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I have a very small account and I doubt this will hardly get through to anyone but I might as well try.

I see all the points to where TFP was poorly done episode. I think quite differently though. Just like Euros says, you are missing the emotional context here. This episode whole episode, well actually this whole season was about Sherlock. The future character developements and the new ones could have been done better.

But what we see in this season is Sherlock. But not the emotionless detective supressing all feelings. We see a Sherlock becoming more and more vulnerable, letting his guard down. Choosing emotions over logics. If anythingx Sherlock never lost his complexity of a character. And I have never seen a character that I have adored in the books so well excuted but even more going beyond then what lies in the books.

Their is still a hunch that their will be a fourth episode because it seem they always stop at three.

I know that queer baiting sucks and it’s unfair but this ship was meant for fun anyways. It brings any fandom more to life. They aren’t meant to taken seriously. The fun stops when people become over dramatic that the otp was not cannon.

In no means that I mean disrespect on the LGBTQ and you have every right to be angry over the queer baiting. I’m just reminding that this whole thing started out has child’s play.

I will always love Sherlock. Even if the fandom “dies” I am proud to be apart of it.

the tally mark au where a red mark appears on your wrist when you fall in love and turns black when your love becomes requited and becomes a scar when your loved ones die

and carmilla has like three or four scars on her wrist (she’s centuries old ok) but she wears like those punk ass bracelets so no one sees them and everyone just assumes she’s cold and rude as heck and can’t love anyone

laura not having any marks yet bc she’s always been so protected she hardly has any friends much less love interests tbh

laura being shocked one day when she wakes up bc her wrist burns a little and when she checks a red mark is there glaring back at her (and so is carmilla from the other side of the room but laura ignores her bc what thehell this is her first mark ever)

carmilla getting her first mark in like a hundred years and she panics because she doesn’t know how to handle this, she can’t go through this again she’s been so careful she can’t have a fourth/fifth scar on her wrist

carmilla hiding it and being cold af to laura and willing the red mark to fade but it doesn’t and it just becomes brighter and brighter and she can see the red mark on lauras wrist as well