you are alive.

I want you to look at yourself for a moment. Look at your arms and your legs and your nails and your thighs and your ankles and everything. Notice the dots on your arms, the scars on your legs, the chipped nails. 

I want you to think about the things you can’t see about yourself for a moment. Think about the way you smile at strangers and your pep talks to your friends and how you raised money for cancer and how you love but most of all I want you to think about your heart. The physical organ. The one that is beating inside your chest providing oxygen and nutrients and keeping you alive.

I want you to say that out loud. “I am alive.”

You are still alive.

I know that life is not always fair. Actually, it is really quite unfair a lot. And I know you may have gone through tragedies that I may not be able to conceptualize in my head - so horrifying they have been. And I know I can’t tell you to just get over it, because that’s a terrible thing to do.

But I do know that you are alive. And as long as you are alive, you are meant to do something. If you were truly irrelevant, you would not have been born. You have a purpose. 

Find that purpose. Find your way again.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”


AW GAWD I NEED THIS FULL THEME…. THIS Is bloody awesome Daid Arnold you brillant man


It was so unbelievably good! I knew it was going to be a great show of course, but holy shit Colin voice is still just dAMN and I made sure to get a seat where I could see Rod playing keyboard and ohhh my sweet lord those fingers uGH SO INCREDIBLE I CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU HOW GOOD IT WAS.

It sucks because they practically ran off stage after the encore and they didn’t say hello to anyone or sign anything, but I didn’t mind too much since I’m going to the meet and greet thing before their show next week and I AM SO STOKED NOW BECAUSE THAT CONCERT BLEW MY MIND.