I just got off the phone with my Grandma...
  • Grandma:I heard you like Dean Martin
  • Me:Grandma you've always known this, you used to play his songs when I was a little to calm me down or dance to...we watched his shows and movies...we have seen the whole set of Martin and Lewis comedy shows...
  • Grandma:Well you know those old records and tapes I have...and that record/tape player I have that still works just like new with the stereo speakers?
  • Me:Yeah?
  • Grandma:I want you to have them for your graduation gift. When you are in the big city you'll always have some real music to listen to.
  • Me:Re-really!?!
  • Grandma:Yes!
  • Me:Grandma you have no idea how much thi-
  • Grandma:When I'm dead sucker!
  • Me:...

Another year has passed, this one more eventful than most if not all. People have gotten angry, people have left; I’m still angry but I can’t forget the many smiles and love you sent our way. I’ll remember that you are the one who stopped to take my letter, even though it was in a big crowd and you didn’t like it. To tell fans to be careful, don’t get hit by the car. Having you as my bias made me want to be more like you, to be kind, to be caring, to smile at everything that comes my way. Whatever happened this year, I’m going to let it be water under the bridge. Happy birthday Sungmin ah. Be happy okay?