Little Mix’s schedule in America confirmed so far (including some stops of the mini radio tour): 

  • (07/08) Visit at Channel 93.3 San Diego
  • (08/08): Hangout with live session for 104.3 NOW, Las Vegas.
  • (09/08): Performance on Wet n Wild, Arizona.
  • (11/08) Channel 97.1 ZHT, Clearlink Lounge.
  • (12/08)  JamPro Music Factory Session.
  • (13/08): Summer Splash for 99.7 NOW, San Francisco.
  • (16/08): Teen Choice Awards performance.
  • (17/08): Late Late Show with James Corden.
  • (19/08): Today Show.
  • (22-23/08): Billboard Hot 100 Fest.
  • Friend:*tells me life goals*
  • Me:I shall support thee.
  • Me:But not in the sugardaddy way I can only afford a McDonald's value meal.
If You Don’t Believe Zayn is on the Fifth Album....

Just a quick note.. Zayn was in L.A. on July 23, supposedly in studio recording for his solo album. 

It was also his little sister Wahliya’s birthday that day…. We know how much of a family guy Zayn is, and how it has pained him to miss so many events over the years while on tour - SO WHY would he schedule a recording session during his sister’s birthday? Where he would be on the other side of the world? Why the urgency if he can’t release any solo stuff for another year and a half? 

He surely could have found a less busy time to record? (studio time is at a premium in the summer months, as many big artists amp up album releases to coincide with pre-holiday/black friday frenzy to maximize sales during the gift giving season)

ANSWER: The only urgent project Zayn would HAVE to devote studio time for would be the boys fifth album.. they have a release date deadline they need to hit, and are trying to record around the OTRA tour dates, so I’m certain some of those sessions are inflexible. 

My thought is when he finally returns, there will be one or two songs on the album that are very “Zayn” (either feature mostly just him, or are very R&B inspired unlike the rest of the record) which 1DHQ will spin as some of the stuff he was “working on when he was away”, and the other boys (read: Liam) were really excited about it and wanted to incorporate these tracks into their album.  

mamadonovan asked:

Imagine if it was Tony in that fatal car accident instead of his parents and Howard Stark became Iron Man as a result (a la Flashpoint)

Howard thought that Tony was going to be around for the rest of his life, so there was always tomorrow. Tomorrow he would play catch with his son. Tomorrow he would take Tony to the museum. Tomorrow they would start on their first project together.

But then came the day when there were no more tomorrows. It was an icy night when the car had suddenly veered out of control on their way home from Tony’s  violin lessons. Howard always knew that he would possibly live longer than his wife, but he had thought that wasn’t for another fifty years down the road. However, it had never once crossed his mind that he would outlive his own son.

“What…what do you mean my wife and son could have… been murdered?”

“New evidence has revealed a bullet hole in the windshield. Went straight through the chauffeurs brain.” The detective wrung his hat in his hands, looking nervous. “I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but I just thought you should know-”

“It was supposed to be me.” Howard Stark went pale as he swallowed the realization. “I was supposed to go with Maria to pick up Tony, but I was…”

Howard put his hand over his mouth to hold in the sobs, and the detective left with only a small remark about letting him know what else he found out. Howard’s mind raced, quickly transitioning from sorrow to confusion, and finally to anger. If someone was going through the trouble of having him and his family killed, then he had to find out who and why. Even if he had to do it by himself.

Howard looked up at one of Tony’s crayon sketches on the refrigerator, that he had happily shown to him only to be shooed away. Maria must have put it there. It depicted a man in armor with jets coming out of the feet and hands. He stared at it for a long while and smirked.

If he was doing this, then he was going to need a suit…

CeCe an Ezra

We know that CeCe and Ezra were working together in the past because he hired her to get information for his book. I think they are still working together and the book was just a cover-up. In the 6x08, Ezra was acting really suspicious and when I think of it, he has been in a few other episodes too. 

We saw in this episode that -A and Red Coat are working together. I think that -A is Ezra and that Red Coat is CeCe. 

Ezra was the one who lied on Aria’s recommendation so that she could get into the contest and have her art displayed. 

He was then the one who subtly provided her with an idea on how to convince her parents to let her go. Why was he so persistent for her to go?

And what so happens at the event? -A sabotages Aria’s gallery by replacing the photos. -A had clearly planned for this to happen. How was he to know Aria was still going? 

Also when Aria was telling Ezra about Charles (and Iceland) his reaction was weird. He seemed more interested in the information than how Aria was feeling. All he did to comfort her was rub her back, he didn’t even speak. This links back to how persistent he was to get information out of her when the Liars escaped the dollhouse and how he wanted her to write a book.

As for CeCe being Red Coat. Not much is needed to be said as we saw her in the red coat before and we know she hates the Liars because she once labelled them as ‘Devils’.


I’ll eat you up….oh… oh…oh…oh..oh..oh..oh….I’ll eat you up!!!”

Yummy yummy LOL

Request: Hello swetheart! Can I have one where the whole youtube crew are attending an impprtant event and Zoe helps y/n to get ready for it and you are friends with Joe and when he sees you he’s breathless and you vlog the whole reaction? Sorry for the long message!

“We’ve been waiting for this event for so long, I’m so excited!” Zoe exclaimed while she was curling the ends of your hair. “I know! This is gonna be a great night.” you agreed with her. You, Zoe and the rest of the crew were attending to a huge YouTube event in London, it was like an after-party, and you all were super excited. You and Zoe decided to meet up at her place, a few hours before the event since Brighton is a few hours away from London, to get each other ready.

Once Zoe finished with your hair she sat on a chair in front of you to get your make up done, “I’ll make your make up natural, but still edgy.” she grinned. She put some foundation on the back of her hand before using a brush to rub it gently all over your face, then she went with powder and some blusher on your cheeks. Lastly she carefully did your eyeliner before flicking some mascara on your eyelashes and then some red lipstick for your lips. 

“Perfect.” she smiled once she finished. You grabbed a mirror and looked at yourself, “Wow, Zoe! You should be a make up artist or something, this looks amazing.” you gave her a quick hug. “Oh no, I’m pretty sure it’s just your face.” she smiled cheekily. “Okay, now that we’re both done with our hair and make up, we gotta get dressed.” Zoe said before opening her closet. “I hate this part, I can never find anything to wear.” you groaned. “Don’t worry, I’ll give you the dress I wore at my ZoellaBeauty Launch.” she handed you the dress with a smile. “Oh my God, Zoe this dress is gorgeous, are you sure you don’t wanna wear it?” you said before taking the dress and admiring it. “I am absolutely sure, I will wear my white dress so we can match like black and white.” Zoe laughed.

About an hour later you both were dressed and ready to go, “Hello guys!” you waved into your vlogging camera, “I am here with my soulmate Zoe and we’re about to head to the YouTube event in London which is gonna be a long drive.” you whined and Zoe laughed waving into the camera, “I’ll be the one driving though!” she said as she packed your little bags. “I’ll keep you entertained with my lame jokes.” you laughed before turning back to the camera. “I hope you guys enjoy this vlog cause tonight is gonna be great.” you said and turned off the camera before putting it into your small bag. “Ready?” Zoe asked full of excitement. “Ready!” you nodded.

After about an hour and a half, you and Zoe arrived in London. Zoe pulled up and parked beside the building before you two got out. You pulled your vlogging camera out of your bag and intertwined your arm with Zoe’s, “Hello from London everyone!” you two said as you waved into the camera. “We just arrived and we’re about to go in.” you said excited. “Alfie, Louise, Caspar, Joe, Tanya, Jim, Niomi and Marcus are here as well, it’s gonna be fun.” Zoe added. 

As soon as you and Zoe walked into the building, everyone’s eyes turned to the both of you with a smile making you turn your camera towards them as well. “Y/N and Zoe are here!” Tanya yelled. Zoe ran over to her giving her a tight hug and Joe walked over to you, “You honestly look so beautiful, I have no words.” he said admiring you from head to toe. “Oh, shut up.” you blushed as you pointed the camera to Joe. “Don’t vlog me, let me admire the view.” he whined trying to push the camera away. You laughed and walked up next to him pointing the camera to the both of you, “What do you have to say to everyone Joe?” you asked looking into the camera but Joe was too busy staring at you. “Joe, come on.” you laughed before hitting his chest with your elbow gently.” Huh? What?” he chuckled. “I said, what do you have to say to everyone?” you shook your head. “That you’re the most beautiful girl here tonight and that you probably won’t get rid of me all night.” he said putting his arm around your shoulders. “That’s fine with me.” you laughed.

Joe didn’t leave your side all night and you had the best time with him and the rest of the group, they even had an all you can eat buffet at the event which made everything even better, especially for Caspar since they had pizza.

Takumi’s blog 2015.07.28


I was very excited about many things today!
First, it was a first concert of DECAYS which was very memorable and sukekiyo was allowed to play with them, thank you!
It was a first time for me to see Die from the side aside from work!
Once again I felt the greatness!

As for FAKE? I did manipulating for them 5 years ago, so I could meet Ken Lloyd again after long time.
Ken has such a distinctive style that doesn’t change, it’s cool!
I will not forget the almost one hour talk we had on Mayan civilization that time during the rehearsal in the past! (laugh)

And manipulating for FAKE? was done by my master, d-kiku!
We met last month during LUNATIC FESTIVAL, but if I think about it it was the first time for us at the event, so I was happy!
Yes, if not for d-kiku I wouldn’t be working with manipulating…
That time when I was let to practice as an assistance during LUNA SEA REBOOT at Tokyo Dome 3 days is my lifetime treasure.

And, we are sukekiyo! Expressing the world view worthy of sukekiyo.
Fans that watched us performing, for sure they could see it.. I believe that.
I won’t talk much (laugh)

We were preparing for this exciting event with the coach Mika!

And it was so hot so tying ones hair was an easy choice (wry laugh).
You see, you also get a good visibility like that.

At once I received a lot of feedback from you such as letters, thank you very much!
More people are checking this blog than I thought (wry laugh)
I will try to write as much as I can! (wry laugh)

And now the next is Nagoya and Osaka!
How will it end like!!!?


My friend is finding Pentagon cheki for me everywhere she’s been in Japan since Saturday morning and she already bought me 4 Yutori and 4 Taku I’m sobbing especially because they were damn cheap I paid like 20 bucks for these 8 aaaaaaaahhhhhh!

And thus there’s now 23 Pentagon cheki on their way to meeeee~ shskshakaalshskshalsb

BTS Inspired Shirts

Hey guys~~ So I made some BTS inspired shirts and this is what they look like!
I know it’s a bit expensive but it’s because Skreened (the site/company) prints the designs on American Apparel shirts~

This site also tends to do a lot of discount events, so please do check it out if you’re interested^^ >> click here for site <<

inabadromance replied to your post “inabadromance replied to your post: Beyond happy! interesting! and how…”

Ohhhh. So in the events it said that nothing was updating right? Sigh, I have everything updated and didn’t see differences lol. My laptop has no solution lol. Hopefully 10 will be less consuming maybe. I don’t even know when (if ever) will be out

i cant wait for windows 10 tbh, but its all a game of luck and chance from here on out as to when everybody gets it. i know people who already have it but its not available for me yet :(