Ace Attorney: Wing not-so-AU thingy I don’t even

(I warned you XD)

Very doodle thing that was too crazy-weird not to share with the world. I don’t even remember what went through my brain back then XD

Also, this was apparently supposed to be some crossover with Person of Interest… With wings. Yes, I know.

(They just suddenly got wings and that’s not even an AU how did this even happen X’D)

(Actually if someone is interested, I just found a log of the “Story” and what went through my head XD)

Toki and Skwisgaar had always driven eachother to be better in battle; their rivalry and reckless attempts at one-upping eachother has been the cause for many injuries and mishaps. However; One day whilst fighting over something trivial the two of them focus enough on the other and trying to best them that they end up in perfect harmony and synchronization. The two of them fuse, and together they form Mercury!

Mercury is a heavy metal with an extremely low boiling point. It can dissolve many other metals, and is very toxic to humans.

Mercury is an incredible asset in battle as he is a very powerful fusion. He is extremely volatile; defusing within minutes half of the time when formed, and refusing to defuse the other half.

As for personality Mercury is somewhat of a megalomaniac, thinking very highly of himself and being condenscending towards others. He has a cool and snarky exterior, but under pressure can easily break down into either an anxious mess, or a ragefilled berserker. Mercury never defuses while in this state, only when he starts feeling better.

I wanted to draw Amethyst freaking out at Vidalia being pregnant, because Rose died giving birth, but then realized that Rose gave birth after Vidalia so there’s no point drawing it after all.

So, have a doodly Vidalia being cool.

I finally hit 2,000 followers!

Thank You to everyone whos been with me since the start. Its been three years since I joined this site, and two years since I started posting art, and you guys have been with me every step of the way. You’ve been threre through the many fandoms that I’ve gone through, and helped me become a better artist.

Thank you guys so much for giving me the encouragement I needed to keep drawing and doing what I do :)

Sasuke (chxiaroscuro​) /Azami (viexcestlaxvie​)

Okay. So dearest wifey, I made a thing. It’s far from perfect but hey, this is the first time I actually inked my lineart (I’m so lazy I always paint in one layer haha). Anyway, this is all thanks to kaunissielut​ because your cousin told me you kinda shipped it. From the meme.

Okay byeeee.

PS. Yes, I’ve decided Azami‘s gonna be Vie’s name in the Naruto universe.