ok listen. LISTEN. i was going to wait and then make a big rec post once i’d finished all the fics but i can’t wait anymore omfg, this author is so good and i wanna share with all of you?? i know a lot of people don’t read on ffnet but amoopoint (@emilysbagelsandwich) has literally Changed me, I’ve never felt so treated in my life omg. eighteen (18) STUNNING and consistently quality fics right here, and all you gotta do is take the plunge back into the pit of voles to enjoy it all. 


The Long Con: Regina has a murderous mob bearing down on her and rather than face her punishment, she opts for the easy way out. Naturally, things get out of hand and she quite suddenly finds herself in a long-term committed relationship. Whoops. (my favorite)

The Chicken Debacle: Regina becomes exasperated with Emma’s lack of concentration when it comes to learning to control her magic and refuses to teach the idiot savior any longer. Emma doesn’t take rejection well. Unapologetic stupidity ensues. (i’m in the middle of this one right now and it’s the one that broke my will to wait omfg.)

Those Final Two Minutes: AU - Regina Mills is a captive in her own bathroom, held hostage by two idiot boys. She’s tethered and angry and there’s a half-dead cop at her feet. Things aren’t going well. (I know!! it looks like ATOD!! it’s actually very different and as wonderful in its own way!! This is the first one I read that had me reccing this author to everyone I know omg)

Pogs and Tattletales and Space Cadets: AU - No matter how many years they went to school together, Regina and Emma never could find a way to get along. Regina insists it’s Emma’s fault. Emma swears it’s Regina’s. After awhile, it ends up not mattering so much. (I LOVE THIS HIGH SCHOOL AU)

and fourteen more!! friends have read some the rest and swore by them!! I’m so excited omfg I haven’t suddenly found an author this talented and prolific since I first joined fandom in S2. (Usually fandom is more on top of it and starts talking about them earlier LMAO)

Go forth and read, read, read!!! (and don’t forget to show your appreciation and review, review, review!!!)

succ&fucc saturday™

hey guys so this is my first succ&fucc saturday and basically if participated in nsfw blurb night then you already know as to what this is about!!

here’s what you can do:


happy writing everyone!! let’s get Nasty™ lmao

my tickets for the xx and imagine dragons just came and I’m so excited omfg!! im also going to life is beautiful fest in vegas.

you guys been to any shows recently or are planning to?