Remember when people use to hate Super Junior when they debuted because they had “too many members” and now groups be coming out with like 12+ members and no one says anything because it’s a normal thing now. LOL

Remember when Super Junior got a lot of hate for having a Chinese member in the group and now almost every group has one Chinese member and no one says anything because it’s normal. 

Remember when Super Junior debuted and people thought they were trash but now SJ’s all over their tvs, radios, concerts, brands, lectures, business summits, ambassadors, and have fans all over the world. 

literally where would this band be without Ashton he is a shining light and angel and I love him very much

Monsta X not getting their first win this time around will actually be heartbreaking. After binge watching a whole bunch of Monsta X videos, I just realized just how much they love their fans. All seven of them love us soooooooo much! It might be because I’m in really deep, but I could actually feel the love they have for us. I’ve never had this feeling for any other group! They actually seem so genuine and down to earth, and just downright sweethearts. They’ve given us so much, and worked so hard. They’re always putting their fans first before anything, so the least we can do for them  is come together as a fandom to help them get their well deserving first win. So Monbebes,please don’t slack off or give up because you think we can’t make it. WE CAN MAKE IT. So many fans from other fandoms are also showing support for our boys and anticipating a win, so please work really really hard. We have more support than ever! Stream like you’ve never streamed before and vote like you’ve never voted before. I want to see all of the members crying with  tears of joy when they find out they’ve finally gotten their first win. I wanna see them all kiss the trophy, and huddle together with joy on the stage. I wanna see them thanking us Monbebes with tears of joy. I WANT TO SEE THEM WALKING AROUND WITH PROPER PHONES! I just want my boys to finally get the recognition they deserve, because I swear, my angels deserve the whole world. Please guys! We can do it! 

i’m a little iffy on the trope that pisces moons can’t deal with reality.  i don’t think it’s really that they’re afraid of reality, or can’t stand to deal with it, but rather that they live so happily in la-la land that they just choose not to.  pisces moons are the people that are gonna love books, love writing, love character rp, love driving out in the middle of nowhere and escaping the whole world for a day.  it’s not because there’s anything in reality that they’re afraid of.  it’s that reality can become boring to them.  so much goes on in their thoughts, and i think that leaving earth for an hour and reading about or even becoming someone else is refreshing and just fun to them.  a pisces moon alone is still in touch with reality, they just like to leave it sometimes.
it’s people with multiple pisces placements that are harmed by this quality.  they’re the type of people who truly lose themselves in their fantasies, to the point where they actually create their own versions of reality and honestly believe they are real.  a pisces sun, or a pisces moon alone, knows where to draw the line.  but someone with their sun, moon, and other placements in pisces, don’t even know what’s real and what’s not anymore.  it’s actually scary to watch.  they really make things up in their mind and it becomes their reality; even people with incredible intuition or lie-detecting qualities have no idea that they’re not being genuine, because in that pisces’s mind, they’re not even lying.  they think they’re telling the truth.  there’s really no reason for you to distrust a pisces sun or moon, but someone with multiple pisces placements you may want to be wary of.  you actually never really know what version of the story you’re hearing from them.



@loverofpiggies and @alainaprana are the coolest, sweetest people and are so much fun to hang with! Thank you for letting chill with you broskis!

I loved seeing the fans spot Geno’s picture and then realize ‘that’s freaking CQ!!’ The little one with the bow was so excited!

Although sometimes CQ had to remind us that she’s famous because she’s so down to earth. Alaina in the last picture had a few choice words for our favorite ray of sunshine ;) For real though, these two are the best and I’m so thankful to have finally met them in person! I might have cried when I left >.>

But alas, it is time to hit the road! I’ll post some of my favorite cosplays once I get home. Love you all!

2mojitosporfavor  asked:

Hi ! What's your music playlist when you're on a mission ? :)

Luckily I have a lot of friends that already make amazing mixes for me already down here on Earth, so I’m counting on them to set me up well for my first mission.  My favorite genre is Indie rock, though I’m also a fan of jazz and classical music (I grew up playing the piano, flute, piccolo, and saxophone in various bands, wind symphonies, and jazz bands).  Music always succeeds in transforming my mood, I’m continually amazed at its power!  It will definitely be integral to my psychological well-being on a space mission.

Ethan appreciation post :D

Im so proud of him :’) he deserves all the love💙 thank you for being there for the community, for bringing laughs for those who are feeling down, for being so down-to-earth, and most importantly, being yourself. Hope that the future will bring you so many opportunities and many more great milestones. Stay cranky, you ball of sunshine:)

Sending love from the other side of the world💙

Vote While You float: An Astronaut Voting Story

With the excitement of getting to the polls on Election Day many people will have a hard time keeping their feet on the ground, but astronauts who vote literally have to strap themselves down so they don’t float away.

Astronauts orbit the Earth at 17,000 miles per hour, but thanks to a bill passed by Texas legislatures in 1997 that put in place technical voting procedure for astronauts – nearly all of whom live in Texas – they also have the ability to vote from space!

Image Kjell Lindgren released on social media of the US flag floating in the Cupola module (11/12/2015) 

For astronauts, the voting process starts a year before launch, when astronauts are able to select which elections (local/state/federal) that they want to participate in while in space. Then, six months before the election, astronauts are provided with a standard form: the “Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request – Federal Post Card Application.”

 ‘Space voting’ was first used the same year it was implemented in 1997. NASA astronaut David Wolf became the first American to vote in space while on the Russian Mir Space Station. Current space station resident astronaut Shane Kimbrough is the most recent astronaut to take advantage of the opportunity.   

STS-86 crewmember David Wolf, the first American to vote in space, relaxes in the Spacehab module while Space Shuttle Atlantis was docked to Mir (10/16/1997) 

While astronauts don’t have to wait in line for his ballot like the rest of us, there is one disadvantage to voting in space: they miss out on the highly coveted “I Voted” sticker.

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so the other night I had a dream that some friends and my sister and I were all on a backpacking trip to hell. I have no idea why, I just know that we felt we had the weight of the world on our shoulders to complete this mission. I don’t even know what the mission was, but dammit we were going.

we were also keeping a cat in a cardboard box with us on this journey. This has nothing to do with the context of the dream, but I felt it was important for the mood.

so basically we’re all hiking down into the depths of the earth, (I think we got chased by some sort of massive beast that ate one of my friends, but frankly it wasn’t important enough to remember) and basically we finally get to the Foyer of Hell. And this place is essentially a food court filled with demons.

think the Mall of America on a Saturday afternoon but all the lights have a weird red tinge.

and we see a McDonald’s.

immediately I’m like “guys, listen. I really need to know if Hell McDonalds tastes the same as Minnesota McDonald’s.” So I bought a double cheeseburger meal and an egg mcmuffin meal and just fucking went to town at these shitty school-lunchroom style tables. We had the Cat Box on the table and were getting a lot of weird looks from the hellspawn around us

the verdict was that the egg mcmuffin was mediocre at best, the fries were all those really dry crunchy ones, the cheeseburgers were exactly the same, but the hashbrowns were fucking incredible. Never will I taste anything so ironically heavenly again in my entire life. Like. Fuck dude. The hashbrowns.

after that we went on our way to slay the demon king or whatever the fuck, I genuinely don’t remember.

Anyway the moral of the story kids is that if you’re in hell and you see a McDonald’s, order them out of hashbrowns you won’t fuckin regret it

dan and phil had no idea that they would make such a big impact on the world they did youtube for fun together if phil never encouraged dan to make videos than the world of dan and phil would be nonexistent they have accomplished so much and are honestly the most down to earth people that stay true to who they are and the fact that phil fucking lester won an award after constantly being overlooked for years and shared it with dan just shows how much love they have for each other and no one can tell me otherwise I am so fucking proud of everything they have ever done and it is actually mind blowing how much respect and love I have for those two guys who met on the internet