Rich and Rob should make a short skit entitled “How Season 12 SHOULD have ended” based on this comic from @consulting-cannibal

Because like I would legit pay to see Rob burst onto the scene and just be like

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  • Vax'ildan: visits Kiki's hometown; awkwardly but respectfully interacts with her dad; reassures her that they'll return and that he'll continue to support her no matter what
  • Vex'ahlia: completely naked, greets Percy at her bedroom door; ignores his plan for drinking and talking; insists on having sex literally as soon as he stops wearing so much clothing
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Portland Winterhawks Amazing Race

I just find these three facial expressions so freaking hilarious.

Credit to the people who made the gifs, you are talented people and you made me smile.

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Sometimes do you ever wonder what would happen if sailor moon became a Kdrama would it be more of a melodrama if they don't use the fighting. I always wondered that!

We already have that and it’s called PGSM.

The live action series is really good and I don’t know why is so underrated by the fandom when it’s clearly better than Crystal.

The live action series combines the best of the 90s anime and the manga and the output couldn’t be better!. It also has elements that you’ll only find in PGSM:

 Reinako (Rei x Minako)

Dark Mercury

Princess Sailor Moon

And my favourite…

The iconic transformation of Tuxedo Mask.

This is so freaking hilarious when you first see it. You see all the girls transformations full of CGI, flashing backgrounds and stuff and then you have your poor sis Tuxedo Mask that is basically getting dressed like anyone of us would do in the morning lmaooooooo. ICONIC.

I’ve had better transformation sequences myself while getting dressed on a friday night while listening to the iconic Sailor Moon transformation music.

Anyway, there’s so much more to the series but I guess it’s better if you find out by yourselves.

Also, the series is not all about the fighting, it’s all about the relationship among all the different characters so it’s basically a jdrama that happens to have sentai elements. I really enjoyed it and it’s a must-watch in my opinion, so don’t hesitate!.


That booty tho 😍.

Is Julian really a d*ck?

So I saw this post going around claiming that Jules called Emma a whore and that she deserves better? And I as a Jemma shipper am sad about it. I’m not even mad, just sad. I will list my reasons why Jules shouldn’t be judged. Feel free to disagree

- He NEVER explicitly called her a whore.
- He has every reason to be upset with her. Imagine being in his shoes. The girl you like breaks up with you without an EXPLANATION and suddenly starts dating you brother. Usually, people would be pretty upset about it. Maybe even get angry. The only thing Julian cares about is that both of them are happy.
- It’s not even that long and the same girl breaks up with your brother. Naturally, you would start to question what she is up to? Why is she purposefully hurting him and then his own brother?
- Let’s all be honest we all have said something we regretted in anger. And it’s so obvious that Julian’s mind is deteriorating. So, to accuse Julian of not caring about Emma when all he does is care about Emma and his family is pretty harsh.

Concerning Emma

- First off, I want to say that I am not supporting abusive relationships in any way but it’s not like she fell into his arms. She said “screw you and ran off”. Appropriate reaction in my opinion.
- Secondly, you are all acting like she is so innocent in all of this.
1.) If she had explained to him in the first place why they couldn’t be together then this wouldnt have happened.
2.) Why does she touch him when she know that she shouldnt be doing that? Like that church scene. “Oh let me see if he still loves me!” Leave the boy alone!
3.) Sometimes Emma is so freaking dense it’s hilarious. Like in the last example. “You still love me?!” NO SHIT. He has only eyes for you and you are surprised?
4.) That once scene where she is walking in that light see-through dress and Julian is covering his crotch with his last pillow. C'mon Emma! That scene was hilarious.
5.) You continue to be in a relationship that YOU know is bad for your mental health (will turn you insane), Julian starts behaving strangely and that doesnt ring a bell?!? And then she surpised by the fact that he scares her

All I am saying is that people shouldn’t judge a person with a fragile mind based on something they might have thought in anger.

Also, a Whore is a prostitute. What Julian thought she was doing is that she was purposefully trying to hurt him and his family. Not that she was selling her body for her own personal benefit. Please learn your terms before you start using them :)

Again, I am a Jemma shipper. I love both Julian and Emma with all their faults.

Finished re-reading RE1 novel and RE1 game like…

It was a while ago, (first read was over 10 years ago XD) because I wanted to recall Chris’s character of over 10 years ago. Can’t help thinking RE1 was so cute, if you compare to its violence in later series. In RE1, it was just fluffy with mostly Chris & Rebecca, some Barry & Jill (my fav in RE1 game, Barry!), and funny Wesker. Yes…Wesker can be funny too.

With the novel, it sort of feels 20% comedy to me. For the most part, it was Chris and Wesker and their opinions of each other, even until the later novels (which I’ll share later when I can). So I wish to share what I highlighted with RE’s fellows.

About Chris:

His locker at S.T.A.R.S, there were: boyish mess crumpled T-shirts, loose papers, even a glow-in-the-dark yo-yo with a broken string.

-is very protective of Rebecca because ‘she reminded him of Claire, from her tomboy sarcasm and quick wit.’ (Personally, I see no similarity, except their strong-minded part, but Claire handled herself much better in zombie-crisis situation :P)

-thought of Spencer estate as ‘nightmare-like. Killer plants, giant snakes, the walking dead, all that’s missing is a flying saucer, maybe a dinosaur.


Wesker’s opinions of Chris:

-‘he wasn’t viable, he was too GUNG-HO’ (XD)

-‘Redfield’s been running around, mouthing off about conspiracies’ (Wesker complaining about Chris to Jill)

Chris’s opinion of Wesker:

-Captain Albert goddamn Wesker (after finding out Wesker works for Umbrella)

and here’s something I laughed so hard about, picturing along:

and some endearing Chris & Rebecca moments:

As for RE1 game remake, it showed real well of how Chris cared so much. My fav scene is with Richard. Didn’t ship them but their friendship is just cool. I was surprised Chris even held Richard’s hand…

…then again I know by experience that holding people’s hand eases your nerves a lot in times of being scared to death…but still =v=;… And when Chris spoke to Rebecca about losing Richard because the poor guy just saved his life…(super thumbs up for the voice actors and Chris/Richard’s facial expressions…considering the old version was so freaking hilarious now I can’t believe it was so scary back then)…

that scene spoke volume of how Chris later ended up with PTSD ;w; 

Katsu, day one:

Got here three hours later than expected, hella crowded, hella cold walking from the parking lot

BUT!!! Darin de Paul is honestly SO FREAKING HILARIOUS. Someone asked for a hug and then he just went around hugging EVERYONE.

So we left the panel and were walking around by stopped for a moment to check the schedule. Selina PUNCHED ME and was like “OH MY GOD IS THAT LEON THAT HAS TO BE LEON”

We were dying. Literally dying. I said hi and he IMMEDIATELY HUGGED ME SO TIGHT. Like bear hug. And he smells nice. We kind of talked a bit and got pictures taken, and I asked if he was doing the meet up tomorrow (yes!!!) and he literally asked me which place is better to meet. Like?????????? HE ASKED FOR MY OPINION.

He’s getting roses tomorrow idgaf he’s literal sunshine

Character A is getting over a cold. They haven’t allowed Character B to kiss them while they were sick, and now that they’re feeling better, they forget their “no contagion” rule.

“Does this mean I can kiss you now?” B leans in, and A suddenly remembers that B is absolutely NOT supposed to kiss them until they’re better.

“No!!” A flings a hand up in front of them to block…

…and promptly smacks B right in the face.