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Harry stayed at the hotel my dad works at last weekend and my dad said to Harry when he left “All the best with the new song, not like you need it!” And Harry was just so down to earth and thanked him profusely and said “Well, you never know, everyone could hate it.”

I have this uncontrollable urge to just hug him.

“What? You mean about the bad thing? How this bad place is where bad Gems came to grow more bad Gems? Is that what you’re talking about? Oh, but don’t worry, Steven. Everything’s just fine now. It all worked out. We won! And we shut this place down so the Earth would be safe from parasites like me!”

Altean!Lance with a twist

So we all see the posts about how Altean!Lance is Allura’s brother, the prince, or even just a common Altean that holds no title, and we all love us some Altean!Lance.

But what about…………..Lance being Haggar’s kid? Like seriously how has no one thought of this!

Lance being born and raised to be a Druid, always following the empire’s orders, always doing what his mother wants to try and get the love and attention he needs; he even went through experimentation at the hands of his mother to get any sort of praise from her, which after everything, she only called him a disappointment of a subject. He trains constantly, both physically and magically for years, hoping that that would get him some sort of affection. He becomes one of the top druids, besides his mother, in the empire and if anyone were to try and take him on in physical combat, they would severely regret it. But After all those years of allowing experiments and following every terrible order from Haggar and Zarkon to try and please his mother, to try and get any sort of acknowledgement from her, he pretty much gives up. He knows what’s expected of him, and he knows that he’ll never get what he truly wants. He accepts that, and just considers it normal behavior by now. He knows the best way to please his mother is by following orders, so that’s what he does.
He’s 13 years old.

Now fast forward 4 years. He gets a new assignment. He has to go to some planet called Earth and infiltrate their government to see if they will be easy to conquer, and if any of the lions are there. Lance agrees without question.

So he goes down to Earth and easily takes the form of human to blend in, and he gets pretty much adopted by the McClain’s, who thought he was a runaway or a street kid. When they ask about his family, he plays it safe and says he doesn’t have any. So of course they take him in and begin raising him like one of their own. Lance is just shocked to see how this family treats each other with such love and kindness and understanding. And when that love and kindness get shown to him, he nearly loses his cool and release his form. While he was able to keep his form the same, his freak it was not so easily hidden, at least not in the the eyes of actual loving parents. They teach him about how family REALLY works. About how much loyalty and support and positivity comes with it. They slowly get him used to physical comfort and along the way Lance realizes that he doesn’t want to leave. He likes it here on Earth, where he’s actually treated as a person, as family. Not some soldier. But Lance is too scared to refuse his mother’s and Zarkon’s orders. He’s seen what they do to traitors and he knows that he won’t be given any mercy just because he’s Haggar’s son. But he also wants to protect these people that have taught him the truth about family and loyalty, he doesn’t want the empire to destroy this world like he’s seen with so many others. Lance doesn’t know what to do.

He goes outside to try and clear his head; which is where his mama (she refused for him to call her anything else besides her first name or mama) and asks him what’s wrong. He wants to tell her everything but he’s not sure if he can tell her; if she’ll believe him or call him crazy or what so he just stays quiet. Mama decides to talk instead, about how much they all love him, about how they’re all so happy they met him and took him in. About how no matter what life may throw at him, no matter how bad, Lance could always come to them. That’s how Lance made up his mind. He’s going to ignore his orders; even if that makes him a traitor to his real mother. He didn’t care. He was going to protect this family. HIS family.

He joins the Garrison to do just that. He plans on making it to fighter pilot and get through the school as fast as he can so he can protect his family faster. Unfortunately, Earth ships are primitive compared to Galran, so Lance doesn’t do so well and ends up in the cargo pilot class. Thus where he meets Hunk and befriends him (most of the effort was from Hunk) and gains abut of a rivalry with Keith since he had beaten Lance’s score by a few points, taking the last spot in the fighter class.

Of course then we lead into episode one, and the team finds the Blue lion, and meeting Allura and Coran, and if that isn’t a surprise to Lance, then I don’t know what is. Of course he still keeps his actual identity a secret, fearing what Allura and Coran would do if they found out who he really was. This is also where Lance is trying to figure out why Blue chose him. He was the son of a traitor to his race. He has helped the Galra in unspeakable ways. He can’t figure out why the Blue Lion chose him.

So Lance is now fighting against the empire he was once apart of, trying to undo the wrongs that have been done to hundreds of others.
All the while trying to hide himself from Haggar and Zarkon, at least for as long as he can. He knows one day, the beans are gonna spill, and it will not end well. But he’ll do his best to give himself some time to figure out how to tell the team the truth about himself and his past.



@loverofpiggies and @alainaprana are the coolest, sweetest people and are so much fun to hang with! Thank you for letting chill with you broskis!

I loved seeing the fans spot Geno’s picture and then realize ‘that’s freaking CQ!!’ The little one with the bow was so excited!

Although sometimes CQ had to remind us that she’s famous because she’s so down to earth. Alaina in the last picture had a few choice words for our favorite ray of sunshine ;) For real though, these two are the best and I’m so thankful to have finally met them in person! I might have cried when I left >.>

But alas, it is time to hit the road! I’ll post some of my favorite cosplays once I get home. Love you all!

Something I appreciated about Logan (I'm sorry I'm still talking about it, indulge me. And scroll passed this post if you haven't seen it yet)

There were no long beautiful speeches about humanity and mutantkind.

There was no snarky comeback or cutesy quipping.

It was two broken, humiliated remnants of a happier, more idealistic era trying to find just a morsel of happiness in a miserable lonely wasteland of a world.

People don’t playfully snap at each other like in avengers.

They don’t have glowy magical spears like in Thor, or immaculate, clean, and powerful with no drawback abilities like…well the original x men movies.

They have powers that are killing them.

That are weak and beyond their control.

They’re looking for peace.

And that’s all.

Logan was the most human movie I’ve ever seen, and it was so rugged and down to earth that I’ll never look at heroes the same way.

This is the side of super heroism that you don’t get to see.

The side where you’re not just mentally broken but physically broken.

And the only thing you’ve got left is a friend who remembers the glory days when you were both whole.

Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (Chap. 8)

Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off -Reader signs up for an online app similar to Omegle, but little does she know that she’s talking to the one and only Sebastian Stan.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Angst. Oral sex (female receiving). Fluff. Sebastian being a sexy beast. Slight secondhand embarrassment. NSFW. 

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College Boy Part Three

Prompt: Harry wants a shot at a normal life so he attends Northeastern University, but it’s harder than he thinks. The friends he made just want fame, and the other hardly look at him. But then he meets her, Y/N, and she wants nothing to do with the a-list celebrity.

Word Count: 5532

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

You can find part one and part two below :)

Part One Part Two

Y/N was never great at opening up to anyone-not even her family. She had learned to keep to herself, that way no one could leave her, no one could take a spot in her heart only to rip it away later. All through middle school and high school she had no friends, no birthday parties, no graduation party, no sleepovers, no late night drives with anyone. At first she was upset, and she started to open up in high school, but she quickly stops when she couldn’t make any friends. It was too late, she was labeled as the weird one, the only friends she had were on Facebook.

When college first begin she promised herself it would be different, that she would try to make friends, and she did, she tried. The first week she found a nice group of people, but as the month went on she found the group chat dying and none of them ever spoke again. They waved, they smiled at each other, but none of them responded to her texts, and no one bothered to ask her to hang out. Her roommate was different, the two never bonded. Jessica went out with her friends, and when she had friends over none of them ever spoke to her. Y/N slowly learned that she was invisible, but she wasn’t invisible to him.

Okay well, at first she was invisible to him. But when Harry noticed her, he couldn’t stop noticing her. Harry found himself going to the gym at the same time as her, he would run next to her, telling her about his day. Y/N would nod, hum every once and a while to let him know she heard him, but she never really talked back. Harry would ask her questions and she would answer them but other than that she never really spoke, keeping it short and simple, and he couldn’t tell if she was still upset with him.

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there are so many things i love about baekhyun. i love how his nose scrunches up and his eyes crinkle when he smiles or laughs. i love how he closes his eyes and sings with so much passion it makes you lose your breath. i love when he’s so into a song he doesn’t care about the way he dances and just jumps around and is happy. and i also love to see how much passion he also puts into choreographies and how he makes it look so smooth. i love how you can sometimes really see the concentration in his eyes when he dances. i love how he always makes sure that people around him are feeling well and to make people laugh. i love how he is always soso nice to new people he meets. i love that he is so down to earth and really takes every compliment he gets to heart. i love how he cares so much about us, how he asks for our well being and never forgets to make sure that he misses us as much as we miss him. i love how he feels so comfortable with us that he doesn’t care what he looks like, that he just wants to talk to us even if it’s in his bathrobe in a hotel room. i love how he loves us.


so i’ve seen their new profiles and according to them the boys have lost a lot of weight and during the vlive yoonseok did the other day they talked about their diets, and i know these days people care so much about their weight, especially if you are a celebrity or you live in a country like korea where they find esthetic so important, but i think people need to start caring about their health more than about how skinny they’re; i’m not saying being on a diet is wrong, or being skinny is wrong, you need to eat healthy, being really fat is not healthy either, but the boys should just stop being so hard on themselves, they don’t need to starve, they don’t need to worry so much about kilograms; we love them just the way they are, because they’re hardworking, talented, so kind and down to earth, they don’t need to lose even more weight, they’re perfect just like this.

the thing is, harry never forgets to thank us for everything. he never puts himself on a pedestal, never makes his achievements about himself. instead, he just keeps telling us that it’s all thanks to us that he can do what he does and gives us all the love we don’t even deserve. harry is so down to earth with the purest heart of gold and i love this man so so so much

He’s so down to earth. The way he talked about the other people he wrote with, you can hear the respect and admiration, and that he doens’t feel too good for them, on the contrary, he states that he learns from them and knows his own limits. I’m so impressed. He’s a good. 

So like… if Lord Arum did actually kidnap Rilla, they are definitely off somewhere drinking tea together and Rilla is telling Arum a bunch of anecdotes about Damien and how endearingly dumb and anxious he can be, and by the time Damien shows up to rescue Rilla they’re going to basically be best friends… right?