Rich and Rob should make a short skit entitled “How Season 12 SHOULD have ended” based on this comic from @consulting-cannibal

Because like I would legit pay to see Rob burst onto the scene and just be like

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  • Vax'ildan: visits Kiki's hometown; awkwardly but respectfully interacts with her dad; reassures her that they'll return and that he'll continue to support her no matter what
  • Vex'ahlia: completely naked, greets Percy at her bedroom door; ignores his plan for drinking and talking; insists on having sex literally as soon as he stops wearing so much clothing
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Portland Winterhawks Amazing Race

I just find these three facial expressions so freaking hilarious.

Credit to the people who made the gifs, you are talented people and you made me smile.

Katsu, day one:

Got here three hours later than expected, hella crowded, hella cold walking from the parking lot

BUT!!! Darin de Paul is honestly SO FREAKING HILARIOUS. Someone asked for a hug and then he just went around hugging EVERYONE.

So we left the panel and were walking around by stopped for a moment to check the schedule. Selina PUNCHED ME and was like “OH MY GOD IS THAT LEON THAT HAS TO BE LEON”

We were dying. Literally dying. I said hi and he IMMEDIATELY HUGGED ME SO TIGHT. Like bear hug. And he smells nice. We kind of talked a bit and got pictures taken, and I asked if he was doing the meet up tomorrow (yes!!!) and he literally asked me which place is better to meet. Like?????????? HE ASKED FOR MY OPINION.

He’s getting roses tomorrow idgaf he’s literal sunshine

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This afternoon there was an interview on dutch radio with Liam. They got patched through but he didn't realise it right away, you can hear him singing to himself and then says something about stripping, being naked for someone and talk about teabagging LIVE ON THE DUTCH RADIO AIR. :') what is going on

High-Liam is so freaking hilarious, I really hope it’s happening in a fun way, not in a growing problem way, so we can keep having it.

Nothing’s funnier to me than the fact that a shith took the url’s for _____-is-an-anti for:

Like I’m a lil proud of the fact that my username sparked that

Also they blocked me so that’s freaking hilarious

Doodle. I was reading Eddsworld Fanfiction (please don’t judge me) and there was this one fanfic I found… Tom and Tord were trying to tell Matt and Edd that they were dating but they messes up somehow. ITS FREAKING HILARIOUS SO I HAD TO DRAW IT!!! You guys can read it here :

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Sometimes do you ever wonder what would happen if sailor moon became a Kdrama would it be more of a melodrama if they don't use the fighting. I always wondered that!

We already have that and it’s called PGSM.

The live action series is really good and I don’t know why is so underrated by the fandom when it’s clearly better than Crystal.

The live action series combines the best of the 90s anime and the manga and the output couldn’t be better!. It also has elements that you’ll only find in PGSM:

 Reinako (Rei x Minako)

Dark Mercury

Princess Sailor Moon

And my favourite…

The iconic transformation of Tuxedo Mask.

This is so freaking hilarious when you first see it. You see all the girls transformations full of CGI, flashing backgrounds and stuff and then you have your poor sis Tuxedo Mask that is basically getting dressed like anyone of us would do in the morning lmaooooooo. ICONIC.

I’ve had better transformation sequences myself while getting dressed on a friday night while listening to the iconic Sailor Moon transformation music.

Anyway, there’s so much more to the series but I guess it’s better if you find out by yourselves.

Also, the series is not all about the fighting, it’s all about the relationship among all the different characters so it’s basically a jdrama that happens to have sentai elements. I really enjoyed it and it’s a must-watch in my opinion, so don’t hesitate!.


That booty tho 😍.