justin in a disinterested monotone: I cast prestidigitation and shoot sparks out of my fingers. cast minor illusion put myself in a dope outfit and start walking down the catwalk with all the style and panache I can muster. which is, I should know, a fucking lot.
griffin laughing: yeah roll charisma
justin still in a fucking monotone: oh that– that’s weird I got 30 because it’s so fucking fly. that’s very strange and interesting.

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re: your last rb: why is everyone so excited about d&p lack of personal space? genuine question, no hate <3

no worries! Long story short: it’s simply because they used to be more distant in the past and it was very frustrating, sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand why, but I’m just very glad that they feel comfortable enough to be more themselves, now.

Some examples:

Tablet games 2016 (pre-halloween baking video universe):

Tablet games 2017:

Sims 2014:

Sims 2017:

Mario Kart 2015:

Mario Kart 2017:

see what I mean?

Good morning everyone! It’s almost Halloween weekend!! I’m so excited :D I love Halloween cause it’s a time for me to wear a dopey costume that’s not anime, gaming or geek related! I usually use it as an opportunity to wear something different then i usually would. And partay! What are y'alls plans for the weekend??

Also, enjoy this new shot of my Linkle from Hyrule Warriors cosplay which I may or may not wear for work next Tuesday… heheh.

Costume and props made and worn by myself.
Picture by Erik Paredes Productions.
Wig is from Arda Wigs.
Character rights belong to Nintendo.

“It’s less of a bath than a bottomless lagoon, and in the dark under the water, Ren searches for Ben. If he can find Ben, he might find the real Hux, or a kind of reflection of the old Hux, at least. Sometimes it’s both. He swims, searching, and eventually knows that he won’t find anything but more and more darkness down here.”

-Under the Ruins of a Walled City, chapter 10, by Hollycomb.