This is what happens when Harry and Baby Styles are home alone. 

I can see Grace calling to check up on Harry and the baby and Harry’s rolling his eyes because of course everything’s fine, he can look after his own child for a few hours. He puts the phone down and turns around to see the mess Baby Styles has created.  

“You look weird, no offense.” -9yr old sister
“Everyone has an opinion and mine is that I don’t like it when you try and look like a guy or wear guy clothes.” -15 yr old sister
“She’s trying to find her identity. Leave her alone.” -Mom

All these comments and I’ve only been wearing this 10 minutes

anonymous asked:

I love your sim Nana! She is so freaking cute. Is she available for download anywhere???

Nana is currently not for download, but since my challenge with her kind of fell off the face of the earth, I’ll probably upload her later for you, okay? Keep an eye out for her!