OH MY FREAKING NUTELLA!!!! He should ALWAYS do this, you know, lift his undershirt~ or better yet, he should NOT wear any undershirt at all!! *drools* MANU NEUER JUST KILLED ME 1000000000000000000000000000000x!

Sf9 When Your Insecure.

Inseong: he knows he’s a greasy boyfriend who doesn’t take many things seriously but he still tries and you know he’s trying, especially when you’re having a hard time being comfortable with your own body. “You’re so freaking sexy, just know that.”

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Youngbin: Skinship increases by 100. Touches you in all the places you ‘hate’. “Man, I cant believe you are mine. I’m the luckiest man alive.” 

You: Don’t touch that part…

Him: Why? I love touching you here. 

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Rowoon: Yanno this boy gonna treat you like a queen. He will make sure you arn’t skipping meals, and even doing the most where he will come to your work/school just to bring you your meal that you purposely left at home. Everyone at work/school looks at him with shock and whispers just like in a kdrama when he walks by.

Runs to you before you left to go inside the campus/building, still wearing his apron and slippers like “My Queen. You forgot your lunch.”

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Taeyang: tells everyone how beautiful you are. Holds your hand and isn’t afraid to walk around holding you from behind in public even when people are taking pictures. When people ask about you, he will proudly say your his.

Interviewer: I see your gf came on set to support you.

Him: Yes. She’s right there behind the camera, in the back. The love of my life. She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met but she doesn’t know how much I love her.”

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Dawon: Another dork of a boyfriend who tries hard when it comes to serious topics like this. Of course he knows when to not act silly, and instead shows you affection but he can’t help sometimes to straight up hit on you to boost your self confidence.

Him: (sees you coming but still calls to you in front of everyone and their dog) HEY GODDESS! OVER HERE! (embarrasses you but oh well).

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Jaeyoon: Tries to get to the root of your insecurity. If it was someone who made you insecure, he will personally himself, out of his precious day to come for them. “You said you’re better looking than my girlfriend, but sweetheart don’t flatter yourself too much.” honestly when its just you and him, he will make sure you won’t have any of those bad thoughts. You can just tell how happy you make him when your hanging out together, he’s going to be smiling the whole time. (Probably won’t tell you that he went dragging that person who made you feel bad a few hours ago).

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Zuho: Shows you how beautiful you are. Occasionally comes in your room when your undressed since you two are in a comfortable relationship, and compliment you. “Mannn who is this fine lady I see right here?”

You: zuho get out.

Him: Oh, but I want to get inside ;).

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Hwiyoung: Poor baby doesn’t know what to do. Probably gets sad with you. Can’t focus on practice with his members when your not there. Can’t function because he’s so worried.

Rowoon: Stop worrying, she’ll be fine.

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Chani: This little squish ball doesn’t know much about being romantic but he will do everything in his capability to cheer you up whether it’s cute dates or making stuff together and handmade gifts and cards for you that has a cute message like “To my cutie patootie with the nice!” 

 “Im making a heart for you!!! Wait a moment!-, wait where did it go..” 

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Are you looking to be punished? Tyler Joseph smut

You didn’t get much sleep last night which made you really tired the next day. Around 7 o’clock you decided to go lay down in the bunks to nap quickly before the show. You had fallen asleep but you were woken up by feeling a hand on your inner thigh. Your eyes shot open to see Tyler hovering over you feeling you up and down.

“Good morning princess. I came to get you up. I have to get back to the arena in 15 minutes for a quick interview. When I got in here you looked so freaking sexy sleeping in my shirt and those short shorts.” His eyes were darkened with lust.

“Ty, babe not right now, you have a concert and interviews. We don’t have enough time.”

“I know it’s not that’s why you’re going to get dressed and we’re going to head back inside the arena. I’ll grab you some clothes. Wait here.”

Tyler came back after about 5 minutes with a black and white skater dress and some vans.

“Babe I need underwear, will you go grab a pair?”

“No your not going to need those. I want to get this show over with and then get you somewhere private and eat your sweet little pussy right away.” He said this as he slid his hand down to your ass and smacked it. “Do you understand princess? Don’t disobey daddy or you’ll be in a lot of trouble.”

His words were starting to make your knees weak with anticipation of what was to come after the show. “Okay daddy, but before you go on stage can I take care of that.” You asked as you pointed to the bulge that was starting to show in his pants.

“Quickly we only have 10 minutes until I need to be back in the arena.”

With that you quickly got down on your knees and unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants and boxers. You kept eye contact with him the whole time. You began to tease him by licking up from the base to the tip. Then you began to just suck the tip of his cock.

“Baby stop teasing. We have to go.”


You stood up and put on the dress and vans Tyler got you earlier. Tyler just stood there in shock for a minute before pulling up his pants and trying to hide his erection.

“What the hell did you do that for princess? Are you looking to be in trouble?” Tyler asked you as you both exited the bus and headed to the venue. He held onto your hand extremely tight which meant he was pissed that you just got him worked up for nothing.

“Maybe I am daddy.” You whispered into his ear as you both walked through the back doors of the arena, heading into his dressing room. He silently put on some last minute paint to his neck and hands then turned around. He stood there staring into your eyes.  

“Oh. You’re asking for it. Princess when I get off that stage tonight you better be ready for me.”

He then left the dressing room and headed to the stage. His words once again made your knees feel weak and a pool began to form in between your legs.

After the first song was over you left the dressing room and headed to the side of the stage to watch Tyler perform. He kept looking directly at you with his eyes dark. Once the concert was over Tyler and Josh bowed and ran off stage. The usual smile you get from Tyler wasn’t there. He looked very angry. He grabbed your wrist and practically pulled you into his dressing room.

You locked the door behind you and when you turned around Tyler was motioning for you to come with his finger. He pulled you into a heated kiss and when you broke it apart to catch your breath he started to pull up your dress. He pushed you down onto the couch and spread your legs apart. Before you could say anything a moan escaped your mouth as you felt his fingers slip inside you.

“Oh, princess, you don’t get to make any noises tonight. You were a very bad girl earlier and you’re going to pay for it.” He spoke in a low tone while pushing his two fingers deeper inside you.

You held back all the moans you could until he started to suck on your clit slightly.

“Fuck Ty. Please don’t tease me. I need you inside of me.”

“No baby girl. You didn’t listen to me before. You made daddy perform with a hard dick and you left me thinking about all the things I was going to do to you tonight.”

You let out another moan as his voice vibrated against your core.

“I said no noises.” He grabbed onto your legs and put them over his shoulders to allow himself deeper access.  

“Daddy. I-I’m gonna-” He pulled away quickly and stood up.

“Paybacks a bitch isn’t it?” He asked as he began to leave the room. “I have a quick meet and greet with a few fans. I want you to go back to the bus and get naked and lay in the bunk. Oh and don’t you fucking dare touch yourself. I always know when you do. Understand princess?”

“Yes daddy.”

You headed back to the bus and got undressed. You slid into the bunk and waited. After about 15 minutes you began to grow impatient. You grabbed your phone and texted Tyler.

Babe please hurry up. I need you.

Sent 11:46pm

Josh is coming back to the bus with me. Put on some clothes. But no underwear.

Received 11:47pm

What. No. Tell him to go to the other bus. I can’t wait any longer.

Sent 11:49pm

Who said you have to wait. Don’t worry daddy has a plan for his baby girl. Remember I said no noises. We’ll be there in 10 minutes.

Received 11:51pm

You knew exactly what that meant. Tyler was going to tease you in front of Josh without him knowing.

Just as you finished putting on the dress from earlier the bus door opened.

“Y/N we’re back. Come out here, we are gonna watch a movie.” Tyler said as he walked up the stairs of the bus.

“Really tonight? I just want to go to bed.” You said trying to make it obvious to Josh he needed to leave.

“Nope you’re going to watch the movie with us. Sit down I’ll grab us a blanket.” Tyler said with slight aggression in his voice.

You sat down and Tyler sat next to you and placed the blanket over both of you. You cuddled into Tyler’s side as he laid his hand on your upper thigh. Josh was sitting on the other side of the couch facing the other way staring at the tv.

About 15 minutes into the movie Tyler’s hand moved up your legs and he slowly parted your legs.

“Tyler what the fuck are you doing?” You asked as he started to rub you through your underwear. His eyes got big when he realized you were wearing underwear.

“Oh you’re asking for it Y/N. I told you no underwear and you disobeyed daddy. Fuck I’m gonna punish you tonight baby girl.” He whispered into your ear and it sent shivers down your spine.

His hands began to move your underwear to the side and he started to play with your clit. You let out a slight gasp.

“Y/N you okay?” Josh asked looking at you with a concerned face. You were so grateful you were under a blanket so he could see what was really happening.

“Yeah just remember it was my friend’s birthday yesterday and I forgot to call her. I’m gonna call her now.” You stood and walked off to the bunks where you texted Tyler.

Either you be a real fucking man, ask your friend to leave, get back here and fuck or I’ll go to bed now and you’ll be left a horny pussy who couldn’t get enough balls to fuck his girlfriend.

Sent 12:28am

No. I’m in charge. Either you get the beautiful ass back out here and we’ll continue where we left off until Josh leaves or I’ll come back there now and punish you with Josh in the other room. Your decision baby girl.

Received 12:29am

You thought for a moment and contemplated just going to bed or going back out there and being embarrassed. That’s when you heard footsteps.

“So still thinking huh? Let’s go baby, daddy wants to finish the movie.” Tyler said taking your hand and leading you back out to the couch.

Again after about 3 minutes you felt Tyler pick up where he left off.

“Make one fucking noise, I dare you to.” Tyler whisper into your ear with aggression.

“I won’t.”

“Good.” He kissed your cheek and turned his head back to the movie as his fingers still worked on your clit.

You held back your moans the whole time. That was until Tyler slid his fingers into your folds. He smirked at you trying not to let out a loud moan.

As a loud part of the movie came on you let out a slight ‘fuck’ under your breath. This continued for what felt like an hour. You were finally getting to your limit when Tyler looked at you.

“You close baby girl?” He whispered.

You nodded as you but your bottom lip.

“”Hey Josh will you go grab my phone charger from my bunk?” Tyler asked.

Josh got up and Tyler reposition and started curling his fingers into you even faster.

You hit your climax as a wave of pleasure took over your body.

Tyler sat back the way he was before and cover both of you with the blanket again.

“I think I’m gonna head back to my bus. It’s getting kinda late.” Josh said as he returned with the charger.

You all said goodbye and once Josh was off the bus Tyler ripped you from the couch and had you pinned to the wall stripping you in the process. “Just so you know. You asked for this. Daddy is gonna have it out with you tonight princess. You were a naughty little girl. Teasing me, texting me, then my little slut had me please her in front of my friend.” Tyler said as he held you by your neck.

“Ty you’re hurting me.” His grip tightened before releasing you.

He started into your eyes as he unbuckled his pants and pulled off his shirt.  

“Then I guess you won’t be having much fun tonight.” He said as he took off his belt.

He pulled you over to the couch where he put you on all fours.

“Count for me.”

“Wh-” you were cut off by his belt coming down and slapping your ass.

You counted to 7 before he finally stopped.

“Tyler just fuck me already please.”

He grabbed your throat. “Who the hell is Tyler. You call me daddy when you’re a bad girl. Got it?”

“Yes.” You said trying to catch some air.

His grip got tighter.

“Yes who?”

“Yes daddy.” He let go of you and you panted to catch your breath.

He stood you up and brought you back to the wall.

You put your hand up against the wall as he bent you over.

He lined up with your core and started thrusting.

You were moaning uncontrollably.

“Tell daddy how you feel princess.”

“Daddy’s big dick feels so good. Don’t stop. Harder daddy.”

His thrust were hard and he was kind of hurting you, but you didn’t let him know that.

Both moaning like crazy you felt your end coming near.

“Daddy I’m close.”

He thrusters faster and held your hips tighter.

“Just a little longer princess. I’ll let you know when you can let go.”

You tried your hardest not to hit your climax Tyler wasn’t gonna last much longer because his thrust were becoming sloppy.

“Now baby.” Tyler said as you could feel him twitching inside you. He continued thrusting slowly as he rode out his high.

When he pulled out you practically fell to the ground. He held you up and picked you up. He brought you to the bunk and slid up against you.

“Fuck baby I guess I did go kind of hard didn’t I?”

“Yes and I loved every moment of it.” You said.

“Well we can go for round two.”

“Not tonight Tyler. I can barely stand.”

He chuckled and brought you into a kiss.

“I’m so lucky to have you as mine.”

“Yeah you are. I love you Ty.”

“I love you too Y/N.”

What shopping with Namjoon would be like

•His clumsy ass would knock down everything he passed by in the stores “Oh shit let´s go before the employees find out”

•”This hat is so dope aaaah”

•He would suddenly start making out with you in the middle of the mall. “Namjoon what the fuck are you doing!?” “Showing those guys over there that you are mine and only mine”

•”Jagi that dress would look so freaking sexy on you”

•You would catch Namjoon staring at a pair of shoes and tell him how ugly they were but he would start saying some poetic shit about how everything in life is beautiful etc…

•He would buy you matching backpacks beforehand so you could look all cute and match

•”Namjoon what are you doing!?? Get out of my changing room now before we get caught!”

•He would be the one to give you fashion advice and make you try on all kinds of clothes

•You would convince him to get matching kigurumis and he would be so freaking embarrassed. “Jinjja?? Do we really have to?”

•By the end of the day you would have plenty of selcas and pictures of each other on your phones

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