to everyone who lives in new york: love yourselves and go see the mobile theater unit’s hamlet production at the public theater.  chukwudi iwuji continues to be the most beautiful man alive and kristolyn lloyd’s ophelia made me cry actual tears. also tickets are only $20


If you pop in disc 2 of The Incredibles DVD, and wait around long enough on the set up menu, you’ll be treated to what is quite possibly the best easter egg on any DVD ever. 

(I apologize for the low quality)

why do dogs always freak out when they see another dog

they r like




I Kind of Sort of Really Miss Dan VS.

Dan Vs. was a fantastic show and I am SO SAD THAT IT IS JUST NOT AROUND ANYMORE.

It was perfect.

Simply perfect.

It was about a cynical, paranoid man with the worst luck in the world, who has literally everything in the world against him.

He tries to defeat or vanquish his foes with the help of his best friend Chris.

The show is basically all about Dan taking revenge on the world.

Dan defeats mummies, summer camps, wolf-men, golf, the gym, CANADA, the list goes on!

Did I mention Chris’ wife is a freaking spy/ninja?

Did I mention that the only thing Dan treats nicely is his pet cat?

I love this show so much.

Like, seriously, Dan is sort of like the cartoon-human representation of grumpy Tumblr.

This show was genuinely hilarious and I am disappointed by the fact that it ended after its third season.

For shame, world, for shame.

So in math class today

We had some free time so our teacher let us get in groups and just talk until class was over. I was in a group with Wyatt, Paige, Mason, and Emily. They got into a discussion about Pitch Perfect 2, and then started talking about a cappella, which I saw as a chance to introduce my friends to Pentatonix. 

Me: “Have you heard of the band Pentatonix?” 

Paige: “Yeah, they’re getting pretty popular.” 

Wyatt: “Yesss, I like them. I need to listen to them more though.” 

Me: “Who’s your favorite member?” 

Wyatt: “The guys who sings insanely high.” 


Emily: “The girl is really cool.” 

Mason: “I like the beatboxer.” 

*from the back of the classroom* Dylan: “I LIKE THE TALL BLOND DUDE!” 

And I explained who was who and then Wyatt asked, “Do any of them have any pets?” (he freaking loves animals) 

I said, “Yeah, Kirstie has a dog named Olaf, I don’t think Avi or Kevin have any pets, and Scott and Mitch have a cat named, well, Wyatt.” 

And then Wyatt starts screaming 


that green gentleman (things have changed for me) // panic! at the disco


“Oh Madam Sexytary seems a little jealous!” - Tim Daly (x)