Happy Birthday Oikawa Tooru!!!✨✨✨

May you have all the volleyballs and milk bread because you sure deserve them beloved sweet summer child _(:3」∠)_!!!

Where is Taehyung? I want to know if he’s enjoying the mixtape. I bet he is. He’s probably in his room listening to it super loud and trying to memorise all the lyrics. Every now and then I bet they all hear him screaming the “a to the g to the u to the std” part, followed by an even louder “I’m D-Boy bc I’m from D” Bc he is also from D! He probably has listened to it near Yoongi a lot and said stuff like “Your mixtape is so cool, hyung!!!!” and just been super happy near him. Taehyung is so lit this mixtape probably saved him as much as it saved us.


Felicity “Can’t Keep Her Chill About Oliver’s Proposal” Smoak :)

02.10.16 // 4:24 PM With love, from Princeton -Kat