Today I was pushing my friend in his wheelchair when suddenly the wheel got trapped in the middle of the road. I was freaking out because my noodle arms couldn’t push hard enough but outta nowhere this buff ass ex military lookin dude came running up!!! And he LIFTED THE WHEELCHAIR OUT OF THE CRACK!!!! And ran away!!!!! I was so happy and thankful I almost cried like aaaa my faith in humanity was restored 100%

THIS ISN’T DONE   with an easy heart, honestly . it may seem so random but this has been quite a long time coming . truly, i’ve been wanting to leave tumblr for good in the middle of sirius black, but i chopped up all the negative vibes & mental strain on the fact that i was rping rude characters . then rping newt & thor definitely did help me feel a bit better just because of my sheer love for the characters, but my anxiety & paranoia never left . this was a very calculated move for me .

i want to come back, and i want to say that i will come back . but at this point i’m not sure of that . i LOVE thor, i love writing thor, but this website ruins me mentally & emotionally, i just can’t handle it right now . i want to focus on my art and education, i just don’t really want to rely on this website and spend all of my time on here when it drains me so much . for now i will be at my personal @ilsirius & on my skype . 

i want to thank SO MANY OF YOU for being so lovely and kind and welcoming to me, to my friends for being here for me, for my partners for plotting and writing with me . you have no idea how grateful i am for all of you . i also really want to apologize for anyone i may have hurt on my time here, i’m not sure of any specifics of what i did but if i have hurt anyone i am deeply sorry, and you are free to approach me and we can talk it out in depth . if my leaving hurts anyone, i’m also sorry for that . i do not intend to hurt anyone, and i wish no ill will on anyone on this website . 

i will continue to rp thor and newt and my ocs on skype if anyone would miss that ! i just can’t be on tumblr anymore ! i’m so tired of this website, it is so time consuming and toxic . it is killing me lmfao sdklfs this sounds so dramatic but whatever it’s not like it matters !!!

i love all of my followers dearly, you and thor were what was keeping me here while i was here, if it weren’t for you i wouldn’t have made it this far <3 goodbye angels ! 

Percy Jackson Animatic starring Leo Valdez and Festus the dragon. I’ve been working on this for about a month and I just finished! I just really wanted Leo to have a good time.

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In case you want to watch the heartbreak all over again with sound and music after this arc ends (though tamed a bit because of the anime) it is episode 40; it was likely the best handled for the BeeTrain anime standards, because it was the only episode they covered that they allowed any emotional trauma to happen. Then they of course added a scene in his past that wasn’t in the manga the next episode to cheer the kids watching up after the sorrow, but still.


I absolutely want to try this. 


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MORGANA’S STORY IS DAMN GOOD and relevant to the whole plot unlike what i remember of teddie?

Teddie’s was kinda plot-relevent but has very little to do with any of the problems inherent to the Midnight Channel or the killing

But I liked his story because it dealt with his frustrations at not knowing if he’s “real” or dealing with being “empty”