Esenya Ethine aes Luestrata Vildari, of House Vildari, Sorceress of Vant and member of the Ithian Nobility

“I will avenge my brother. I will bring our House the position and honour it is due, even if I must turn a hundred others to ash to do so. Vildari will be a name to be proud of once more. We will be feared…and we will Rise Through the Fire.”

hello-gorgonzola-jesus  asked:

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1) What are your top 3 favorite sets you’ve made?

My Him and Mojo Height Wars; Are you Bianca Del Rio AF?; and the Gotham Villains as Tumblr Users are my top 3 favorite gifsets.

2) What is your least favorite set you’ve made?

My Kenya Michaels spouting gibberish gifset because I miswrote “Sasha Fierce” as “Sashay Fierce” and so many absent frame rates back when gifs were allowed to be less than 1mb.. *shudders*

3)  Which of your sets has the most notes?  

“Regular People Sweat. Goths, We Simmer.”

10) What was the first gif you ever posted?

The Prince of Persia swordfighting a fat guard.

24) 480p 720p 1080p? What is the minimum quality you’ll gif from?

720p, because my Photoshop can’t stand videos more than that size.

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Who is your best friend, what makes them that and What are some of the funny/embarrassing moments you've had?

That would be miss Evelyn @asknourishnotpunish ;)
She is my soul sister, so so so grateful to have someone as supportive and caring and funny and amazing as her in my life!!! We are so similar it’s crazy, just the way our lives are and our beliefs and everything!!! I love her so fiercely and am so proud of her and happy for her, I think that’s true friendship.
Groovin the moo festival was such a crazy time together, we had the most incredible day. But like I said, even just casual dinners and catch ups are amazing, we always leave each other feeling so happy. And of course food demos at vegan events, love having my little poo by my side! Can’t wait until I’m home so we can have more adventures! Xxxxxx

Regina the Savior

Even Regina has her shining moments where she is noble and brave enough to do the right thing (saving people even at her own expense).

1) Regina absorbing a death curse to save Emma and Mary Margaret

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2) Regina stopping the trigger to save Emma, Henry and the rest of Storybrooke

3) Regina defeating Pan and saving Henry


4) Regina stopping Pan’s curse to save everyone


5) Regina saving Roland

6) Regina saving Marian

7) Regina saving Mary Margaret

8) Regina draws the Chernabog towards herself to save Emma.


9) Regina sacrificing herself for Henry (even when she didn’t believe he was truly her son)


Is there any doubt that Regina would take Emma’s place as the next savior?