Something Exciting Is Happening!

This Friday (September 4th), loverlylittleimagines and I will be hosting our first blurb night! I’m really excited for this, you guys. It will officially start at 7:00 pm and end at 9:00 pm (that’s in US Eastern Time Zone). 

Here’s How It Works:

  • anyone can participate! it would be nice if you were following both me and archana (loverlylittleimagines) though.
  • for now, we’re limiting it to just one fandom (5sos). maybe if it goes well and we start doing them regularly, we could open it up to other fandoms for future blurb nights, but for right now let’s stick to writing about luke, calum, ashton, and michael.
  • the theme is: supernatural au
  • any kind of supernatural au. ghost!5sos. demon!5sos, or angel!5sos, or fallen angel!5sos. heck, write about freakin’ dragon!5sos or werechihuahua!5sos if you want to, i will probably still read it and love it because i am always a slut for supernatural aus.  

Here’s How You Can Submit Blurbs/Imagines/Gif Sets/Ect.:

  • post your piece and tag it with “#sparklesmikeyandloverlylittleimaginesblurbnight”. I will be going through the tag and liking/reblogging everything!
  • if you want, you can send a link to your piece to either me or to archana.
  • note: please don’t forget to tag trigger warnings, if there are any! 

Like I said, I’m really excited for this. I can’t wait to read all of your contributions! Message me if you have any questions/suggestions/feedback, and I’ll try to help you out. :)


—Namidame “San” Nomiya Takuma no Baai—

Bullet just announced a third volume to the Namidame series—featuring a rather popular seiyuu! (And I’m way too excited for my own good… ; ▽ ; )

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

You and Sannomiya Takuma (三宮琢磨) are master and slave, respectively.

However, this relationship is normally concealed from everyone else.

On the surface, the dynamic between you two appears to be that of two typical co-employees, a company president and his secretary. During work, naturally, Takuma is your superior, and you are his subordinate. (But who’s really the sub here, hmmm?)

Deeply trustworthy and reliable in the eyes of his employees and other companies, Takuma comes off as a highly capable individual. But, in actuality, the preservation of his dignity and attitude are dependent on his stylish, professional exterior. The moment his clothes are removed, that illusion is also discarded.

One day, after a strange event leads you to see through Takuma’s apparent do-S façade, Takuma personally confesses to you that he is a do-M and a pervert.

Two years later, finding yourself growing bored of the relationship you two possess (because being someone’s master must get tedious after a while), you say to Takuma:

“I’m already tired of a disgusting pig like you.” (Girl does not mince her words, apparently. > - <;; Perhaps she might be the most do-S of all the protagonists so far?)

—only to have him clinging to you without shame, begging you to not throw him away. Seeing this, you half-jokingly suggest the following to him.

“Once in a while, should I train (discipline) you while you’re working?”

And, as you sort of anticipate, Takuma replies with, “I’ve always, always, longed for that…”

…and thus begins a deeper, twisted love between the two of you.

CV: 佐和真中 (Nakazawa Masatomo)

Release Date: November 27th, 2015.

*This isn’t the first time Masatomo-san has been in a do-M role, so I think I might know what to expect. Doesn’t make me any less excited, though! If anything, I’m probably going to enjoy this more than I should… (I also find it slightly amusing that the cute little brother from Futari no Himitsu 8 will be “reprising” a role as a do-M, うふふふ.)


I had such an amazing time at Otakon and Suzie was so fun to wear (for the little time I did get to wear her)! I wish I could have worn her longer to join in on the group meetups/shoots, maybe next year! I did get to work with a good friend of mine to get some amazing shots on my cosplay though! I felt so comfortable as Suzie and can’t wait to be her again soon!

cosplayer: me
photography: Jo Bevvy Cosplay & Photography

{please don’t remove the caption!!}

Owari no Seraph official twitter announced today that the “Owari no Seraph: Ichinose Guren’s Catastrophe at 16″ light novel is getting made into a drama CD! More details to come. 

It will coincide with the 2nd season of the anime that starts airing from October so lots of Owari no Seraph things coming this fall! ^q^

Ohh I hope it’s a Drama CD series!! That would be so hype. All the amazing lines will be voiced! :D

samioli asked:

Help I'm bored can you maybe give me a prompt cuz I kinda wanna write

Ok, Samioli, we just spent like ten minutes debating what prompt to give you because Fluffy is watching Pride and Prejudice and we are Lizzy/Darcy shipper whores.

So how do ya feel about:

a) Sterek movie night with the pack


 Take your pick. ;) 

–Fluffy and Angsty