Sarge should never, ever be trusted with explosions. Fun idea: Imagine Wash screaming “SARGE-” in the highest pitch possible.


Let’s all give three cheers for that interviewer Edith Bowman who asked Harry only good, incisive questions about the process of making this film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The only right way to use Ipad. 

(I can’t remember from who I get this Cullen wallpaper. There is no watermark on it. it’s either @cantkeepmyeyesoff or @fontofnothing . Please do notify me if you know cause I want to properly credit this amazing screen archer!)

Edited: Cullen screenshot credited to @rannah-evae

So, I cosplayed Cas for Comic Con

I’m quite pleased at how it turned out

I had fun

Went with my cousin

Very crowded

Very tiring

So many layers

Much majestic posing

Took me ages to get the “grace leaving the body” look

10/10 would cosplay again

next time i get a cat i wanna name him anakin so that whenever he does something remotely inconvenient i could start dramatically quoting obi wans speech from rots like.

cat: *knocks item off of dresser* 



me: *finally catching cat because i have to take him to the vet* “It’s over anakin,,,,, i have the high ground…….”

Fanfic Appreciation:

The Trash Monster and the Most Beautiful Woman in the World by @thatgirlnevershutsup

The world is working against him, Jon decides. What else could be the explanation?

The Most Beautiful Woman in the World lives in the same building as he does, which, to be fair, is not a sign of the world working against him. He gets to see the Most Beautiful Woman in the World quite often, and each time he does, he’s struck dumb by her beauty — her long red hair, shining like the brightest autumn leaves; her bright blue eyes, which he’s not quite sure are the exact color of the summer sky, but he’d like some time to gaze into them and decide; her lips, which he knows are the color of a perfectly ripe strawberry; her skin, pale as moonlight and twice as lovely; her legs, lean and long, setting her at the perfect height; and her laugh, which he’s had the privilege to hear many times, a soft giggle that bubbles out of throat as a smile spreads across her perfect face.