Scorpio + Dating the signs (based on my relationships)
  • Aries:You make me understand the saying "I hate you but I love you"
  • Taurus:We're both so stubborn, but there's something amazing about you that pulls me in.
  • Gemini:I'd like it if you made up your mind sometimes, but I really like the adventurous side of you.
  • Cancer:Being with you is like dating a therapist sometimes, because you listen to me and help me so much, but that's also why I like you!
  • Leo:I find you intriguing but at the same time you make me so mad. But I'd fuck you, let's be honest here.
  • Virgo:Sometimes you're too logical and you over-think things but you're just so down to earth and you're like a best friend and a lover at the same time.
  • Libra:You share my views on things and you make me feel like I'm really beautiful, but I can't stand your sarcasm or your sass.
  • Scorpio:get in my bed m8
  • Sagittarius:you're so fun to be around and there's a quality about you that makes me feel so... alive. But I wish you'd commit.
  • Capricorn:I feel like I'm competing with you most of the time, but other than that I feel like we have a really deep connection and you're easy to talk to.
  • Aquarius:I don't feel like we have a deep enough amount of communication but I'm so drawn to you. I'm so attracted to you. Sometimes you just make me mad, though.
  • Pisces:you're so cute. You literally radiate happiness and make me super happy. But sometimes I wish you'd be serious and logical.

idk how i stay so down to earth while also being a sex icon of this generation and the next and also being the greatest poster on tumblr

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Not sure if you already talked about this, but what did you think of Doms new album? Btw you seem so funny and down to earth. Its refreshing 👌

It was a cool album. It was better than GHS but he’s still not rapping to his full potential. The production efforts were definitely better tho, it was like a 7/10.

The signs as I have experienced them
  • Aries:Hides feelings VERY well. They have a hard shell around them constantly and a soft inside. Will probably spill out all of their emotions to you while drunk or late at night. Secret freak. Beautiful eyes.
  • Taurus:So genuine and down to Earth. Very determined, knows how to get stuff done. Will always be there for you no matter what. Puts others first. Like to take things slow. They make great life long partners.
  • Gemini:Gets attached to people who do not even treat them well very easily. There is so much to explore under the skin of a Gemini. Love to talk. Very adaptable and can fit into almost any crowd. Probably kinky.
  • Cancer:Listener. Passionate about the right things, otherwise can be extremely lazy. Goes into depth with people. Loves getting to know people. Probably has a crazy, interesting backstory to them. Very shy at first but once you have cracked their shell, they have a new, crazy side to them. The type of person that you would vent to all night. Good kisser.
  • Leo:So fun to hang out with. Hilarious. Nerdy. Appreciates the ones around them. Probably has an addictive personality. Usually goes on from one obsession to another within a week. Either hates trying new things or loves it.
  • Virgo:Always down to get drunk. Picky. Can be critical but only with good intentions. Strives to be independent. Always there for family and friends when they are down. Intelligent. Lots of hidden emotions. Tends to bottle up and let everything out at once.
  • Libra:Unique. Artistic. Loves to cook and travel. Always tries to find the good out of a situation. True friends. Gives the best advice. Full of unspoken knowledge.
  • Scorpio:Extremely sexual. Loves to find the hidden piece inside of someone. It is easy to love a Scorpio but hard to get away from. Will leave a piece of them in every person they get close to. Can see right through people.
  • Sagittarius:Extremely beautiful mind. Can become very possessive or obsessive. Crave adventure. You must be honest and trustworthy to form a bond with a Sagittarius.
  • Capricorn:Loves to be kept busy. All about hard work and success. Ambitious. Stubborn. Is very realistic about every situation. If you get in the way of a Capricorn's future or life then be prepared to get tossed out of it.
  • Aquarius:Loves science and what the world has to offer. Extremely loving to their partners. Has very strong opinions. Is always there for those who were once close to them even if they have done them wrong.
  • Pisces:Great sense of style. Loves gossip. Cares a lot about their friends and close ones. Can be sensitive but quickly stands up for themselves. Independent. Never doubt them. Can do things that you would not expect.

ok but even if jimin doesn’t have his chocolate abs, his body is still great along with other things:

  • his precious smile
  • his open and kind heart
  • his wonderful dance skills
  • his respect for his fellow members
  • he’s so down to earth
  • his lil smirk
  • his sense of style
  • his ability to brighten the mood
  • he’s always there for his friends – trying his best to lift their spirits when they’re down
  • he’s so hardworking
  • he’s so caring towards the fans (making sure they don’t get hurt from him throwing his ID card and glasses while performing)
  • he’s also so caring towards his members (checking the chairs for their concert to make sure they don’t get hurt)
  • HIS SINGING VOICE (you could hear angels, I swear)
  • HIS VOICE IN GENERAL (because it’s really adorable)
  • basically park jimin is great, flaws and everything
On a positive note, the biggest thing for me is to have a sense of humor and humility. I was at an international TV conference the other day rocking the red carpet, getting the star treatment. And the next day I was working and someone made a mess on the toilet seat — excuse me if I’m gross — and I had to clean it. I just laughed about it.
—  Natasha Negovanlis, interview with Haaretz, 09.02.15

Taylor is not phased whatsoever by how famous she is she’s so down to earth and relatable with cats and a tumblr addiction I just love her


Memento Mori | Penny Dreadful 2.08

“In the great war for the Heavenly Throne, we were vanquished, so God looked down on His defeated angels and found us to be evil angels, so He cast us out. He took us by our winged backs and raised us over His head. Thence did He fling us from His Heavenly Throne and cast us down, to Earth and to Hell. So we were cleaved apart… two brothers cast out to two realms. One brother to Earth and the other brother to Hell. And thus were we set in eternal enmity. My brother on Earth, to feed on the blood of the living by night. And myself in Hell to feed on the souls of the dead. Both in an eternal quest for the Mother of Evil who will release us from our bondage and allow one of us to reconquer Heaven and topple God from his bloody throne. And so will the Darkness reign, on Earth, in Heaven… everlasting.”

Robyn Rihanna Fenty is one of the most amazing person, god, she is so down to earth with heart of gold. She started the Clara Lionel Foundation with raising money for cancer research in Barbados now she’s going to raise money for health care and education (with full scholarships). Along with helping people in Haiti, Cambodia, and Ethiopia have access to clean water. I love my fave so much!!

My favorite headcanons ever are: 1. that Castiel was originally the archangel Cassiel who watched the world from a distance, and 2. that Cas has been in love with countless humans before Dean and was constantly being reprogrammed. But oh my gosh just imagine it. Cassiel, a powerful wave of celestial intent, watching as the world is being made and life is being breathed into the first humans. He is content with watching until a human with a soul so unnaturally bright startles him. Surely humans are not supposed to have souls so pure and uncorrupted? Intrigued by this peculiar human, Cassiel descends down to earth, curious about what this mortal must be like to harbor a soul this gorgeous. What greets Cassiel is green eyes, freckled skin, sandy blond hair, and the most righteous being on earth and in heaven. And so Cassiel falls and gives up every piece if himself: his home, his wings, his very being, to stay with the breathtaking soul that stole his heart. But humans don’t live forever.

When Cassiel’s lover dies he experiences what he imagines to be the worst pain any being could ever experience. He is desolate, despairing, and inconsolable. He walks the earth hiding his face behind his hands, weeping so powerfully, he causes calamities everywhere he goes. Blind with grief, he isn’t even aware of the destruction he causes. Fearing for the rest of humanity and for Cassiel’s own life, the angels come and forcibly take Cassiel back to heaven where they make him forget his lover and his pain. They wipe every trace of human emotion Cassiel ever felt, making him the cold, calculating, all-powerful archangel he once was, and restore him to his post. No one could have imagined that the same events would come to pass over, and over, and over, agian. Something is different about Cassiel, the angels begin to whisper. He has too much heart. It’s going to destroy us all. The last time the angels reset Cassiel, they reprogram him with a new identity: Castiel, a seraph, commander of the most powerful garrison of the angel’s army.

All is well, for a time, but then Dean Winchester needs to be pulled out of hell. The angels have sent all their greatest warriors, yet none have been able to reach Dean. As a last resort Castiel is sent. Castiel descends into hell, unwavering in his mission to pull Dean Winchester out, but when he reaches Dean, he’s greeted by a gorgeously bright soul, a soul that remained pure even after witnessing the atrocities of hell. The righteous man. Castiel lays his hand on Dean Winchester, and feels himself begin to fall.

okay but taylor is like that perfect friend who can balance being a great friend and hanging out with her boyfriend and her super busy job and saving the music industry and basically the world all at the same time and you would get frustrated with the fact that she’s so wonderful but at the same time she’s so down to earth that you can’t even be mad like she has just won at being a great person she has just won


- Norbert talking about his Tony win

I’m grateful for LaFontaine, because I am a firm believer that every protagonist needs a bro who’s solution to most problems is to kill it with fire.

But I’m also grateful for Kaitlyn, because the way she interacts with the fan community really makes it feel like we’re all on the same level. We’re all people, reblogging cat gifs.

And that, my children, is a beautiful thing.

Sk8r Boy AU ~ She Came Down

It was Saturday. Warm sunlight sneaked in through the curtains of Petra’s bedroom, the sun reflecting off of her vanity mirror. Trying her best to not get blinded, she finished applying her makeup and grabbed her purse. Today was the day she’s looked forward to in all of high school.

Well, at least a prep day for it.

That day was prom dress shopping. After making sure Levi could attend her high school prom (mostly since he was over 18) she couldn’t help but be excited. The past month has been so surreal in the most cliche way. As much as Petra hated to admit it, she was a modern day Juliet Capulet. Except there was a lot less feuding involved, and a lot less death. Levi, despite his appearance, has been utterly kind towards Petra and did his best to show her just how he felt.

Of course, she planned to meet Levi at the shopping mall anyway, but she felt like he needed to be in her presence when choosing the dress. It wasn’t like she was choosing her wedding dress-and yes, Petra stays true to the bad luck to the bride if she’s seen by the groom rule- and she wanted to make sure he liked it, too.

If they ever got married, he’d just have to suck it up.