This Ciara-Future situation is so wild to me. I remember seeing a post on here months ago saying something like, “Future treats Ciara like she’s the one who cheated.”
And it’s true! Not only does Future treat her like that, but so do his stans! That nigga is trash and so are his fans and the other people justifying his behavior.

(T.I.’s grimy ass opening his mouth to talk shit when he has Tiny taking care if all them assorted Bebe kids is just amazing.)

I’m so so glad that Ciara I’d happy with Russell. She has always been so sweet and down to earth and she deserves to be with someone who would put his family first…or second or third or fourth or fifth… because lbh she and her son were a number ten on Future’s priority list.

We met her and genuinely she is one of the loveliest people we have ever met — so down to earth and just the nicest person ever. ” Jesy Nelson told us. “And would literally do anything for you.“ “I had no shoes,” Perrie recalled. “We thought, ’Oh we would rock up in heels.’ Little did I realize I’m like Bambi on ice when I wear heels so I was like ’Oh I need some shoes and she was like, ’Wait a minute,’ she went to her wardrobe, brought back a basket full of boots, heels, shoes, everything and was like, ’Is this OK?’ And I was thinking, she is so nice. She didn’t have to do that. She’s just so genuine. You don’t realize until you meet her and you’re like holy crap how does she stay so on top and so nice and so genuine? She’s really, really lovely.” [On advice Taylor gave them] “To always stick together as a group,” Jesy said. “She said what she loves about us is how much we are such a unit and she loves how there is no one in the group that is like, ’Oh look at me.’ She’s like I love that you are four and that’s how you should stay and that was really nice.
—  Little Mix on performing with Taylor Swift (x)

“I remember the first time I got to know Aaliyah. Justin and I did a photo shoot with her for Teen People. She was so stunningly beautiful that I was nervous to even talk to her. But, she was so down to earth and so full of humor I felt immediately like I had known her for years. She was one of the few that made me feel good about this business. She stood up for what she believed in and did not let anything get to her and make her jaded. She will be truly missed and will always have a place in my heart.” - Lance Bass

Tori Kelly is so talented and so respected and so beautiful and so down to earth and so sweet and so unproblematic like cancel everyone else and replace them with Tori Kelly she deserves everything I’m in tears

I just have one comment about anons regarding the hiatus. I seriously cannot wrap my head around people worrying that this hiatus might mean that there is no management or record label change while THIS HIATUS IS THE BIGGEST POINTER THAT THE CYCLE WILL BREAK and they can finally function like a proper band with normal schedules, ending this 1 yr - 1 album -1 tour craziness, sign a better contract because their sales numbers are amazing, they are likeable, they are so down to earth and they have so much potential.

Those who worry about being forgotten or not coming back after the hiatus, artists know how to stay relevant in the media (cough Taylor cough, Ed, Justin, and literally any band!!) and I just really wish this fandom would react in a more selfless way and just be happy for the boys instead of beind sad and seeing it as the end of 1D and the world. If you love someome you let them go when it’s time or need. Let them go for now. Don’t worry about their future. You cannot control a single thing here. But you’re in control of your mood and fandom experience, to be honest.

None of us knows what will happen, ok? No one talked about a split. Nothing makes me believe they want out. They are being rebranded with a purpose and not for shits and giggles. But a hiatus has been hinted way too many times to just be a rumor. We might get rep statement and touring info tomorrow (which I doubt!!) but please accept the hiatus for now. 1 year or 5-6 months? You will burn your brain with this much overthinking. We will know when it’s time.

- Norbert talking about his Tony win

I’m grateful for LaFontaine, because I am a firm believer that every protagonist needs a bro who’s solution to most problems is to kill it with fire.

But I’m also grateful for Kaitlyn, because the way she interacts with the fan community really makes it feel like we’re all on the same level. We’re all people, reblogging cat gifs.

And that, my children, is a beautiful thing.

Beyond fed up with people always complaining about the Hobbit movies. 

Band Of Brothers Crime AU → Carwood Lipton | Victim/Glass manufacturer

Requested by anonymous

“I’m making glass, I help my friends when they need me, but I wouldn’t see myself as someone anyone would want to kill.”