though she is but little, she is fierce. [x]

Ok real quick* I just met these three girls from Turkey and they are so inspiring like when I got back to my dorm I sat down with my head in my hands just thinking about all these pathways to success like I feel so fired up and fierce rn

They said w/e I need help with Korean or want to hang out or just help with anything to holler like what kind of angels honestly alright ok that’s it you all have a great day

anathemyst replied to your post:&&. ( camilla: i’m tired of everyone being so…

camilla: ur gay for my brother

 takumi: lmao no ew 



takumi: *sweats* s h i t

camilla: are u gay for marx?

takumi: what??? ew no?? why would i want that tall, attractive, handsome man? you think i’m into those luscious, silky golden curls? those deep, dreamy eyes? the way his voice is always so strong and fierce and never falters? how his step is so bold and confident and it’s as if he’s absolutely flawless? how he’s always so determined and set on achieving his goals and how dashing he looks on horseback? lmao as if. 


Regina the Savior

Even Regina has her shining moments where she is noble and brave enough to do the right thing (saving people even at her own expense).

1) Regina absorbing a death curse to save Emma and Mary Margaret

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2) Regina stopping the trigger to save Emma, Henry and the rest of Storybrooke

3) Regina defeating Pan and saving Henry


4) Regina stopping Pan’s curse to save everyone


5) Regina saving Roland

6) Regina saving Marian

7) Regina saving Mary Margaret

8) Regina draws the Chernabog towards herself to save Emma.


9) Regina sacrificing herself for Henry (even when she didn’t believe he was truly her son)


Is there any doubt that Regina would take Emma’s place as the next savior?