Yesterday jovaline did this warm-up sketch of me and I am still reeling over how perfect it is. I look so FIERCE!

Are you following her yet? She’s the best. Maybe… Maybe you will see more from her and I. Who could say.

Here is the second of three designs that were done for the #roguelaxproject… These were done to raise money for #teamrwb and have #themedicinegame on the upper rails as the game heals… Now for The Corps!! This one is scarlet with gold and white lettering and designs… #usmc is spaced so that each stringing hole is like a period for each letter… #teufelhunden is from World War I and the battle of belleau wood were the Marines fought so fiercely that the Germans said they fought like the hounds of hell, or devil dogs … One rail is marked with #semperfidelis, the other is always faithful… And of course the #EGA! Eagle, Globe and Anchor is one of trademark symbols of the Corps and is connected to the chain that wraps around one lower rail across the scoop then down the upper rail on the other side… Each of the ten is numbered and carries the @roguelax and #darkstardyes logo… Stay tuned for the usa themed in the coming days!!! #lacrossedyes #lacrosse #dyelab #usmc #marines @marines #marinecorps by darkstarlax

anonymous asked:

have you seen many girls around seoul with pixie cuts? do you think it would be a maaaaaaaajor turn off for korean guys?

I’ve seen tons of foreigners with pixie cuts, but extremely rarely have I ever seen a Korean girl with a pixie cut. (Ahjummas excluded.) Bobs, DEFINITELY. Korea = all bobs, all the time, bobs, bobs, bobs. But full-blown pixies are like unicorns.

1. all guys are different (feel like POMS rn but COME ON guys, you know this)
2. don’t waste your energy worrying about what guys think because most of them are rly dumb (and I mean rly rly rly dumb)
3. a haircut is just like anything else. if you’re confident and you own it, people are going to find that attractive. some of the foreign girls i mentioned who have pixies look SO fierce and SO chic and they rock the hell out of their cuts, and I’d bet money that they have to beat guys off with sticks when they go to the club.

honestly you might experience some guys (and maybe girls too idk) who are like, “Ohhh but you’d be so pretty with long hair.” and I highly recommend sassing them out from here to timbuktu, and then ignoring them.

Last night I met the lovely Jujubee! Never in my life have I seen such a well rounded queen. Energetic, like FIVE outfit changes, sang live and lipsynced, talk about serious stuff to spread awareness, super funny, so FIERCE and just overall AMAZING. She called me cute on stage and copied my accent (and I got a video of it, eeee!). The meet and greet was SO funny. We were just chatting about stuff and then she lent in and went “…are you a white girl?”. Everyone laughed and I was like YES and she was all “but you look Japanese, I can’t believe you’re not asian” :’) Then when we went to take a picture she went “CAN WE DO A KAWAII”. It was so funny and cute. She also said she’s gonna eat my cats. Literally one of the BEST PEOPLE EVER. And I get to see her again on Sunday! ❤️