the 100: season 2, episode 3

pros: monty finds his mother
monty is a cinnamon roll
murphy smiles
emori is cute
happy bellamy!
bellamy finds clarke
octavia is an angel
im crying
everyone is crying
i hate pike
i hate jaha
i dont like jasper that much either
monty’s dad is dead :(((
im dead too after that clexa scene
let me talk about the clexa scene for a second
-it was pretty great
-im so happy that i get to see lexa’s pretty face again
-but my baby is so heartbroken and hurt
-she just stood there being all casual while clarke spit in her face
-let’s not forget, clarke screamed a fucking death threat at her
-and lexa stood there
-she knew what was coming to her and she took it and she’s probably going to take much more, until clarke kind of finds some,chill
-also lexa still loves clarke so imagine how she felt
-im dead


Okay i know this is not k-pop related but i really really LOVE this song SO much(not just because the girl was my favorite in her group(before she left)).and i found that this song has an english version too ^-^ i just wanted to share this with my angels ^-^ a.k.a i was a big fan of her in my childhood ^-^ @pikwanchu @eternalreflections @powershouse @darkmagiciangirl2500 i am tagging you my angels(please don’t hate me for this😢) 😊

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Maybe Vk is just friend with JL and Sian support her and is friendly with her.. bc jl fans really hate her. #savepoorVk (and i just realise that i say its so stupid😂) BUT she is not his gf... she is friend with benefits(for fame,model promotion and some $€× ofcourse) JL didnt find his Lohl.. he doesnt meet me yet!! Lol! Kisses sweetheart and dont care what that stupid wdwgirl said!! U r 😇!! 💚💜

Haaaaa! Well you better get to work then, my friend! No time like the present if you are going to make a claim on 😈!


(And thanks 😚 Not an angel, but also not as bad as some seem to think! I hope… 😮)

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can i ask you for an advice? because i dont know who i can ask? so im bi and i have a crush on one of my friends but i think she is straight (i'm not a 100% sure tough) and she always makes jokes about being in love with me what doesn't help my feelings at all. i don't know if you can relate to this situation, but what do you think i should do? should i tell her? but im afraid that it could affect our friendship and i hate confrontations? btw i love your blog and sorry for my bad english

sure angel i’m always here to give advice (or try to anway)!
first of all, i can totally relate to this. i haven’t been in the exact same situation, but in a quite similar one, so ehhh i’ll try to help.
does she know you’re bi and if not do you feel safe enough to tell her?  if you tell her, you guys might get on the subject of sexuality and while i wouldn’t just openly ask her if she’s straight, since that might make her feel uncomfortable, just randomly getting on that topic could result in her mentioning her sexuality??? idk as a good friend she will be okay with your sexuality and maybe you’re lucky and she even reciprocates your feelings!
no matter what you do, i’ll be right in the corner cheering you on, being a proud mum!!! good luck, ily (and thank youuuu!!! your english is totally fine btw don’t worry)