He’d spent the majority of the day preparing. The best room, pleaded out of Iavor for the promise of a supply of his favorite dried and spiced crickets.

He’d spoken with the clan’s familiar keeper, and carried a handsome young male Marbled Jester all the way back to the Tavern–haltingly motioning with his fingers that he was going to meet someone important. The Jester replied–’that is the word for mate.’ Cahir blushed. The Jester wiggled his nose.

All of his favorite food would be prepared for the festival under Alchaeon’s incredible care, and the skill of the Tavern’s employees. Vanadev smiled knowingly the entire time, smiling behind his hand when he thought Cahir didn’t notice. He only blushed harder.

The final touch.

Baskets of Umbra Parthenium, fresh, the best of his crop–situated in vases across the darkly dressed room.

Incense burned. The scent of flowers mottled with smoke, and Cahir stood motionless in the middle of the room while the Jester hobbled to the basket that had been prepared for him and settled to stare intensely.

Whirling on his heel, he was out the door, closing it behind him with a firm click. Down the path through the morning’s fog he went, feet hitting the dirt path. And then, a little shadow melded through a path that was cut specifically for them. Lockwood, true to his promise, had lead him straight in.

The boy that smelled of Umbra Parthenium and incense was in his arms within seconds, scooped up joyfully and effortlessly. Verrus had come to stay for the duration of the Greenskeeper Gathering, and knowing this, Cahir was now the happiest person on the face of Sornieth.

Somewhere in the distance, the great patriarch of the Clan in the Mists stood with risen eyebrows–stroking his bearded chin while his mate knelt beside him doubled over in giddy giggles. “You were right,” she was laughing, a hand across her stomach. “You were really right…they are…” And she trailed off while Lockwood muffled his own laughter.

They were, indeed.


interview avec loïc nottet en français

he’s so freaking cute


And then Yamato goes on to thank Saiduq and yadda yadda you know the drill if you’ve played this part.

I just really like this scene right here. Here we have Yamato finally calling Alcor by his preferred name “Saiduq”, when he was calling him “monster”, “heretic” (first two are Septentrione arc only!) and “Alcor” before. It signifies that any animosity and mistrust they may have previously held towards each other is completely gone, and further cements the fact that they are now finally, truly friends.

Alcor also sounds really happy here. You can just hear the delight in his voice when he laughs and notes that Yamato finally called him by his name. Alcor’s all giddy about this seemingly insignificant little thing, and all Yamato can do in response is humph and change the subject because he obviously doesn’t know how to properly respond to Alcor’s delight. Hahaha. They are just so. freaking. cute!!!

These two dumb boys will be the death of me, I swear…


GD Final in Seoul - MichiGo (Encore) bear suit~~ :)))