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Hi! I think I've got a pretty good understanding of why eating a WSLF diet won't make you gain any excess weight, but I'm still confused about how it makes you lose weight. I understand why it would for someone who is extremely overweight/unhealthy and has a lot of weight to lose, but if someone is only around 10-15lbs overweight (so nothing too dramatic) would eating WSLF make their body burn that fat? Even without exercise? How does that process work in the body? I'm curious to know, thanks!

Of course!  We burn a mix of fuel (fat, carbs, protein), the goal of healthy weight loss is to burn excess body fat without refilling it with the next meal.  WSLF doesn’t refill the famine fat tank, because its a low fat diet (~10%) which amply meets the human body’s needs for fat.  The NIH (National Institute of Health) did a low fat vs low carb metabolic ward study showing exactly how people following a low fat diet lose weight.  Most of it leaves the body as gas while you are sleeping.  Our energy sources all have a common carbon backbone & its metabolized & escapes as CO2 from our lungs.  The NIH also did a recent study showing that we adapt to exercise. So if you run in the morning you may be less active throughout the day & that in 5 minutes of eating you can erase an hour of exercise.  Its the FOOD.  So think to yourself that you are always exhaling carbon that originated as fat, more so while you sleep since you are fasting between dinner and breakfast, we burn carbs first, fat 2nd and protein last.  While eating WSLF the complex chains of starches breakdown slowing into energy allowing our bodies to pull more from our fat reserves.  The long term study by Dr. McDougall on his all you can eat 10 day program, where a whole starch low fat diet is served as an unlimited buffet for breakfast, lunch & dinner is 3.5 pounds of weight loss per week.  Additionally, these foods on WSLF are low in calorie density, meaning you feel up your stomach, become satiated quickly, while achieving nutrient sufficiency.  The NIH showed additionally since such a high amount is from carbs, the body doesn’t need to use protein & therefore muscle mass is maintained, while on the low carb diet, muscle is lost.  Nothing makes better sense in the world & we can follow the entire process with existing metabolic ward & isotope tracer studies, plus 1000s of testimonials who live the proof and spread the truth.

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Ahhh why can't we just leave this alone? She is probably making him happy otherwise they wouldn't still be together. The thing that makes him unhappy is fans that hate every single thing he does. I'll admit at first I was bitter too about Arz. I mean yeah she can be a bitch but We can do literally nothing about it. We need to accept Lu is dating her, period.

i wanna draw more today but these sketches are taking so long so aaaaaa

hitman!AU lazarus 

he’s an ICA spy who mainly deals in tracking targets/people of interest, which suits him just fine since he’s an exceeeellent actor 

well, i mean, until he ends up taking an unfortunate liking to a rogue agent that he’s meant to be tracking down… :l 

I dreamed last night that I was dating Dorian Grey (specifically in Penny Dreadful) and we were in a Walmart parking lot and he told me he hated my sun glasses so I dramatically tossed them aside and told him I’d never wear them again and it was apparently the most romantic moment either of us had EVER experienced and we started kissing??
I woke up like, in what world?? I like those sunglasses way more than Dorian Grey.

why are high school relationships on tv so dramatic??? so life and death??? u dont have to love each other, just have fun ur 16!!!! go to a diary queen and jack each other off under the table, live a little


BB18 is so messy and dramatic that you love to hate it. TBH everyone in this house is problematic which is what makes it so beautiful. BB18, my beautiful disaster….. But I literally need Natalie to win because I literally care for no one else

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you got it dude 

Lucy Harry 


I can’t believe you just said that 

What are you talking about? 

you just said you would leave me for tacos! tacos lucy! You would break up with me over tacos! 

I def said burritos bud i would leave you for the owner of a burrito food truck. tacos and burritos are two very different things. 


seriously you’re giving me the silent treatment 

you have your read receipts on and the little speech bubble 


You’re so dramatic 



oh my god harry i love you more than tacos, burritos, super crunch wrap supreme okay. 

you didn’t say that with love 


Honey bee? Don’t give me the silent treatment :( 

What kind of ice cream do you want? 

cookie dough


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  • neil:no pls dont put me on tv pls anything but this
neil, looking riko in the eye on live tv:hi yes riko, me, neil josten #10 i live at fox tower and i go running every morning before classes here is my schedule for the semester anywya,s suc k my nuts u worthlses piec e of shit thank

I was just talking to my sister about My Little Pony and I meant to say “Diamond Tiara” but I accidentally said “Yellow Diamond” instead, and… That would be a very different situation for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, wouldn’t it