

•This is still going more of the toddler route, but Kakashi messes with her too much. Like during meal times, he steals food off her plate just because he likes how infuriated she gets. Like the way she slams her little fists on the table and yells at him in incoherent baby words. And he just keeps saying shit like “No no, this is my food now. You can’t have any”

•Team 7 (Naruto and Sakura specifically. Naruto especially) will adore her. The two of them would probably get into arguments about who should be her sensei. And as she grows older, they compete for her attention to see who ends up as her “favorite”. Kakashi likes to sit back and watch this all unfold. Very entertaining