Another scene from “Never a Lovely So Real” by @kaesaaurelia !
Chapter 5, dinner at Toriel’s, Undyne almost flips over the table :D

This one was in a state of a simple sketch, but Kaesa’s amazing responce to my previous fanart inspired me to finish it. I’m so glad you liked it that much! 

I, uh, only now realized that I left out Temmie. Gosh, even Jerry is here, how could I forget about Temmie? 

Plus two more pencil sketches under the cut .

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“I wasn’t paying attention! All I saw was red hair, I was thinking about having to go to Weisshaupt, the Wardens - thinking of Carver, you know? And–”
     “– because Carver used to like your kisses so much.”
     “He loved them. :D And anyway yeah then on the way to the camp at the lake Varric said to me you know that guy has a little crush on you, right? and I just-”
     *Anders spilling his drink laughing*

@living-in-headcanon why is Iain so hard to paint??? xD

ETA: I hope the canon is still that he’s the brother. :D Otherwise I’ll be embarrassed too!