my tickets for the xx and imagine dragons just came and I’m so excited omfg!! im also going to life is beautiful fest in vegas.

you guys been to any shows recently or are planning to?

NCT Dystopian!AU

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YO so I’m writing this Dystopian!AU Series of NCT (that was inspired by 7th Sense kinda) and it’s so lit I’m so excited omfg it’s literally been 90yrs awhile since I’ve actually written something so I’m really excited for this and I hope yall are looking forward to it. Maybe I’ll post chapter 1 later this week~~~~ I’M SCREAMING YALL DON’T EVEN KNOW I’M SO HYPED

Here’s the summary & preview :

It’s been years since the government declared their war against us, against those with unexplainable abilities–abilities that not even science itself can decipher.

It wasn’t always like this… We used to live in harmony…

But now… They sought us out, making it their mission to annihilate those that were deemed a threat to modern society.

We didn’t choose this… We didn’t choose to be different…

No… We were born like this

Leaves crunched beneath your shoes as you walked past the trees in the woods. The sky was still dim and the sun was just beginning to rise.

You shuffled through the leaves, hands tightly wrapped around the straps of your backpack as you took in a whiff of the dry earth. The sound of wings flapping sent you into a daze, your heart jumping up into your throat at the sudden noise.

A crow flew directly over your head, slightly brushing against your hair before landing just on top of a jagged branch that bared no leaves.

The black bird sat still; tilting its head as its beaded eyes shifted in order to examine you before going into a frenzy of gawking, flapping its wings haphazardly.

You swatted your hand towards the bird in attempt to get it to leave but it refused to budge. Eventually your hand grazed the side of the bird’s beak before it quickly took off.

You continued to walk before you noticed blood smeared on your fingertips and concluded that had probably broken flesh when your hand had come in contact with the bird’s beak.

You quickly pull a handkerchief out of your pocket to wipe away the smeared blood, scanning your hand for any cuts only to realize that it was not your blood on your hands.

Before you could make any thought of it, your foot caught onto something and you landed with a hard thump.

You groaned in pain before opening your eyes shrieking in fear as you stared back at what you thought was the root of a tree that you had tripped over.

Its lifeless eyes stared back at you. It was a boy, probably the age of 14 or 15, his pale skin stood out under the leaves that someone had poorly attempted to bury him under. His lips were blue, matching the veins that wrapped over his skin. His honey bronze hair tangled in knots beneath his head, the wrinkles in his dress shirt evident. Your eyes shifted to the deep bruise on his neck before you heard the sound of leaves rustling behind you.

You glanced over your shoulder, noticing nothing unusual.

Suddenly you heard a loud gasp and your attention reverted back to the lifeless boy who was now breathing.

He heaved in a deep breath before coughing, his pale skin slowly melting into a warm milky streak, covering the blue veins that were once there. Color returned to his lips and he sat up, his pupils dilating, the light reflecting off of his dirt-stained eyes as he stared back at you blankly,

“Where am I?”


okay so, this was kind of a thing I wasn’t exactly planning to do. Its was more like my Sister asked me to make her a picture of him so she can hang it up on her wall. She REALLY loves Techno haha.

I just realized I completely forgot his ring but that may be a good thing idk.

But yeah this was a thing I made for my sister. You guys have no idea how excited she is to finally see this done. Lol

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