guys i’m crying real tears cause she listened to us, she lurked and listened to our wishes and made them come true. the set list and the entire tour is everything we have ever wanted and more

thank you taylor for caring about what we wanted, for caring about us and going out of your way to surprise us and make us happy

Okay guys I’m gonna de-caps all my excitement for a minute and get super cheesy and emotional but seriously I’m so proud of YOU and everyone who is a part of this brilliant fandom. 

Yesterday we saw what we were capable of doing with voting and streaming again and again and again and watching the MV and buying albums and texting and voting and tweeting and what else have you. 

Without the support and work, we wouldn’t have stood a chance but we DID IT AND WE WON AND WE PROVED HOW AMAZING WE ARE TOGETHER IN ACHIEVING THIS 

We’re all from completely different parts of the world but right now I really wish I could hug every single one of you ♡

people joke about how miranda ~doesn’t handle rejection well~ if you break up with her in me3, BUT I REMEMBER a time when the majority of people shit all over her romance for being just about sex and not serious and how she doesn’t ‘really’ care about you. i think if i went to the bsn circa 2011 and said that miranda is the only LI to cry if you break up with them i would have been laughed into another universe

Ayy so I’m kinda stuck in like 2012 music wise, as in I have barely gotten into any new bands because I’ve either been lazy or stubborn or too attached to the music I’m into now. So (this is gonna make me sound old) what kind of bands are you kids into these days, ya young whippersnappers. Ya’ll see what kind of music I’m into like what I reblog and stuff. And you’ve heard me talk about the majority of bands I like. So like what are some, I guess, “newly popular” bands I should check out that you think I would probably be into? Thank you in advance for your answers :) (ps I’m going to bed now so I won’t respond just yet :P)